<USS Banshee> USS Banshee Sim chatlog 0305.29

  • From: ElRiovtrIdrys@xxxxxxx
  • To: ussbanshee@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 00:12:56 EDT

AdmiralGem:     ::tosses the keys to Morri::
LtCdr K Dallas:         Write logs, help in the Academy, get promoted (tm)
AdmiralGem:     Have fun, Banshee!
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LtJoshGarrity:  thanks for letting me hang out, all
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WatcherCMS:     hmm...guess that means I gots to book!
WatcherCMS:     adios!
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LtJoshGarrity:  ::waves bye::
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ElRiov trIdrys:         And now, between Sims, a word from one of our sponsors 
LtJoshuaAsper:  Oh God...
Cpt Morrigan:   We have a sponsor?  Where is my paycheck?
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::looks around::: Hey, I don't see anyone around here 
Bruce ...
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ElRiov trIdrys:         Hmpfh. My better half is still waiting for one of hers 
some weeks ago.
Lt Sara Crusher:        HI CY!!
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Hiya!
Lt Sara Crusher:        Ok I'm good now :-D
LtJoshuaAsper:  LOL
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Lt Sara Crusher:        ::pokes the room::
Cpt Morrigan:   Okay.... looks like we have a decent crowd at the moment.
LtJoshuaAsper:  Room&gt; ::is poked::
Cpt Morrigan:   Pardon my.... slowness at the moment.... the baby decided to
remove my batteries and I'm running on auxiliarly power at the moment.
ElRiov trIdrys:         Well the crowd may be decent for now, but once we get to
that Betazoid reception ... ;)
ElRiov trIdrys:         GMTA!
Cpt Morrigan:   Huh?
CptKetchum:     ::skips out of the room::
Lt Sara Crusher:        Is that tonight?
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Cpt Morrigan:   Doubtful.
Lt Sara Crusher:        k
ElRiov trIdrys:         but definitely in the not too distant future.
Cpt Morrigan:   :::thinks someone is obsessing::::
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::thinks the Captain is obsessing over a possibility of
Victor Andros:  ::Reaches deep into his pocket::
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::decides to wear T-shirt that says, "HELP! the 
are out to get me!":::
Victor Andros:  ::Pulls out the Whistle of Vile Darkness::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::covers her ears::
Victor Andros:  ::Blows into it::
Victor Andros:  Attention!!
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::AA::
HeatherMclouson:        ::AA::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::AA::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::AA::
Cpt Morrigan:   Victor..... :::points at Asper::::
Victor Andros:  ::pokes Josh::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::@@::
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{Sorry, helping a friend with relationship problems.}}
Cpt Morrigan:   :::looks faintly disappointed not to see sparks and smoke
involved in the poking:::
Victor Andros:  ::pokes Josh with a bonfire::
Cpt Morrigan:   Okay.... time to begin.  
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::is burned alive::
Cpt Morrigan:   The Banshee WILL be arriving at Delphi VII tonight to pick up
the Betazzoid Ambassador and the medical team assigned to the plague at Ju
Cpt Morrigan:   Estimated time of arrival.... 15 minutes.
Cpt Morrigan:   Any questions?
Lt Sara Crusher:        (Why is the sky blue??)
LtJoshuaAsper:  {What's the meaning of life?}
Cyanah Kaelyre:         {42}
Lt Sara Crusher:        (42?)
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Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt;I'm sure the magic zapper will be glad to answer all
these questions and more.... =) &gt;&gt;
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::shakes head::  No ma'am.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ( Hitchhiker's Guide, Sara )
Lt Sara Crusher:        (Ah)
Cpt Morrigan:   In that case......
Cpt Morrigan:   BEGIN SIM
Cpt Morrigan:   BEGIN SIM
Cpt Morrigan:   BEGIN SIM
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Lt Sara Crusher:        (::will Tell Kathryn if she gets zapped::)
Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt;::::staples Heather down::::&gt;&gt;
Victor Andros:  ::sitting on the bridge::
HeatherMclouson:        ( yeah...so I meant to say Yay Douglas Adams!)
Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt;::::will zap her own mother::::&gt;&gt;
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::is standing on the bridge in his usual position::
Lt Sara Crusher:        (=-o)
Cyanah Kaelyre:         {{I'll bet she'd zap back.}}
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::on bridge:::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::is in a turbo lift::
Cpt Morrigan:   :::is sitting her chair of doom, wearing her new piece of
jewelry and not looking comfortable with this typical symbol of
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::is being blinded by the shimmering rock on the Captain's
Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt; :::is more than ready to say that phrase that every
parent says to their child at some point....::::
Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt;When you live under MY roof... you follow MY
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::reading a PADD and sipping coffee as the TL goes zoom
zoom zoom::
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LtJoshuaAsper:  ::taps the console a few times and looks at the approach to
Delphi VII::
Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt;All Sara wants to do is
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::exits the lift and heads for the sci lab::
Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt;Hellllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooo, Sam!&gt;&gt;
Victor Andros:  Lieutenant Asper, estimated time of arrival&gt;
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::mumbles about having a strange med team trashing *her*
sick bay::
Cpt Morrigan:   Estimated time to... yeah... what he said.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::in the Science Lab, looking over the preliminary data 
the Juju Bean Virus::
Lt SamanthaMason:       ((Sorry everyone... after my incredibly daily groping
excursion into the real world, I fell asleep... ))
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::looks at the distance indication panel::  About ten minutes
Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt;Who were you groping this time??&gt;&gt;
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::approaches Morrigan::: I trust your meeting was
productive, Captain? ::smiles::
Lt SamanthaMason:       ((Don't worry about it Morri... all that you should know
is that your number is coming up soon...mawwwhahahahah)
Cpt Morrigan:   ::::glances away from her armside console and then back at
it:::  You might say that, Counselor.
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::avoiding Sevn and the rest of the staff and heads 
to Cy's personal lab::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::looks to the Captain and then returns his intentions to the
tactical console::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Sven and the rest of Cy's Staff&gt; ::avoid Crusher for
fear of the Milipede eggs and musk that still surrounds her:: 
ElRiov trIdrys:         I'm glad to hear that. ::looks at main viewer:: Delphi 
at last. So near and yet so far away.
