<USS Banshee> USS Banshee Sim chatlog 0406.10

  • From: ElRiovtrIdrys@xxxxxxx
  • To: ussbanshee@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 00:16:54 EDT

weissangelserene:       ::laughs and smiles::
Victor Andros:  ::Glares at her playfully::
weissangelserene:       oh come on, you know you loved it
weissangelserene:       ::winks;:
Victor Andros:  Be careful, your boyfriend might start to get jealous.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::is sleeping::
weissangelserene:       ::shakes head;: he probably won't notice, see
weissangelserene:       changing names
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OnlineHost:     Telsia Ehling has entered the room.
Victor Andros:  Hal finished early tonight.
Telsia Ehling:  yay for me being back
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Yeah.
Telsia Ehling:  yeah, the plt was um yeah
OnlineHost:     Dr Sara Kaelyre has entered the room.
ElRiov trIdrys:         it was better than um yeah.
Telsia Ehling:  hey sara
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Evening Sara.  :)
ElRiov trIdrys:         Evening Rhi ... again. ;)
Telsia Ehling:  true, it was, i did enjoy it, it was fun, just wierd
Telsia Ehling:  but then it is the hal
ElRiov trIdrys:         Well essentially it was us interacting with Galaxy 
Quest ...
what did you expect?
ElRiov trIdrys:         :-D
Telsia Ehling:  lol, honestly, for rob to get some
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Oh hey.. lol
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        sorry, been working on a log and kinda got lost 
Telsia Ehling:  it
ElRiov trIdrys:         oh yeah that'll be the day, Lynn.
Telsia Ehling:  it's good, as long as you come back to us
Victor Andros:  Was there a sim last week?
Telsia Ehling:  sorta
ElRiov trIdrys:         sort of. free form
Telsia Ehling:  four of us simmed
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LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::waves::  CY!  :-D
Telsia Ehling:  yeah cy
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Hi everybody!
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        HEY!
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::grins::
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Sara's slow tonight.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ;)
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::twaps Josh::
ElRiov trIdrys:         Evening Cy
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        HI CY
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Everyone beat me! ::twaps them all::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         OW!
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Oh wait.. Didn't mean you.. lol
Telsia Ehling:  hey sara, at least you get to say to your lover
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Hmph!
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        huh?
EtreKovutTajArms:       :::notes the ghastly public thwapping::::Wow......
Victor Andros:  Anything important happen?
EtreKovutTajArms:       :::then starts beating Sara as she requested:::::
Telsia Ehling:  yeah, tel might be transfering
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::laughs @ Kovut::
ElRiov trIdrys:         she ... spoke of it.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Dude I still hold your life in the academy in my hands..
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       That's true.  ::points to Sara::
Telsia Ehling:  yeah, spoke of it
EtreKovutTajArms:       Just doing as you asked...Ma'am....
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        :-p
Victor Andros:  Okay.
Victor Andros:  Let's get this show on the road.
EtreKovutTajArms:       I thought that is what good Edrehh did when a superior
officer gave an order....
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        hmm.. have you ever started a log with one idea and then
three pages in find out it went somewhere else.. lol
Cyanah Kaelyre:         TWEEEEEEEEET
Victor Andros:  Yup
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::AA::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Attention!
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::AA::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::A:A::
Telsia Ehling:  ::AA::
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::@@::
Victor Andros:  So, here the Banshee sits. Waiting for its fate to be decided
by the powers-that-be and hope the Romulans don't take matters into their own
Victor Andros:  Meanwhile, trouble still abounds on the ship with
micro-organisms living within the ship and messing with its systems.
Victor Andros:  We're still patrolling, though we're trying not to violate
the Neutral Zone anymore.
Victor Andros:  Questions?
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::raises hand::
Victor Andros:  Yes, Josh?
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Correct me if I'm wrong: the micro-organisms aren't
harmful to us - right?
Victor Andros:  Not as far as we can tell. So far.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::nods::  Thanks.
Victor Andros:  Except for them trying to kill life-support.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        That could harm us
Victor Andros:  And get the Romulans pissed at us.
Victor Andros:  ::Shrugs:: But we don't even know if they are sentient.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        aren;t they born pissed at us?
ElRiov trIdrys:         like Tribbles born pregnant?
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Victor Andros:  Yeah. Well.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       {{Evening Oridian.}}
Telsia Ehling:  tribbles are born pregnant?
