<USS Banshee> USS Banshee Chatlog 0107.18

  • From: CptMorrigan@xxxxxxx
  • To: ussbanshee@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 21:29:27 EDT

Well, Valentine's Day came early on the Banshee!

Welcome to Ensign Nerina to engineering!

The Captain was making her rounds on the Banshee and got caught in a TL with 
the elusive Ensign Kaelyre.  Lips were locked.

Asper and Crusher had a secret rendevous in the conference room.... we'll see 
how that turns out. ;D

Medical was busy with physicals and such.....

See you all next week!

The Captain
Cpt Morrigan: Welcome Ensign Nerina to the USS Banshee... she 
will be an assistant engineer... acting Chief for the evening!
LtJoshuaAsper: ::twirls Andros' prod in his hands and stares at 
Dnalls:: Welcome aboard Nerina!
Lady Cyanah: Welcome, Nerina!
EnsignNerinaK: ::smiles::
EnsnSaraCrusher: Welcome
Lady Cyanah: <<You're twirling his prod? Ew.>>
EnsignDVorak: <<lol>>
Cpt Morrigan: Who is in charge of Medical this evening?
EnsignDVorak: I believe sara is still on medical leave
EnsBurrows: You mean the cocktail party at sickbay?
Cpt Morrigan: Oh, good... that leaves Corpse Boy.
EnsignDVorak: ::smiles devilishly::
LtJoshuaAsper: I thought it was Pickle Boy?  ::looks on 
EnsignDVorak: <<pickled corpses>>
EnsnSaraCrusher: You could always over ride Treje and 
put me back in action Ma'am ::smiles::
Cpt Morrigan: I may do that.
EnsignDVorak: Im just happy to be here
EnsnSaraCrusher: ::flashs a smiles at Tony::
LtjgJvanDnalls: <<Okay, so, no one get hurt>>
EnsnSaraCrusher: <<hey>>
EnsnSaraCrusher: <<Oh do I know who gets call for a phy 
Cpt Morrigan: Nerina... you will need to see Ensign Burrows for 
quarter assignments, Ltjg Dnalls for your security clearance, and the 
medical staff for your mandatory physical... not necessarily in that 
order. :D
LtJoshuaAsper: <<THE USS BANSHEE, you one-stop shop for 
all your Starfleet needs.>>
Cpt Morrigan: In light of the recent breeches to security and the ship's 
wellbeing, Captain Morrigan will be making an unofficial tour of the ship 
while we escort the Caravan to its destination.
Cpt Morrigan: All departments are unaware of the visit. (But I'd 
thought I'd give you a heads up.) Vigilance is to be maintained.
Cpt Morrigan: Destination of the Caravan is DS9, where we will drop 
off our visiting changeling into Fleet hands.  Medical staff should 
maintain the creatures.... health.
Cpt Morrigan: END BRIEF
Cpt Morrigan: Any questions?
LtJoshuaAsper: ::shakes head:: No, ma'am.
LtjgJvanDnalls: Negative
EnsignDVorak: no
Cpt Morrigan: Oh... all BBQ's are postponed until further notice.
LtJoshuaAsper: ::prays:: Thank you.
Cpt Morrigan: (Or at least the one's held in the RR.)
Cpt Morrigan: (:::grins:::-)
LtJoshuaAsper: ::looks down:: The Devil.
EnsnSaraCrusher: ::hears the other shoe drop::
Cpt Morrigan: Simmers take your marks.
EnsignDVorak: Im not afraid
LtJoshuaAsper: You will be.
Cpt Morrigan: Get set.....
Cpt Morrigan: BEGIN SIM
Cpt Morrigan: BEGIN SIM
Cpt Morrigan: BEGIN SIM
Lady Cyanah: ::in science, sciencing::
EnsnSaraCrusher: <<LOL>>
EnsignDVorak: ::sits in terje's chair testing its durability::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::on the bridge at his tactical console, running 
routine diagnostics on the weapons and shields::
Cpt Morrigan: :::in the ready room, readying:::
