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Biographical Profile – Kaelyre, Cyanah


General Information
Name: Kaelyre, Cyanah
Rank: Commander
Position: Executive Officer, Chief Science Officer
Assignment: USS Banshee

Pertinent Data
Gender: Female
Species: Delosian
Height: 1.52m
Weight: 42.7kg
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Age: 62 (developmentally equivalent to 21 Terran years)
Birthdate: March 17, 2318

Family Information

Shael-Asarrah (Life-Mother): Kaelyre, Ryssah
Tyr-Asarrah (Guide-Mother): Kaelyre, Trallah
Lah’Shael-Shrah (Older Sister, Same Life-Mother): Kaelyre, Dheerah
Lev’Tyr-Shrev (Younger Brother born from Guide-Mother): Kaelyre, Faelev
Shcharev (Father): Quelyn, Nurev
Marital Status: Married; Dr. Sara Kaelyre, CMO, USS Banshee

Service Record
237408.22 – Entered Starfleet Academy
237805.05 – Graduated Starfleet Academy
237805.09 – Assigned as Assistant Science Officer, USS Banshee
237808.29 – Promoted to Lieutenant JG and Chief Science Officer, USS Banshee
238003.18 – Promoted to Commander and Executive Officer, USS Banshee

Cross-Reference: Delosian Society

The Delosians follow matrilineal matriarchal descent patterns within a female-dominant class system. An upper-classed Delosian marital unit consists of two women who may or may not select a male to conceive a child with. The woman that actually bears the child is referred to as its “Life-Mother,” and her Life-Partner (Shael-Celes) is the child’s “Guide-Mother.” The child’s father has no part in the rearing process, but receives a sizeable stipend from the upper-class female pair that chose him from the breeding pool. The breeding pool is selective, so only males with desirable genetic traits are eligible to father children. When a female child is born, she is raised by the female pair in the natal dwelling, but a male child is only reared within the natal structure until age ten when he is evaluated for genetic desirability. Suitable breeding males are sent to the Silver Bow schools, boarding school-like environments run by women and older breeding males, where they are given intellectual and cultural educations. Unsuitable males are fostered out to a male couple for an apprenticeship in a vocational skill.

Because of the stringent class difference between Delosian men and women, the Human concepts of sexual preference are nullified. It is the norm on Delos to be homosexual; heterosexual men are rare because of the inaccessibility of women, and heterosexual women are slightly less rare proportionally because they have access to a greater pool of heterosexual males. Homosexual couples constitute over 99% of marital units on Delos, and although heterosexual unions are now legal, the male partner in such a couple does not gain any of the rights of the upper class. The female partner in a heterosexual union loses some of the status afforded to her by her gender simply because she is looked down on by the rest of the nobility. The most important male in Delosian society is the Queen-Consort (Ellah-Charev), whose sole duty is to provide a female child for the Queen (Ellah) and her Life-Partner. The Queen-Consort is selected from the pool of breeding males when the Queen wishes to have a child, so any Delosian male can hope to attain this prestigious status.

The reverence of females was apparently caused by an Extinction Level Event (ELE) that occurred on Delos approximately ten thousand Terran years ago. At least seventy-five percent of the population was killed, so the survivors began to uplift females for their reproductive abilities. After a few generations, females became the intellectuals of the society, while the men would do the dangerous manual labor to prevent the females from being placed in peril. As a millennium passed, femininity continued to be elevated and the women associated with the men less often, and eventually it became abnormal for a female to be sexually attracted to a male. Even so, the act of conceiving a child was held to be sacred and respected. Women began to marry each other because attractiveness and intellect were equated only with femininity. Consequently, the males began to form marital units as well for support and sexual satisfaction. When two women decided that they wanted a child, they would search out a male with the most desirable characteristics, and reward him with a large sum of money in addition to the honor of fathering a child. After two millennia, the Delosian monarchy decided to codify these traditions for the good of the population as a whole. Now, after over six thousand years of selective breeding, the Delosian population exhibits a well above-average intellect and no genetically inherited diseases.

Biographical Synopsis
Cyanah Kaelyre is the second daughter of Ryssah and Trallah Kaelyre, both girls Life-Daughters of Ryssah. When Cyanah was two years old, her Guide-Mother, Trallah, bore a son, Faelev Kaelyre.  Cyanah and her sister were raised ignoring the presence of their brother. At the age of ten, Faelev was selected as a breeding male and sent to a nearby Silver Bow School. Cyanah gained interest in science as she grew; Faelev threw himself into the study of engineering. Dissatisfied with his prospects on Delos as an engineer, Faelev left for Starfleet Academy by stowing away on a transport at the age of 48, six years before the Delosian age of maturity.