Lt Sara Crusher:        (Hey! I showered!}
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::corrects::  Delphi VII, actually, counselor.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::coincidentally munching on Juju beans::
Lt SamanthaMason:       ((in Bleach?))
Lt SamanthaMason:       (I think not!)
Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt;She is awfully pale.....&gt;&gt;
ElRiov trIdrys:         Delphi VII, Delphi VIII, who's counting? At least we're
getting there! And about time, too.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Monkey&gt; ::in the JTs building a nest)) 
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::sneaks up behind Cy and takes the Juju bean from her
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::startled:: Ahh!
Cyanah Kaelyre:         It's you!
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::pops the candy in her mouth and smiles:: Who else 
it me?
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::smiles::  That we are, Counselor.  ::taps the console and
calls up the torpedo compliment and phaser status::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Well, I wouldn't put it past that monkey....
Lt Sara Crusher:        *be
LtJoshuaAsper:  Captain, we're being hailed by Delphi VII.  ::looks to the
communications terminal::
Cpt Morrigan:   :::mutters:::: Oh, surprise, surprise.
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Lt Sara Crusher:        ::rubs the back of her neck:: Oh yeah him.. 
I JoeCastillo:  ::attempts to slip in unnoticed::
Cpt Morrigan:   Onscreen, Lieutenant.
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::taps::  Channel open...  
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::back in the grope-free zone, her 
Cpt Morrigan:   :::stands and does the mandatory tunic tug::::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Quite the... escapade you had in here. ::grins::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ( the Morrigan Maneuver?? :-D )
Cpt Morrigan:   ACTION&gt; A very competant and calm looking gentleman appears
on the screen.
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::blushes a deep red:: Yeah well it was.. Yeah... 
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::looks to the gentlemen, then eyes his panel::
Cpt Morrigan:   Prime Minister Fredricks&gt;  Captain Morrigan, I presume?
Lt Sara Crusher:        You know that Sevn is nuts right?
Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt;Honey.... you haven't SEEN the Morrigan Maneuver
yet..... =) &gt;&gt;
Lt Sara Crusher:        (I bet Jvan has)
Cyanah Kaelyre:         &lt;&lt;::has definitely seen the Morrigan
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Oh yeah, you'd have to be to take that job. But he says 
same thing about you. ::winks:
Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt;:::whistles innocently::::&gt;&gt;
ElRiov trIdrys:         ( at least *I* got to see the Jackal Maneuver ... ;) )
Lt Sara Crusher:        me? ::looks all shocked and stuff::
Cpt Morrigan:   ::::nods::: Prime Minister Fredricks, I presume.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         But, he's crazy, so don't his word for it.
Lt Sara Crusher:        Humph
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Cyanah Kaelyre:         Plus, I made it clear that I didn't want him talking 
superior officers ::coughcoughmygirlfriendcoughcough:: like that.
Cpt Morrigan:   PMF&gt; Now that the niceties are done with.... welcome to
Delphi VII, Captain.  
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::laughs:: Well I bet he liked that conversation
Cpt Morrigan:   Thank you, Prime Minister.  Am I to assume that our guests are
ready and waiting for our arrival?
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Oh, of course. He got to clean up the mess while 
about it.
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Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt;Hmmmm.... guess her office wasn't so grope free after
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::puts the padd about the virus on the table and laughs
again:: You know I would have helped with that..
Lt SamanthaMason:       ((DAMN, apparently my computer just experienced the
Morrigan Manuever! Hence it suddenly crashing to death))
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{LOL!}}
Cyanah Kaelyre:         I think you were traumatized enough, dear.
Cpt Morrigan:   PMF&gt; ::::looks very amused:::: For the most part, yes...
they are.  The medical team is ready with some supplies and their gear....
but the ambassador....
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::perks up:::
Cpt Morrigan:   ::::prompts:::: Is......?
Lt SamanthaMason:       (Luckily I had my PC to buffer it... can you imagine if
Morri performed her manuver on me... I'd be dead for the next ten lives))
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::looks to the screen::
Cpt Morrigan:   PMF&gt; :::chuckles:::: Still packing.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::smiles to self::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::nods:: Ya know it'll be even harder to explian why I'm
not going to the reseption in the &quot;traditional&quot; way now..
Cpt Morrigan:   :::drily::: I see.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         It's easier, dear. You're so embarassed that you can't 
to relive the humiliation!
Lt SamanthaMason:       Sven&gt; ::wonders if they ever caught that 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Sven&gt; ::or if Ole Barn shot it to death::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::taps the console, checking the integrity and connection of
the transmission::
Lt Sara Crusher:        That'll work.. ::grins:: 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::still in the grope-free zone:: 
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Cpt Morrigan:   PMF&gt; The medical team will be ready for beam up when you
establish orbit.... and the ambassador's manservant with the initial shipment
of her belongings.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         I'm glad I'm working with you on this. I hate biology.
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::thinks::  Initial shipment...
Cpt Morrigan:   :::blinks for a moment::: Initial shipment.... Prime
Minister.... the ambassador does understand that we are not a cargo ship...
does she not?
Victor Andros:  ::Perks up at &quot;manservant&quot;::
Victor Andros:  &lt;m&gt; For someone who wants to throw a nude ball, she
sure does have a lot of baggage.
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::looks over her shoulder.. gets really close:: It would
have been a lot easier with more information.. But the med team the Amb is
bringing wouldn't send any more
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::qw:: You have no idea *how* much, Commander ...
Cpt Morrigan:   PMF&gt; :::is trying not to convulse at Morrigan's
reactions:::: Good luck, Captain.... I'm sure that you will find her visit to
be.... amusing.
I JoeCastillo:  ::Walks into the Security office::
Lt SamanthaMason:       20 Foot Millipede&gt; ::on the loose since no one 
to stop it:: 
Cpt Morrigan:   I'm sure.... pleasant day to you, Prime Minister.  Morrigan
Cpt Morrigan:   PMF&gt; :::bows slightly, smiling as the transmission is
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::munches a couple more Juju beans::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Measley&gt; ::working in the JTs, notices it's all
I JoeCastillo:  ::Walks over to the console and makes sure the security
detail for the ambassador::
Cpt Morrigan:   :::sits with a sigh::: Asper... establish a standard orbit
when ready.