ElRiov trIdrys:         Hey Starfire
scurrdi:        ((hi everyone, sorry i wasnt on last week i was on a cruise))
ElRiov trIdrys:         yeah that's what Dr McCoy established
Telsia Ehling:  ohh, a cruise, i wanna go
Telsia Ehling:  thats messed up
scurrdi:        it was fun, let me tell you
Victor Andros:  Any other sim-related questions?
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        nope
Telsia Ehling:  i have one
Telsia Ehling:  if you die in the sim, you die in real life too?
Telsia Ehling:  for the mind cannot live without the body
scurrdi:        ::blink::
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::stifles a laugh and waits for it::
Victor Andros:  Yes. And if you transfer on this ship, you die in real life,
because your brain left the computer world.
Victor Andros:  Anything else?
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::there it was::
Victor Andros:  on=off
ElRiov trIdrys:         LOL!
scurrdi:        i like it
Telsia Ehling:  lol
Victor Andros:  ++BEGIN SIM++
Victor Andros:  ++BEGIN SIM++
Victor Andros:  ++BEGIN SIM++
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::in the brig, laying on the couch-like thing with his
eyes closed::
Telsia Ehling:  ::pacing her office::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        :;working in her lab, staring at DNA starns:: 
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Told you.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::in her lab, analyzing the critters::
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::heading down in the TL to Medical:::
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::keeps his eyes closed::
Telsia Ehling:  ::moves out and over to sara's lab::
Telsia Ehling:  ::rings the lab chime::
scurrdi:        ::sits at his station trying to outsmart the critters and 
all commands::
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Lark&gt;  ::at tactical::
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::TL doors open, heads into Sickbay:::
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Lark&gt;  ::running continual scans::
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Lark&gt;  ::wants to blow some shit up::
Telsia Ehling:  sara? are you still here?
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Computer look for and single out any coding in the DNA 
the four samples shown that deal with the aging of cells
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::jumps whens he hears the chime::
Victor Andros:  ::Sitting in his center seat::
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;&quot;he&quot;?&gt;&gt;
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Fascinating.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::turns off her screens and then walks over to the door 
opens it:: 
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Hey Tel..
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       You're not getting out of this one.  Hello Nightwing
Mental Institution.
Telsia Ehling:  ::gives a nervous sorta smile to sara:: ma'am, i was
wondering if you would mind if i went and ran a few errands, got some stuff
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::heads into office and almost faints as he sees, 
there, in his chair ...:::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         +Andros+ Kaelyre to Captain Andos.
Victor Andros:  +Cy+ Andros here.
Telsia Ehling:  or do ya need me around here?
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::looks at her oddly, steps out so the door closes 
her:: Ma'am?
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::shakes head:: Man but I must be hallucinating.
scurrdi:        ::continues to run his scans, noting no new motion out of the
creature yet::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        since when are we so formal around here?
Telsia Ehling:  well, um, you are my superior and such, i don't know ::plays
with hem of shirt nervously::
Telsia Ehling:  i...i'm sorry sara
Cyanah Kaelyre:         +Andros+ Sir, I have a tentative plan that may work to 
us of these organisms while keeping them alive.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::mops brow:: I would've been notified if Sis had gotten
here anyhow.
Victor Andros:  Shoot.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Lark&gt;  This is too quiet.  Mr. Starfire.  
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Tel, is everything alright?
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::sits down:: Gotta talk to Sara about getting sleeping
aids. ::picks up PADD::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         +Andros+ I think I could lure them into one of our
shuttlecraft, where we could then seal them there.
Telsia Ehling:  ::sighs:: no...I can't stop thinking about josh, all i want
to do is go and just see him, even if he doesn't want to see me, i just need
to see him...do you know what i mean?
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::sits up::  
Victor Andros:  +Cy+ How would you do that?
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::turns to the brig officer::  I need to speak with 
Victor Andros:  Brig dude&gt; Why?
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Come have coffee with me in my office.. 
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::perks an eyebrow::  I have a medical situation to
discuss with her.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         +Andros+ They seem to feed on bioelectric energy, of the
sort we use in some of our systems. I believe a surge of said energy in a
shuttle hooked into the systems would lure them there.
Telsia Ehling:  ::nods:: alright sara ::follows her::
Victor Andros:  Brig dude&gt; Are you sick?
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Just don't tell Cy I'm on my upteenth cup today.. 
scurrdi:        ::finishes his first set of scans:: Captian nothing odd to 
The creature has remained dormant so far.
Victor Andros:  +Cy+ Give it a shot.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::narrows eyes::  Call her.
