[ussbansheec] "A Morning of Abandon"

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A Morning of Abandon

Iruvande S'Akhiy'Rhienn

Birds, thousands upon millions of them, sweeping up to the heights and all chorussing for the new morn.  In bright relief, Iruvande laughed the joy of the newly born.  The night before was one of grief and bitterness, it pulled at her mnhei'sahe and asked of her payments due.  But her duty was done and now she was free.

"Etrehh," she said in a bright, cheerful call.  The beep told her the computer was attentively awaiting her instruction.  "All For the Love of One.  Volume times two."

A viol struck up a haunting under-current with three female voices in strange harmony.  As their volume grew so a hand-drum picked up a fast beat and suddenly the tune exploded with dual pipes drawing out to a swaying song.

Iruvande's feet tapped once, twice and suddenly she was swept away on the notes, her lithe and elegant form twisting to the simple beat yet intricate melody.  It threw her around her private quarters and she laughed in wild abandon.  A night for memories and a morning for release.

As her feet carried her, she span around and around, her arms flung wide and her hair free to flow.  The elegant robe from the night before was replaced by a simple peasant's dress.  For one it was more comfortable, for two, the skirt was weightier and spread out in a perfect halo to her thin waist.

But as quickly as the wildness caught ahold of her, it was gone with the last beat of the song.  Breathless but gleeful, she collapsed on one of the shallow benches that lined the walls of her home.  It was only then that she saw the shadow cast across the floor.  Lifting her eyes to a figure in the doorway, she inclined her head but made no other move.

The girl drew her cloak tighter around her small frame.  This was not what she'd expected of someone so important and famous.  Surely there should be decorum even in her own home.  Offering a nervous smile, she brushed her long brown hair from her eyes.  "I..."

"Thee intrudes on a private space," Iruvande said in a quiet, simple voice.

"Usae, lhhei..." the girl stammered, taking a step backwards.

"It is of no matter, the door was open, thee were free to join me."


Iruvande took in the slip of a girl who shivered in the doorway, half hidden by columns.  "What is it thee wishes of the hru'Airifvir?"

"I do not come searching for the hru'Airifvir," the girl said quickly.  "I am here in search of the hru'hfirh of Akhiy'Rhienn."


Note: Comes directly after "A Night of Mourning"

mnhei'sahe - Ruling Passion (honour)
Etrehh - computer
Usae - sorry
lhhei - ma'am
hru'Airifvir - Head of Civilian Service (an archaic term, not in common use unless in reference to Iruvande)
hru'hfirh - Head of a House

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