<USS Banshee> USS Banshee Sim chatlog 0310.30

  • From: ElRiovtrIdrys@xxxxxxx
  • To: ussbanshee@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 23:42:08 EST

        The mystery of Ju Ju III deepens and we discover some disturbing 
facts about the planet and its governor ... Joe digs up some dirt on Josh ... 
Jansug finds he should keep his yap shut when mentioning someone else's Imzadi 
Josh gets smacked for mentioning Sara's cutoffs once too often ... errr did I 
say that out loud? ... and is J'van back?

    Answers to these and other burning questions next week on the adventure 

    "He who dies, pays all debts."

        -- Wm. Shakespeare, "The Tempest"
OnlineHost:     LtJoshuaAsper has entered the room.
OnlineHost:     Lt Sara Crusher has entered the room.
OnlineHost:     Telsia Ehling has entered the room.
Lt Sara Crusher:        Evening All 
ElRiov trIdrys:         Hi folks
Telsia Ehling:  good morrow all
LtJoshuaAsper:  Good Marrow?  ::looks around for his co-actors::
ElRiov trIdrys:         Looks like we may be getting another joint log out ... 
OnlineHost:     I JoeCastillo has entered the room.
ElRiov trIdrys:         Evening Joe
ElRiov trIdrys:         brb afk for a minuto or so
Lt Sara Crusher:        Whoa.. Just had a Ren fair moment.. lol
Telsia Ehling:  i love ren fest, nothing better
Lt Sara Crusher:        you go to rens, Lynn? 
Telsia Ehling:  heck yeah, every year with my one sister
Telsia Ehling:  some good times
I JoeCastillo:  i missed the one down here this year :(
Lt Sara Crusher:        Sweet!
I JoeCastillo:  i get in free cause i donate blood :)
Telsia Ehling:  i wish i could do that
LtJoshuaAsper:  What is this REN that you speak of?
Lt Sara Crusher:        I go as offten as I can
Lt Sara Crusher:        in fact, my Gran is making me a new dress to wear under 
ElRiov trIdrys:         bak
Telsia Ehling:  Renissance festival or faire
OnlineHost:     Victor Andros has entered the room.
Telsia Ehling:  i want a dress to wear
LtJoshuaAsper:  Right on.
ElRiov trIdrys:         Evening Vic
LtJoshuaAsper:  Evening Vic
Victor Andros:  evening
ElRiov trIdrys:         Connie and I were at the local Renaissance fair this 
It was fun
Telsia Ehling:  good morrow victor
Victor Andros:  Glad to see you could make it, Josh
Victor Andros:  Hello, Telsia
Lt Sara Crusher:        They have one here that is a whole weekend.. 
LtJoshuaAsper:  Me too.  
ElRiov trIdrys:         same here
Lt Sara Crusher:        I'm working up the nerve to go to that one
Lt Sara Crusher:        lol
Victor Andros:  Is Cy coming, Sara?
Lt Sara Crusher:        I don't do sleeping on the ground
Lt Sara Crusher:        she'll be here
LtJoshuaAsper:  We did set construction tonight and I was able sneak out
ElRiov trIdrys:         Full house then :)
LtJoshuaAsper:  I'm not in the last scene anyhow.
LtJoshuaAsper:  With one absence...
ElRiov trIdrys:         ok virtually full.
Victor Andros:  So should we wait, or get this thing going?
ElRiov trIdrys:         flip a coin, you da boss
Victor Andros:  Okay...
Victor Andros:  Heads I win, tails you lose
LtJoshuaAsper:  Sounds fair...  ;)
Victor Andros:  ::Pulls out the whistle and blows into it::
Victor Andros:  Attention!
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::chuckles::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::AA::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::AA::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::@@::
I JoeCastillo:  :aa:
Telsia Ehling:   ::AA::
Victor Andros:  Okay, you all (hopefully) remember where we're at. Inspector
DeHaan, Ju Ju Eyeballs, etc.
I JoeCastillo:  i could use a refresher course
Telsia Ehling:  ::has no idea what victor is takling about::
Victor Andros:  Went down to planet, found strange goings-on on Ju Ju III.