Telsia Ehling:  ::laughs lightly:: i swear i wont, though it'll kill you
Victor Andros:  Let's keep it that way, Mr. Starfire.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::looks up at her with a weird look:: 
scurrdi:        ::nods:: Aye Sir. ::continues his scans::
Victor Andros:  Brig dude&gt; Or what? You gonna swear at me?
Cyanah Kaelyre:         +Andros+ Yes sir.
Telsia Ehling:  the coffee, it does damage to your body and can kill you
Telsia Ehling:  ::shrugs::
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Lark&gt;  Tactical sensors and operating systems have 
unaffected.  For the most part.  We lose integrity on targetting sensors
every once in a while.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Why don't you do your job?
Victor Andros:  Brig dude&gt; I am. ::Sits::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::hadn't thought of that:: In that case how about some
herbal tea. 
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Then, I request, that you call Doctor Kaelyre.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::thinks:: Now how do I do that?
Telsia Ehling:  ::nods:: now that sounds more relaxing
Victor Andros:  BD&gt; Why?
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       I told you, it's a matter of my health.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::orders twi cups of herbal tea and hands one to Tel, 
on her desk:: So what's up
Telsia Ehling:  ::sips the tea:; sara, i...i don't know what to do
Victor Andros:  BD&gt; Is something bad going to happen to you if I don't,
besides anything I might do because you'll keep pestering me?
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::laughs::  You talk big when there's a forcefield 
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::walks out of her lab::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::enters the TL:: shuttlebay one.
Victor Andros:  BD&gt; I've been doing this too long to be lured into letting
you out, so don't even try it.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::nods:: I know, it's hard not being able to help
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Lark&gt;  Mr. Starfire, how have you been?
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       I was simply stating a fact.  You talk big when there's 
forcefield between us.  The only thing I've asked for is for you to call
Doctor Kaelyre.
Telsia Ehling:  see, it's not just that, it's everything, the past i don't
even know how many years are piling up on me and i'm stressed and i just
don't know, i want josh to be the josh i fell in love with originally at the
Victor Andros:  BD&gt; And you've given me no good reason to bother the Chief
Medical Officer.
scurrdi:        ::looks up for a moment:: I've been alright how about yourself?
scurrdi:        ::continues his scans, tracking the new movements of the 
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Lark&gt;  I'm good.  Adjusting to being the tactical
officer - nothing I can't handle, though.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       If I told you it would violate doctor/patient
confidentiality.  ::fights a smirk::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        People change, Tel, over the years life happens and the
person changes.. There's no way he can be that Josh.. 
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::arrives and walks up to an unfortunate shuttle::
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       {{Quiet, Sara.  Stop that.  Let her believe that!  :-D}}
scurrdi:        ::smiles:: Good to hear then, you might end up there for awhile 
friend. ::turns his attention the console:: Their on the move again.
Victor Andros:  BD&gt; Bullshit. Shut up and go to sleep.
Telsia Ehling:  ::drops head:: i know, i love him, i do, but i don't think he
loves me anymore
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::fights a glare::  It
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       's a matter of my career in Starfleet.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Call her.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Why do you think that? 
Victor Andros:  BD&gt; You're in the brig and *now* it's a matter of your
career? Uh-huh.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       What do you want me to say?  ::stands::
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::puts PADD down, leans back and thinks::: Damn but 
quiet ...
Victor Andros:  BD&gt; Nothing
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::looks at the shuttle for a moment::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::sighs, gets up, exits into Sickbay::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Jenny&gt; ::drops a load of padds out side Jansug's 
scurrdi:        Captain the creatures are routing themselves through the
bio-gardens, temporarly rerouting power to compensate.
Victor Andros:  Mr. Starfire, you have the bridge.
Victor Andros:  ::Stands::
Telsia Ehling:  b/c i feel like cameron and i are a burden on him, i feel
like he doesn't want us around anymore, i mean, the last time i saw him he
gave me a death glare
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       My mental health is at stake as well as my career in
Starfleet.  Please, at my request, contact Doctor Kaelyre.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::walks around back and notices a power connector::
scurrdi:        ::blinks for a moment:: Aye Capt.
ElRiov trIdrys:         Hello Jenny ... ::helps pick up PADDs::
Victor Andros:  Good. Keep an eye on them.
Victor Andros:  ::Walks to the TL:: Sickbay.
Victor Andros:  BD&gt; +Sickbay+ Main Brig to Sickbay.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::sighs inwardly::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        He's going though a lot right now tell..