EnsBurrows: ::At Helm/Ops checking navigational sensors::
EnsignDVorak: ::rolling across the floor::
Cdor N Weiss has left the room.
Cpt Morrigan: :::stands::: This is MY ship, dammit.
LtJoshuaAsper: +Morrigan+ Asper to the Captain.
Cpt Morrigan: *Asper* Captain speaking
EnsignNerinaK: ::on a turbolift going up to the bridge::
Lady Cyanah: ::accidentally blows up a small lifeform:: Oops. 
Biology was never my interest anyway.
EnsnSaraCrusher: ::in sick bay medicating::
Lady Cyanah: Back to astrophysics.
LtJoshuaAsper: +Morrigan+ Captain, as we escort the caravan, 
I suggest that we strengthen the shields on port side, being that 
would be the side that would take the brunt of any attack.
EnsnSaraCrusher: :;walks into the CMO office:: What are 
you doing
Cpt Morrigan: :::exits her RR onto the bridge::: Make it so, Lieutenant.
EnsignDVorak: ::looks up at Sara:: Im in Terje's office... 
LtJoshuaAsper: ::nods:: Yes, Captain.  ::Turns around to the 
console behind him.
Cpt Morrigan: :::looks at Ensign Burrows::: Burrows... nice to see you 
on duty.
LtJoshuaAsper: +Lark+ Asper to Lark.
LtJoshuaAsper: Lark> +Asper+ Go ahead, sir.
EnsnSaraCrusher: ::laughs:: It looks like your playing
LtjgJvanDnalls: :: In main security, sharpening his 
claws...err... 'Inspiring' his people 
Cpt Morrigan: :::trying her best to look unimposing:::
LtjgJvanDnalls: to train harder and take their job more 
seriously threw various forms 
LtjgJvanDnalls: of threats an intimidation, none of which 
can be proven in a court of 
LtjgJvanDnalls: law, obviously::
EnsBurrows: Thank you Ma'am. 
LtJoshuaAsper: +Lark+ Tom, we need to strengthen the port 
shields, can you get more power to do that.
Lady Cyanah: ::cleans up the mess and starts running a simulation 
involving the interactions of a binary star::
LtJoshuaAsper: Lark> +Asper+ Is the sky blue?
EnsignDVorak: ::raises an eyebrow:: No... Im making sure 
this chair is safe
EnsignNerinaK: ::turbolift doors open and a 5' 8" human female, 
white hair with blue streaks and deep blue eyes steps on the bridge 
with a padd and a duffle bag in hand::
LtJoshuaAsper: +Lark+ I'll take that as a yes.
EnsBurrows: I don't feel right if I am not piloting her.
Cpt Morrigan: I trust that all navigation arrays are working to your 
LtJoshuaAsper: Lark> +Asper+ I'm on it sir, Lark out.
Cpt Morrigan: <<OOooooooo....purdy.>>
LtJoshuaAsper: ::gazes over at the Ensign walking onto the 
EnsnSaraCrusher: ::shakes her head:: Sure you are. In 
charge for two days and your alreadt at home
EnsBurrows: Yes Ma'am. We are 1000.001 metres off the 
starboard side of the Caravan at heading 145 mark 73.
EnsignDVorak: ::smiles:: yup... what do we  have to do 
LtjgJvanDnalls: ::looking over reports of the upgrades 
that he demended, seeing they are mostly completed::
EnsignNerinaK: ::walks to the captain:: You must be Captain 
Morrigan. ::holds out the padd:: I'm suposed to give this to you.
Cpt Morrigan: :::turns::: Ensign... :::takes the PADD::: Ah, yes... the 
assistant engineer to replace the one that was burned badly in the 
LtJoshuaAsper: ::watches Nerina::
EnsnSaraCrusher: same old same old. But I have to give 
Hidd an eye exam, his fly boy review is comeing up
EnsignNerinaK: ::shrugs:: Yeah sure.
Lady Cyanah: ::introduces a rogue moon into the simulation::
EnsignNerinaK: ::looking around assesing the ship::
