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"Special Delivery" 
By Lt. Sara Crusher 
Guest writer: Lt. SG Matthew Crusher

Sick bay was in a lull. The ship’s engineers seemed to have been learning 
from the mandatory safety classes that the Commander had ordered them to take, 
which had cut into the amount of work for the medical staff. There was still 
Ensign Song but he’d been so busy in science that he hadn’t put anything up 
his nose in days. 

"Ok," Sara began as she stepped out of her office, "who’s been playing with 
my replicator?" 

Heather and Jenny smiled at each other and then at Sara who stood in the 
doorway with her empty coffee mug. "You’ve been cut off, Sara," Heather 
"you’ve been way to wired the last week or so. So, Lieutenant Kaelyre came 
down and put a cap on your coffee program this morning." 

Sara stood there with a dumbfounded look. She didn’t know weather to cry, 
laugh, or stomp her foot. She settled for a long drawn out sigh since she knew 
they were right. She’d been very jumpy lately but not all of it had to do 
her caffeine intake. Matthew was three days late. He should have rendezvoused 
with the Banshee the night after the reception but he hadn’t and he hadn’t 
sent word as to why he was late either. 

After setting her empty coffee cup aside Sara made her way over to the others 
but stopped in her tracks when her name was called out over the comm. 
"Doctor, a type nine shuttle is docking in shuttle bay four, I believe this is 
guest you’ve been waiting for." Instantly Sara’s whole demeanor changed. 
replied to the young officer on the comm and then left Heather in charge of 
bay. She didn’t even bother to take her lab coat off. She all but ran right 
to the shuttle bay and stood on the balls of her feet as the shuttle was 

She wasted no time. As soon as the tall handsome man stepped out of the back 
of the shuttle Sara was hurling herself at him.   

Matt laughed as he was nearly tackled by his sister.  "Hi, Sara.  It's good 
to see you again, too!"  He hugged her tightly and wondered how long it had 
been since the last time they'd gotten a chance to see each other.  It was not 
long before Matt decided it had been too long.  "From what little I've seen so 
far, the Banshee's a fine ship, Sara.  Very graceful."  He paused before 
continuing, "It's a shame the ship's medical officer isn't!"  Matt grinned.  He 
wasn't one to pass up the opportunity to jibe his little sister. He pulled a 
box out of his pack and held it out to her.  "Ok, Sara.  I'm dying to know.  
What's with the ring?"

It had been over a year since Sara had seen her brother and she knew full 
well he would get in all the digs he could while he was on board, which meant 
had a years worth of punching him in the shoulder to make for. Sara giggled 
as she watched Matt rubbing his arm like her punch had really hurt and then 
quickly took the small black box. "Oh! You got it! You had no trouble getting 
from Grandmother did you? Did she make you go all the way to St. Petersburg to 
get it? Is that why your three days late." Sara stopped for a moment and 
looked at him. Then she hit him again, "Why are you late? You had me worried!" 

"Ow!" Matt shouted and rubbed his arm.  "Geeze, you're welcome!  No, I had no 
trouble getting it from Grandmother, yes she made me go all the way to St. 
Petersburg, and yes that's why I'm three days late.  You owe me."  He shot her 
look and grinned.  "Now, c'mon!  What's with the ring?!"

Sara grinned brightly as she picked up her bother’s duffle bag and headed out 
of the shuttle bay. They made they way though the ship towards the guest 
quarters that Matt had been assigned. Sara talked about everything but the 
black box and what it held, which she knew was driving him nuts. They finally 
entered Matt’s quarters and Sara dropped the bag on the floor as she babbled 
on. "Nana Kathryn wants us to have tea with her and of course you’ll have to 
have dinner with me and Cyanah. I can’t wait for you to meet her. I 
count on any personal time with Rhi since well, she’s Rhi, so that means not 
living out any left over boy hood fantasies, besides your married." Sara 
as she fell on the couch still holding the box.   

Matt chuckled and pretended to be upset. "Ugh, fine, Sara.  No living out 
boyhood fantasies with Rhi."  He groaned in mock disgust.  His eyes drifted 
her face to the box, and back to her again. "You're not going to tell me, are 
you?  Just to see me frustrated."

"I’m surprised you didn’t look." She said as she moved over on the couch to 
let Matt sit beside her. She turned to look at him as he looked at her. Then 
she smiled and opened the box. Inside was an elegant Edwardian-style platinum 
ring with several small diamonds surrounding the most clear blue sapphire that 
Sara had ever seen. She smiled brightly and then turned it around so that Matt 
could see it. 

"This is Grandmother's ring," Matt said.  He looked at her perplexedly.  "But 
what did you want it for?"  Matt knew just as well as Sara that the ring had 
been in the family for centuries, passed down from grandmother to 
granddaughter.  But Grandmother still had quite a few good years left in her, 
didn't she?  
"Is something wrong with Grandma, Sara?"

Sara laughed hard despite the concerned look on her brother’s face. Anastasia 
Crusher was a force of nature. An old Russian in her late seventies that 
would gladly give Sara’s other grandmothers -biological and self-adopted- a 
for their money.  "Grandma’s fine, Matt. Didn’t she seem so while you where 

Matt sighed with relief.  "Yes, she did, but I'm always the last person to 
know these kinds of things.  But if she is, why do you want the ring?"

Slipping the ring from it’s box and slipping it onto her finger caused Sara’
s smile to brighten. She looked at it hard and decided that it’s deep blue 
stone and stark metallic band would contrast perfectly against her pale 
skin. "Grandma told me that she would give me the ring when ever I asked for 
it and that she hoped it would be for a special reason. I think she thought I 
was waiting for my wedding day but I’ve decided that it will be a gift 

A look of realization finally crept over Matt's face.  "It's for Cyanah, 
isn't it?"  He had heard nothing but how happy the two of them were together 
Sara.  And he was very happy for the both of them.  Even though he had never 
met her, he was sure she was perfect for Sara.

"It is.. We’ve been though a lot in the past few months, Matt." Sara began as 
she put the ring back in the box. "And despite it all we came out of it still 
together and even better then before." 

He hugged her and smiled. "I'm very happy for you, Sara.  Now, when do I get 
to meet this lovely woman?"  Matt's face brightened.  A year was a lot of time 
to catch up on, and he aimed to get done as much as he could in the 
unfortunately short amount of time he was spending with Sara.

Sara stood and pocketed the ring. "We both get off shift at 1800 so how about 
you come to my quarters at about 1900? I need time to tell her your here!" 
Sara giggled and then hugged Matt tight. "Till then take a look at the ship and 
see what your missing by playing desk jockey back there on Earth." 

 Matt shoved her playfully. "There's nothing wrong with having a desk job!  
Ok, I'll drop by your quarters then."  He got up and headed for the door after 
she‘d left.  Already he could tell this was going to be a trip to remember.

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