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Thank you.
scurrdi:        ::stops for a moment, then thinks its better not to sit in the 
chair and stays at his station continuing to battle the creatures::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        +BD+ Go ahead
Telsia Ehling:  ::waits silently::
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Lark&gt;  ::monitoring phaser integrity and torpedo
resonance quality::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Jenny&gt; Hi, sorry, more data padds for Sara.. She
suddenly a really book worm
Victor Andros:  BD&gt; +Sara+ Commander Asper requests that he speak to Dr.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::rummages around and finds a power cable to connect the
shuttle to the ship's internal power::
Victor Andros:  ::TL Stops::
Victor Andros:  ::Steps out::
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Kaelyre.  ::shakes head::
ElRiov trIdrys:         Yeah I can imagine.
Telsia Ehling:  ::gasps at hearing the message is coming from josh::
scurrdi:        Shuttle Guy 721&gt; ::spots Cy:: Commander is there something I 
be able to help you with?
Victor Andros:  ::Walks into sickbay::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::blinks and mouths calorie?:: +BD+  It's K-A-E-L-Y-R-E-
and I'll be there shortly
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;It's NPC spotlight night!&gt;&gt;
Victor Andros:  BD&gt; Oh. Sorry.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         &gt;We have 721 Shuttle Guys? Sheesh, I think it's time 
Victor Andros:  BD&gt; +Sara+ Sorry about that. I'll be watching for you.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Jenny&gt; ::laughs:: I'm just glad there padds and not
those old time medical books
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Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::hooks the shuttle in:: 
Telsia Ehling:  sara? do you think i could go?
Victor Andros:  ::Looks around::
scurrdi:        ((trying to get a spoof from that movie which name i cant 
the one with tim allen lol))
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::looks at the SG:: I need to create a bioelectric power
surge in this shuttle, then be able to seal it off afterwards with a
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::laughs:: Oh definitely. Those tomes were like ...
::imitates being weighed down::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Why don't I go and see what's wrong and then send for 
scurrdi:        Shuttle Guy 721&gt; ::Looks puzzled:: Alright ma'am... Would 
like some help with that?
Telsia Ehling:  ::sighs:: yeah, thats probably smarter, okay sara
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::smiles:: Afraid I'm going to blow it up?
ElRiov trIdrys:         ( Galaxy Quest )
scurrdi:        ((thank you))
ElRiov trIdrys:         ( welcome, we did a GQ parody this week and last week on
Halcyon )
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::stands and set her tea cup on the desk:: Alright.. 
in charge around here.. ::heads out::
scurrdi:        Shuttle Guy 721&gt; ::looks around at the shuttle:: Well ma'am
Martha here is the craziest shuttle, and it is my job to help out with all of
the shuttle things, just thought I'd offer my asistance thats all.
Telsia Ehling:  ::nods:: alright sara ::walks out into sick bay::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Craziest shuttle?
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        (I hope that's not the same one who kept asking Sara if 
knew how to fly a shuttle. lol)
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;Martha? ::shakes head::&gt;&gt;
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::grabs her medkit, the one with S.A.K on it and heads 
the brig::
scurrdi:        Shuttle Guy 721&gt; ::nods:: Aye ma'am, one we've had the most
problems with onboard, both while she's docked and when she's out and about.
scurrdi:        (oh it is)
Victor Andros:  ::Sees idrys::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Alright then...
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ( ::laughs:: SAK.. That's funny)
Cyanah Kaelyre:         How would I go about creating a bioelectric power surge 
&quot;Martha&quot; here? 
Victor Andros:  Counselor!
ElRiov trIdrys:         Sir? Something I can do for you?
Victor Andros:  May I have a word with you in private?
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        jenny&gt; ::sees Andros and hulls butt to put Sara's 
in her office:: 
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::nods:: Of course Sir.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::leans on the wall of the TL:: Brig ::rubs her 
Damn what I wouldn't give for a nap
Victor Andros:  ::Ignores the mess of PADDs everywhere::
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scurrdi:        Shuttle Guy 721&gt; ::smiles:: Well the best way is simply to
overload the life-support systems with power. Divert the non-essientials like
lighting and such and reroute that into the life-support systems.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::gestures to Office:: This way?
Victor Andros:  BD&gt; ::Sits and waits::
Victor Andros:  ::Follows::
Telsia Ehling:  ::goes back to her office and starts in on some paperwork::
scurrdi:        Shuttle Guy 721&gt; How big of a surge are you talking about 
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Enough to be larger than the ship's normal power 
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::heads into the brig area and looks around:: Hello?
