<USS Eagle> "A Voice from the Future"

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This is a direct relational story to the T'Kil plot


The battered shuttle dropped into normal space, then came to a drift as the last of the power was drained from it.  Iside the now darkedned shuttle, one of the two inhabitants glanced out the forward viewport.

"Roe," the oy said in a quiet voice.  "I think we made it."

He looked over his houlder to the OPS console which his brother had been manning.  The console had blown out and the boy now lay on the deck.  Ronov unbuckled himself from the helm chair and moved to go to his brother's aid.  Almost immediately, he dounled over in pain.  The inertial dampers on the shuttle had cut off during their trip and it seeemed to have taken it's toll onhim.  Still, he pushed past the pain and went to hielp Rohan.

"Roe!  Talk to me."  He grabed an emergency medical kit and ran the tricorder over his brother.  The readings were not good.  Ronov took out the hypo-spray and adjusted it.  He was now glad he had paid atention when Aunt Terra had worked on patients.  The hypo let out a soft hiss, and Rohan coughed.  "Roe!"

"Ronnie..." the other oby said in a very weak voice.  "Did we (cough) make it?"

"Yeah, I think so," Ronnie responded.  He tried to fight back the tears.  By all indications his brother was dying.  "I have to confirm it, but, I'm pretty sure."

"I guess.. (cough-cough) ... Mal was right," Rohan said.  "he told us ....Falcon wa.....wasn't up to it."  He tried to force a smile.  "Why does he....have to be...so damned smart?"

"Yeah," Ronnie agreed.  He brushed his hand over his brother's forehead and gently thru his hair.  "But we DID make it.  We had to try.  We have to warn them.  Maybe we can save them all. Mom, Luna, Megan.  You know we had to try."

"Yeah..." Rohan agreed.  "It's up to you now,.... " he closed his eyes in obvious pain.  " .. up to you."

"Hang in there, Roe," Ronnie said, hie eyes weling up with tears.  "I'll get us help.  He'll come."  Ronnie again adjusted the hypo and injected it into his brother's arm.  Rohan's body relaxed as the sedative took effect.

"Computer," Ronnie called out.  "Connect with Starfleet Command and adjust chrono."  It seemed strange to say Starfleet Command.  There was no more Starfleet where he came from, just battered ships trying to keep humanity alive..... and the T'Kil.

"Computer!"  Ronnie called out again.  There was no answer.  Every console was dark.  It was also starting to get cold.  Ronnie reached up to the OPS panel.  As he did so, he was once again hit with mind-numbing pain.  His fingers barely found the control for the emergency beacon.  as he touched the panel the small portion of the console came to life.  Ronnie then collapsed back to the deck alongside the unconscious form of his twin brother.


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