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_The Passion of Air
_by Aidoaneth tr'Ghaladriel and Darrah Steren

/"Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion."--Christian Freidrich Hebbel/

In the end, it was it ever was: with him shouting and furious and her cold and unflinching. In the past, he'd brushed things off, let them go for the sake of having no good reason to continue whatever the disagreement was. But on this matter he would not budge. She would dare disown the boy---no, the man---for what her people considered a heinous act of mindless violence and what his considered doing what was right? The way he saw it, the choice he had was his wife or their son and thus had no choice. This was his son, his heart. Child of Air as ever, Aidoaneth's fury matched any Fire child's. They'd arrived at the station with very little and, in a purposeful and exacting manner, he packed all of what was his into a carryall, saying nothing the entire time, until he was at the door. He looked down at his wrist, up at his wife, then down at his wrist again. He gave a casual shrug then reached to snap the bracelet he wore in half, deliberately allowing the pieces to fall to the floor. "Never," he said in that same cold fury, "come near me or my son again."

It struck him, as he headed to where his sister was staying, that after forty some odd years of being married to the woman, that he had no home. There was no place that, when the day to day travails of space travel were done, the family could go to and simply relax. He certainly couldn't return to ch'Rihan. Aside from the fact that he no longer belonged there, the House was Eris' now and he would not take anything from her. He might not have seen her since she was a baby but she was still his daughter. She was Hru'hfir now and she would do the family honor. His brother had his home on Earth and Talibah had homes on Dorvan V and, with Vincent, on Earth. He, of the three, had no place to have his family with him. There was no one in at his sister's cabin when he arrived. Rather than sit in silence and stew, he dropped off his carryall then left, not quite sure where he was going. He didn't dare go see Aneirin now. He hmmphed softly, a ghost of a smile gracing his face, as he thought about the younger man with Sabine. She was not Rihannsu but she was a good, decent woman, a nice girl. It wasn't until she spoke that he realized Steren was walking right at his side.

"Are you in there or should I leave a message?" she asked pertly.

Instinct had him berating himself for being so careless as to allow someone so close without noticing but Aidoaneth relaxed as soon as he realized who it was. "My apologies, Steren. My mind was completely elsewhere," he admitted.

"I'm sure it is," she said with a grimace.  "Is your son alright?"

"Ie, he is with his..." He stopped dead in his tracks to stare down at her, his face darkening with confusion and suspicion. "How," he asked slowly, "do you know about that never mind that my son was involved?"

Smiling up at him, Steren held up three fingers, folding down for each point she made. "First, I saw the whole thing; second: I heard his name and made the connection; and, third, even if I hadn't've heard the name, he looks a lot like you."

"You saw the whole thing," he repeated stupidly.

"I certainly did. It's a good thing he threw when he did because that lunatic would have killed the woman he was with," she explained.

"You were the reliable witness that odd Human mentioned," he stated.

"That could very well, be," Steren replied. "I wasn't about to not do the right thing just because I was off duty. He did what he had to do, unpleasant or not. I---"

She found her words cut off by the sudden press of a mouth on hers as Aidoaneth kissed her quite firmly. At first she stiffened with shock but then found herself returning the kiss rather wholeheartedly. She almost giggled when he let her go, as dizzy as she was.

"Thank you, Steren," he said very clearly. "That one is my youngest and I did not think these people would take Sabine's word alone when she was involved."

"Bajoran constables are known to be fine officers of the law. I'd've been more than a bit miffed if they doubted me." Steren meant that to sound as if she were offended but it was hard to pull off when she was still so pleasantly shocked by his kiss.

Aidoaneth pinched the bridge of his nose and stared hard at her. There was the same shiny brown hair and blue eyes along with the beautiful smile yet he saw her in a completely different light now. "Constable?" he asked carefully. "I thought you were an artist..."

"I am," Steren said dryly, "but it doesn't keep a roof over my head."

"There is that," he supposed. His eyes stayed on her. "You are a surprising woman, Darrah Steren."

"Speaking of surprising," Steren asked as she rested a hand on his arm, "do you always kiss women to thank them."

"No, I don't but I noticed it was not poorly received," he said deadpan. He lifted his free arm, letting his fingers settle under her chin. "In truth, I am grateful for your assistance, very grateful. That you are beautiful is simply a bonus."

"Really now? Because you looked awfully pissed off before you saw me," Steren ventured even as she stepped close enough to feel how much higher his body temperature was. "I still am but it has nothing to do with you," he said with a scowl. His dark eyes settled on her blue ones as his and caressed her chin. "I would rather think of more pleasant things."