Victor Andros:  BD&gt; Over here, Doctor!
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        (yeap I do think she's trying to blow it up)
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::entering Counselor's Office, gesturing to seat:: Have 
seat Sir.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::sits up::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::walks over to BD:: What's the problem?
Victor Andros:  ::Sits::
Victor Andros:  ::Realizes how this looks::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::sits as well:: What can I do for you?
Victor Andros:  Oh, counselor. This isn't about me.
Victor Andros:  I can assure you of that.
scurrdi:        Shuttle Guy 721&gt; ::mouth drops for a moment:: Ma'am thats not
going to be easy. You'd have to divert almost all the power into the
life-support systems, probably also the replicators and things like that.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::nods:: All right then ... it would be about ... ?
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        (that's what they all say)
Victor Andros:  It's about Josh.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Can you do it?
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::nods:: Ah.
Victor Andros:  I was hoping you could give me a feel on how he's doing.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::looks over at Josh trying to see if she can see how 
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::folds his hands in his lap::
scurrdi:        Shuttle Guy 721&gt; Well, it will take some time, and I'll 
need to take on a couple of generators to generate that much power...
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Josh?
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::nods::  Sara.
ElRiov trIdrys:         From what I can tell he's receiving proper care as 
befits a
prisoner, with nothing more than an ego bruising.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::flicks his gaze to the BD for a moment letting his
intention linger::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Hop to it then. We needed this done yesterday.
scurrdi:        ::looks around the bridge as his scans report in again:: Lark 
your power grid for the weapon systems, they may lose power for a little bit.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Josh, why am I here?
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       If you have the brig officer leave I'll tell you
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::she should feel how hard it is for him to be doing 
he's doing::
scurrdi:        Shuttle Guy 721&gt; ::salutes:: Yes ma'am! ::heads off to gather
what he needs while another shuttle guy goes inside the shuttle to prepare
Telsia Ehling:  ::puts on some Jimmy Eat World and turns it up loud, trying
to keep people away::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ( don't do it Sara don't do it! )
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::looks at him oddly for a long moment:: 
Victor Andros:  That's good.
Victor Andros:  What about the whole deal with the drugs?
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        :;nods from what she sense and looks at BD:: You can 
out side, Lt. 
Victor Andros:  BD&gt; Oh... uh... yes, ma'am ::leaves::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::feels something odd from Sara:: ~~Honey?~~
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Lark&gt;  ::nods::  My eye is on it.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::shakes head:: He denies it all, Sir, but I was able to
tell he was holding a lot back during the workover. I've been trained well in
empathy and I know he was lying when he said he didn't take the stuff.
Victor Andros:  ::Nods::
Victor Andros:  Is this Nero- whatever addictive?
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       {{::coughsnocoughs::}}
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ~~Yes?~~
scurrdi:        ::shuttle guys are working hard to get this all under control::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ~~Are you alright?~~
ElRiov trIdrys:         Highly addictive, Sir. It has to be taken under the
supervision of a physician, hence its being restricted.
scurrdi:        ((all 721 of them))
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::hesitates:: 
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::watching all of them work and is impressed::
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Sara.  There's so much to tell you.
Victor Andros:  So would Josh's actions, then, be typical of those of someone
addicted to it?
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ~~Sure, I'm alright.~~
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::nods:: Yes, Sir, they would.
Victor Andros:  So, then, my question is this. How and when did he first come
into contact with this stuff?
Telsia Ehling:  ::has intense feelings of wanting to get away::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::pulls up the chair BD had:: I'm listening.. That's 
I've been trying to get you to see.. 
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       I took it.  Repetitiously.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Over and over again without a second glance.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       What the hell are you doing?!
ElRiov trIdrys:         I wish I had the answer to both questions, Sir.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Why, Josh?
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       It goes all the way back to the USS Iliad.
ElRiov trIdrys:         We gave him ample opportunity to come clean in the 
Victor Andros:  I understand that, but if he was addicted to it when he came
on board, wouldn't there have been signs before this?
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        The cabin fever in your records?
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       {{For the record, Josh wasn't addicted until just
scurrdi:        Shuttle Guy 721&gt; ::comes back to Cy and salutes:: Ma'am
everything is ready and in order.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Yeah.  Do you know WHY I had Cabin Fever in the first
ElRiov trIdrys:         Sometimes, yes. And then, sometimes, there are drugs 
don't quite work that way. It's like going into remission from alcohol.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       You killed someone.
Victor Andros:  So... his addiction could have been dormant?
