<USS Eagle> New Arrival

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  • Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2006 04:49:03 -0700 (PDT)

   Leaving Earth beind had been hard. Because of her parents she had taken a 
planetside science job instead of going out on a ship to explore space as she 
had wanted.  Everything with her parents was a battle. They expected her to do 
what they wanted, what they expected. Yoshiko was not that person. She wasn't 
the dutiful daughter who was going to stay in Japan and have children to 
further the clan. Her roots were deep in Japan's history it was true but she 
was not going to be bound to the Earth by them.  She had fought with her 
parents just about every decision she had made for herself in her life. Her 
chioce to go into Starfleet academy, her choice of being a science officer 
instead of a security officer. She had turned down her first shipboard 
assignment instead taking a science post there on Earth. But when the chance to 
be a member of the USS Eagle had come up she could no longer ignore her longing 
to be in space. She had heard many exciting things about the USS Eagle
 and her crew. She wondered how much was rumor and how much was fact.  She 
would find out...
  Lt. Yoshiko Matsu
  Cheif Science Officer
  USS Eagle

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