Plague but no plague. An inspector from Starfleet Medical Corps supposedly
showed up and took care of it, though it has been found out that nobody knows
OnlineHost:     LtJGJohnTerje has entered the room.
Victor Andros:  Planetary Governor Radetsky and his Health Minister hurried
the away team out of his office as quickly as he could
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{Evening John!}}
ElRiov trIdrys:         (( Hi John ))
LtJGJohnTerje:  ((Hey all))
Victor Andros:  They invaded a quarentine facility, only to find out that the
supposedly treated people were being treated with mood enhancers
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{::blinks::  Mood Enhancers?}}
Victor Andros:  Everybody is back on the ship now, and it is fully
Victor Andros:  ::zaps Josh::
Victor Andros:  Any Questions?
Lt Sara Crusher:        No Sir
Victor Andros:  ::hears the crickets chirping::
ElRiov trIdrys:         nnnnnnnnnnnnnope
Telsia Ehling:  ::cough::
Victor Andros:  Al-lrighty, then
LtJoshuaAsper:  Yes, why did you zap me?
Victor Andros:  ++BEGIN SIM++
Victor Andros:  ++BEGIN SIM++
Victor Andros:  ++BEGIN SIM++
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;Because you interrupted the brief&gt;&gt;
Victor Andros:  ::Pacing up and down the bridge::
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{Oh, gee, like that's never happened before...  ;)}}
LtJGJohnTerje:  ::In his office sorting out some PADD's.::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::in her office looking over the lastest report sent 
OnlineHost:     LtJvanDnalls has entered the room.
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::watches Andros pace up and down the bridge::  Sir, you're
going to wear a hole in the deck plating.  
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{J'VAN!}}
ElRiov trIdrys:         (( Hey J'van LTNS ))
Telsia Ehling:  ::is haeaded down to john's office::
Victor Andros:  ::Stops and looks at Josh:: If I haven't yet, I'm not going
LtJvanDnalls:   ((Good to see everyone))
Lt Sara Crusher:        (Hi Jvan!)
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::comes to Crusher's office, rings chime::
LtJoshuaAsper:  It was a joke, Commander, to lighten the mood.  ::smiles and
turns around, thinking::  Sense of humor can sometimes loosen a tight
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::looking over a padd.. doesn't look up:: Enter... 
Victor Andros:  ::Sighs and shakes his head::
I JoeCastillo:  &lt;&lt;holy crap it's jvan&gt;&gt;
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::comes in:: Hello Sara ... have you made any progress 
tracking down this mystery inspector yet?
Lt Sara Crusher:        Nothing.. She's not on record at SFM anywhere.. 
Telsia Ehling:  ::walks up to Terje's office and rings chime::
LtJGJohnTerje:  ::Looks up.:: Come in.
ElRiov trIdrys:         Dead end here as well. ::pause:: Any information about 
caused that strange behavior on the planet? I was just totally mystified by
the level of hostility there.
LtJvanDnalls:   ((Hello new people that don't know me))
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::starts a diagnostic on the targeting sensors::  Commander,
do you have a moment in which I may speak with you about something?  ::says
as he turns back to the XO::
Telsia Ehling:  ::walks in and walks up to is desk:: hello sir
Victor Andros:  Here or in private?
LtJoshuaAsper:  Private, preferably, sir.
LtJGJohnTerje:  Hello. What can I help you with?
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::shakes head:: not on the people on the street.. Only 
the people in that area we got into have some major drug problems
Telsia Ehling:  I was just wondering if there was anything special i could be
doing sir
Victor Andros:  Very well.
Victor Andros:  ::Looks around::
Victor Andros:  Ensign Chaos, you have the bridge.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::sighs:: Drug problems ... wonderful, all we need. 
ElRiov trIdrys:         No way to communicate with them due to the magnetic 
stor ...
I wonder.
Victor Andros:  ::Walks over to the RR::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::looks at him oddly;: What? 
