<USS Banshee> USS Banshee Sim chatlog 0309.18

  • From: ElRiovtrIdrys@xxxxxxx
  • To: ussbanshee@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 00:03:34 EDT

    We reach Ju Ju III and head down to the capital ... Eyeballs.
AdmiralGem:     Have fun, Banshee!
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ElRiov trIdrys:         We will!
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OnlineHost:     Lt Sara Crusher has entered the room.
Victor Andros:  WooHoo!
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::grins::
ElRiov trIdrys:         Just us 4 crazies ...
OnlineHost:     Cyanah Kaelyre has entered the room.
Lt Sara Crusher:        HI CY!
Lt Sara Crusher:        SHE'S BACK!
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Hiya!!
Lt Sara Crusher:        One down! One to Go!
ElRiov trIdrys:         CY! LTNS! WB!
Lt Sara Crusher:        ltns?
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Hi. :)
ElRiov trIdrys:         long time no see
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::cracks his muscles::
LtJoshuaAsper:  I don't see Joe...
Cyanah Kaelyre:         How do you crack a muscle?
Victor Andros:  Alright, Joe isn't answering his cell, so we're gonna go
ahead and get this thing underway without him.
Victor Andros:  So...
Victor Andros:  ::pulls out shiny silver whistle::
Victor Andros:  ::blows into it::
Victor Andros:  Attention!!
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::@@::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::AA::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::AA::
Victor Andros:  Alright. We are at Ju Ju III, with the scientists still
Victor Andros:  Main power, however, is down, so we're running on auxiliary.
With nothing to power the transporters, Lieutenant Asper is assembling a team
to head to the capital of Ju Ju, Eyeballs, to talk to explain the situation.
Victor Andros:  Anything I missed?
Lt Sara Crusher:        eyeballs?
Victor Andros:  Yup.
LtJoshuaAsper:  Eyeballs?
LtJoshuaAsper:  That's the capital city?
Victor Andros:  If you don't get it, don't worry about it.
ElRiov trIdrys:         Sounds like a page out of the Marx brothers.
Lt Sara Crusher:        Um, you missed the part about sending Me and Cy
Victor Andros:  Of course. Sara and Cyanah as well as a security team will be
accompanying Mr. Asper.
ElRiov trIdrys:         and li'l ol' me?
Victor Andros:  Last time I checked, you were worrying about T'Nal and trying
to keep her hidden. As well as checking up on the crew's psychological
Victor Andros:  Unless you *want* to go on the away mission...
ElRiov trIdrys:         Yeah! we can leave you all alone!
Lt Sara Crusher:        I think you should give Vic his psyc eval :-D
ElRiov trIdrys:         really?
Victor Andros:  Moving along now...
Lt Sara Crusher:        lol
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::grins::
Victor Andros:  If there's nothing else...
Victor Andros:  ++BEGIN SIM++
Victor Andros:  ++BEGIN SIM++
Victor Andros:  ++BEGIN SIM++
Victor Andros:  ::pacing up and down the bridge::
Victor Andros:  Why don't I have power?
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::steps into the TL::  Shuttlebay.
Victor Andros:  Skitz&gt; The engineering team has isolated the problem,
LtJoshuaAsper:  +Cy and Sara+  Lieutenants Kaelyre and Crusher, please report
to Shuttlebay One.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         +Asper+ I'll be there in ten minutes. Kaeylre out.
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::paces around the room:: You two can't tell anyone else
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::goes back to her experiment::
ElRiov trIdrys:         No, absolutely not.
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::groans:: +Asper+ I'll be there as soon as I'm done..
Crusher out
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::mouths::  Ten minutes?  As soon as I'm done?
ElRiov trIdrys:         (( LOL ))
LtJoshuaAsper:  +Andros+  Asper to Bridge.
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;Maybe it's time for *Josh's* psych eval&gt;&gt;
Cyanah Kaelyre:         &lt;&lt;Yes! Yes!&gt;&gt;
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{::glares at Cy::}}
Lt Sara Crusher:        With me you have the luxairy of doctor/paicent 
Victor Andros:  +Asper+ Commander Andros here. Go ahead.
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{;)}}
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;::Chuckles::&gt;&gt;
LtJoshuaAsper:  +Andros+  Sir, when would you like this little excursion of
ours to leave?
