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  • From: Lukas <CaptFyrstk@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2006 22:27:25 -0500


I definitely wanted to do more this sim, but the hour went too fast.  There won't be much time between sims, so if you want to post a log or two (an you KNOW you do), it will have to be limited to personal thoughts or simple actions.

Sim Recap
"Firegon Trails"
Officers present: Commodore Fyrstk, Commander Marqusa, Lt. Comanders Haas, Lost & Dr. Hamza, Lt. Matsu, Dr. Melody, Acting Ensign Fyrstk
NPCs used:  Lts Soren (Marqusa) and Vanik (Haas), Cadet Wren (Lost), Max (Matsu)
Stardate 60508.44 (07/05/2383 14:00 hours)

The Eagle crew wraps up their investigation at Starbase 212. Starfleet orders them to find the Firegon sips and the captives from the base.  As the ship follows the ion trails, they find the Firegon ships have split up, only one of the ships is missing.  Luas orders a pursuit course for the newer Firegon ship. Sensors suddenly detect a sip behind the Eagle, then one coming from the front.

End recap
ltyoshikomatsu: ::AA::
ltjgmelody: ::AA::
RomnHaas: ::AA::
Malachi Styles: ::AA::
GwenivereMarqusa: ::AA::
CommoLukasFyrstk: Captain's Log, Stardate 60508.44 (07/05/2383 14:00 hours)
CommoLukasFyrstk: The away team has returned from Starbase 212 with some very 
grim news.
CommoLukasFyrstk: It appears the Firegon have expanded their operations with 
some improved technology.
CommoLukasFyrstk: Starfleet has ordered us to fahnd the Firegon and the 
remaining crew from Starbase 212.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [CSCI]  Lt. Matsu.  Check those Ah-on trails.  Get me a 
pursuit course.
RomnHaas: CENG> ::on the bridge at the engineering console.::
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> Hai Captain.::checks and starts to work on a prusuit 
GwenivereMarqusa: Soren><tac>::at the tactical station on the bridge, going 
over some of the data that was brought back on the weapons technology::
T L Lost: <AXO>::sitting in the command area on the bridge::
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [SCI]  Mal.  In coordination with Lt. Soren, Ah want an 
analysis of the weapons used bah the Firegon.
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> Sending pursuit course to Helm.::Sends the course to 
Malachi Styles: SCI> Aye, sir.  ::Moves over to a console near the tactical 
ltjgmelody: +Bridge+ Melody to the bridge.
T L Lost: <HPW>::at the Ops station::
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [HELM] Mr. Vanik.  Set course and engage, Warp Fahve.
RomnHaas: Vanik: HELM>  Warp 5, aye, sir. ::enters the coure and engages.::
Malachi Styles: SCI> [TAC]  Could you send me the data from the sensor 
readings, Sir?
RomnHaas: CENG> ::Walks over to assist Soren and Malachi.::
GwenivereMarqusa: Soren><tac>::sends the data to Mal::
ltjgmelody: +Bridge+ Dr. Melody to the bridge. Please respond.
Malachi Styles: SCI>  I am running a compariosn on known weaponry used by the 
T L Lost: <HPW>+Mel+ This is the bridge, go ahead doctor.
ltjgmelody: +HPW+ I was wonder if I should arrange tempory quaters for our 
RomnHaas: CENG> :Taps on Mal's console bringing up some more data.::  Y-you may 
also want to note the effect the disruptors had on the station's hull.
*** ltteboktrkhev has joined the chat.
ltteboktrkhev: [I am here, blast it, lost track of time again]
T L Lost: <HPW>+Mel+ We don't have any guests at the moment, and there is no 
indication that we will at this point.  We hope to find survivors, but the 
chances aren't all the likely.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> ::Raises a brow and loks back to Hailey::  Tell the 
doctor affirmative. Make them as comfortable as possible
ltjgmelody: +HWP+ I am sorry Cadet but you are mistaken. The survivors of the 
planet that we were suppose to drop off at the station are still in sickbay.
T L Lost: ((Delete my last comment))
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [OPS]  Cadet.  Belay that.
T L Lost: ((Forgot about the previous mission and the survivors that we had))