I JoeCastillo:  ::is ready::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Measley&gt; ::looking over his back everytime he thinks 
hears something... oh like a 1000 feet scurrying toward him...:: 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Measley&gt; Hello? hello?? Is someone in here? 
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::nods::  Aye, Captain.  ::taps the console::  We're in range
now, Captain, dropping from warp.
Cpt Morrigan:   :::looks at Andros::::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::looking at the data on Cy's screen and twisting her
finger in Cy's hair:: It seems to be a natural accoring virus that went
wrong.. The only thing is they didn't send the what went wrong part
Victor Andros:  ::Raises his eyebrows::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Measley&gt; ::getting sweatly and then greasy:: Oh 
this is bad... Hello? ::hears foot steps, about a 1000 of them:: 
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::cuts warp and impulse and slowly guides them into a
standard orbit::  Standard orbit achieved, Captain.  ::powers down
manuevering thrusters::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::nods:: Yes, I agree.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::clueless, didn't pay very much attention to biology::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Measley&gt; +taps+ Engineering! ::hoarsely::
Engineering!!! I think there's... 
Cpt Morrigan:   Inform Kaelyre and Crusher to meet the medical team in Cargo
bay 1.  You and Castillo and the counselor will meet the ambassador.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Monkey&gt; :;comes up behind Measley and gives him a
monster wedgie:: 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Measley&gt; +taps+ AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::leans closer:: That's ok I skipped astro physics most 
the time.. 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Monkey&gt; ::steals a tricorder, welder, and some other
crap from Measley:: 
Cpt Morrigan:   Or... the ambassador's.... manservant.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Ah! I forget about that sometimes.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ( an atomic wedgie? ;) )
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{Was that to Andros or me?}}
Victor Andros:  ::nods:: Yes, ma'am.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Measley&gt; ::flailing his arms around:: AHH! AHH! 
AHH!!! AHH!!! 
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{Andros, apparently.}}
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{:-D}}
Lt SamanthaMason:       ((you'd better believe it Idrys!))
Cyanah Kaelyre:         It's become so natural that I don't even notice... just 
it's not there.
Victor Andros:  ::Taps a button on his console:: +SaraCy+ Commander Andros to
Lieutenants Kaelyre and Crusher.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Monkey&gt; ::pouncing on Measley and hollering:: 
Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt;Oh, sorry... the Commander.....Asper... you get to
stay with... me.... :::chuckles evilly::::&gt;&gt;
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::nods::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Measley&gt; +taps+ AHH AHHA HHAHH!! AHH!! AHH!! AHH!!! 
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{Oh God.  ::crosses himself::}}
Cyanah Kaelyre:         +Andros+ Kaelyre here.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::exits her office with a baseball bat in
hand::  What's going on?? ::looks to Wallace:: YOU! 
Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt;Kathryn&gt; That is Goddess, young man.&gt;&gt;
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::presses Cy's comm badge cause she can::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; ::AHH!! a little poo comes out:: I didn't do
Lt Sara Crusher:        (or not)
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{LOL}}
Lt SamanthaMason:       Engineering Guy&gt; Ooooh noo... NOT AGAIN. 
Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt;Great.... now the engineering staff is
Victor Andros:  +SaraCy+ We are currently in orbit around Delphi VII. The
medical team we're picking up should be arriving in Cargo Bay One. Please
meet them there.
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;...again...&gt;&gt;
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; =taps+ Measley?? Where are you?  Computer,
where is Ensign...Measley? Is that his real name?
Cyanah Kaelyre:         +Andros+ Aye, Commander.
ElRiov trIdrys:         (( either incontinent, or incompetent ... or maybe a 
bit of
both? ;) )
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Cyanah Kaelyre:         Well, off we go.
Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt;Maybe incontinently incompetant.&gt;&gt;
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::groans::
Victor Andros:  +SaraCy+ Andros out.
I JoeCastillo:  &lt;&lt;i feel stupid for asking but whats incontinent
Lt SamanthaMason:       Computer&gt; Ensign Measley is currently in Jefferies 
20-A. Yes, it is also his real name.
OnlineHost:     LtJvanDnalls has entered the room.
Victor Andros:  +Joe+ Commander Andros to Lieutenant Castillo.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         &lt;&lt;Not a large land mass.&gt;&gt;
HeatherMclouson:        (can't control your bowels)
ElRiov trIdrys:         (( can't control of going potty ))
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Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt;Think old people with diapers.&gt;&gt;
Lt Sara Crusher:        I really really don't like the idea of these people 
in and taking over my sick bay
I JoeCastillo:  &lt;&lt;and i thought i was late &gt;&gt;
Victor Andros:  ::Stands and walks to the TL::
Victor Andros:  ::motions for Idrys to follow him::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Now you see why I keep my zoo. No one would want my 
LtJvanDnalls:   &lt;&lt;Sue me.&gt;
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::follows Andros::
I JoeCastillo:  +Andross+ Commander this is Castillo.
Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt;Nah.... no money to be made there.&gt;&gt;
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::sighs:: Janice! Get Measley!!
Victor Andros:  +Joe+ Meet me in Transporter Room One.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; I didn't do anything!!! 
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::laughs and heads for the door:: I think a monkey in 
bay would be a little weird.. 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; SHUT UP! Go get him!!!!!!!! ::points with 
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Oh, he's probably already in sickbay.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; ::runs screaming and crying:: 
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::walking with her to the TL::
HeatherMclouson:        ::has already moved her stuff from her office into a 
box in
her quarters:: Can't be too careful.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Everyone else&gt; ::cowering:: 
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::eyes get all wide:: Huh?
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::to everyone else:: bAck to work!!! 
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Nothing, dear.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::enters the TL:: 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Everyone else&gt; ::hides and tries to push buttons from
under their consoles:: 
Cyanah Kaelyre:         Cargo bay one.
I JoeCastillo:  +Andors+ I'll be there as soon as possible sir.
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::follows and just kinda looks at her oddly::
Victor Andros:  +Joe+ Good. Andros out.
Victor Andros:  ::Steps into the TL::
Victor Andros:  TR1.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::also steps in::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; ::quietly:: I thought Morrigan was the ueber
bitch, but damn... Hotcakes is like Ueber Bitch II: PMS Season.