Cyanah Kaelyre:         &gt;Gives us the precioussss....&lt;
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       {{::grins at Cy::}}
Telsia Ehling:  ::starts pacing again::
scurrdi:        ((lmao))
ElRiov trIdrys:         Right. Lying there until something triggered it.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       I killed someone.  
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Or, so I thought.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Or, they thought.
scurrdi:        ((Stupid, fat, hobbits))
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       I can't make much sense of it really.
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;Hobbitsees&gt;&gt;
Telsia Ehling:  ((okay, staying away from starfire))
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::eyes bug out.. that one should send Cy for a nice 
the hell was that' reaction:: 
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::blinks::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ( Baggins ... we hates it to pieces!! )
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ~~You sure, honey?~~
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Wait.. Josh slow down.. Start from the begaining
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Suffice it to say that I was framed for a murder I 
commit.  The Captain - what a bitch - confined me to solitary confinement
until we returned from our mission.  Eight months by myself.
Victor Andros:  So he could have... had some of this when he was a teenager,
never touched it again, then have his addiction triggered here.
scurrdi:        Shuttle Guy 721&gt; ::looks at Cy oddly:: Commander?
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ~~Um, I think so?~~
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::nods:: Right.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Eight months? 
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::nods::  
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Carry on.
scurrdi:        ::sits back in his seat:: I'm getting very tired of chasing 
this creature.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       I was later cleared for the murder and the Captain was
demoted to Lieutenant Commander and stationed on a research station because
of her inability to act as a sufficient Captain.
scurrdi:        Shuttle Guy 721&gt; Ma'am we await your orders.
scurrdi:        Shuttle Guy 721&gt; Were ready to roll.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Oh, right. Can a forcefield be erected around this 
and the power cable disconnected at a command?
Victor Andros:  I think that we need to figure this out. If he became
addicted recently, then there are problems, but if he was addicted early in
his life, there's no reason it should reflect poorly on him now.
scurrdi:        Shuttle Guy 721&gt; Inside or outside the ship ma'am?
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Ok, I can see how eight months can be damaging, I'd 
like to
know why that isn;t in your files.. How does the drug play into this?
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Inside, just around this shuttle.
Victor Andros:  Is still being as stubborn now as he was before?
ElRiov trIdrys:         Yes he is.
scurrdi:        Shuttle Guy 721&gt; Of course ma'am, power cable can work on its
own and the force can be set here in this room.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       When we returned to Starfleet, Starfleet Medical took 
treating me for Cabin Fever - which had symptoms and harmful qualities all
its own.  However, they saw me as a prime candidate for treatment with an
experimental drug.
Victor Andros:  Maybe Dr. Kaelyre is getting something out of him now.
Victor Andros:  Here's hoping anyways.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Stand by.
Victor Andros:  BD&gt; ::Is bored, so tries to listen to the conversation
through the door::
ElRiov trIdrys:         Yes, I do hope so.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         +Vic+ Kaelyre to Andros.
Victor Andros:  +cy+ Go ahead.
scurrdi:        Shuttle Guy 721&gt; Yes'um
Telsia Ehling:  ::curses::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::frows her brow::
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Dexinhidrathrol.  The properties of the drug were 
to reverse all neurological damage that may have been sustained to someone.
Sort of like a miracle eraser.  
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Needless to say, and long story short, it didn't work.
It's still in development and classified.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         +Vic+ Captain, we are ready to proceed.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Which would explain why I haven't heard of it.. 
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;Yay! Josh. Tactical officer, son, father, husband,
guinea pig.&gt;&gt;
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::walks over to a console and ties it into science to
monitor the microbes::
scurrdi:        ((lol))
Telsia Ehling:  ((he isn't a husband yet))
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;husband=brother&gt;&gt;
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;My bad&gt;&gt;
Telsia Ehling:  ((brother?))
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        (yeah he went nuts before the wedding instead of after.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Exactly.
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;LOL&gt;&gt;
Victor Andros:  +Cy+ Very well. Do so.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Starfleet Medical kept it off my record for fear of
contaminating the research process.  They said if I experienced any of the
symptoms from my Cabin Fever again that I should take Nerolapizine.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::to SG:: Proceed with the surge.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        why didn't you come to me for it?
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Lark&gt;  Why can't they cross the border?  
scurrdi:        Shuttle Guy 721&gt; ::nods:: Hey Jimmy, hit it! ::starts the 
scurrdi:        ::looks up:: why can't who cross the border?
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        why hide it and what are you trying to stop with it? 