ElRiov trIdrys:         (( "Oh, Lieutenant Asper ... before you go ... there's 
ONE thing ..." ;) ))
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::makes a few adjustments and smiles as thing fall into
Victor Andros:  +Asper+ As soon as possible.
Lt Sara Crusher:        (Hey! I just got why he mouthed that and what he's
thinking! Pervert!... LOL)
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::nods:: I understand.
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{:-D}}
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::shakes head::  +Andros+  Understood Commander.  ::walks out
and into the shuttlebay::
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;::anime sweatdrop::&gt;&gt;
Victor Andros:  ::Thinks for a sec::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::pinches the bridge of her nose:: Now if you'll excuse 
I have something unpleasent ahead of me.. 
Victor Andros:  +All players+ Attention all senior staff, report to
conference room one immediately.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::rises:: We'd best be going too. Come along T'Nal.
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::Blinks::  +Andros+  Is that a cancel on the away team,
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;Did I just say staff? God, i'm tired...&gt;&gt;
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::thinks.. Thank God! For once the Commander's timing
couldn't be better:: 
Victor Andros:  +Asper+ Negative, Lieutenant. There are some things that need
to be discussed first.
ElRiov trIdrys:         (( OK so what DID you mean? ))
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;Officers&gt;&gt;
LtJoshuaAsper:  +Andros+  On my way, Commander.  ::Steps back into the TL::
Deck One, Bridge.
Victor Andros:  Jim Bob&gt; +Bridge+ Engineerin' to the bridge.
Victor Andros:  ::Closes his eyes and mentally braces himself:: +JB+ Bridge
here, go ahead.
ElRiov trIdrys:         +Andros+ On my way Sir. :::exits sickbay, heads to TL 
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::enters TL with T'Nal::: Bridge. :::TL moves::: 
Lt Sara Crusher:        (We were in my quaters, Jansug)
Victor Andros:  JB&gt; +VA+ I've got a tad bit of a problem, sir. Ya see,
that thing that was supposed to be wrong with main power?
ElRiov trIdrys:         (( ok magic edit to your quarters then ... ))
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::steps out onto the bridge and pauses at the banister behind
the command chairs::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::watches them leave then bangs her head on the wall:: 
am I the secert keeper... 
Victor Andros:  +JB+ Uh-huh...
Victor Andros:  JB&gt; Well, ya see, that didn't do tha trick.
Victor Andros:  +JB+ And....
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::TL doors open, steps out and heads to Conference Room
with T'Nal:::
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{::points to Sara::  Masichist - or however you spell it!}}
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::finishes the experiment and logs the results to her 
then takes that with her as she walks to the CR::
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;Masochist&gt;&gt;
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{Yes!  That!  She's that!}}
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::enters CR with T'Nal, takes seat:::
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{Someone needs a Psych eval - and it's NOT me.  ;)}}
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::leaves her lab coat on the couch and heads for the CR
rubbing the spot on her forehead that meet the wall::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::moves over and into the CR, seats himself to the left of
the Commander::
Victor Andros:  JB&gt; +VA+ Well, I'll be needin' to figure out what's
holdin' up the power.
Victor Andros:  +JB+ You do that.
Victor Andros:  +JB+ I have a meeting. Let me know when you've made progress.
Victor Andros:  ::Walks into the CR::
Victor Andros:  ::Sits at the head::
Victor Andros:  ::Smiles a little::
ElRiov trIdrys:         T'Nal > ::subtly plays footsie with Idrys under the 
Victor Andros:  ::Cocks his head at T'Nal::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::grabs a PADD::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::stifles gasp::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::brushed her bangs over the little red mark then enters
the room taking her chair::
ElRiov trIdrys:         T'Nal > ::looks at Andros, cocks own head::
Victor Andros:  Who might you be?
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::turns and looks at T'Nal::
ElRiov trIdrys:         T'Nal > Ensign T'NaluMor, Assistant Medical Officer,
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::enters the CR, reading her padd as she walks, and sits
next to Sara::
Victor Andros:  Indeed.
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::smile britens::
Victor Andros:  Is this your first posting, Ensign?
ElRiov trIdrys:         T'Nal > ::nods:: It is, Sir.
