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"Dinner Guests"


William Worthington, Elizabeth Braddock, Laura Kinney




With the steam of her wine glass pinched between her manicured fingers
Tiffany contented to tell her handsome date all about her job at Worthington
Enterprises and how it was the same and different then her position at Frost
Industries. She talked and giggled and toyed with her wine glass and folk,
her meal only partly touched. 




Everything William did to sound dull only made the girl giggle, he couldn't
believe it.  I'm going to kill my Dad when I get home, he thought.  He's
going to die slowly and painfully.  "So you're a... what was it... a
glorified secretary?" he asked idly, hoping it'd come off as obnoxious.




"Personal executive assistant to the junior executive in charge of
inter-office commutation." She replied with a bright and bubbly smile and




Oh my God, William groaned inwardly, do they grow them on trees or
something?  His mirror eyes drifted away from the girl and across the
restaurant to land squarely on a familiar and welcomed face.  He lifted his
hand and waved vigorously at X-23, praying Betsy was with her too.  "Want to
meet an old friend of the family, Stephany... or whatever your name is...?

You'll love her, she's kinda like a fluffy puppy when you get to know her."




"Tiffany." The woman chirped and then bounced in her seat. 




Laura saw young Worthington and nearly laughed at the look of pure torture
on his face. She'd smelled him and the dime store blonde as soon as she and
Betsy had walked in and would have looked for him if he hadn't spotted her.

Walked towards the table she smirked. "Evening Junior, playing with your
Barbies again?"  




"See?  Didn't I tell you she's got class?" William almost cheered, grinning
madly at X.  "Care to join us?"  Please, please, please...




 Elisabeth smiled as she sauntered up behind Laura and placed a hand in the
small of her back.  "New girlfriend, Will?"




The first woman looked almost savage in an upscale United Nations sort of
way and was actually sort of pretty. Tiffany wondered if she needed to worry
about this one, after all this evening end in millions, but she relaxed when
the older woman walked up. Tiffany blinked. Purple hair? 




Ah the smell of gold diggers, Laura thought with a twitch of her nose.

"Wouldn't want to impose on your evening." She teased. "Could lead to
something horizontal and pricey."




"Hey, you know my Dad'll pay," William winked.  "And it'll give my date
something of a yardstick to work out how much I'm worth."




 "Now, now, Will, be nice," Elisabeth teased.  ~~Don't be mean, love.  Look
at the poor thing, she's totally outclassed~~  




~~This one would be outclassed by a basket of kittens.~~ Laura replied
mentally before adding verbally, "Might want to make that a ruler, a
yardstick might confuse her." 




Tiffany huffed. "If you both don't mind William and I would like to get back
to our evening?" 




"We would?" William blinked.




 ~~She's a resilient one, isn't she?~~  "That wasn't very polite.  I do
believe Master Worthington invited us to join you both.  Shall we, love?"




~~I'm going to gag on the cheap perfume.~~ With as must grace as she was
capable of Laura took a seat next to Betsy. "We wouldn't want to miss out on
the delightful company." 




Again Tiffany huffed then stared at William expecting him to turn the women
away. She didn't like them and the younger one actually scared her a bit.

There was something almost animal like in her eyes.  




William rubbed his hands together and grinned.  "What would my delightful
companions like?  Oh, and you, Stephanie?"  He winked at Laura then waved
over a waitor.  "Your best champagne please, on the tab."




 "Ah, the infamous Worthington 'tab'," Elisabeth laughed.  "It's like a
bottomless pit."




 William laughed brightly.  "I've made my Dad wince once or twice with how
much I've put on it, believe me."




"Well you would think a man married to your mother would be smarter in
making choices." Laura said sweetly. Looking over at the woman she smirked.

She smelled a touch of fear. "I think I'm in the mood for something raw and




Tiffany turned pale as she sipped her wine.




~~Be nice~~ Elisabeth warned even if her dark eyes danced merrily.  "We'll
both have steak, blue for Laura and I'll have mine medium rare," she told
the waitor.  Leaning over, she patted the girl's hand as she said, "Don't
worry, she only eats people when she's particularly hungry or harassed."




The woman nearly gagged on the mouthful of wine. 




William let out a deep laugh that had chirruping undertones.  "I'm sure
you'd go well with a dressing of honey and mustard, Stephanie," he teased as
he popped open the bottle of champagne that the waitor had brought.  "More




"It's Tiffany!" The woman replied as she took her napkin from her lap and
threw it on her plate. "And no thank you. The surroundings are suddenly
making me feel ill."




Laura smirked as her eyes danced. "Don't leave on our account." 




"Not fond of staring at mutants, Tiffany?" William asked softly, his mirror
eyes hard.




"Or is it that the dollar signs are no longer worth it?" Laura asked. 




"I no longer wish to spend my time with tactless and classless freaks."

Tiffany replied. 




Laura laughed. "Did you hear that? Tactless and classless freaks. Now went
do you think the last time someone called Lady Braddock classless." 




