<USS Cervantes> Mission and Launch take III

  • From: "Ashne'e Al Kiara" <captainalkiara@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <usscervantes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 00:11:50 -0700

"Mission and Launch take III"
Rear Admiral Ashne'e Al Kiara
            Ashne'e allowed herself the pleasure of rereading the
encrypted message again:
Starfleet Command is pleased to announce your promotion to Rear Admiral.
Admirals Swirsky and Dataran, heads of Project Rinacita, have expressed
their desire to see the deep-space exploration vessels separated into
their own fleet. On 0204.03 Fleet Admiral Heloise Kelly authorized your
promotion to Rear Admiral and Commander, twenty-second fleet, embarked
upon the USS Cervantes.
You are aboard the USS Cervantes. The Gamma Quadrant awaits you. You
have your heading, Admiral. Go. 
            Paraphrasing quickly, she tapped her comm. badge. "Al Kiara
to the Cervantes crew. We have received orders from Starfleet Command.
We're being cut loose to investigate on our own." Eyes flickering
downward to the message panel, she decided to steal a phrase. "The gamma
quadrant awaits us. Al Kiara out."
            It occurred to her vaguely that she could wait for the helm
officer to regain duty, but the ship's helm had been designed for the
day when this heading was engaged, and it surely wasn't beyond her
meager piloting skill to press a button or two. Seating herself at the
console, she engaged their warp drive, sent a quick automated departure
signal to the Metis, and whisked the Cervantes into the black.
            Not long after one of the helm-cleared officers came to the
bridge and glanced at her sidelong as they took the seat. 

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