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Name: Victor Andros

Rank: Commander

Position: Executive Officer, USS Banshee


Species: Human

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Height: 201 cm

Weight: 99.8 kg

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue


Mother: Anna Miller Andros

Father: Richard Andros

Siblings: None

Psychological Profile
In general, Victor is quite a laid back person. He takes a hands-off approach 
to command and delegates profusely. In a crisis, however, he knows how to step 
up and get everybody to do what needs to be done. At times, his carefree 
attitude has gotten him in trouble. In one reported instance at the academy, he 
used his technical know-how to hack into one of the hangers and stole a 
Samurai-class fighter. The craft was returned two hours later, none worse for 
the wear. When Victor was confronted about the theft, he said that he ?needed 
to relieve some stress.? He was issued a demerit for the stunt.

Medical Profile
When Victor was eight, the craft he was piloting was damaged, suffering a loss 
of life support. A rescue was enacted, but he had to be revived, though he has 
some scar tissue on his lungs, which sometimes causes shortness of breath.

Biographical Synopsis
Victor Andros is the only child of Richard and Anna Andros. Richard ran a warp 
nacelle manufacturing firm, and so the family was always on the move- 
throughout North America as well as the Sol system. This caused Victor to 
become a rather introverted young man who stayed close to home (wherever that 
happened to be that week) and his parents. Often, his closest friends were some 
of his father?s associates who took a liking to the boy. Since he had no 
friends his own age, Victor matured very quickly and was usually more 
comfortable in the company of adults than his peers.

The one hobby Victor could practice wherever he went was flying. Whether in 
space or in Earth?s atmosphere, Victor excelled at piloting any type of 
vehicle- from conventional atmospheric shuttlecraft to runabouts moving at warp 
4. As Victor got older, Richard did not have a personal pilot on his payroll- 
Victor was all he needed.

When Victor decided to join Starfleet Academy, his father was not pleased. As 
the only child, Victor stands to inherit his father?s company. Richard wanted 
his son to attend a more traditional university were he could learn practical 
business skills. Victor would have none of it, though. At the age of eighteen, 
he entered Starfleet Academy, leaving his star-roving family life behind. 

At the Academy, Victor found most everything came easy to him, just like 
everything he had done before. He excelled at all the flying classes, though 
there was always one thing nagging at him. Rhiannon Morrigan. Where he easily 
excelled at everything, she worked her hardest to beat him. Much to his 
chagrin, she often did. Victor?s main setback was his lack of discipline. He 
was often given minor reprimands for things such as violating curfew and having 
long hair. Upon learning that he would be graduating salutatorian of his class, 
he was enraged, though not surprised, to find out that it was Morrigan who 
would be the valedictorian, although by a scant .005 grade points. 

Upon graduation, Victor was posted to the USS Intrepid as the helmsman. He 
stayed there until he was given his promotion to Lieutenant, at which time he 
was transferred to the USS Valiant and was also given the responsibility of 
being the Operations Manager. Accompanying his promotion to Lieutenant Senior 
Grade, Victor was posted to the Galaxy-class USS Lexington, filling the roles 
of Helmsman and Operations Manager again. He was subsequently promoted to 
Lieutenant Commander and Second Officer. Following the executive officer?s 
retirement, Victor was promoted to Commander and Executive Officer. Amid jokes 
that he would soon be a captain, Victor requested a transfer to Starfleet?s 
newest ship, the Nemesis-class USS Banshee, where he currently serves as 
Executive Officer. 

Service Record
Graduated from Starfleet Academy, earning the rank of Ensign

Posted to the USS Intrepid as helmsman

Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade

Transferred to the USS Valiant as helmsman and operations manager and promoted 


Promoted to Lieutenant, Senior Grade and transferred to the USS Lexington

Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and Second Officer

Promoted to Commander and Executive Officer

Transferred to USS Banshee


Commander Victor Andros

Executive Officer, USS Banshee

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