Cpt Morrigan:   ACTION&gt; Transport sequences and codes arrive at Asper's
ElRiov trIdrys:         (( ::pokes Morrigan:: They never saw Daire or Red, huh? 
I JoeCastillo:  ::Grabs his phaser just in case and heads for the TL:: Wonder
what this is about.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice Athena&gt; ::looks into the JT:: Measley? 
You can come out! Measley!?
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::fights the urge to play with Cy's hair since they're 
LtJoshuaAsper:  Captain, I have transport sequence controls.  Shall I
initiate transport? ::looks to his CO::
Victor Andros:  ::TL stops, doors open::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::exits the TL and heads for CB1::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::they arrive in cargo bay one::
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::steps out w/Andros:::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; ::sighs and steps foot inside, keeps moving::
Measley? ::keeps crawling, the JT doors behind her close:: AHH!! ::panicking,
closes eyes:: there is nothing weird in here... Measley!!!! 
Victor Andros:  ::Steps out into the TR::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::takes a deep breath:: So where are they?
Cpt Morrigan:   :::looks at Asper:::: Can't we just run while we can?
I JoeCastillo:  ::Enters  the TL:: Transporter room 1
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; ::gets closer to JT 20-A or where ever the 
Measley was::
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::smiles::  I could mistake it for a message for immediate
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::shrugs and looks at the cavernous empty space::
Cpt Morrigan:   :::almost chuckles::: Initiate transport.
Victor Andros:  So, this ambassador is your sister...
ElRiov trIdrys:         Oh yes. Haven't seen her in ages!
Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt;Now.... bear with me, guys.... it's going to take me
awhile to type all this stuff!&gt;&gt;
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::nods::  Aye Captain.  ::taps the console::  Transport in
Victor Andros:  Looking forward to it, I'm assuming?
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::nods vigorously:: That I am, Sir. And I hope you and 
rest of the ship will be, too.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; ::makes it to JT20:: Measley? ::he's not
there:: +taps+ eingeering is he moving or out? He's not-- ::hears something::

Lt Sara Crusher:        How many are coming? Did any of the reports say?
Victor Andros:  Are there any surprises I should expect? Things I shouldn't
say or mention?
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; +taps+ J-Lo... wat-up? 
Cyanah Kaelyre:         I didn't hear...
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Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; ::startled, smacks her head into the low
ceiling of the crawlspace:: oww! +taps+ Wallace!! 
Cpt Morrigan:   ACTION&gt; In Cargo Bay 1..... the following personnel beam in
with a large assortment of boxes and serums and practically a whole lab.  Dr
Larry Benson, Dr Curly Henson, Dr Moe Svenson,
Lt Sara Crusher:        And what about this man from your homeworld.. 
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::laughs:: Oh, no, I don't think so. What could 
possibly go
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::sees the people beam in:: and here we go
Victor Andros:  Famous last words
LtJvanDnalls:   &lt;&lt;Hey Moe&gt;&gt;
Cpt Morrigan:   Nurse Priscilla Day, Nurse Pat Duke, Nurse Paul Downs, and the
apparant leader of the crew.... Dr Zotar Boniface.
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{:LOL @ personnel}}
I JoeCastillo:  ::TL stops in TR1 and Joe steps out::
Lt SamanthaMason:       ((hahaha... nice names!))
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::watches the shimmer::
ElRiov trIdrys:         (( ROFL ))
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Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; +taps+ Measley's going somewhere... 
Victor Andros:  ::nods to Joe:: Nice of you to join us, Lieutenant
Lt Sara Crusher:        (Do we have to rememeber all those?..lol)
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;yes&gt;&gt;
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;Because we won't&gt;&gt;
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; but it's like he's moving all slovenly and
I JoeCastillo:  Sorry sir but the TL's are acting up again.
Cpt Morrigan:   ACTION&gt; In TR1..... a large, gaunt man appears.... he must
stand about 7 feet tall.... with what appears to be about 4 hovercraft full
of ornate boxes and luggage.
Victor Andros:  ::nods:: I'm sure
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; +taps+ Well if he's heading out...then...
everything's okay... 
Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt;:::sticks the Post It note to her monitor::::&gt;&gt;
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; +taps+ Well, unfortunately, he's also
unconscious... soo...
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::smiles, signs to tall man: How good to see you again 
friend! :::
Victor Andros:  ::taps:: +Bridge+Captain, I need a site-to-site transport.
Cpt Morrigan:   ACTION&gt; Oh, and did I mention that he is bald?
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; Ummm... ::notices the smell:: what the 
looking at Wallace's toolcase there's some hair there... ::saves the hair for
further analysis.
Lt Sara Crusher:        ~Which one of us steps up first?~
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ~You.~
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Cpt Morrigan:   Tall Guy&gt; :::bows respectfully and gestures to the luggage
with reverence::::
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::nods, bows and smiles:::
Cpt Morrigan:   Zoltan&gt; :::steps forward::: Dr Crusher?
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::Steps up and offers her hand to Dr. Bonifire:: Welcome
aboard, Doctor..
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::nods::
Cpt Morrigan:   *Andros* Is it that bad?
Victor Andros:  +Rhi+ This is the first load, correct?
Cpt Morrigan:   Zoltan&gt; :::takes hand and shakes it firmly:::: A pleasure
to meet you, Doctor.  I hope we are not too much of an inconvenience.
Cpt Morrigan:   *Vic* Oh... yeah.
Victor Andros:  +Rhi+ Yes. It is that bad.
Cpt Morrigan:   :::looks at Josh::: Co-ordinate with Andros and get the stuff
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::smiles:: Of course your not.. We've plunty of room in 
medical labs.. 
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::nods::  Aye, Captain.  +Andros+  Commander, this is
Lieutenant Asper, I am prepared to transport the luggage in Transporter Room
One to the VIP Suite.  
Cpt Morrigan:   Zoltan&gt; We.... brought everything... possibly including the
kitchen sink.
Victor Andros:  +Josh+ Excellent. Hold that thought for just a sec.
Cpt Morrigan:   *Dnalls* Morrigan to Dnalls.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::stands serenely and watches the affair::
Victor Andros:  ::nudges Jansug:: Does he talk?
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; ::going after Measley:: 
ElRiov trIdrys:         Only rarely.
Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt;Who is having an affair!?&gt;&gt;
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; What's taking her so long? 
