<USS Banshee> "Unavoidable Delays"

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Unavoidable Delays
Personal Log
Doctor Coren Terje

    I thought that the presentation would run in the estimated time
that. Little did I know that almost two times the people that were
invited would arrive. It was a presentation on Bendii Syndrome, an
incurable disease that affects all Vulcans when they become over 200
Terran years old. There have been many medical advances towards a
cure for Bendii Syndrome, and during this presentation I would
discuss these new advances. So as the presentation continued I
realized that it would take longer than expected, which would in turn
make me unable to attend the launch of the new ship that I was
transferred to, the USS Banshee. It was a new Nemesis-Class Vessel
and I was posted as the Chief Medical Officer. Well, since it
occurred to me that I would be unable to attend the launch, I might
as well give this presentation my all. Many questions came up, and I
was glad to bring some knowledge to the Vulcans that maybe one day
they would not have to deal with the effects of Bendii Syndrome.
Well, eventually the presentation wound down and I was free to go. I
looked at my chronometer and noticed that I would never make it to
the launching, even if we went to Warp 10, which the shuttle I was
taking could not reach. I contacted Starfleet and I decided that I
would rendezvous with the Banshee at the USS Hindenberg. So, after
gathering my things, I boarded the shuttlecraft and we departed. 

    While at Warp on route to the location of the Hindenberg, I found
that there was nothing to do on the shuttle. I was so bored that I
decided to read up on some new medical reports that were on my PADD.
I read away and found myself reading on about a possible new cure for
the Poxian Measles. While I was reading, I suddenly saw red blinking
lights everywhere and a faint siren sound. Instantly I was drawn away
from the report only to see the pilot of the shuttle frantically
pushing buttons on various consoles. 

“May I ask what the hell is going on? “

“It seems that we have a slight malfunction with the engines.”

“A slight malfunction? If it is just a slight malfunction why is
every single red light in this shuttle blinking? And why is there a
faint siren sound? If it were just a slight malfunction wouldn’t you
think that there would only be a couple of red blinking lights, no
sirens, and you not pressing every button you can as fast as you can.”

“Well, uh, we have to leave Warp speed, and I’ll have to shut down
the engines. No worries though, I should have the problem fixed in no

    In no time, since when did in no time mean a week? For days on end,
this Pilot was tinkering with wires, pressing buttons on various
consoles throughout the shuttle, and continuously reassuring me that
any time now those engines will be back to normal. I offered my help
as much as I could, but he turned me down every time. So I was back
to reading medical reports on my PADD. Only after the fifth day, I
had no more reports to read. So for the next two and a half days I
found myself pacing endlessly around the shuttle, playing games of
Pong on my PADD, and sleeping. I eventually gave up on offering my
help to the pilot; it was obvious that he didn’t want my help anyway.
Finally, after six and a half days, the engines were working again,
and we were finally back on route to the Hindenberg. The pilot said
it would take us another day or so until we arrived at the
Hindenberg. So we went back to warp, I was now anxious to get aboard
the Banshee and out of this small rusty old shuttle….

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