[ussbansheec] "The Forgotten Side of Life"

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"The Forgotten Side of Life." 

Madeline Parker 


The soft click of the antique rebuilt 8mm camera couldn't be heard over then
thudding music coming from the floor above her. Madeline filmed everything.
The camera had been the only thing she'd taken when she'd runaway from home
just after Jenny had left. As she made her way through the dark, dank halls
of the cellar under the club, she filmed the people she passed. No one ever
said a word to her, not even those doing something they shouldn't be.
Everyone knew her, and what she did. "Oh that's just Maddie." They would say
if someone they were with got worried, "She thinks she's going to tell the
world the truth and get them to care." 


Normally Madeline just looked up and smiled when people would say things
like that, because rather they knew it or not, that was exactly what she had
planned. She'd spent her whole life being told that life in the Federation
was perfect, that people didn't do without, that things like greed and
corruption didn't exist. If that were really true why did her father still
do what he did? Why was there still a need for police? Why had she met a
child of eight, when she were only ten, who hadn't eaten in days? Madeline
had seen the truth, life in the Federation was a fairy tale. 


Stopping to film a thin shaking man slumped in the dank hallway as he jammed
a dirty hypo into his neck, full of gods only knew what, she reached into
her small bag and pulled out her lunch. She placed it beside him before
going on down to the very last door. She knocked. Inside she could hear
heavy breathing, moaning, and finally a deep grunt. When the door opened a
man, half dress, with bleach blonde hair walked past her. He smiled at her
before she slipped in. She filmed the girl in the center of the room. She
was nude, and deathly thin. 


"Put that thing away." The green skinned girl on the mattress said with a
voice that cracked and was shaky. 


Madeline turned the camera off and slipped it into her bag. "I thought you


"Girl's gotta eat." The green girl replied. 


"I doubt food is what you were going to get." Madeline replied as she sat on
a milk crate in the corner of the room. "That is, if it were even money
you'd been paid with." 


The girl smirked as she slipped on a short satin robe. "Please," The girl
huffed. "if there was one thing I learned from my mother is was cash up


Madeline just rolled her eyes. "So I guess this explains why you haven't
been to your loft. Oscar's at my place by the way."


A small flicker of a smile tugged on the girl's lips. "Thanks, I know your
not the biggest cat fan." 


Madeline just shrugged. "He was hungry and I had a little extra."


The green girl laughed which lead her into a hard coughing fit. When she
stopped and could breath again she shook her head. "You don't even have
enough for yourself." 


"I make do." Madeline replied. She sighed as she watched her friend load a
hypo and use it. 


"Don't give me that look." The girl snapped. "Don't you dare look down on me
when you're no stranger to this shit." 


Madeline held up her hands. "I didn't say a word!" 


"No, but you smell of it." The girl's dark eyes closed as whatever was in
the hypo began to course through her. 


"Smell of what?" Madeline asked. 


Without opening her eyes the green girl replied, "Indignation." 


Madeline blushed and then shrugged as she slipped her camera back out and
filmed her friend's junkie reaction. "I just thought you'd stopped."

"I did for a while." The girl replied, eyes closed, hands clenched. 


"Why start again?" Madeline asked. 


The girl was quite for awhile. When she opened her eyes she looked right
into the camera. "They make hell bearable, at least for a short while." 


Madeline would have said something, but she honestly didn't know what to
say. Instead she got her friend a glass of water when she started to cough




"You ok?" Madeline asked as she looked at her friend. 


The girl did her best to smile. "Sure, just a bit of a cold from being down
here is all." 


"Then come back to the building." Madeline urged. "The water's back on, so's
the gas." 


There was a knock on the door. The green girl looked at it before looking at
her friend. "I'll try." 


Madeline knew that was the best she was going to get. "Be careful." 


The girl smiled. "Second rule, right after get the money up front."


Madeline headed back the way she'd come in, camera still softly clicking




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