"Oh?  And what would those pleasant things be?" she asked.

"Art appreciation and education. I recall the offer to be taught all about Bajoran women," he said, his voice low and warm. "I would rather know about one in particular."

Something ion his voice tikled Steren deep inside. Maybe he wasn't Bajoran but he was interesting, intelligent, and attractive as hell. Why not she asked herself. She slipped an arm around his waist, deciding she liked the feel of the solid muscle she felt there. "Then why don't we take a walk, handsome?"

Aidoaneth recognized the utilitarian visitors quarters when he saw them but that observation was secondary in his thoughts. In the fore was the fact that a beautiful passionate woman, one who wanted him, was pressed against him, kissing him. Hera rams wrapped around his neck, Steren walked him backwards toward the sleeping area. Her hands found the edge of his shirt and, at the same time, the knife at his waist.

"Trust me?" he asked as his hand settled over hers, resting on the hilt.

"You wouldn't be here if I didn't," she said frankly. With deliberate care, she removed the knife from its spot and laid it on the bedside table just as carefully. Then she smiled up at him, a glint of mischief in her eyes. "Trust me?"

"Yes," he said slowly and, oddly enough, he realized he did trust her, even in the short time he'd known her.

"Good." She gave him a gentle shove so that he landed on the bed. She knelt at his feet and, as she removed first one shoe and then the other, she tickled one foot.

"Hey!" he yelped, pulling his foot away.

"Ticklish, are we?" she giggled.

"Apparently." His face was flushed as he grinned at her. Elements but it felt good to simply enjoy the company. He couldn't recall one instance of similar playfulness in the last forty years and, again, he realized how much he missed it.

"I'll keep that in mind then," she said with a wink. Slowly she undid the openings on his shirt and pushed it away from him. "Nice," she purred as her hand caressed every inch of his chest and back. One of her hands brushed a nipple and the subsequent shudder pleased her. He wasn't afraid of letting her take charge. This was a man, she realized, who was very secure in his masculinity. Her hand moved slowly lower, reaching to stroke him through the pants he still ore. "Very nice."

He arched into her touch, enjoying every bit of her attention. "It certainly is," he said, his voice a low, deep growl. "Don't stop."

"Oh, I won't," Steren murmured as she licked the tip of one of his ears. "I intend to make you scream, Aidoaneth."

He wouldn't have believed it but she did indeed manage t o make him scream. She'd finished undressing him and he watched her strip slowly, appreciating the view the entire time. At her gentle insistence, he did nothing and instead allowed her to give attention to every part of his body. By the time she lowered herself onto him, he was more than ready, thrusting into her with unrestrained abandon. To his utter delight, her passion was as unrestrained.

When she finally collapsed on top of him in sated happiness, Steren kissed him deeply. "Told you I'd make you scream.'

"Mmm, that you did," he said lazily, stroking her hair and back. She was soft and sweet smelling yet fiercely loving...what a woman! "You, my lady, are magnificent."

Steren almost goggled as she slid to his side and snuggled against him. "And you're sweet," she said after kissing his cheek. "Feel better now?"

He thought about his answer. As angry as he had been, and still was really, he realized he now felt lighter and more at ease than he had in years. "Yes, as a matter of a fact, I do," he said before kissing her forehead. "Thanks to you."

"Oh believe me, it was not only no trouble, it was my pleasure. Most men don't like women who know what they want," she said, lazly tracing designs on his chest.

"Foolish of them. Passion is a thing to be admired and enjoyed, not subdued or mastered," he grumbled. "It is nothing to be ashamed of."

"You want to tell me why you're so angry?" she asked carefully.

"No but you ought to know..." And he told her, every last thing, trusting somehow that she would understand. When he finally finished, he saw her watching him pensively. "Ie? And have you to say?"

"Why not buy a place of your own?" she asked, propping herself up on an elbow so that she could see her face. "Why not have a practice if that's what you want? Believe me I know a place or two that wouldn't blink at having a Romulan doctor so long as said doctor was a good one."

"Ie and where would those places be?" he asked with a smirk.

"Bajor," she said promptly. "You'd be close to your youngest if he's going to be on Deep Space Nine and people could come stay with you, visit you."

"I see," he said casually. "And would any of those places be anywhere near where some wildly beautiful and passionate constable lives?"

"That could be," she said with a tickle at his ribs.

"Then, later, we will talk more of this.  I do believe I like the idea."

for without hope I cannot live, remember the past but do not dwell there, face the 
future where all our hopes stand."_- Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

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