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::steps down and follows Andros into the ready room::
Victor Andros:  ::walks in::
ElRiov trIdrys:         Sara ... I may not be a scientist but doesn't it strike 
as rather odd that the magnetic storm happens to be occurring now that we are
in the planet's vicinity?
Victor Andros:  ::Sits behind the desk:: What is it that you need to ask me,
Lieutenant Asper?
Lt Sara Crusher:        (what magnetic storm?)
ElRiov trIdrys:         I mean, suppose it's a fake, an engineered storm. A 
I'm getting the impression we are being presented with a series of hoaxes.
LtJoshuaAsper:  I don't know if you're aware, sir, but I recently discovered
a new aspect of my life...  ::hesitates about how to proceed::
ElRiov trIdrys:         (( we had to shuttle down instead of beam due to a storm
that disrupted communications ))
Lt Sara Crusher:        (oh yeah.. lol)
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{No, the power was out to the transporters...}}
Victor Andros:  I have been informed of certain domestic problems.
Lt Sara Crusher:        (wait... Eric I think the storm was a differant sim.. 
LtJGJohnTerje:  ::Thinks about anything Telsia can do.:: Nothing special that
I can think of right now. But if I do think of something you'll be the first
to know.
ElRiov trIdrys:         (( was it?? ))
LtJoshuaAsper:  No, sir, I was informed that I have a son.  Young Cameron,
only two years old.  A product of a loving relationship cut short by
Starfleet service.  Now, we've rekindled that relationship...
Lt Sara Crusher:        Well I have no doubt that something funny is going 
Victor Andros:  ::nods::
Telsia Ehling:  :nods:: alright sir, thank you, if i may excused then?
ElRiov trIdrys:         Something strange indeed.
LtJGJohnTerje:  ::Looks kind of puzzled.:: Sure, you're free to go.
LtJoshuaAsper:  It has also come to my attention that this is completely be
accident and the boy's mother is listed for immediate transfer off the
Banshee given the 'no children' rule that has been imposed on our ship.
Telsia Ehling:  thank you sir ::turns and leaves::
Lt Sara Crusher:        and there's no way to know untill we get some up front
ElRiov trIdrys:         I just have a feeling we won't have the answer until we
actually go back there again.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::nods::
LtJoshuaAsper:  I don't want to be separated from her or my son, sir.  I was
hoping that you may rescind that particular rule so we may remain as a family
onboard the ship that I've planted roots on.
Victor Andros:  ::thinks::
Lt Sara Crusher:        Do we have any information on that governor person we 
ElRiov trIdrys:         There's got to be some information on him somewhere.
ElRiov trIdrys:         Computer, all information available on Governor 
Radetzky of
Ju Ju III.
ElRiov trIdrys:         Either we'll get results or ... well I don't want to 
of the alternative.
Telsia Ehling:  ::heads back to josh and her quarters to work on some of the
PADD's she has there::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::sits and waits::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::shifts uneasily::
Lt Sara Crusher:        The alternative is we leave, file our reports and that's
that, Coun.. There's only so much we can do here.. 
I JoeCastillo:  :Joe finishing reading some PADDs in his office looks at his
chronometer:: Now is probably a good time.
Victor Andros:  ::Looks Josh in the eyes:: Josh, this is not a family ship.
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::nods::  I'm aware of that, sir.
Victor Andros:  The Banshee is a vessel meant for war.
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::nods again::  I understand that completely, Commander.
LtJGJohnTerje:  ::Looks at his chrono.:: Oh crap I'm late. She's going to
kill me. ::Walks out of his office.:: Lieutenant Diaz, Engineering is yours.
::Walks out of Engineering and towards the TL.::
ElRiov trIdrys:         Computer > Governor Simon Radetzky of Ju Ju III. Age 45.
Graduated second in class from Starfleet Academy with major in Science.
Assigned 2 years previously to administer Ju Ju III colony.
LtJGJohnTerje:  LtJGDiaz&gt; Yes sir.
Victor Andros:  Granted, there are no wars at the current time, but this
isn't a Soverign-class vessel. We're just not equipped to deal with children
Lt Sara Crusher:        Wait... He's an officer? 