LtJvanDnalls:   +Morrigan+ Yes?
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::winks at the guy::
LtJoshuaAsper:  +Andros+  Aye, Commander.
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::laughs:: Wonderful.. Then I'll have you set up in our
larges avalable lab.. ::notices Cy trying to blend in and bites back a
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; ::cringes hearing Hotcakes:: Well she's
getting closer to him... 
Victor Andros:  Well, then...
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::looking at the sensor read out:: 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; she could probably use some help.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; Count me out...
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::steps aside:: My I introduce you to our Cheif of
Science.. ::smiles widely:: 
Victor Andros:  ::Steps towards the big bald guy:: Welcome aboard the USS
Banshee. If you are willing, I am prepared to have this set of luggage
deliveved straight away to the VIP Suite.
Cpt Morrigan:   Moe&gt; :::a tall woman with a cascade of blonde curls steps
forward:::: Forgive his rudeness.... I am Dr Moe Svenson.  I'll be heading up
our end of the Science initiative on this project.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::steps up to meet Moe:: Cyanah Kaelyre, the chief of
science on the Banshee.
Cpt Morrigan:   Tall Guy&gt; :::bows respectfully to Andros and indicates his
gratitude in a series of quiet gestures::::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; Why's that? 
Victor Andros:  +Josh+ Go ahead, Lieutenant
LtJvanDnalls:   ::wonders if comm badges are malfunctionig::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::acciently rests her bat on Wallace's head
quite forcefully:: 
Cpt Morrigan:   *Dnalls* Lieutenant.... it seems that TR1 may have their hands
a bit... full at the moment.... would you please check in on them?
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Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; Watch her... 
LtJoshuaAsper:  +Andros+  Energizing now, Commander.  ::taps the console::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::looks at Cyanah and Moe and thinks tall people need to
walk on their knees::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; +taps+ Umm... I'm gettin' closer. ::keeps
moving:: It's smelling kinda funny.... really funny... 
LtJvanDnalls:   +Morrigan+ Full, Captain?
Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt; Give me a break!  I'm trying to be nine people in
three places right now!  8-)&gt;&gt;
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Lt SamanthaMason:       ((::knows the feeling:: ))
HeatherMclouson:        (okay, as much as I'd like to stay and watch this party 
really kickin my eyes are crossing. g'night!)
Lt SamanthaMason:       ((night Heather))
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Lt Sara Crusher:        (night heather)
Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt;Take care of those eyes!&gt;&gt;
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Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; Measley! Get un...unconscious! 
ElRiov trIdrys:         ( niters Heather sleep tight don't let the bedbugs bite 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Measley&gt; ::being carried:: 
Cpt Morrigan:   *Dnalls* Evidently.... of... stuff.
Victor Andros:  ::watches all the luggage get beamed out::
LtJvanDnalls:   ::looks confused::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; ::crawls closer and closer... :: 
Cpt Morrigan:   Moe&gt; :::smiles engagingly and puts her hand out in a
standard handshake::::
LtJvanDnalls:   +Morrigan+ Allright.... I'll handle it
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::smiles:: So much for the first shipment. ...
Cpt Morrigan:   *Dnalls* Andros can bring you up to speed.  
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; +taps+ Ewww... it's all smelly and slimy in
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::ducks off to the side to tell a yoemen where to have 
this stuff sent::
LtJvanDnalls:   +TR1+ Security Chief to transprter room... mind telling me
what is going on down there?
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::shakes her hand::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; eww eww eww eww eww... ::stops, hears the 
of two thousand feet moving:: 
Cpt Morrigan:   Tall Guy&gt; :::nods approvingly and turns to wait
Victor Andros:  +J'van+ We are shuttling the ambassador's luggage while
awaiting her arrival.
Cpt Morrigan:   ACTION&gt; Transporter signals indicate the readiness of a
second shipment... no personnel.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; What the hell is that!? ::::shining her light
down the JTube:: 
LtJvanDnalls:   +Andros+ So... what is the problem then, Sir?
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::comes back to the group:: It would appear that there 
is a
transport wait.. So until we can get you into your lab about you care to
settle in?
Victor Andros:  +J'van+ i am not aware of any problem, Lieutenant.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Milipede&gt; ::with Measley on it's back, shows up!:: 
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::walks over to Tall Guy, signs at him: So, old friend 
how was your trip? ::
LtJvanDnalls:   +Andros+ Hmm, the Captain said there was a problem
Lt SamanthaMason:       Janice&gt; AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!--
::comm snaps off:: 
Victor Andros:  +J'van+ Well, there is an inordinate amount of luggage, but
nothing we cannot handle
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace/Samantha&gt; ::recoil in horror:: 
Lt Sara Crusher:        ~Good lord that woman's tall~
LtJvanDnalls:   +Andros+ Allright... I'll send down a couple extra officers to
help move stuff..
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; +taps+ Hello? Hello? 
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ~I know! I almost couldn't reach her hand.~
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; ::silence:: 
Victor Andros:  +J'van+ That won't be neccessary.
Cpt Morrigan:   Zoltan&gt; Yes, that would be a wonderful idea... perhaps we
could all meet together later... and get to know each other in a more social
I JoeCastillo:  Commander Andros
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; ::makes a whimpering noise:: 
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;All hail Zoltan!&gt;&gt;
Victor Andros:  Yes, Lieutenant?
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::makes a whimpering noise:: 
LtJvanDnalls:   +Andros+ Affirmative
Lt SamanthaMason:       WAllace&gt; Maybe... science can help us out. 
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::looks at Zoltan a little taken aback::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::sighs:: Go get Sven for Christ sake! 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; Why me?? 
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::arches an eyebrow::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; I'm the boss. 
Cpt Morrigan:   Tall Guy&gt; :::signs quietly::: You know your sister, my
Lt Sara Crusher:        Well there will be a ball given by the Amb.. 
I JoeCastillo:  I had  security detail ready for when the ambasador arrived
I JoeCastillo:  should i send for them
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::signs some more at the Tall Guy: I trust you still 
Uttaberry tea? Still in season on Betazed? ::
Victor Andros:  Please do so.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Monkey&gt; ::finds a way to exit the JTs, spotted in the
Cpt Morrigan:   Moe&gt; A ball!  But I didn't bring any formal wear!