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::gauges T'Nal up and down::
Victor Andros:  Good. Then allow me to inform you that, in the future, the
first thing you do when you get on board a new vessel is to report to the
Executive or Commanding Officer.
ElRiov trIdrys:         T'Nal > ::looks at Asper, raises brow::
Victor Andros:  Is that clear, Ensign?
ElRiov trIdrys:         T'Nal > Yes, it is clear, Sir.
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::trying to push the sudden headache aside as she 
the new commer.. then smiles quickly at Cy:: ~Don't I know you. Your awfully
Victor Andros:  Good. Now, with Miss Crusher occupied here, I'm sure there is
more than enough things that need attended to in Sickbay. You are dismissed.
ElRiov trIdrys:         T'Nal > Understood Sir. ::rises and leaves CR::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::turns at the sound of her name:: 
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ~Yeah, I think we've met!~ ::smiles inwardly:::
Victor Andros:  Now, with that out of the way...
Victor Andros:  ::Lights dim slightly;:
ElRiov trIdrys:         T'Nal > :::heads into TL::: Sick ... bay. :::TL moves:::
Victor Andros:  Let's make this as brief as possible.
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::turns to look at the Commander and grabs a PADD::
ElRiov trIdrys:         T'Nal > ::starts sobbing quietly:::
Victor Andros:  The four of you are going to go down to Ju Ju III and make
contact with the planetary government.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::picks up PADD::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::nods and taps the PADD::
Victor Andros:  This is a Federation colony, so there should be a clear power
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::tries like hell not to look disgusted at the iead::
ElRiov trIdrys:         T'Nal > :::dries eyes, steps out of TL as doors open, 
to SB::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ~Oh, joy.~
Victor Andros:  I believe there is some sort of council with a head minister
Lt Sara Crusher:        ~So this is why Assfur called me... Kill me now.~
Victor Andros:  Before we let the scientists out of our care, we need to
ascertain the current situation on Ju Ju.
Lt Sara Crusher:        Have we been able to connact their medical department?
Victor Andros:  No.
Victor Andros:  Communications are down.
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::forwns:: 
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::raises a hand slightly::  Commander, if I may ask...?
Victor Andros:  Yes, Mr. Asper?
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::rubs chin::
LtJoshuaAsper:  I know there's a plaque going on down there, are we going to
be suseptable to it?
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::exchanges a look with Crusher:: Biosuits?
Victor Andros:  I was getting there, but since you've asked now, biosuits
will be on the shuttle.
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::nods and taps the shuttle again::
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;The shuttle is in the CR?&gt;&gt;
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{ACK!}}
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::taps the PADD::*
Lt Sara Crusher:        (thought it was a little corward in there)
Victor Andros:  It may become neccessary for you to use them.
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{corward?}}
ElRiov trIdrys:         (( crowded ))
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{Ah...}}
Lt Sara Crusher:        (yeah that.)
Victor Andros:  Mr. Asper, you will be in nominal command of this operation,
even though there are three Lieutenants on the mission. 
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::blinks::
Lt Sara Crusher:        Sir? 
Victor Andros:  You're job is to take care of piloting the shuttle and to
make contact with the government.
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::nods::  Aye, Commander.
Victor Andros:  Lieutenants Crusher and Kaelyre, if at all possible, I think
it would be advantageous for us to know the medical situation as well as the
current state of preparedness of any hospitals
Victor Andros:  This is your job.
Victor Andros:  You have a question, Miss Crusher?
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::Tilts head towards Sara::
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;D'oh! Of course Joe's not here. He's in Colombia. How
could I forget that...&gt;&gt;
Lt Sara Crusher:        With all dude respect, Sir.. This is a medical venture 
Lt. Kaelyre and I have spent all the time with our viststers.. 
Victor Andros:  ::nods::
Lt Sara Crusher:        shouldn't we be the contacts, Sir?
Victor Andros:  ::Shakes head:: I don't want you to have to deal with the
politicians. I want you to save lives.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~Doctor, he did say nominal command, didn't he?~
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::simply watches this play out bemusedly, then raises 
Victor Andros:  Yes, Miss Kaelyre?
Lt Sara Crusher:        (one of these days we'll have a Full crew again.. I only
hope it's before Chips baby goes to college... lol)
Cyanah Kaelyre:         I'm not clear on science's role in this.