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::rubs chin:: Science major ... hmmm.
I JoeCastillo:  +Moore+ Lt. Castillo to Lt. Moore.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::nods::
LtJoshuaAsper:  We've made due with what we have so far, sir, I think we can
Lt Sara Crusher:        Since when do Sci officers take on posts as politcal
Lt Sara Crusher:        Is he active? 
Victor Andros:  But, Josh, the larger problem is that, if I make an exception
for you, I have to make that exception for everyone.
ElRiov trIdrys:         Beats the crap out of me.
ElRiov trIdrys:         Computer, is Governor Radetzky listed as on active 
Lt Sara Crusher:        Read the rest of his file, Coun.. 
ElRiov trIdrys:         Computer > Affirmative.
LtJoshuaAsper:  Moore&gt;  +Joe+  Go ahead, Lieutenant.
LtJGJohnTerje:  ::Enters TL.:: Deck Seven.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::eyes widen:: Oh boy ...
Lt Sara Crusher:        That doesn;t make sense.. 
ElRiov trIdrys:         Can you say "Junta"?
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::lets out deep breath::
I JoeCastillo:  +Moore+ Lt. at your earliest convenience I require your
presence in the Security office. 
LtJGJohnTerje:  ::Rides the TL two decks down and makes way towards the
LtJoshuaAsper:  Commander.  I've fought for the good of this ship and would
sacrificed everything I have for the well-being of this vessel and its crew.
I've put forth all my energy serving for this ship and never questioned the
authority here.
ElRiov trIdrys:         OK ... we got to tell Commander Andros about this as 
as possible.
LtJoshuaAsper:  And I've never asked for anything from anyone with the
exception of swapping some shifts.
ElRiov trIdrys:         We may have reason to return to the planet and continue 
investigation. Maybe with a Security detachment just in case.
Victor Andros:  Mhm-hmm.
Telsia Ehling:  ::walks into thier quarters and releives the babysitter,
thanking her::
ElRiov trIdrys:         +Andros+ Idrys to Commander Andros.
LtJoshuaAsper:  I need this...  ::pauses as Idrys' voice echoes over the
communication system::
Victor Andros:  ::puts up a finger to Brad::
Victor Andros:  Go ahead, Counselor.
Lt Sara Crusher:        I had already planned too.. Turns out the drugs have 
effects when used for long amounts of time.. Who know's how long these people
have been stoned... 
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{::scratches that out and adds Josh::}}
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;err.. right&gt;&gt;
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;Sorry&gt;&gt;
ElRiov trIdrys:         +Andros+ Sir, the Doctor and I have just discovered some
unusual and highly irregular information regarding Governor Radetzky's
dossier. We need to speak with you at once.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::nods at Crusher::
LtJGJohnTerje:  ::Walks into the lounge and looks around for his wife. Spots
her and walks over to her.:: Hi honey. Sorry I'm late, I just got tied up in
Telsia Ehling:  ::sees cameron is sleeping and goes over to the sofa and
picks up one of the PADDs she had left there and starts going over the stuff
on it::
Victor Andros:  Mr. Asper, this discussion will have to wait.
LtJoshuaAsper:  Moore&gt;  +Joe+  Yes, Lieutenant, I shall be there shortly.
Victor Andros:  +Idrys+ Go ahead and bring that information up the conference
ElRiov trIdrys:         +Andros+ We're on our way now Sir. ::gets up and picks 
Victor Andros:  +Idrys+ I'll be waiting for you.
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::nods and exits quickly::
Victor Andros:  ::Walks out onto the bridge::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::assumes his station::
I JoeCastillo:  +Moore+ Thank you Lt. I await your arrival.
Victor Andros:  Lieutenant Asper, you have the bridge.
Lt Sara Crusher:        :;blinks.. wondering why Jansug is picking up padds from
her desk:: 
Victor Andros:  ::walks into the CR::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ( err magic edit the PADDs part )
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::gets up:: Showtime, I guess.
ElRiov trIdrys:         Shall we?