LtJvanDnalls:   ::shrugs::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::signs: Oh of course ... I *do* know her ... :: 
LtJvanDnalls:   +Morrigan+ Seems Andros has everything under control
Cpt Morrigan:   ACTION&gt; The second set of luggage arrives in TR1.... 
I JoeCastillo:  +Smith+ Lt Castillo to Enign Smith.
Victor Andros:  ::blinks::
Victor Andros:  &lt;m&gt; This is insane...
Cpt Morrigan:   Tall Guy&gt; ::::looks over the luggage to make sure it is all
in order::::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Random Officers&gt; ::contact Security about the
Victor Andros:  +josh+ Lieutenant Asper, please prepare another site-to site.
I JoeCastillo:  Smith&gt; +Castillo+ This is Smith sir.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::laughs:: Oh, no, Commander, this is very much what my
sister does when she travels.
Cpt Morrigan:   Tall Guy&gt; :::signs to Idrys:::: **This is in acceptable
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::bits back a grin:: That's quite alright.. 
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Lt Sara Crusher:        ~If they only knew~
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::nods to Tall Guy, smiles::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ~Mmmmhmmm.~
I JoeCastillo:  +Smith+ Ensign the Ambasador will be ariving shortly would
you please get the honor detail together and meet me in TR1.
Cpt Morrigan:   Moe&gt; :::looks at Crusher and Kaelyre:::: I suppose I could
get something replicated... not to be disrespectful.... but I would have to
sew two your dresses together in order to have one long enough. 
LtJvanDnalls:   ::leans back in his chair, enjoyign a cup of Red Leaf tea::
LtJoshuaAsper:  +Andros+  Ready Commander, just give me the word.  ::taps the
console again::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::laughs::
Victor Andros:  Ensign Idrys, is everything in order?
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::chuckles:: Oh, I'm sure the replicator will be fine...
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; +Security+ Security, this is Lieutenant 
in Engineering. 
ElRiov trIdrys:         Oh definitely, Commander, definitely.
Victor Andros:  Good.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; ::off to get Sven:: 
Lt Sara Crusher:        I should warn you.. It'll be a Betzed type event.. 
Victor Andros:  +Josh+ Initiate transport, Lieutenant.
Cpt Morrigan:   Moe&gt; Oh... no problem at all... I'm sure that I'll find....
some.... thing... I'm sorry... did you just say Betazed?
ElRiov trIdrys:         ( LOL )
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::nods:: Yes I did
LtJoshuaAsper:  +Andros+  ::taps the console again::  Transport in progress.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::only remembers Ole Barn and Joe::
+Security+ Is Officer Castillo there... or... D-nalls??... Icould use a bit
of help here. 
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::blushes:: Clothing will be by personal chocie..
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; ::enters science:: Sven... ::sees him:: 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Sven&gt; NEIN!! Stay away from me!!! STAY AWAY!!! 
his PADDS and starts to run in his tubby fat-ass way:: 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; ::walks to catch up to Sven:: 
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::taps console::  Captain, a single lifeform - unidentified -
is ready for transport.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Sven&gt; ::gets tired:: Ohhhh...the Krispy Kreme is
killing mein heart! ::huffing and puffing:: 
Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;&lt;Krispy Kremes!!!&gt;&gt;
Lt Sara Crusher:        Shall we go.. I believe you all have been assigned guest
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; Dude we need your help to catch some crazy
animals that you got in here... 
I JoeCastillo:  Smith&gt; ::Ensign smith with 9 other security personell
arrive to be the Honor Detail for the Ambassador's arrival::
Cpt Morrigan:   Zoltan&gt; :::looks to the others who nod wearily in the
affirmative::: Please, Doctor.  We've been working overtime on this and are
in great need of some rest.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Sven&gt; ::sighs:: This is what I get for helping you 
the ants
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::nods and leads the way out of the cargo bay::
Cpt Morrigan:   :::sits like she is about to face the Borg:::: Let Andros know
and initiate transport.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; What ants? 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Sven&gt; You do not remember? 
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::following along::
Victor Andros:  ::Frowns as the honor detail barely fit into the TR::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; ::blinks:: Ooooh oh... right... now I
I JoeCastillo:  ::Looks around the room to make sure his pesonell are aranged
correctly:: Getting kindda crowded in here.
Cpt Morrigan:   Curly&gt; :::follows Kaelyre at a respectful distance for a
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; +Dnall, Castillo+ Hello, Security? 
LtJvanDnalls:   +Samantha+ Yes?
LtJoshuaAsper:  ::nods::  +Andros+  Incoming transportee, Commander.  ::taps
the console::  Energizing...
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::watching Measley move...doesn't know if 
should get Janice...seeing her luck with things in the JT as of late:: 
Victor Andros:  Alright, everybody. Look sharp.
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::makes a note to talk to Curly later;:
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; +taps+ We have spotted...what appears to
be...the missing twenty foot millipede from science. 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; +taps+ It...currently has some of my men...
okay, just Ensign Measley... and it's... moving... 
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::glaces at Curly with an odd look and then it dawns on
LtJvanDnalls:   +Samantha+ Okay... and...
Cpt Morrigan:   ACTION&gt; A woman with dark, touseled hair arrives and seems
to be in immediate motion with an engaging laugh and a flowing gown
generously decorated with feathers and sparkles.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; +taps+ And... you thing... you could... 
it? or... maybe, capture it? E, either way would suffice... 
Lt Sara Crusher:        ~Is he the one from Delos?~
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ~Yes, he is.~
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::nods::
LtJvanDnalls:   +Samantha+ I'll check into it
LtJvanDnalls:   +Science+ Security to Science department
Lt Sara Crusher:        ~Is there anything I need to know with him being here?~
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; +taps+ Understood... I'll send you our
data... and it's movement patterns... 
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~ Sis ... sweetie dahling ... it's been too long! ~~
Cyanah Kaelyre:         +Dnalls+ Science here, this is Lt. Kaelyre.
Cpt Morrigan:   Mr Homn&gt; :::immediately steps forward to help the woman
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; Aww come on! Just help a guy out! That big
twenty foot hotdog thing is on the loose... 
LtJvanDnalls:   +Cy+ Lt, there is a 'millipede' runnign around engineering...
