<USS Banshee> USS Banshee -- Log #2, Ensign Jansug Idrys: "Living a Lie"

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    Few things got past Jansug Idrys's mind, especially considering the fact 
that his older sister was none other than Lwaxana Troi. She'd helped him 
immensely in the art of empathy but he knew, as a Starfleet Counselor, that he 
couldn't simply go prying into the minds of every single person he wanted to at 
random. Moreover, he knew better than to tread on the toes of Captain Rhiannon 
Morrigan so normally he kept his guard up. But this night ... no, it was a 
night of wild abandon, of passion and bliss with his new-found love, his amour, 
his liebchen, his lyubov, his rakastaa, his kasih, his kedves, his imzadi, his 
aduna, his ...

    He blinked, shifted suddenly and pulled away from T'Nal. "But what's the 
matter, Jansug dearest? Did I say something wrong? What did I do?"

    "No, T'Nal ... it ... oh, hell, I can't believe what I just heard."

    "What do you mean?"

    He took her in his arms and gazed intently into her eyes. "T'Nal ... we 
were opening our spirits to one another ... calling one another by so many 
endearments ..."

    She nodded. "I know. I felt so many coming from you, and doubtless you 
did from me."

    He nodded. "That's right, and that's what disturbs me."

    "Whatever for?"

    "There was a word I heard back there in your mind, a word of love ... but 
not what I'd expected to hear. Not from you, at least."

    "Jansug, whatever do you mean?"

    He sat on the edge of the bed and motioned for her to sit next to him, 
and when she had done so continued. "It was quite distinct. I heard the word 
e'lev." He looked at her even more intently. "T'Nal ... please tell me. What 
are you holding back?"

    She flushed an intense green and began sobbing, flinging herself into his 
arms. "Jansug ... don't tell, please don't ..."

    "Tell what?"

    "Look at my name, for crying out loud, Jansug. 'T'NaluMor.' Forget the 
introductory 'T' and the apostrophe after it ... just ... spell it backwards. 
The Pon farr thing and so on ... I've been living a lie all these years."

    He blinked in surprise. "R ... O ... M ... U ... L ... Oh, no, you don't 
mean ... ??"

    She nodded. "Ie, my e'lev ... I'm Rihannsu, or as au would say, Romulan. 
Everything has been a lie. I had to falsify my identity to get admitted into 
the Academy, pretend I was oh-so-logically Vulcan, and only let myself go seven 
years ago with a staged Pon farr." She lifted her head and looked longingly 
into Idrys's eyes. "Seven years, Jansug! And I've grown sick of it. I just wish 
the charade didn't have to continue. I just ... love au, is all."

    "Aside from your supposedly being in Pon farr ... what about the rest of 
what you told me from the time I got into my office?"

    "I meant every word of it, e'lev. The only lie was my being Vulcan and 
going through that damned mating thing. I've wanted au for so long."

    "So why not just come out and tell me?"

    "And tell au I'm from the other side of the Neutral Zone, or at least 
that my family is, before di'nanov and ri'nanov decided to defect to the 
Federation? Jansug, au don't know who my parents were."


    She winced and sighed. "It's more than that. They were a Colonel and a 
Major aboard the TSS Falcon, serving as Political Officer and Interrogator. 
led a mutiny against the Commanding and Executive Officers and then set 
course across the Neutral Zone to the Federation and sought asylum here. Of 
they had to use a certain amount of force to gain control of the ship as well 
as establish order and quell dissent among any possible loyalists who thought 
they should remain there serving the Empire. Jansug, au couldn't have called 
it a bloodless takeover. It was ... they had to hijack the damned ship! They 
wrote their own death sentences in advance before they ever got across the 
Neutral Zone. I was born while they were in prison awaiting the verdict in the 
tribunal following their arrival."

    Idrys sat there speechless for a minute. "T'Nal ... why were your parents 
arrested if they defected from the Romulan Empire to the Federation? I still 
don't understand."

    She whirled on him. "You disingenuous fool! Whatever is the matter with 
au, hwiiy dha'rudh veruul or something? Let me spell it out. A Galae, or 
Spacefleet, vessel from the Empire carries the prefix RES, or Rihannsu Empire 
A Tal'Shiar, or Intelligence forces, vessel carries the prefix TSS, or 
Tal'Shiar Ship. Sure, the Federation was glad that they had defected to their 
but they were immediately suspect simply because they were Tal'Shiar defectors 
and na ones from the Galae. It would have been like, a few hundred years back, 
if two people had turned themselves into the authorities, one an ordinary 
criminal and the other the head of a terrorist organization, each admitting he 
was wrong and each throwing himself on the mercy of the authorities and seeking 
asylum under the law, who do au suspect would get the more lenient treatment, 
the average outlaw or the ex-terrorist?"

    "I see what you mean now. So, there was no hope for their even being 
allowed to live, even after all the evidence had been presented at the 

    She shook her head. "Na, not at all. Now I know you've heard from 
Admirals like Mansur and Dawood that Section 31 has been purged of all those 
nefarious elements, but don't be a dolt. Please don't let me say 'hwiiy 
dha'rudh' to 
au ever again, Jansug! They saw to it that the verdict would be guilty na 
matter what. My di'nanov and ri'nanov were executed as examples to others who 
try the same and many of the others got long sentences." She paused. "E'lev 
... my heart burns with passion for au, always. But now that I'm aboard, I'll 
have to urru the Daise'Maenak ... err, I mean, go to the Chief Medical Officer 
... and surely she will know my secret. I'm worried. My secret, my past, might 
endanger au, it might endanger the ship, it might, it might ..." She broke 
off and lowered her head into his lap, sobbing uncontrollably.

    "We'll face the music together, Imzadi," he replied quietly. "You've 
lived a lie for far too long. I know what they mean about the truth setting you 

    She looked up at him and managed a wan smile. "Really, Jansug? Are au 

    He nodded, then bent down and kissed her softly. "Ie, e'lev ... very 
sure. And I'll risk my whole reputation on it to ensure au'r safety. I-jol au 
I love you. Now ... let's catch some sleep before we have to answer that 
damned alarm and report for duty."

    She smiled brilliantly at that. "Ie, Jansug, let's."

    They climbed back into bed and drew the covers over themselves and were 
soon lost in dreamless, blissful sleep, their souls as one with another.

    Ensign Jansug Idrys
    Counselor, USS Banshee
    Captain Rhiannon Morrigan, Commanding Officer
    Celestial Prime Alliance Sim group
    Admiral Gem Rhee, Commander-in-Chief

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