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::nods::  Aye, Commander.  ::sits in the center chair -
feeling kind of left out of the meeting::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::heads to the CR:: 
LtJGJohnTerje:  Vivi&gt; Well the important thing is that you showed up. Now
sit down and eat.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::also heads to CR::
LtJoshuaAsper:  Moore&gt; ::walks into the security office::  What can I do
for you, Mr. Castillo?  ::tapping a PADD::
I JoeCastillo:  ::Joe stands and extends his hand to Lt. Moore:; Pleased to
meet you Lt. Moore, please have a seat.
LtJGJohnTerje:  ::Sits in the chair opposite of her and eyeballs his plate.::
And what am I about to eat?
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::shakes hand and sits down, a perked eyebrow raised in Joe's
direction::  What's this about?
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::enters the CR and takes a seat:: 
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::enters CR::
Victor Andros:  Alright. What do you have for me?
Lt Sara Crusher:        For starters.. 
Lt Sara Crusher:        Our Govenor is an active star fleet officer.. 
Victor Andros:  Really?
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::taps the arm rest display - checking his diagnostics::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::nods:: A Sci officer no less.. 
ElRiov trIdrys:         Indeed. Perhaps some of this inability to communicate 
have been faked.
LtJGJohnTerje:  Vivi&gt; Your favorite.
Victor Andros:  I think I see where you're going with this.
ElRiov trIdrys:         Not only that but those drugs, too. Pretty stern stuff.
I JoeCastillo:  Well Lt. it was brought to my attention that there was an
incident that took place in your quarters.
Victor Andros:  Do you think he rigged up the communication fiasco?
LtJoshuaAsper:  Moore&gt;  Incident?
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::nods:: He could have engineered the whole thing.
I JoeCastillo:  I am conducting an investigation of the incident and would
like to hear your side of the story.
LtJGJohnTerje:  ::Looks at the food again.:: This is not my favorite. It
doesn't look like steak. ::Sniffs it.:: It doesn't smell like steak, and by
that I can tell that it will not taste like steak.
LtJGJohnTerje:  So what is it?
LtJoshuaAsper:  Moore&gt;  I'
LtJoshuaAsper:  m afraid I don't know what you're talking about.
Victor Andros:  What about the drugs?
Lt Sara Crusher:        but why? What reasons would he have to need our help 
not need it.. Unless he wasn't the who asked for the help in the first
I JoeCastillo:  Very well then , allow me to refresh your memory.
Lt Sara Crusher:        They're mood alltering drugs.. 
Victor Andros:  Explain.
Lt Sara Crusher:        used mostly for short term treatment of chemical
LtJGJohnTerje:  Vivi&gt; It's Salmon heavily soaked in lemon with extra
pepper. Your favorite.
Lt Sara Crusher:        long term use can have harsh side effects.. 
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::taps a PADD and looks at the blue-green marble in his
LtJGJohnTerje:  ::Sighs.:: That's your favorite dear, not mine.
I JoeCastillo:  About a waek and a half ago there was a comotion in your
quarters heard by many of the people who reside in the same coridoor as
Telsia Ehling:  cameron&gt; ::starts crying::
ElRiov trIdrys:         Sounds a lot like the so-called mind expanding drugs so
popular in the 1960s on earth and the drugs that people dealt with on Turkana
IV ...
Victor Andros:  Okay...
Victor Andros:  So, what? It's PCP?
Telsia Ehling:  ::gets up and walks into the bedroom and pick up cameron::
Lt Sara Crusher:        close to it.. 
Victor Andros:  So, what you're trying to tell me, is that the government is
forcing people to get high?
Telsia Ehling:  ::rocks him slightly, trying to calm him down::
I JoeCastillo:  One Lt. Asper was seen entering your quarters , and was later
seen leaving your quaters with a split lip.
Lt Sara Crusher:        we have no way of knowing that Sir.. They could be 
they could be taking it on their own.. 
LtJGJohnTerje:  Vivi&gt; Well, that's what you get for being late.
::Smiles.:: So how is your day?
