<USS Eagle> Meeting Mom

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This takes place in continuance from the sim.




Rommie (8:57:44 PM): @CENG> ::Wraps his arms around Gwen::  It's nice to see
you smile so much.




     Gwen looked into Rommie's eyes and smiled, "Sometimes it's hard to
smile with so much going on on the Eagle, know what I mean?

     "There's just so much responsibilities, so much to do."

     "Absolutely," Rommie said holding her tightly.  "And it's nice to see
the even though you are going to introduce me to your mom, you are so at

     "Well, you do put me at ease.  And, I know my mom will like you.  She's
so happy that I'm finally getting married.

     "As for you liking my mom," She shrugged a bit, "even if you don't, I
know that won't change your feelings for me."

     "On that, you can rest assured," He said.  "Speaking of your mom,
shouldn't we be going?"

     She looked at him and gave him a sad smile, sighing, "Yeah, we probably
should."  She kissed him again, then took his hand and headed off towards
her mother's house.

     They were about 300 feet from the house, when a woman came out and
started screaming happily at them.  She resembled Gwen, with the same
colored hair.

     It didn't take her long to come running over to where the two were.
She gave Rommie a big hug,

     "You must be Roman.  Gwen has told me FAR too little about you.  Come.
Come.  I have just finished cooking some food.

     "You'll have to tell me all about yourself."

     "Well, I can certainly see where Gwen gets her god looks," Rommie said
to Gwen's mother.  "It is a pleasure to meet you, ma'am."

     Gwen's mom blushed, "Such a nice young man you are."  She led them into
the house.

     "Please take a seat, I'll get the dishes and food."  She moved into the
kitchen, leaving Gwen and Rommie in the dinning area.

     Gwen looked at Rommie, giving him a big "I told you" smile, but seemed
happy nonetheless.

     "I think I will like your mother just fine, Gwen," Rommies said.  "But
I really wasn't hungry."

     "I'm not overly hungry myself, but she is a wonderful cook.  She
doesn't use any replicators either, and grows a lot of her own food too.
You might not be hungry, but you might want to try it."

     She sat down at the table and indicated the chair next to her for
Rommie to sit.

     He sat down, looking around the room they were in.  "It looks as if her
food isn't the only thing not replicated.  I would bet a lot of the stuff in
this room is hand manufactured."

     "Oh yeah.  This village is a little old fashioned.  Not just with the
replicated food."  Gwen's mom came out and set the dishes on the table.

     Once her mom went back into the kitchen, Gwen continued, "That's why
she's so obsessive about me settling down and getting married, raising
children.  That's really what this village values the most.  Family and

     "My mom knew I was not the most traditional of people.  She understood
my need to go to Starfleet.  She never tried to stop me.  Even though there
were some in this village who frowned about it.

     "My mom just hoped that I would find a good man (or that she'd find one
for me) so that she'd have grandchildren to talk about."

     "I actually hoped to have at least two by now," Her mom interrupted as
she brought out the food.

     "It seems that our worlds are not all that different," he told Gwen.
"My clan would be similar to your village.  They had the same feelings about
me leaving the planet."

     "Is that something that's planet wide, or just the small community
where you grew up?"

     "Pretty much planet-wide," Rommie answered. "We are all in different
clans with different specialties to add to the life on the planet."

     Gwen smiled, "I'd like to visit there someday . . . soon."  She turned
and took some of the Cornish ham onto her plate, along with the fresh
steamed mixed vegetables and some grapes.

     Gwen's mom smiled, "Would you two like some wine to drink?"

     Gwen Whispered to Rommie, "It's real homemade wine, not synthehol."

     "I would love some, Mrs. Marqusa," Roman said politely.  "Al of this
food smells so delicious."

     Gwen's mom smiled and poured the wine into both of their glasses, and
then some into hers.  She finally took the time to sit down, dishing out
some of the food for herself.

     "Thank you.  So, tell me all about yourself Roman.  Since my daughter
seems to have left a lot out."




Cmdr Gwen Marqusa


USS Eagle


Lt. Cmdr Roman Haas


USS Eagle

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