Victor Andros:  I need you to assist medical, but, more than that, figure out
what they have and don't have.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         What they have and don't have in regards to what?
Victor Andros:  This is kind of a backwater, and they may not have the most
up to date technology
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::thinks.. easier said then done::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::taps the PADD::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         What sort of technology?
ElRiov trIdrys:         I guess that's part of our assignment ... assess what
technology they do have.
Victor Andros:  I'm mostly concerned with medical technology, for obvious
reasons. I'm sure they have hyposprays and the like, but maybe not the newest
Victor Andros:  There has also got to be a cause. Track this thing back to
its source.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Sir, I'm an astrophysicist, not a biologist or a doctor.
Victor Andros:  If you do not think you will be of assistance, then you are
free to stay behind.
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::thinks::  For the love of everything, it's basic
observation - a cadet could do it.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::blinks::
ElRiov trIdrys:         (( careful of all these damned telepaths in the room 
ya! ))
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::fights a smile::
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;I think that was the point&gt;&gt;
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{Bingo.}}
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::eyes widen, just shorta looks at Cy:: 
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::rubs chin::
Victor Andros:  Mr. Idrys. Talk to the people. Talk to the leaders.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::nods::
Victor Andros:  Figure out their state of mind. The last thing we need on
this planet is a scared and out of control populace.
ElRiov trIdrys:         I'll do my best Sir.
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::glances at Idrys, then back at Andros::
Victor Andros:  If at all possible, I'm sure Miss Crusher can use the help.
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::taps at PADD:::
Victor Andros:  Are, for the love of all that is good, if you need to use the
security crew to survive, get out. The are Federation citizens, so don't
fight your way in.
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::pinches her nose and keeps thinking.. shore leave.. 
trip.. shore leave.. long trip....::
Victor Andros:  These8
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;Blah!!&gt;&gt;
Victor Andros:  Any questions?
ElRiov trIdrys:         None here Sir.
Lt Sara Crusher:        No Sir.. 
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::shakes head::  No, sir.
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::thinks, can we leave Josh on the planet?... smiles a
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;You all want to keep going?&gt;&gt;
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{Yeah.}}
Lt Sara Crusher:        (yes!)
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;okay.&gt;&gt;
Victor Andros:  ::stands:: Dismissed.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::rises::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::stands and moves out onto the bridge::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::gets up and heads for the door:: 
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::heads out to the Bridge::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::up the steps and into the TL::  Shuttlebay.  ::whizes away
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::steps out into the shuttlebay::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::shows Crusher PADD::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::picks up her padd and heads out::
Lt Sara Crusher:        +Jenny+ Have the med and sci guests ready to depart..
::takes Jansungs PADD:: 
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::nods quietly::
Lt Sara Crusher:        Jenny&gt; +Sara+ They already are.. 
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::steps into the shuttle and starts the warmup sequence::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::goes into the back and gets out a biosuit - sidles into it
ElRiov trIdrys:         T'Nal > ::still dabbing at eyes in SB::
ElRiov trIdrys:         T'Nal > :::finishing 45th box of Fleet Issue Kleenex:::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::shakes head and hands it back to Jansung:: What would 
know.. I bet he spent his first year piss ass drunk
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::q:: Well the Commander said he was in *nominal* 
command of
the mission ... so humor him. Could it hurt?
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::would say 'At least I don't ride on my family's name...'::
Lt Sara Crusher:        You don;t know him
ElRiov trIdrys:         Hmmmm.
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::smaks head and stops, then turns back to the CR door::
You coming? Or hiding, Love?
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::smiles:: I haven't decided.
ElRiov trIdrys:         Let's go. He'll probably take the shuttle down without 
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::taps the engine readout gauge and sets up for
LtJoshuaAsper:  gauge = panel
Lt Sara Crusher:        Oh this is a problem? ::waits for Cy to catch up:: 
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::taps the console::  Engines online.  Weapons on standby.
Shields ready for activation.  We're set.
Victor Andros:  ::Walks out onto the bridge::
Victor Andros:  Report.
Victor Andros:  Skitz&gt; Nothing has changed, sir.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Oh, I suppose I'll go. I'm sure there's something in the
science of the place I'll find interesting.
Lt Sara Crusher:        If not you can always keep me from killing out 
leader&quot; ::smiles and heads for the shuttle bay::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::follows along::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::grins and follows::
Lt Sara Crusher:        Did you ever finish the thing you were working on about 
moon dust?
