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Annabelle Garrity and Angelina Coyne

Deciding that she needed a break from working her cases, Angelina made her way 
through the station towards the area where the Pathfinder II project was being 
housed. She'd heard that there were two sides to the project, the official one 
headed by Admiral Kaelyre who was on her way to the station, and the one being 
done privately by the Garrity Foundation. Making her way through the corridors 
Angelina found herself standing outside the restricted area belonging to the 
Foundation. They had their own set of labs and such since they did a lot of 
research here so there was a permanent plaque outside the area. Reaching up she 
ran her fingers softly across one name on the plaque; her father's. 

Angelina never knew her father personally but she knew of him. Her mother and 
grandparents told her about him, even Commodore McEntire had been willing to 
tell her about him. She wished more then anything that she'd have been able to 
know him. Sighing she turned on her heel and headed for the information desk 
back over by the 'Fleet area. 

"Excuse me." Angelina said softly as she approached the desk.

The young officer behind the desk looked up at the marine and stood to 
attention quickly. "Yes Ma'am, what can I do for you Captain?" 

"I'd like to know the latest on the USS Banshee." Angelina replied firmly. 

"I can only give that information to family members of the crew, Ma'am. Do you 
have a relative onboard?" The officer asked as he took his seat again and 
prepared to enter the name. 

Officially the answer was no. Her aunt's ex-wife didn't count and neither did 
the Commodore's children even of they did kinda sorta grow up knowing each 
other. Unofficially however her youngest brother was on that ship. "Yes, my 

"No Ensign Williams, she does not." 

Angelina spun on her heel, her eyes hard, a snarl on her lips. "I do believe he 
was asking me, Captain." Venom dripped from Angelina's voice and she all but 
spat the woman's rank. 

"You may be called Captain, Ms. Coyne, but if I were you I'd recheck the chain 
of command and watch your tone." Annabelle nearly hissed. 

If looks could have done harm the old woman would be flat out and dead. Not 
bothering to reply to the woman Angelina spun back around to face the young man 
and said, "My brother is on the Banshee. Jou..." 

Annabelle stepped up to the girl and spun her around roughly. She looked into 
the girl's all to familiar blue eyes as she barked at the ensign, "Marine 
Captain Coyne is not to be given any information what so ever regarding the 
Banshee, Ensign." Taking her eyes briefly from Angelina's, Annabelle looked at 
the young man. "That is a standing order. Am I clear?" 

"Yes Captain Garrity." The Ensign replied, offering the marine an apologetic 

Turning back to the girl Annabelle snarled, "In my office Marine. Now." 

It was an order and wither Angelina liked it or not she couldn't refuse a 
director order. With a look of pure blood lust on her face she followed the old 
woman down the hall and into an office. No sooner had the door closed behind 
her Angelina found herself faced with a very angry woman. 

"How dare you!" Annabelle spat. "You have no right to be asking about the 

Angelina stood stiffly and looked right into the woman's eyes. "I have every 
right! My brother is on that ship!" 

Fire flared in Annabelle's eyes. She knew the truth about the bastard child's 
parentage but she refused to acknowledge it. What her mother had done was to 
Annabelle a violation against her dear Josh, it was to her, rape. "Your bastard 
brother is on this station. You have no family on the Banshee." 

It was like being smacked in the face with a red hot sword but Angelina didn't 
show any reaction to the woman's words. "JD, whether you like it or not, is my 
brother. He is my father's son." 

Her son, Josh's only child in Annabelle's eyes, didn't know about the twins and 
if she had her way he never would. "You don't have a father." 

"Just because you refuse to accept the truth doesn't make him any less my 
father." Angelina spat. She may not have ever known him but she still loved 
him, and she knew, or at least she hoped, he would have loved her too. 

Annabelle had to force herself not to strike out at the girl. "The truth is as 
it always has been. Your mother," She said the word as if it were something 
veil, "used stolen sperm to have herself impregnated by someone else's husband 
because he wouldn't leave me for her. You and your brother's whole existence is 
a mistake."

If it weren't for a promise made a long time ago to her grandmother Joanna, 
Angelina would have slit the bitch's throat. "At least my mother wanted me and 
Gabriel. She and my father loved each other and she wanted to have his 
children. You had my father's son removed from you like a cancer and only had 
him defrosted after you found out that Gabriel and I were his." She knew she 
was treading on thin ice but Angelina wasn't known for backing down even when 
threatened. "And the only reason my father choose you was because you were 
pregnant. My father and mother were Imzadi, soul mates. You were only ever 
second best to my mother!"

With as much force as she could muster Annabelle struck the girl. 

The force of the strike shocked Angelina, having jerked her head to the side. 
As she turned her head back to face the woman she snarled. "The truth hurts 
doesn't it." 

"The truth little girl is that your mother was a whore and Josh knew she'd 
never be more then that." Annabelle spat. 

Angelina just shook her head. "One of these days your going to drown in that 
bitterness." With that Angelina turned on her heel and walked away from the 
woman. She'd find other ways to find out about JD.

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