Lt Sara Crusher:        we just know they're taking it
I JoeCastillo:  Do you recall now Lt. ?
LtJoshuaAsper:  Moore&gt;  You must be mistaken.
ElRiov trIdrys:         In any event we won't know one way or another without
actually returning to the surface, whether they want us there or not.
LtJGJohnTerje:  It's great. ::Thinks to himself.:: Or at least it was up
until five minutes ago.
LtJoshuaAsper:  Moore&gt;  ::grins::  Wait one second...yes, I remember...
LtJoshuaAsper:  Moore&gt;  Lieutenant Joshua Asper walked into my quarters
and assualted me.
Victor Andros:  Do you believe that Radetsky is compicit in... whatever is
going on?
ElRiov trIdrys:         Yes, I think there's ample reason to believe that, Sir
Lt Sara Crusher:        He was the one who was in a hurry to get rid of us
ElRiov trIdrys:         Exactly
Victor Andros:  ::nods:: So you do not believe that he could be innocent?
LtJGJohnTerje:  Vivi&gt; Good. ::Shoves a good size piece of Salmon into her
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::whistles a tune as his targeting sensor diagnostic ends::
I JoeCastillo:  ::Writes in his PADD:: I see.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::exchanges glances with Crusher::
Lt Sara Crusher:        there could be a big player in this.. but he's most
certainly involed in some asspect
LtJGJohnTerje:  How's your day so far?
ElRiov trIdrys:         He ... could be. Possible but not probable.
Telsia Ehling:  caremon&gt; mommy, i hungry
I JoeCastillo:  And are you willing to make this statemnt under oath?
Telsia Ehling:  okay sweetie, i'll get you some food ::puts him on the
Victor Andros:  Very well. That means we need to avoid him.
LtJoshuaAsper:  Yes, sir.
LtJoshuaAsper:  Moore&gt;  ^
Victor Andros:  If he discovers we're doing an investigation of him, there
will be trouble.
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::nods:: 
ElRiov trIdrys:         What do we do? Go in the back door?
LtJGJohnTerje:  Vivi&gt; ::Finishes chewing her food and swallows.:: It's
been good. I've been practicing in the Holodeck. Whoda thought those Dominion
fighters were that good?
Telsia Ehling:  ::goes to replicate and gets sliced apple peices and water::
Telsia Ehling:  here you go honey, i want you to sit up in your chair and you
can have this, okay?
Telsia Ehling:  Cameron&gt; yes mommy ::gets help from telsia into his chair
at the table and starts to eat his apple::
Victor Andros:  We could transport down, now. 
ElRiov trIdrys:         Catch them by surprise, eh?
I JoeCastillo:  Thank you ver much Lt. I will take your testimony into
account when i report my conclusion to the investgation, you may be called
upon to testify.
LtJoshuaAsper:  Moore&gt;  Go right ahead, lock the bastard up.
Lt Sara Crusher:        We're likely to hget more answers from that compound.. 
long as we don't draw attention this time.. 
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::nod:: It went quite badly when we were there last.
Victor Andros:  We also need to make contacts on that planet. Figure out if
someone isn't in on this madness.
LtJGJohnTerje:  I wouldn't underestimate any enemy. Especially when you're up
against them for the first time. ::Slowly puts a piece of Salmon into his
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::nods:: 
Victor Andros:  Is there anything else?
LtJGJohnTerje:  ::Chews it a couple of times and tries not to make a
disgusted look on his face.::
Lt Sara Crusher:        Not at this time, Sir
ElRiov trIdrys:         No, Sir.
LtJGJohnTerje:  Vivi&gt; See, it's good isn't it?
I JoeCastillo:  Yes well thats not for me to decide. ::William stood up::
Thanks for your time Lt.