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Yes, Sara, I'm going to come to you and ask for a
restricted neural suppressant.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::rolls his eyes::
ElRiov trIdrys:         Is there anything else, Sir?
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        well excuse me for thinking we were to a point were we 
least trusted each other 
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       It's classified material, Sara.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::smiles as she watches the microbes migrate toward the
shuttle, can almost hear the &quot;OOOOOO, FOOD!&quot; from them::
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       You can see the rationalization in that.
Victor Andros:  ::Stands::
Victor Andros:  No, thank you Counselor.
scurrdi:        ::blinks for a moment:: +Vic+ Bridge to Captain
Victor Andros:  +Oridian+ Go ahead.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       As for what I'm using it for.  Well, I see myself.
Victor Andros:  ::Walks out of SB::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        you could have contacted someone who did know, I could 
been given orders
Victor Andros:  ::Walks to the TL::
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Can you hear that, Joshua?  It's the amazing sound of 
imminent failure.
scurrdi:        +Vic+ Sir I'm picking up a large power flux in shuttle bay 1 and
all of the probes are headed that way.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::grins evilly::
Victor Andros:  +Oridian+ That's the idea.
Victor Andros:  ::Steps in::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        you see yourself?
Victor Andros:  Deck 1.
scurrdi:        ::thinks for a moment:: +Vic+ Sir? I dont quite understand.
Victor Andros:  +Oridian+ We're gonna trap them all in the shuttle's
scurrdi:        Shuttle Guy 721&gt; Ma'am when do you want that force field up?
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       When I had Cabin Fever I created a duplicate of myself
somehow as a form of defense against going completely crazy.  The image of
myself was a friend I could talk to.  As unhealthy as that sounds from a
mental standpoint.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         On my order.
scurrdi:        +Vic+ Ahh alright.
scurrdi:        Shuttle Guy 721&gt; Ayeaye ma'am, is it workin?
Telsia Ehling:  ::gets up and moves towards jansungs office::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         It is, stanby.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        and imaginary friend
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::watches them file on into the shuttle::
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Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;Who's Stan and where is he by?&gt;&gt;
Victor Andros:  ::Steps out onto the bridge::
Telsia Ehling:  ::rings his door chime::
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       More or less, yes.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       I'm hurt.
scurrdi:        ::looks up:: Captain on the bridge.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Lark&gt; ::snaps to attention::
Victor Andros:  As you were.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        and your seeing him again?
Nazeeya Sakeena2:       (( hey guys how much longer I want my computer back!! 
stoled it ))
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;LOL!!&gt;&gt;
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;Shortly&gt;&gt;
scurrdi:        ::returns to his work::
ElRiov trIdrys:         (( Oh no ... ))
scurrdi:        ((lmao))
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       {{::laughs::}}
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::watches the last microbe enter:: Now!
Nazeeya Sakeena2:       (( 3 hours ago, I'm still waiting ... God gave me 
but not THAT much :-P ))
scurrdi:        Shuttle Guy 721&gt; ::activates force field::
ElRiov trIdrys:         (( :::sigh::: ))
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::sets to work on PADD again:::
Telsia Ehling:  ::sats, wiating, arms crossed::
scurrdi:        Shuttle Guy 721&gt; ::watches the field go up around the 
That what you wanted ma'am?
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::nods::  Yes.  It happened shortly after Coren's return
to Banshee.  Well, sort of return.  Eh, I don't know.  
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       That's a WHOLE other story.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Disconnect the power cord.
Telsia Ehling:  ::rings jansungs chime again::
ElRiov trIdrys:         Enter ...
scurrdi:        Shuttle Guy 721&gt; Aye ma'am. Hey Jimmy! Disconnect the cord!
::Jimmy disconnects the cord::
Telsia Ehling:  :;walks in:: i was wondering if i could talk toyou for a
moment sir
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Jenny&gt; :;cleans up the rest of the padds and reads 
one:: How to manipulate cellular RNA and DNA for Dummies?
ElRiov trIdrys:         Of course. Have a seat.... :::gestures:::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         There we go.
Victor Andros:  ++PAUSE SIM++
Victor Andros:  ++PAUSE SIM++
Victor Andros:  ++PAUSE SIM++
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::paused::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        :;shakes her head:: Coren? Josh your giving me a 
Telsia Ehling:  ::paused::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        pasued
Cyanah Kaelyre:         TWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET Attention!
scurrdi:        ::AA::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::A:A::
Telsia Ehling:  ::AA::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::AA::
Victor Andros:  Good sim, all of you.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::@@::
Victor Andros:  I have a couple of announcements tonight.
