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"What's up"
By Lt. Jg Joe Castillo and Lt. Sara Crusher

Joe was about to give up. He had been checking out the shuttle bays looking 
for the Ed that Samantha had talked about but to no avail. When he was about 
to throw in the towel he saw a redhead out of the corner of his eye. Not 
having seen too many redheads growing up they always managed to peek his 
interest, so he decided to investigate. Apparently his curiosity was well 
rewarded because unless he missed his guess the redhead was none other than 
Sara Crusher who he hadn't had the pleasure of seeing since that day in 
sickbay. He walked towards her and called out to her "Hey Sara, fancy meeting 
you here."

Sara jumped when she heard her name being called and since she had been under 
the shogun at the time a loud hallow thud could be heard echoing though the 
shuttle bay before she could. "Hello Joe." She said with a shy smile as she 
came out from under the fighter rubbing the top of her head. Sara looked at 
Joe who was looking at her kind of oddly and then she smiled more. It must 
have been odd to find her of all people in the shuttle bay, but after 
checking out the Captain and releasing her to the comport of her quarters, 
Sara needed some time alone and for some strange reason she ended up here. 

Joe winced when he saw Sara bump her head. "I'm so sorry sweety, I didn’t 
mean to startle you are you ok?"

Except for the small throbbing knot on her head she was fine so she nodded at 
Joe and gave him a small grin. "Yeah I'm ok." Sara said with a light laugh, 
"it's not the first time I've done that." Sara walked out from under the wing 
completely and closer to Joe. "I just didn't expect anyone to be here this 

Joe looked at his chronometer and frowned, "Oh geez I didn't notice what time 
it was. I was around here looking for a troublemaker I had heard about but 
didn't find him. I was about to call it a night but I caught your red locks 
out of the corner of my eye." He smiled warmly at Sara who had finally 
stopped rubbing her head. "So what's brings you to the shuttle bay and under 
a shogun? You’re not sabotaging Josh's shogun are you? I might have to throw 
you in the brig for that." He said with a wink before adding, "Gosh darn it I’
m a gonna throw someone in the brig tonight of it kills me" 

Sara couldn't help but laugh. She laughed so hard she had to wipe a tear for 
the corner of her eye. "No. I'm not sabotaging Josh's fighter." Sara turned 
to look at the shogun and ran a hand along it. "I needed some time alone and 
ended up here. It's kinda weird really.. I haven't been near one of these in 
a while. I've been staying clear of these things for the entire year I've 
been here."

"Really? Their so fun to fly, I love getting in them." Joe looked up at the 
fighter with an adoring gleam in his eyes and then turned back to Sara. "Why 
do you stay away?" 

Sara sighed and thought about it. She couldn’t help but remember her first 
flight lesson at the academy. They had put her in a small flyer instead of a 
training shuttle because she had scored high on a flight assessment test and 
as she was beginning the start up she had had a panic attack. "I haven't had 
much interest in them since the academy  I guess." Sara finally answered. 
That panic attack and a few weeks of seeing a counselor had made Sara 
determined to get over her fear of flying so she didn‘t stop with the flight 
classes until she felt she had beaten it; but after coming onto the Banshee 
and seeing the shoguns flying out side of three forwards window that twisted 
knot she always got in her stomach when she was around craft like that came 
back. She forced a chuckled to lighten things up and then looked at Joe.  "It’
s a pity I guess and a waste of a perfectly good level four pilot 

Joe looked at Sara with his head tilted to the side a bit. He wondered what 
exactly she meant. "Oh and what would you do with a level four pilot 

"Apparently let it go to waste since I haven't used it since I got it." 

Joe’s eyes almost bugged out when he heard that. "You have a level four pilot 
certification? Miss Crusher you don’t cease to amaze me, anything else your 
hiding in that cute petite frame of yours?"

Sara hadn't realized what she had said until she heard Joe’s question. There 
was clear look of panic on her face. "Ah, Joe, do me a huge favor and don't 
tell anyone about that." 

"Mums the word Sara," He said with a wink and reassuring smile. "So any who 
how ya been I mean every things been so crazy around here I really hadn’t had 
a chance to hang out with you like we said we would. Guess you've been to 
busy with a certain scientist to be seen with the likes of us Security folk, 
by the way how was you shore leave?" Joe said with a very wide grin on his 

"It was wonderful. Cyanah and I went to New York City which is where the 
Captain's mother found us." Sara hopped up on a create and seemed to relax at 
the mere mention of Cyanah's name, not to mention grateful for the change in 
subject. "How was yours?"

Joe smiled as he remembered how great his shore leave turned out. "Actually I 
spent a large part of it in these with the Commander. We were working on our 
own certifications, since not all of us can be level four certified right off 
the bat," He winked at Sara and she smiled at him. "and then we finished it 
up by visiting my folks." Joe finished with a kinda dreamy look in his eyes. 

Sara didn't need to be empathic to know what Joe was feeling. She had seen 
the same look he had in his eyes in her own. She tilted her head to the side 
a little and thought about what Joe had said and then matched it with the 
look and then bit back a smile. 
"Shore leave has a way of working a certain magic on people." She said. 

Joe's eyes focused as he heard Sara's voice "Yeah I know what you mean. Say 
have you met the new Chief of Engineering yet? She seems pretty nice and 
she's real cute too. I had a pretty nice talk with her not to long ago." 

"Mason.. Yeah I've met her but only in an official on duty way. She seems 
nice enough I guess." Sara really found her a little odd but she would never 
admit that to anyone but Cyanah. "It's about time they got someone normal," 
normal? Ha yeah right, Sara thought to herself, "in the department." 

"Well I don't know about normal but she does seem real nice. You know what 
though I still haven't even met Cyanah in a professional or personal manner. 
We should all get together for dinner or something so I can actually meet 

Sara smiled, "Cyanah is quiet and can be rather shy at times but I'll see 
what I can do." Sara had let herself forget about why she had wanted to be 
alone and felt a little better then she had an hour ago. Then almost as if on 
cue a very warm, very welcomed voice could be heard only by her and she 
smiled brightly at the gentle request to come home. "I'll talk to her about 
it and let you know." 

"That's would be cool," There was certain look on Sara’s face that told Joe 
she needed to leave, "hey look at me taking up your time when you just wanted 
to be alone I'll catch you later to see what Ms. Chief of Science says but it 
was great talking to you again Sara. I'm always bored out of my mind down in 
the security office so don't be to shy to just pop in and say hi." He walked 
over and gave her a peck on the cheek, and said "Have a good night hun and 
sweet dreams."

Sara smiled and nodded. "It was nice talking to you as well. Joe. Good 
night." She watched as Joe left the shuttle bay and then turned to the shogun 
one last time before heading out herself. 

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