LtJoshuaAsper:  Moore&gt;  ::nods::  Sure thing.  ::walks out into the
hallway and disappears::
Telsia Ehling:  cameron&gt; ::finishes and holds out arms:: mommy
LtJGJohnTerje:  ::Forces a smile.:: Delicious. ::Signals to the bartender
under the table for a beer.::
Telsia Ehling:  ::picks up cameron and puts him on the floor in the living
room to let him play with his toys and goes back to reading her PADD::
Victor Andros:  Okay. Do you think there's anything else you can uncover
ElRiov trIdrys:         ( beer with salmon!? Eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww )
LtJGJohnTerje:  Bartender&gt; ::Nods in acknowledgement.::
Lt Sara Crusher:        Not from the ship.. 
LtJGJohnTerje:  ((Apparently you haven't tried the Salmon...))
I JoeCastillo:  &lt;&lt;yeah i cant stand either so i can't imagine what
thier like together&gt;&gt;
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{LOL}}
Victor Andros:  So you want to take another away team to the surface?
Lt Sara Crusher:        (salmon is nasty)
ElRiov trIdrys:         ( you mean tasty )
Lt Sara Crusher:        Yes Sir.. 
ElRiov trIdrys:         Indeed.
LtJGJohnTerje:  ((Just need something to wash it down with.))
LtJGJohnTerje:  ((I think Sara had it right the first time Idrys))
ElRiov trIdrys:         ( ever tried it blackened? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm )
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{Agreed, John.}}
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;Salmon is good. You just have to make it right,
otherwise it's greasy&gt;&gt;
Telsia Ehling:  ((never had salmon))
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::cracks his knuckles and thinks about Cameron and Telsia::
LtJGJohnTerje:  ((You're not missing out Telsia))
Telsia Ehling:  ((okay, but just to let you all know, shark is pretty good))
LtJGJohnTerje:  ::Gives the Bartender a thumbs up as a thank you.::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ( Ooooooo like sharks fin soup? )
Telsia Ehling:  ((never had it Idrys))
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;Kangaroo is better&gt;&gt;
ElRiov trIdrys:         ( costs $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ )
Telsia Ehling:  ((that would be why))
I JoeCastillo:  ::After Moore left Joe sat back down and finished writing
notes into a PADD:: I was afraid this would turn out like this.
LtJGJohnTerje:  ((Well Armadilla is great eating, you just run it over, cook
it and eat it. Nothing like fresh BBQed Armadilla))
Victor Andros:  So who do you want to take with you?
Lt Sara Crusher:        Lt. Catillo and that Coun, Sir.. 
Victor Andros:  That's it?
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::nods:: 
ElRiov trIdrys:         What about Lieutenant Kaylere?
Lt Sara Crusher:        She's an astropysisist(sp?) Coun.. 
I JoeCastillo:  :: Joe then gatherd his things and headed for the Bridge::
LtJGJohnTerje:  Bartender&gt; ::Brings over a nice cold beer in a mug to
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{::starts filling in the &quot;selor&quot; after all of
Sara's cutoffs::  ;)}}
ElRiov trIdrys:         I see, I thought the scientific knowhow might be of use
LtJGJohnTerje:  ::Looks to the bartender.:: Thank you.
LtJGJohnTerje:  ::Washes the nasty Salmon down.:: Ahh.
ElRiov trIdrys:         At any rate ...
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::glares at Jansung.:: 
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;Everyone good?&gt;&gt;
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{To keep going?}}
I JoeCastillo:  ((good))
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;yeah&gt;&gt;
ElRiov trIdrys:         (( yes ))
Lt Sara Crusher:        (Yeah)
Telsia Ehling:  ((sure))
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{For another fifteen minutes or so - huge book report to
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;okay&gt;&gt;
LtJGJohnTerje:  Vivi&gt; What is that?
LtJGJohnTerje:  ((Good to go))
Lt Sara Crusher:        The smaller the team the less attention we draw, Coun. 
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{selor}}
Victor Andros:  ::nods:: Exactly.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::nods::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::refuses to place Cy in any danger.. stares daggers at
I JoeCastillo:  ((whos on the bridge?))
Lt Sara Crusher:        (josh)
LtJGJohnTerje:  Iced Tea, you want any? 
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{Just me.}}
I JoeCastillo:  ::Enters the bridge and nods at Josh:: Lt. how are things?
