<USS Banshee> "When Life Has New Meaning"

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?When Life Has New Meaning?
by Lieutenant Joshua Asper

There?s a heat that lies inside everyone. At some point or another in a person?s life that heat is accelerated and it manages to force its way from the interior out into the open air. It?s the passion that everyone possesses that is hardly ever shared. When that one special person is found and the bond is reached where you may pour your soul openly that heat is stoked and it burns out of control. Josh had finally found that person and that fire had lit up his life in more ways than one.

He lay next to her now and all was right. There was no job nagging at him, there was not a care in the world that he could think of, and everything that had happened to him in the past was staying there. There was an indescribable calm in the room. There was a silence that was not treacherous, but soothing and welcoming. Tranquillity had finally found a home in Josh?s quarters and everything it touched was touched with a deep understanding of peace.

Josh?s eyes looked down at the heaven-sent woman that lay next to him entwined with his own body. Her delicate hair and her soft facial features ? perfectly set by the presence of the sparkling diamonds of her eyes. It was indeed the most beautiful thing he had ever saw. This woman was so in love with him and he only reciprocated that deep compassion. It was incredibly simplistic given the complexities that lie in wait around every corner on every path of every life. In fact, Josh thought while laying in that serenity, it was too simple.

Having a habit of reading into things too much, Josh rolled out of bed as slowly and as softly as he could. His bare feet gently graced the floor and the silky smooth sheets slide off his naked torso with ease. Telsia stirred slightly and readjusted herself, but slipped into the trance of sleep and pleasantries that he knew she had found herself in. Telsia was intoxicating to the eye when awake, but when she was asleep she was again the alluring woman that he knew her to be.

Crossing out into the living quarters, leaving his divine partner sleeping, Josh stepped up onto his perch. There was something about stepping up a foot onto a landing and staring out into the endless abyss of stars that made Josh feel like he?d risen above the normal way of life and ascended to a place of greater understand; of great peace. The planet itself was like a blue and green marble exiled to the blackness of space, but the glory of its brightened surface seem to refuse to quell itself in complete darkness ? it wanted life.

Josh turned at the sound of a soft murmur, almost a cry, and he walked to Cameron?s door. The small child withered on the bed and was obviously in terrible angst. A tear ran down his cheek as he squirmed ? his dreams weren?t going as well as his mother?s. Taking a step into the room Josh took a deep breath; he didn?t have his father to fall back on now, but he was determined to show Cameron he cared. As the boy tossed and turned Josh placed a gentle hand on his forehead.

Cameron?s eyes opened and his mouth slowly reworked itself from a frown into the smile that Josh knew was lying dormant. Again, Josh ran a caressing hand down the boy?s cheek and sleep slowly took over the child again. Josh watched as the strength to stay awake slowly diminished and he watched his son slink into a deep slumber ? Josh had seen the epitome of innocence. Standing, Josh headed again for the door way and paused only once to admire his son?s state of purity before entering the living room once again.

He had almost reached the safe haven of his bedroom and Telsia?s arms when he stopped abruptly at the cedar desk just to the left of his door. The pictures, scattered amongst frames of all shapes and sizes, were his family ? his first rock. His half sister Olivia and her husband, Hayden, were there. His father, Logan, and mother, Catherine, held hands on the dock of some unnamed lake at some unnamed time with nothing but happiness in their posture.

Jerrad stood under an oak tree on the grounds of the Presidio in San Francisco. Under his arm was a beautiful girl of maybe seventeen with blue eyes that could make the ocean green. Jerrad was happy with his new girlfriend and the studying at the academy was paying off for he?d graduate a year early and be admitted to the Daystrom Institute of the Arts. Things couldn?t be better for him.

Josh ran a hand over his neck and sighed. His entire family was happy. Hayden and Olivia were happy living on Earth with whatever pursuits seemed to suit their fancies, but they always wanted a child. A worthy goal to set and an even greater satisfaction awaited them ? parenthood. Josh didn?t talk with them often, but he knew that if something was terribly wrong that he?d find out about it sooner or later. Jerrad was doing excellent in school with a lovely girlfriend. The Asper children, Josh surmised in that brief moment of hindsight clarity, had done their parents proud and that the dead could rest in peace.

Now, as Josh sauntered back to bed with his darling?

What was he to call her?

Girlfriend? They weren?t officially together.

Wife? Even further from what they really were.

Acquaintance? It seemed so belittling to think of each other on such an impersonal level considering all the things that they?d gone through and all the obstacles that were overcome. Cameron was a sign of the love and dedication for one another; acquaintance just seemed too vague.

He looked around his quarters and stopped. He no longer cared about what the present was for it was what it was and it couldn?t be changed. Josh gauged his past as he stared into the eyes of his parents that would be forever captured in the photograph on his desk. Then, with great confidence he made a final look back at Cameron and then strode into the room to join Telsia in bed once more.

The past was gone.

The present wasn?t going anywhere.

But the future now had a whole new meaning.

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