<USS Banshee> What Lies With In?

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** Time note.. This takes place after a joint log w/Cy which will be out 

"What lies with in?" 
Lt. Sara Crusher

"I’ll see you soon, Love." Cyanah had whispered in Sara’s ear before 
her. Sara smiled, wrapped Cyanah in her arms, and whispered something in her 
ear that made Cyanah blush and then stepped up on the transport pad. She 
waited until the yeoman had placed the last of the luggage on the center pad 
and then helped Ms. Morrigan onto the transporter, she smiled at her and then 
at Cyanah before nodding to the chief to energize. The blue haze of the 
transporter engulfed them and Sara held her breath and closed her eyes until 
she felt the tingle of having her molecules disassembled and reassembled 

When she opened her eyes she found herself standing on a dirt and stone road 
next to Ms. Morrigan. Before her was a stone wall with a gate, a slate 
pathway to the front door of a white washed, thatched roof house, and a small 
farm. She stood there for the longest time and just looked around with the 
silliest smile on her face. It all seemed like something out of a painting, 
the house, the blue skies with it’s streaks of puffy white wisps of clouds, 
green fields and hills as far as the eye could see, and off in the distance 
the sound of crashing waves. 

"Just don’t stand there gawking, Beanie, there’s plenty of time for that 
later, but for right now help me get these things in the house and while your 
getting settled I’ll fix dinner." 

Sara nodded and picked up the bags. She followed Ms. Morrigan up the path and 
into the house. She put Ms. Morrigan’s bags by the door where she had been 
told but held on to her own as she looked around the living room. There were 
large windows which allowed in lots of light that seemed to give the whole 
room a mystic glow, a stone fire place with a picture and statuette coved 
mantel, and  all types of old but comfortable furniture, including the 
bounciest couch an eight year old had ever had the pleasure of jumping on. 

"Your room’s all ready for you, Beanie, do you remember where it is?" 

"End of the hall across from Rhi’s." Sara said as she moved towards the stair 

Kathryn smiled, which seemed to Sara to be brighter then the sun light 
pouring into the room though the windows, and then nodded before disappearing 
into the kitchen. Sara climbed the stairs carefully and headed down the hall 
with the softest of footfalls, it was almost as if she were afraid the house 
would break if she stepped any harder. The door to the bedroom she had used 
during those summers of her childhood was open and Sara poked her head in 
before stepping completely into the room. 

The room was just as she remembered it; except for the full sized bed which 
rested it’s iron head frame against the far wall that once supported the head 
frame of a small twin size bed. The same dresser lined the side wall and the 
same wardrobe chest lurked in the corner. Even the glide rocker next to the 
window was the same. Sara smiled happily again as she set her bags on the 
chest that sat at the foot of the bed and then walked over to the window. 
From the windows of the two back bedrooms, the guest room Sara was in and 
Morri’s, you could see just about everything, the cliffs, the rest of the 
farmette, the barns. 

Sara’s gazed seemed to be transfixed on the two old wooden buildings in the 
distance. Mostly it was fixed on the small one as Morri’s instructions echoed 
in Sara’s head. "I want you to go to the smaller of the barns and look 
inside.... and maybe what you see will help you remember." What was in there 
that Morri thought would help? Sara sighed a little and then tore herself 
away from the window so she could unpack and get settled in before dinner. 

Dinner had been wonderful. Sara had forgotten how much she really liked Ms. 
Morrigan’s cooking and tried to make up for the ten years of missed meals by 
eating several helpings of both the Shepard's Pie and the thick cream covered 
berries. After washing the dishes and cleaning up after dinner Sara and an 
older but still energetic Flynn went for a walk. The sun had already set by 
the time they had made it back from the cliffs and Sara had decided to take 
the long way back which would bring them back past the barns. 

The wind blew Sara’s long red hair and long skirt to the left as she stood in 
front of the small wooden barn. The answers she wanted, the answers no one 
else would give her, where behind it’s pad locked doors and Sara knew where 
the key was, but as she stood there with Flynn sitting at her feet she couldn’
t bring herself to go back to the house and get it. Something bad had 
happened that summer and as she stood on the threshold of finding out what 
that was, she became terrified. A feeling she knew well since it bubbled in 
side her every time she was around Morri. A feeling she now understood. It 
wasn’t Morri she was terrified of, it was what ever secrets lie behind those 

Sara suddenly felt very cold and very alone. She wrapped the shawl Ms. 
Morrigan had given her around herself tighter as she looked down at the aging 
Irish Setter, "Come on Flynn. Tonight’s not the night." 

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