T L Lost: <HPW>+Mel+ Hold on a minute doctor, I'll find out for you.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [AXO]  Tru assahgn an officer (an NPC) to take the 
survahvorrs on to Starbase 32-Fahve with the Talon.
T L Lost: <HPW>::looks over to the captain::
ltjgmelody: +HWP+ Thank you.
T L Lost: <AXO> Aye sir.
T L Lost: <HPW>+Mel+ Looks like they are going to be transported to Starbase 
325, so there will be no need to arrange quarters doctor.
ltjgmelody: +HPW+ Thank you again. I will get them ready to go then.
Malachi Styles: SCI> [TAC[ This disintegration pattern look like a crodd 
between lingon disruptors and Orion weapons signatures. Do you agree?
Malachi Styles: *a cross
RomnHaas: CENG> ::does a quick calculation on a PADD::
ltjgmelody: AMO>::gets the survivors ready for their trip to Starbase 325::
RomnHaas: CENG> I agree with you, Mal, and I also do not like the thought of 
what these weapons could do to us
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci>::Watches scanners.::
*** GwenivereMarqusa has left the chat.
*** T L Lost has left the chat.
*** T L Lost has joined the chat.
T L Lost: <AXO>::assigns a Lt. to fly the the Talon and transports the guests::
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION  Josie's scanners now show a separation of the ion 
ltyoshikomatsu: ((Umm Yeah))
T L Lost: ((Josie, eh?  ;)  ))
CommoLukasFyrstk: ((LOL  Sorry about that))
ltyoshikomatsu: MAX> Hey!! Oriental chick.. I think you should look at this..
RomnHaas: ((SOMEONE is a little behind in the times))
*** GwenivereMarqusa has joined the chat.
CommoLukasFyrstk: ((Alright!  Alright.  No picking on the CO.))
GwenivereMarqusa: ((that wasn't fun))
CommoLukasFyrstk: ((Welcome back, Gwen))
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> I saw it Max. Please don't call me Oriental chick. My 
name is Yoshi.
GwenivereMarqusa: ((Dang, I missed picking on the CO?!?  That DEFINITELY wasn't 
GwenivereMarqusa: Soren>[mal] agreed.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO>  Yes, Max.  You will address bridge officer properly when 
on duty.
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> Captain it seems that there is now a seperation of the 
ion trails.
ltyoshikomatsu: MAX> Sorry Captain
GwenivereMarqusa: Soren>::runs several test scenerios on defenses against the 
new technology::
ltteboktrkhev: Ratchet><CMO>::Has a massive headache in sickbay::
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION::  Yoshi's analysis sows the newer ship tok the course 
of 354.9 and the two older ships 283.4::
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> It seems there were two ships. The newer one took another 
course from the older one.
ltjgmelody: AMO> Something wrong Doctor?
GwenivereMarqusa: ((There were at least three ships, the new one and two older 
RomnHaas: CENG> There should be four of them, Lt.  Three older and their new 
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> Where's the fourth ship?
ltjgmelody: CSci> I meant two diffrent types of ships. I wasn't indcating the 
number of ship. I am sorry if I misspoke.
ltjgmelody: (My computer is frozen.)
Malachi Styles: SCI> ::Checks the ion trails. on his console::
*** ltyoshikomatsu has left the chat.
ltjgmelody: (Sorry this is Kait. I have to restart my computer.)
GwenivereMarqusa: Soren>::raises an eyebrow but doesn't speak, thinking humans 
waste a lot of time on speech that's illogical::
Malachi Styles: SCI> [CENG] Commander.  Lt. Matsu is correct in the way she 
spoke.  Two went this way, and one that way. ::Points to the screen::
*** ltyoshikomatsu has joined the chat.
ltyoshikomatsu: (Testing)
GwenivereMarqusa: Soren>::scans the area looking for another ion trail.::
Malachi Styles: ((passing))
T L Lost: <axo> I don't like the idea of not knowing where one of the ships 
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [CREW] Recommendations?  Which one has the captives from 
the station?
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [AXO\  Doesn't warm mah cockels either, Tru
GwenivereMarqusa: Soren> I would recommend analzing the paths and figuring out 
possible destinations for each trail Captain.  Though, it seems more logical to 
