<USS Eagle> "Communicating" pt 2; Sim of 120104

  • From: Rayne McCloud <raynemccld@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 05 Jan 2012 12:14:00 -0500


    Once again, welcome to yet another year of simming!  I hope your holidays were great, and 2012 is just as great to you.  2012 is also welcoming in Ensign Sadako Hidewara as our ship's counselor.  I hope you all make her feel like a part of the crew (basicall because  SHE IS! :: smiles:: )

"Communicating" part 2
Present: Captain McCloud, Commanders Jorel & Vanik, Lt. Commander Hart, Lt.(s) Banning, Wren & Dr. Fenway
INTRODUCING: Ensign Hidewara as ship's counselor
Stardate: supplemental (December 2388)

    McCloud and Hart continue to try to communicate with the boy from the passenger scout.  They call in Ensign Hidewara to try and help get through to the lad.  Dr. Fenway loses his battle with the radiation poisoning on the two adults that were rescued from the scout.  Lieutnenat Banning & Wren have no luck getting any information from the scout's computer.


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