Lt SamanthaMason:       Sven&gt; NEIN!! ::catching his breath still:: NEIN! I 
NEVER helpen you with these...affairs again!! 
LtJvanDnalls:   +Cy+ I believe it belongs to you
LtJoshuaAsper:  {{I'm sorry all, but I gotta jet.  Gettin' late and it's my
bro's birthday!  I'll see you all next week and in the logs!}}
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Cyanah Kaelyre:         +Dnalls+ I don't recall ever having a millipede.
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::turns a deep crimson::
LtJvanDnalls:   +Cy+ Okay... that was what Engineering told me
Cpt Morrigan:   Woman&gt; Greetings, all joyous crewpeople from the Banshee
from the daughter of the Fifth House, Holder of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx,
Heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed.
Lt Sara Crusher:        ~It's Sevn's~
Cyanah Kaelyre:         +Dnalls+ Well, good luck with it. Kaelyre out.
LtJvanDnalls:   +Cy+ Do you have anyone that coudl act as a milipede wrangler
by chance?
Lt SamanthaMason:       Millipede&gt; ::takes Measley back to it's
&quot;nest&quot; DUN DUN DUN:: 
Cpt Morrigan:   &lt;ACK!  Nest!!??&gt;&gt;
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; Oh goody! It stopped!! ::talking to no one,
becomes conscious of that and looks around:: Umm... I mean..good... ::still
not talking to anyone::
ElRiov trIdrys:         And a joyous ship it is now, Sis!
Lt Sara Crusher:        (OH good heveans it Tori!)
Cpt Morrigan:   Lwaxana Troi&gt; ~Greetings, brother!  It does my soul good to
find you here!  We have much to discuss!~
Victor Andros:  ::Steps forward:: Greetings, Ambassador. It is my pleasure to
welcome you aboard the USS Banshee
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~ But of course, Lwax! Tons and tons!! I've been 
waiting SO
eagerly for you! ~
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; +taps+ Hotcakes, Sven's not going to help 
Any luck with security?
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt;  ::::looks Andros up and down:::: Well, Commander....
aren't YOU a fine specimen of humanity.... 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; +taps+ They said they would handle it. 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; +taps+ I think.
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;Oh, God, here it comes&gt;&gt;
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt; ::::looks at Castillo::: And I'm glad you think so as
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Victor Andros:  ::Bites his lip::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~ ::laughs:: Still hunting, aren't we, Lwax? ::mental
wink:: ~~
I JoeCastillo:  ::Blushes Crimosn red::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::walking along, having cut the comm before Dnalls' 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; +D'Nalls+ Excuse me again? I've sent you 
location data, have you... dispatched men? 
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt; ~It never hurts, dear brother.... they SO amuse me.~
Victor Andros:  ::Allows himself a sensual smile, knowing there's no sense in
trying to hide it::
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt; Commander Andros.... I do not see your Captain
Morrigan here.....
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~ DON'T they though, Sis! Eminently amusing ... ~~
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::arrives at the right section and hands out room
assignments:: We have a lounge on deck three and everything else you may need
you can find on your termals
Victor Andros:  No, she is tending to affairs on the bridge.
Cpt Morrigan:   Zoltan&gt; :::::smiles and nods:::: Thank you very much for
your... hospitality....
LtJvanDnalls:   +Samantha+ Well, sciecne says the bug does nto belong to them.
Lt Sara Crusher:        Your very welcome Doctor..
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ~Just expect him to be exceedingly deferential to you...
unless he's like my brother.~
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt; :::looks slightly miffed::: That would be the very
thing Riker would say when Jean Luc was avoiding me.... no matter!  I'll hunt
her down eventually.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; +taps+ Uhh... where did it come from?? Can
you send someone to kill it?? 
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ~But if he were like Faelev, he wouldn't have been 
at the proper distance behind me.~
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt; :::takes Andros by the arm::: Now... perhaps you
would like to walk me to my quarters?
Victor Andros:  I do believe it was because she felt it more appropriate for
me to me you here than her. ::Thinks &quot;because she knew you'd like
me&quot; rather loudly::
LtJvanDnalls:   +Samantha+ I'm sorry, but we don't exactly ptut a priority on
insects... I have sent a team, they shoudl be there momentarily.
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt; :::murmurs::: She has good taste.... I can't wait to
meet her.
Victor Andros:  ::Takes a hold of her hand:: I would be delighted.
Lt Sara Crusher:        ~Will he be like that with all the women? I can think 
of a
few who may not like it ::Kathryn::~
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::steps over to Homn, signs:: You know, my friend, as 
as the Commander is seeing to my sister's accomodations ... how about I see
to yours? ::winks::
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt; ~Brother... I expect a full report.... at dinner...
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ~Perhaps not so much to non-Delosians, I'm not sure.~
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; ::sighs:: +taps+ Oh... no it's not Barney 
Ned is it? 
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ElRiov trIdrys:         ::signs: After all we have SO much to catch up on ... 
Cpt Morrigan:   Homn&gt; :::nods and bows, indicating that he will follow::::
LtJvanDnalls:   +Samantha+ Who?
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~ Oh, natch, Sis, a full report, punctual as usual!! 
Ta ta
for now ... ~~
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::nods and waits till most of the people are in their 
but for some reason keeps looking at Curly::
Victor Andros:  &lt;&lt;::Fox whistle::&gt;&gt;
Lt SamanthaMason:       Samantha&gt; +taps+ ::quickly:: nevermind. Tell them to
kill it with extreme meance. Mason out. 
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::exits TR1, falling into step beside Homn:::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; Come on man.. you gotta help us! It's your
stupid millipede. 
Lt Sara Crusher:        (Wait does this mean your own niece tryed to keep you 
getting to Ensign?)
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt; :::over her shoulder to Castillo::: Don't worry,
dear... I shan't keep him overly long! And your honor guard is as beautiful
as this executive officer is handsome!
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ~The only Delosian male who I've observed in a setting 
this was my brother, and he's certainly not your normal fare... our planet is
fairly isolationist, so visits from offworlders are rare.~
Lt SamanthaMason:       Sven&gt; ::working now:: NEIN! I will not have any part 
this... and I do not remember a MILIPEDE!! 
Lt SamanthaMason:       Wallace&gt; What do you mean? 