Telsia Ehling:  ::goes and gets some hot chocolate from the replicator::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::mutters::  Been better, but it happens.  What about
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;And Chaos and Skitz :-D&gt;&gt;
I JoeCastillo:  Having been sleeping well lately, and i just finished that
investigation i was running, so yeah me too i'be been better.
LtJGJohnTerje:  Vivi&gt; Iced Tea? With Salmon? That's disgusting John.
LtJoshuaAsper:  Investigation?  ::turns and looks up::
OnlineHost:     LtJvanDnalls has left the room.
I JoeCastillo:  Yeah that thing we talked about in my office.
LtJGJohnTerje:  Iced Tea beats this Salmon anyday. ::Thinks to himself.:: I
shouldn't have said that.
Victor Andros:  ALright, then. Make it happen
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;Ahhhh! Lag....!&gt;&gt;
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::perks an eyebrow::  And...?
ElRiov trIdrys:         Yes Sir.
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;test?&gt;&gt;
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::stands:: Yes Sir. 
I JoeCastillo:  ::Frowns:: Doesn't Look good Josh.
ElRiov trIdrys:         (( pass ))
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{Pass}}
LtJGJohnTerje:  ((Read you loud and clear))
LtJoshuaAsper:  For him?
Telsia Ehling:  ::gets tired of doing work and sits on the floor with
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::looks at Jansug, then heads for the door:: 
LtJGJohnTerje:  Vivi&gt; What was that?
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;There we go&gt;&gt;
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::sighs, gets up and heads out to Bridge::
LtJGJohnTerje:  Nothing. ::Takes another sip of the beer.::
Lt Sara Crusher:        +Castillo+ Lt, I need you to...::walks on the bridge:: 
you already here.... 
I JoeCastillo:  ::Sighs:: For you.
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::squints::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::perks brow, wondering what is going on::
I JoeCastillo:  ::Turns towards Sara:: How can i help you Lt.?
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::sees that it's an odd moment to be stepping into:: 
LtJGJohnTerje:  Vivi&gt; So you don't like the Salmon? 
Victor Andros:  ::Walks out onto the bridge::
Victor Andros:  I have the bridge, Lieutenant.
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::Stands::  Aye, Commander.  ::Steps up to the tactical
console, eyeing Joe::
Lt Sara Crusher:        You and the Coun will be coming along with me to the
LtJGJohnTerje:  No the Salmons fine. ::Puts another piece in his mouth.::
Victor Andros:  ::Smirks, then nods:: Lieutenant Castillo.
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{selor}}
Lt Sara Crusher:        ( ::smacks Josh:: )
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{::Grins::  It's not hard to add five letters...  ;)}}
Lt Sara Crusher:        Plan clothes, TR3.. Say ten mins? 
I JoeCastillo:  ::Nods towards Andros:: Commander. Do you mean now Lt
LtJGJohnTerje:  I was just saying that I like Iced Tea better than Salmon.
But I never said that I didn't like the Salmon.
I JoeCastillo:  I see well I'll see you there in 10 minutes then Lt. 
ElRiov trIdrys:         ( my idea of a great Salmon is Rushdie :-D )
Victor Andros:  ++PAUSE SIM++
Victor Andros:  ++PAUSE SIM++
Victor Andros:  ++PAUSE SIM++
LtJGJohnTerje:  ::Chugs the rest of the beer down.:: 
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::desuaP:::
Lt Sara Crusher:        paused
I JoeCastillo:  ::paused::
Victor Andros:  ::Blows into whistle:: Attention!
LtJGJohnTerje:  ::paused.::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::@@::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::AA::
I JoeCastillo:  ::Aa::
LtJGJohnTerje:  ::ÄÅ::
Telsia Ehling:  ::AA::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::AA::
Victor Andros:  Good sim, everyone.
Victor Andros:  I have no announcements, other than the hope that I believe
our Second Officer is back.
Victor Andros:  ::Does a happy dance::
Victor Andros:  Now get out.
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::grins::
LtJoshuaAsper:  Adios!  See you next week!
ElRiov trIdrys:         niters
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