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::enters the shuttle bay:: 
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::enters:::
ElRiov trIdrys:         (( brb ))
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Yes. ::has no clue what she's talking about because her
player doesn't remember::
Lt Sara Crusher:        (the beach fried your brain)
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::sitting behind the console::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::enters the shuttle with a word and takes a seat in the
ElRiov trIdrys:         (( bak ))
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::enters shuttle and sits down::
Lt Sara Crusher:        (test)
LtJoshuaAsper:  (pass)
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::looks back::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::waits for the other two::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::sits next to Sara and hopes they make it down in one
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::taps the console and the shuttlebay doors open - with the
safety forcefield in place::
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;Sara passed a test? Must have been an afternoon test,
because she sleeps through all her morning classes. :-D&gt;&gt;
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{::rimshot::}}
Lt Sara Crusher:        (:-p)
LtJoshuaAsper:  +Andros+  Asper to Bridge, we're ready for departure.
Lt Sara Crusher:        ~This can't be as bad as we think can it?~
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ~Angels and ministers of grace, defend us.~
Victor Andros:  +Asper+ Good. ::Skitz nods:: You're clear to launch.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~You never know.~
LtJoshuaAsper:  +Andros+  Aye, sir.  ::taps the console as the shuttle rises
up smoothly and out into open space::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ~You spent way to much time with Kathyrn, ::giggles::~
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ~Hamlet was great!~
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::maneuvers the ship into the atmosphere and slowly makes an
ascent - watches the geographical displays for a suitable landing area::
LtJoshuaAsper:  I hope you all don't mind some walking distance, there's a no
fly zone in effect near the Capital city.  It'll be good walk through the
outskirts first.  ::looks back for a brief second::
Victor Andros:  STATEMENT&gt; There are two prominent mountains. They are
white with snow, but the top of them appears black.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Why, is the shuttle's transport pad broken, too?
Victor Andros:  As the ship gets closer, you can tell that it's actually two
cities linked by a rail system of some sort
Victor Andros:  hence, the name of the city, Eyeballs.
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::taps the console, mutter inaudible words and sets the
shuttle in a low orbit::  
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::sets the coordinates::  We're all set.
LtJoshuaAsper:  Two at a time.  ::motions::  Lieutenants?
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::stands and heads for the transporter pads:: Where you
sending us?
LtJoshuaAsper:  Complete Oblivion.  ::smiles::  The Left City, Idrys and I
will be right behind you guys.
LtJoshuaAsper:  If we have to, we'll travel to the other city.
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;That would be the first time you ever sent her there,
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{And the umpteenth time I've thought about it.  ;)}}
Lt Sara Crusher:        ~God I hope that was joke~
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::activates the transporters::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::steps up to the transporter::
LtJoshuaAsper:  Whenever you're ready.  
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::get's beamed::
LtJoshuaAsper:  Energizing...  ::runs his hands up and then back down the
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::closes eyes just in case::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::moves onto the transporter pad::  Computer, set
transporters to previous coordinates.  
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::gets on pad:::
LtJoshuaAsper:  Computer, energize...
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::shimmers::
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::shimmers:::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::reappears on the planet's surface::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::rematerializes::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::lands into side the city.. opens one eye:: Did we make
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::takes out her tricorder and starts scanning things at
ElRiov trIdrys:         We did indeed.
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;everyone put on biosuits, right?&gt;&gt;
LtJoshuaAsper:  Yes, all in one piece.  
ElRiov trIdrys:         (( um, yeah ))
Cyanah Kaelyre:         &lt;&lt;yep&gt;&gt;
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{I did.}}
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::is wearing a ugly biosuit::
ElRiov trIdrys:         (( just magic-edit us into them ))
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::has a stylish bio-suit on::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ( :-p)
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::looks around::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::sees people scurrying around::
Victor Andros:  ::People are walking around, pretty much as normal::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::opens her tri-corder:: We should head for the 
Victor Andros:  ::except for looking at the four StarFleet officers funny::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::points towards a tall building in what seems like the
center of the town::  No, contact with the Government first.  
Victor Andros:  Skitz, do we have contact with the away team?
Victor Andros:  Skitz&gt; Negative, sir.