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::qw:: Y'know ... I SO loved that scene with the crew 
there. ::chuckles:: Gets 'em every time ...
I JoeCastillo:  Thank you mam please enjoy your stay on the Banshee
Victor Andros:  If you'd follow me, I'd be happy to show you to your room.
Lt SamanthaMason:       Sven&gt; I REMEMBER NOTHING!!! NOTHING!! NO MONSTERPEDE!
::hobbles off:: NOTHING!!! ::hobbles:: NEIN!! 
Cpt Morrigan:   Troi&gt; :::laughs as she accompanies Andros::::
Cpt Morrigan:   END SIM
Cpt Morrigan:   END SIM
Cpt Morrigan:   END SIM
ElRiov trIdrys:         :::paused, AA:::
Lt SamanthaMason:       ::paused::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ::ends::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::paused::
Victor Andros:  ::Blows into whistle::
Victor Andros:  Attention!!
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::AA::
I JoeCastillo:  ::AA::
Cpt Morrigan:   Sorry.... but my fingers were starting to fall off and my
reading was getting in the way of my typing.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ::cackles:: So ... y'all know now what Lwaxana's maiden 
was, huh? ;)
Cpt Morrigan:   At least it is for the purposes of this sim!  :-*
Cpt Morrigan:   Well, all the new comers are now aboard and we can let the
mayhem and chaos begin.... or continue... depending on how you look at it.
ElRiov trIdrys:         Next week we get nekkid right?
Lt SamanthaMason:       Monkey&gt; :;lurking around the ship::
ElRiov trIdrys:         Maybe we should invite Lera ... O:-)
Cpt Morrigan:   Too eager with the nekkidness....
Cpt Morrigan:   :::chuckles::::
Lt SamanthaMason:       we all just want to see Morri naked.. 
Cpt Morrigan:   HEY!
Lt Sara Crusher:        Well some of you anyways
Lt SamanthaMason:       hey didn't you offer to help get all the women naked? 
Victor Andros:  Yeah... some have already seen it.
Cpt Morrigan:   Nekkidness will come in all due time.
ElRiov trIdrys:         Of  course if Lera were here she'd insist on painting
everything chartreuse ... and Mrs Troi would LOVE it.
Lt Sara Crusher:        Oh yeah that's what Sara wants to see the woman she 
of as an older sister nekked..
I JoeCastillo:  whos sleepoing with her girlfriend
Cpt Morrigan:   There is NO sleeping going on!  I take offense to that!
Lt SamanthaMason:       LtSaraCrusher: Are you going to end up having every 
on the ship end up naked somehow? LOL. I?ll help!
ElRiov trIdrys:         I'm awake :-D
Cpt Morrigan:   Okay.... next week... we begin our journey to Ju Ju III and
the planning of the ball for all the beautiful Banshee people!
LtJvanDnalls:   Most
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::looks Sevn:: Well most of them anyway
Lt SamanthaMason:       then we have to get Sven and Measley naked!
Lt Sara Crusher:        No we don't
I JoeCastillo:  I will not be rpesent for that!
Victor Andros:  Oh, yes you will
Cpt Morrigan:   :::shudders at the idea of Sven nekkid::::
Lt SamanthaMason:       Sven&gt; ::standing ERECT BABY!::
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::plans on walking around the ball with her eyes 
Cyanah Kaelyre:         My brain! OW!
LtJvanDnalls:   I'll nto be naked, I have security work to do
I JoeCastillo:  I'll hide in a Jeffries Tube or something.
LtJvanDnalls:   Thus requireing a uniform
Lt SamanthaMason:       the monkey will have to show up.
Lt SamanthaMason:       and the millipedes... 
Cpt Morrigan:   Speaking of nekkidness.... don't forget to check out Mason and
Crusher at www.paradiseworld.net 
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~ You see how amusing these humans are, Lwax? 
Hilarious! ~~
Lt SamanthaMason:       and Cy
Cpt Morrigan:   The Zoo better be back under lock and key!  I will not have
any masturbating, shit throwing monkeys at our ball!
Lt Sara Crusher:        Ok no one tell Lwaz that Jvan and I are Betazed...
Cpt Morrigan:   Like she won't know?
Lt Sara Crusher:        Oh yeah
Lt Sara Crusher:        Duh
Cpt Morrigan:   :::laughs:::
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~ Well, Lwax, always remember, if you're skilled at 
a rise out of people ...
Lt Sara Crusher:        to many 4am games of scrabble
ElRiov trIdrys:         you're a master baiter .. ~~
Cpt Morrigan:   :::groans and puts her head on the table:::: 
Lt SamanthaMason:       should have named a character Master Bates.
ElRiov trIdrys:         ~~ You walked into that trap yourself Sis. Own up to 
it. ~~
Cpt Morrigan:   Please make sure if you write logs.... to make sure you post
them to the CPA forums!
Cpt Morrigan:   I haven't memorized that URL yet....
Lt SamanthaMason:       which is where all those terrible groping logs will go
Cpt Morrigan:   Or I would have typed it in.....
Lt Sara Crusher:        Not everyone has signed up
Lt SamanthaMason:       http://forums.orbitalsunrise.net/cpa/
Lt Sara Crusher:        ::quick look at Cy::
Cyanah Kaelyre:         What? ::hides::
Cpt Morrigan:   Whoa.... well look at what Mason found!
Lt Sara Crusher:        Nothing Dear ::smiles::
Lt SamanthaMason:       the only way Cy would sign is if we had a FYAD forum
Lt Sara Crusher:        a what?
Cyanah Kaelyre:         FYAD scares me. 
Cpt Morrigan:   A who?
Cyanah Kaelyre:         ;-)
Lt SamanthaMason:       hahahaha
Lt Sara Crusher:        must be an CS thing
Cpt Morrigan:   A F*** You A**Hole Dept?
I JoeCastillo:  cs?
I JoeCastillo:  Counter Strike
Lt Sara Crusher:        computer sci
I JoeCastillo:  oh
I JoeCastillo:   :)
Cpt Morrigan:   Customer Service?
Cpt Morrigan:   Okay... Andros... let the loonies out of the asylum.
Lt Sara Crusher:        Aww but we like it here
Victor Andros:  Dismissed!!
ElRiov trIdrys:         tootles folks see you next week

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