Victor Andros:  The first of which, is our beloved Log of the Month.
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Victor Andros:  Which goes to...
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::drumroll::
Victor Andros:  Sara Kaelyre for &quot;Girl Talk&quot;
ElRiov trIdrys:         WOOHOO
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::claps::
scurrdi:        ::clap::
Telsia Ehling:  ::claps::
scurrdi:        ::claps::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         YAY!
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::clapclapclappityclap:::
scurrdi:        Way to go!!
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        whoa.. lol
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::claps::
Victor Andros:  ::applauds::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        thanks:)
Victor Andros:  My next order of business.
Victor Andros:  Mr. Idrys, set forward please.
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::steps forward:::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        set what forward?
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::wonders what he's done this time:::
Victor Andros:  Those who live in glass houses...
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        yeah well that's why I put up plexiglass :-D
Victor Andros:  Mr. Idrys, I have been informed that you are an excellent
simmer, a consistent simmer, and you've been helping out on the
administrative end of things.
Victor Andros:  We don't stand for that sort of thing here.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Tsk, tsk.
ElRiov trIdrys:         :-\
scurrdi:        Oh my
Victor Andros:  You also have not yet proven your loyalty.
Victor Andros:  Mrs. Kaelyre, The Jar, please.
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Which one  of us? ::laughs::
Telsia Ehling:  ::gasps:: not the jar!
Cyanah Kaelyre:         The what?
Cyanah Kaelyre:         OH.
Victor Andros:  ::Clears throat::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::pales::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::rummages around in Vic's desk::
scurrdi:        I cant watch! ::hides his face::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        if it's sticky don't touch it!
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::finds something that she doesn't reveal::: Um, ew.
Victor Andros:  ::Wonders how that got there::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::then pulls out the Jar::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Here you go.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::with a glove on::
Victor Andros:  ::Takes it delicately::
scurrdi:        ::pokes an eye out::
Victor Andros:  Mr. Idrys, at this time, in order to confirm you here, I need
you to ::unscrews the top dramatically::
Victor Andros:  Swallow a Worm.
Telsia Ehling:  ahhhh, catch scurrdi's eye!!!
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Ew.
ElRiov trIdrys:         Oh is THAT all!?
Victor Andros:  ::Clears throat::
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::wonders about the Copyright Infringement of 'Swallow a
Victor Andros:  ::Was doing this long before Fear Factor::
EtreKovutTajArms:       Soak it in Tequilla first....it won't be so bad.....
Victor Andros:  ::And is sticking to that story::
scurrdi:        ::blinks::
Victor Andros:  Swallow a Worm.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       Go for it.
Telsia Ehling:  ever wonder who came up with the song, &quot;no body likes
me, everybody hates me, guess i'll go eat worms&quot;?
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Eat a... worm?
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Did we run out of bugs?
Telsia Ehling:  yeah, josh ate the last of them
Victor Andros:  He said something about protein.
scurrdi:        tsk tsk tsk
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        Ahh
Victor Andros:  We're waitin' here, bub.
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::nods::  It's what they fed me in the brig.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Come on, do it already!
ElRiov trIdrys:         OK OK well ... here goes.
Telsia Ehling:  :;shrugs:: to each his own
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::GULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP:::
Victor Andros:  ::Sets The Jar down::
Victor Andros:  ::applauds::
scurrdi:        :claps::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::claps:: 
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::puts the top on the Jar before all of the worms crawl
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::claps::
Telsia Ehling:  yay!!!
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Alright!
EtreKovutTajArms:       :::raises a brow::::And I thought Galae emergency 
were bad.....
Victor Andros:  With this amazing display of loyalty and hazing behind you, I
now brand you Lieutenant!
Victor Andros:  ::Pips his collar::
Dr Sara Kaelyre:        ::claps and cheers::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Congratulations!
ElRiov trIdrys:         Thank you Sir.
scurrdi:        ::yay!!!:::
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::claps::
Telsia Ehling:  yay!!
Victor Andros:  Congratulations.
Victor Andros:  That's all I have for tonight. Commander?
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Dismissed!
Telsia Ehling:  see ya all next week
LtCdrJoshuaAsper:       ::runs::
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OnlineHost:     Telsia Ehling has left the room.
OnlineHost:     Victor Andros has left the room.
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::does handsprings and turns cartwheels on way out:::
OnlineHost:     Cyanah Kaelyre has left the room.

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