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  • Date: Wed, 8 May 2002 22:29:27 -0400

*sniffles* awww, thank you guys. Such a glowing recommendation when I have the 
flu is really touching.

Thank you all! You are a joy to write with.
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  And this also from the Commander. she has to update her e-mail address on our 
mailing list. ;-)


  The Captain and I would like to bring one of the crew to your attention.


  As you know, Mr. Sankoh has left the Cervantes, leaving our second officer 
post open. We have asked, and Dr. Tryn has graciously accepted, the difficult 
task of filling the position.

  Thank you, Dr. Tryn, for your generous gift of your time and talent.


  Also, in a completely unrelated issue... *pulls out the mahogany award 
box*... Dr. Tryn has qualified for and is hereby being awarded the Starfleet 
Medal of Achievement! For writing above and beyond the call of duty, for the 
effort in which she gave to the ship, and just because she's really damned cute!


  Dr. Tryn... this achievement award is a specially awarded commendation for 
consistent actions above and beyond the call of duty.



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