Tiffany blinked. 




"You know you really should be more aware Barbie." Laura told the woman. "If
you gonna social climb you need to learn who's on the ladder."




Elisabeth rolled her eyes and nudged Laura in her ribs with her elbow.  "It
isn't tasteful to name-drop," she said as haughtily as her barely suppressed
laughter could manage.




 "How many people d'you think Stephanie's told about her date with her
boss's son?" William mused.  "All her relatives and friends, at least.  This
girl is going places, you know."




 "Oh yes, I can tell," Elisabeth finally laughed deeply.  "Right out the
door."  ~~Poor thing, she never stood a chance.  This boy has his sights set
too high~~ 




Laura playfully rubbed her side and watched as the blonde turned several
mortified colors. "What do I know I'm just a savage." 




Bolting to her feet Tiffany all but growled as she threw Betsy's glass of
wine in William's face before storming out."




Spluttering a bit, he chuckled as he picked up his napkin and dabbed his
face dry.  "You know, I may just have deserved that," he grinned.




 "Definitely," Elisabeth smirked.  "I don't think you've done much for
mutant relations tonight, dear William.  But then none of us have."




"Warren started it." Laura huffed jovially. "What was he thinking?"




"That I need a woman," William groaned.  "He wants heirs, he wants me to
settle down, he wants me to be happy."  He rolled his eyes then took a dep
swig of his wine.  "He wants the impossible."




 "He's worried about you," Elisabeth said softly.  "We all are, aren't we,




Laura nodded. "Ya know the whole settling down, grown up life, it ant's so
bad kid." 




 "Show me a woman who would not only not throw up whenever she rolled over
in the morning to find me looking at her but who can also put up with the
self-depreciation, thrill-seeking self-obsession of a spoiled brat," he
shrugged one wing.




 "Throw up?" Elisabeth blinked then narrowed her eyes.  "Do you gag when you
see your own father?"




 "No, only my own reflection," William admitted.




"You got one of those fun house mirrors?" Laura asked as she absently itched
the skin between her knuckles. "Cause lookin' at ya, I'm not seeing anything
gross or ugly and I got perfect eye sight and then some."




"I have feathers," he said flatly.




"Yeah so?" Laura replied, generally not getting it. "Bets has purple hair
and eyes and I got these," The very tip of bone claws pokes out of the skin
she'd just been itching. "Feathers, fur, tails, scales, claws, it's what we




All William did was shrug his wings and swig some more wine.  His mirror
eyes drifted off to stare into nothing.




 "Are you truly that interested in the admiration of baselines? Elisabeth
asked softly.  "Is that what you crave in a mate?  Someone who would simply
'overlook' what you are, instead of revelling in it, adoring it, worshipping
it for the power it is?"  She shook her head as she placed a hand on Laura's
knee and rubbed it gently.  "Don't you feel like a god when you fly,




"Even among our kind? There are very few who can fly so naturally." The
raven haired woman added as Elisabeth's touch made her smile. "And even the
most unique of us have found happiness. Look at Kurt and I hear his son has
found someone. Even my sister's managed to make a life with the ice queen."




William simply shook his head as he returned his strange gaze to his
companions.  He liked Laura, she, at least, could communicate on a level he
understood.  She'd known similar things.  "There's always something wrong
with them," he replied with a jovial laugh to lighten the mood.




 "Oh yes," Elisabeth snorted.  "I'm told I snore and Laura is
over-protective to the point of obsession.  Let me see," she said as she
ticked things off her fingers, "Your father had commitment issues, Havok had
intimacy issues, and let's not forget dear, sweet Kaptain Britain, shall




"Everyone has issues." Laura added in. "You should have seen me when I first
showed up. Feral isn't just an adjective to make me look fierce." She'd been
nothing more then a wild animal with the social skills of a bobcat. "And
Betsy does snore."




"Hey!" she laughed, prodding Laura again.  "It's a very delicate snore."




Laura snickered. "Yes, very English and proper." She smirked as she caught
the older woman's hand and held it. 




Elisabeth smiled softly as she rubbed a thumb over the back of her lover's
hand.  "This is what you need, Will.  Something normal and soft."  ~~My soft
little furball~~




A light pink blush colored the bridge of Laura's nose and the tips of her
ears as she smiled brightly. "If I'm soft Pete must be a marshmallow." 




"Big fluffy bunny," Elisabeth corrected primly.  "Very handy to have around
if you need someone to pick the furniture up so one can vacuum under it."




 At that William snorted.  "Oh yeah, regular house husband, eh?"




 "Just ask Kitty," she insisted. 




Laura laughed at the image and nearly laughed harder when she remembered
seeing Logan doing the same for Ororo. "Are you getting the point yet fly
boy? Even mutants get to have normal happy lives."




"I get it, seriously," he groaned.  "But there just isn't one out there for




"There's someone out there for everyone, kid." Laura told him firmly. "Even






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