<USS Eagle> "Reflections"

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This log, long overdue, is done in memory of Amy.


Life can certainly play strange and ironic tricks on a person.

Two weeks ago, Lukas could not have been happier.  He had taken a few days, at his wife's urging, and met with her and the kids.  Lukas thought things couldnt be better.  Now, in the Beta Quadrant, in the heart of Enclave territory, his ship was surrrounded by twenty (at last count) Enclave ships, and despite Ambassador Fully's protests to the contrary, it appeared they did not want peace.  They wanted the Eagle.  Things definitely could be better at this point.

As Lukas studied the options for his ship, which were very few, his mind reflected to his visit with his family...

    The trip had been planned since they had docked at Starbase 325 to debrief the four bridge crw members after their jaunt through time.  The strange part was April insisted Lukas and Mal meet her and the kids at Starbase 294, a base situated between the Spaculaan sector and Sector 001.  Lukas wondered why she did not wish to meet aboard Pathfinder as they usualy did, but he complied and made the trip to the starbase.

The quarters April had arranged for were very lavish.  There was plenty enough room for him, her and the kids.  Malachi even had his own room.

"This is pretty lavish for guest quarters," Lukas told his wife as she had shown him around.

"Well," April said just a bit too slowly.  "They're not exactly GUEST quarters."

Lukas looked a bit baffled and was about to ask when his thoughts were interrupted by the station's comm system.  "OPS to Commodore Fyrstk."  Lukas was about to answer when April gently put her fingers against his lips.

"Fyrstk here," April answered.

"Sir.  The last of the scheduled ships have docked.  I am going off-shift and have left Lt. Moon in charge of OPS."

"Very good, Commander," April answered easily.  She almost laughed at the puzzled look on her husband's face. "Why don't you join us for breakfast.  I would like you to meet my husband."

"It would be my pleasure.  I have been looking forward to meeting  the other Commodore Fyrstk.  See you then.  Sentak out."

"Would you mahnd telling me whah he is treating you lahke his commanding officer," Lukas asked with more puzzlement in his voice than anything else.

"Well, " April answered.  She watched his face for any trace of anger from the news she was going to deliver.  "It's because I *AM* the base commander.  I transferred here a week ago."

"You.... you left Pathfinder?"

"Mmmhmmm" April said softly.

"Why?" Lukas asked incredulously. "Why didn't you tell me before this.  You didn't even tell me you were thinking about leaving."

April slipped her arms around Lukas.  She leaned her head in against his chest and gave a soft sigh.  "It wasn't an easy decision, Lukas.  I loved that ship, and the crew upon her."

"Then what..."

April looked up into her husband's face. Her eyes held the sorrow of leaving her extended family behind, and the insecurity of  a possible wrong decision.  "After my last mission almost wen thorribly wrong, I decided I was being unfair to the children.  They did not join Starfleet Lukas.  I did, and i was forcing them to live the starship life."

"Starship lahfe hasn't hurt the kids, April," Lukas said soothingly.  "Look at Mal.  He's growing into quite an impressive young man."

"He is, "April said with pride.  She turned to look at her oldest child, who was on the floor playing with the twins.  Rohan and Ronov were climbing all over him.  Every now and again he and Ronov would lock eyes as if they shared a bond on another level.  April could tell that they did indeed share a deeper bond.  "Malachi is a very special boy.

"And I want our children to all grow to be just as special," April said leaning her head, once again, on Lukas's chest.  Lukas tightened his embrace on her to ensure her that no matter what decision she made he would stand by her.  "Aboard the starship, their lives could be snuffed out so quickly.  Luna has already made three friends and your mother is coming out next week to see us."

"Ah still don't know whah you didn't tell me about this," Lukas said.

"For the same reason I did not tell Terra until the commitment to the transfer was made," April said.  She remembered how hurt Terra had felt that she hadn't been consulted on a decision of this magnitude.  " and she wasn't happy about it in the least.  But I didn't want you or her to talk me out of this.  This is for our children Lukas.  I know life aboard a starbase can be just as dangerous at times, but if I can provide them with a bit more safety, I will do so.  Plus it also put us closer together on a more frequent basis."

She was right. Lukas couldn't argue with her at all.  And he didn't.  He decided right there and then to make April feel as if she had made the best decision of her life. 

... that had been a very joyful visit.  But that was then.  Now it was Lukas's job to see to it he and his crew could all get home to see their families once more.

Commodore Lukas Fyrstk
Commanding Officer
USS Eagle, NCC 9561

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