As Faelev progressed through Starfleet Academy, he remembered Cyanah’s interest in science and began to send her communiqués. She met them with trepidation at first, but eventually began to eagerly await the messages and reply in kind. Flying in the face of tradition, Cyanah and her brother cemented their friendship over the next six years. When Cyanah reached the age of maturity and gained her title as a Lady of Delos, she found herself growing listless at the prospect of climbing the Delosian social ranks. She was increasingly intrigued by her brother’s groundbreaking activities in Starfleet, and after two years of indecision, she chose to follow his path to Starfleet Academy where she could exercise her interest in Science.

Cyanah graduated from the Academy in the second quarter of her class because of her myopic interest in the sciences that prevented her from excelling in some of the other disciplines. She put all of her effort into her science classes and only gave classes in other subjects enough attention to earn the minimal passing grade. Her social life at the Academy was equally myopic, as she generally only associated with other scientifically minded women; despite her devotion to her science classes, she was able to find time for romantic relationships with a few of them. After graduation, she was posted to one of the new Nemesis-class starships, the USS Banshee, under the command of Captain Rhiannon Morrigan.

On Stardate 238003.11, while serving as the Banshee’s Chief Science Officer, Cyanah made a breakthrough in the field of warp physics. The result of her six years of study and experimentation was a way to minimize the curvature of space-time generated by a warp engine without a corresponding reduction in speed. This discovery has two effects; it solves the Warp Five Problem, wherein starships going faster than warp five damage the fabric of space-time, and it allows starships to attain speeds closer to warp ten, precisely warp 9.9999314, without the corresponding destructive forces associated with such speed.

Once Starfleet Science reviewed her findings, Cyanah was rewarded with a promotion to the rank of Commander and a doctorate in astrophysics. Her new rank gave her the opportunity to assume the additional position of Banshee’s Executive Officer, since Victor Andros had ascended to the CO’s chair after the departure of Captain Morrigan. During this time, Cyanah married her lover of a year and a half, the Banshee’s CMO, Sara Crusher, in a ceremony attended by both families at the Kaelyre estate on Delos.

Cross-Reference: Delosian Physiology

Aging at one third the rate of Humans, the Delosian lifespan is more than three times the Human norm. Their physiology is especially unique because they show no outward signs of aging; their dermal cells continue to divide at the normal adult rate throughout their lives. Because of this phenomenon, their skin does not lose elasticity and develop wrinkles. Delosian dermal cells warrant further study due to their remarkable regenerative properties; this, coupled with their strong immune systems, makes the Delosians able to heal quickly and ward off disease with exceptional resistance. Given these qualities, it comes as no surprise that there have been no diseases of epidemic proportions in Delosian history.

Medical Profile
Cyanah has a small frame to go with her height of only 1.52 meters, but she passes all Starfleet physical fitness requirements, and her height is actually above the Delosian average. She has no history of illness or any documented cases of long-term medical care, probably due to the extraordinary Delosian immune system. Her uncorrected visual acuity is 20/20, and her hearing is slightly above average. As is normal for her species, she exhibits no natural telepathic or empathic ability, however after engaging in the Betazoid bonding ceremony during her wedding, she now shares a strong telepathic bond with her wife.

Psychological Profile
Cyanah is a devoted officer, but can be distracted by something of more scientific interest than her current assignment. Due to the values instilled in her by Delosian society, she will respond more eagerly to a female in a position of authority than a male. This response has been tempered because of her interactions with her brother, and is not severe enough to interfere with her ability to perform her duties. She prefers to work alone but can function in groups quite well, provided the other members of the group are able to perform their duties in a competent manner.

Cyanah is slightly introverted, preferring to wait until others approach her instead of being the outgoing type. Once someone has initiated contact with her, she is friendly and respectful until given reason to act otherwise, but still has a tendency to react more favorably to females than males. Males, such as her brother, can earn her respect by demonstrating an intellect that is on par with hers. Her sudden promotion to Executive Officer has forced Cyanah to adapt to a leadership role rather quickly; hopefully, by training on the job, she will overcome this challenge.

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