follow the newer one.
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci>I would believe the newer one would be more likely as well.
Malachi Styles: SCI> [TAC]  Why the newer one, Lieutenant?
ltteboktrkhev: [grrr test????]
GwenivereMarqusa: Soren> One, it's one ship, we know it's not going to split in 
two and make us choose another path, slowing us down even more.
RomnHaas: ((Ratc.  AIM doesn't like you because you don't use your Ratchet name 
ltyoshikomatsu: CSci> It would be better defended with its modifications.
GwenivereMarqusa: Soren> Two, it has the newer technology.
T L Lost: <axo>[co] As much as I hate to say it, I'd agree with Soren and 
Rommie, the newer ship.
GwenivereMarqusa: Soren>We need to know more about it's capabilities.
RomnHaas: CENG> We could be at more risk not fully knowing their technology.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [HELM]  Follow the newer trail..
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [OPS]  Go to red alert, Cadet.
GwenivereMarqusa: Soren> Unless we knew for sure that there were survivors, and 
that those survivors were on one of the other two ships that we know the course 
of, it's not logical to follow them.
T L Lost: <HPW>::sounds red alert::
ltteboktrkhev: [WORK!!!]
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION:  Soren's sensors detect a ship suddenly to the rear 
but some distance bac::
GwenivereMarqusa: Soren>[co] Captain, the fourth ship has reappeared.  To our 
rear.  Possible trap being set up.  
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO>  Or they could just be a spotter.  If it's one of their 
older ones, it's no match for us.
GwenivereMarqusa: Soren> [co] It might be no match Captain, but it could be one 
of four ships that surround us.
GwenivereMarqusa: Soren>[co] if the others doubled back.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [TAC]  So noted, Lt.
RomnHaas: CENG>  N-not much we're going to do about it now.  They know we're 
T L Lost: <AXO> They probably knew we were at the starbase.
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION:  Tactical sensors pick up a ship coming at us from 
the newer ship's heading.::
GwenivereMarqusa: Soren>[co] another ship is heading towards us Captain.  From 
the same direction the newer ship took.
T L Lost: <axo>::muttering to himself::  This should be fun.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> ::mutters::  Wonderful....[OPS]  Cadet.  Trah and hail 
T L Lost: <HPW>::attempts to hail the incoming ship::
CommoLukasFyrstk: ACTION::  No answers to the hail::
T L Lost: <HPW>[co] no response on all standard frequencies captain.  Trying 
the higher and lower bands. ::attempts to hail them again on the different 
CommoLukasFyrstk: ::Tactical starts to get scan readings on the new ship.  
About the same size as the Eagle.  Heavilly armored, like their older ships...
CommoLukasFyrstk: ... four forward cannons for their energy weapons::
GwenivereMarqusa: Soren> Captain, the ship appears to be equal in size and 
heavily armored.  Four foward cannons.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO>[OPS]  Just open a channel on their known frequency, Cadet.
Malachi Styles: SCI> ::Looks at the tactical data.::  They certainly look as if 
they mean business.
RomnHaas: CENG>[SCI]  The Firegon do mean business, Mal.
T L Lost: <HPW>[co] Their normal frequency is within the standard frequencies 
captain, on which I got no response. ::ends the attempts on other frequencies.::
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> [OPS]  Just open the channel, Cadet
T L Lost: <HPW>[co] Channel Open Captain.
T L Lost: ((Man, I'm having a bad night, I miss read what you had origonally 
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO> +[Firegon]+  Firegon ship.  This is Commodore Fyrstk of 
the DFederation starship USS Eagle.
CommoLukasFyrstk: CO>  Ah am ordering you to stand down and prepare to be 
CommoLukasFyrstk: ((it was okay, Tru.  It fit right in with a cadet's actions.))
CommoLukasFyrstk: PAUSE SIM

Respectfully submitted,
Lukas Fyrstk, Commodore
Commanding USS Eagle

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