Victor Andros:  Dammit. Keep trying.
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::motions::  Let's go.  ::starts walking::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::follows::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::grits teeth::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~You're right, Doctor ... I don't know him.~
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::counts slowly to 10::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::walks up to a person::  Excuse me?
Victor Andros:  No! I'm not infected.
Victor Andros:  I swear I'm not.
Victor Andros:  Person&gt;*
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::blinks::  Woah there...
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::looks at her tri-corder and points to the left:: 
Lt Sara Crusher:        ~Hosptial is that way~
LtJoshuaAsper:  Where can I find the place of government here?  
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::tilts head slightly::
Victor Andros:  Random Person&gt; ::Points down the street:: The domed
building across from the Sorensky Building. That the skyscraper.
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::vqw:: Try using the map on your tri-corder.. 
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::nods and smiles through his globe::  Thank you.
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::motions and continues walking::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ( always remember Sara women stop to ask for directions 
O:-) )
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{Ouch!  And the ref takes a point away...}}
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{That was below the belt, try and keep the gloves up.  ;)}}
ElRiov trIdrys:         ( it's a truism dammit )
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::follows::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::walks down and to the domed building::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::scanning the geological strata beneath them::
Victor Andros:  $ ::Sits in the command chair::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::walks into the building into a HUGE lobby with a grand
staircase made of marble and elaborate murals on the walls::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::taps Cy on the arm:: Is dirt surpose to gilter? 
to the dust on their boots::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Depends on what it's made of.
Victor Andros:  ::A gigantic desk, also of marble, is near the entrance and a
human lady sits behind it::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::scans it:: This has a lot of pyrite in it, which would
explain the glitter.
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::turns and waits for the rest of the team::
Victor Andros:  Secretary&gt; ::looks up:: Ohmygod, what are you doing here?
Lt Sara Crusher:        Anything odd in it?
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::shakes head:: It's harmless.
Lt Sara Crusher:        Damn.. Didn;t think it would be that easy
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::turns::  I'm Lieutenant Joshua Asper of the United
Federation of Planets.  We're here to aid in the handling of this plague.
May I speak with your colonial leader?
Victor Andros:  Secretary&gt; Wh- Wh- What?
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::blinks::  We received a summons for scientific and medical
Victor Andros:  Secretary&gt; Oh. Right. That. Let me inform Mr. Radetsky.
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::hides the tri-corder wand in her hand and starts to 
random people:: 
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::enters and looks around:: Goodness what a magnificent
place ...
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::idly plays tetris on her padd as it gathers data::
Victor Andros:  Secretary&gt; ::Runs off::
Lt Sara Crusher:        Well this is weird.. 
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::nods and quickly runs back out::  Crusher, Kaelyre, Idrys -
come on.  ::motions inside::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::knocks the tri-corder on the side of her hand and 
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::moves back inside and to where he was standing::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::follows::
Victor Andros:  Secretary&gt; ::Walks back in, much more collected with an
older man by her side::
Lt Sara Crusher:        What happened to command in name only.. ::shakes head 
double checks her scans:: This just sin't right.. 
Victor Andros:  ++PAUSE SIM++
Victor Andros:  ++PAUSE SIM++
Victor Andros:  ++PAUSE SIM++
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::paused:::
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::desuaP:::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::paused::
Victor Andros:  ::The shiny whistle reappears and he blows into it::
Victor Andros:  Attention!!
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::@@::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::AA::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::AA::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::AA::
Victor Andros:  Ah, yes.
Victor Andros:  The strangeness that is Ju Ju
LtJoshuaAsper:  The glittery dirt is cool...  
Victor Andros:  Enjoy it.
Victor Andros:  I do have one thing I want to discuss before we leave.
Victor Andros:  I work until 10 PM ET. This sim is supposed to start at 10 PM
Victor Andros:  This hasn't been a problem what with the Hal running until
around 10:15-10:30 anyways.
Lt Sara Crusher:        That's ok.. Hal doesn't start till 915
Victor Andros:  I just wanted to inform you all that this sim will be
starting later than is officially listed.
Victor Andros:  Any thing else?
Victor Andros:  No?
Victor Andros:  Good.
Victor Andros:  Dismissed!
Victor Andros:  ::Blows into whistle loudly so it shrills::
ElRiov trIdrys:         niters

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