Cpt Morrigan: I trust you know how to use protective suiting in the 
event of plasma leakage? :::quirks a brow:::
Lady Cyanah: ::uses the gravity effects to basically shoot pool with 
the moon, wrapping it around the stars and into a black hole::
Cpt Morrigan: <<Cool, Cy!>>
Lady Cyanah: Corner pocket. ::Grins::
EnsBurrows: It also enhances clear mass differentiation between 
smaller and larger ships or planets, aiding in the identification of 
Lady Cyanah: <<Thanks! ::Swoons::>>
EnsBurrows: ::Turns to look at the new Ensign::
EnsignDVorak: ::looks at sara:: And we have to give 
Nerina Her physical
EnsignNerinaK: Yeah, safty training. Sexcond year Academy.
Cpt Morrigan: Excellent.
Lady Cyanah: ::fondlty remembers hustling those guys at the 
Academy:: Never assume that a physicist can't shoot pool.
EnsignNerinaK: ::shifts her bag to the other hand::
Cpt Morrigan: See Ensign Burrows :::indicates the guy in the Helm 
seat::: He'll give you quarters assignments and perhaps escort you.
Cpt Morrigan: Asper! ::turns suddenly::
EnsBurrows: Ma'am?
EnsignNerinaK: Great. Thanks. 
EnsignNerinaK: ::turns to Burrows:: Hey. You wanna show me 
my room?
Cpt Morrigan: :::looks at Burrrows::: You had a question?
Lady Cyanah: ::caroms another moon off a nearby planet and into 
the black hole::
EnsnSaraCrusher: you do the physical since you wouldn't 
give me back all my access codes
LtJoshuaAsper: ::blinks:: Yes, Captain?
EnsignDVorak: ::smiles:: Its for your own good... and my 
EnsnSaraCrusher: +Hiddukel+ PLease report to sick bay
Cpt Morrigan: As the operations officer, you are also in charge of 
crew billeting.
EnsBurrows: No, Ma'am. I can manage. ::Smiles at NerinaK::
EnsnSaraCrusher: Your mean, plain and simple just prue 
Cpt Morrigan: Not to mention making sure that my replicator knows 
how to make a good margarita... which it does not.
Lady Cyanah: ::ends that simulation::
EnsBurrows: I'll attend to that right after I show the Ensign her 
EnsignNerinaK: ::notes his smile and sorta smiles back::
Cpt Morrigan: Asper!  I am going on a tour of my ship.  You have the 
EnsnSaraCrusher: I'm a doctor who's doing the work of a 
first year med student and it's driving me NUTS
LtJoshuaAsper: ::nods:: Yes, Captain.
EnsBurrows: Join us in the TL Captain?
EnsignNerinaK: So are we going or what?
HiDDuKeL CQ: +Crusher+ uhm im sorry maam but can i delay that, 
im quite busy
Cpt Morrigan: :::strides to the TL, muttering::: I've got to get out of my 
ready room:::
Cpt Morrigan: You may join me.
Lady Cyanah: ::brings up an ongoing experiment of her on warp 
fields, spurred by the portable generator she had to design::
EnsBurrows: C'mon. Race you to the TL
HiDDuKeL CQ: +Crusher+ ::clanking int he background::
Cpt Morrigan: :::steps into the TL:::
EnsignNerinaK: ::walks to the TL and steps in::
EnsBurrows: Of course.
EnsignDVorak: ::smiles:: The perks of my job
EnsnSaraCrusher: +Hidd+ If you want to keep flying your 
toys I would make the time
Cpt Morrigan: :::looks unamused at the Ensign's hijinks::: 
HiDDuKeL CQ: +Crusher+ Sigh, fine im on my way
EnsBurrows: ::Thinks Captain really has attitude. I wonder if I 
can make her margarita's stronger::
EnsignDVorak: +NerinaK+ When you have a few minutes 
Ensign... We'd like to have you as our guest down here 
in sick bay... for your physical
LtJoshuaAsper: Lark> ::in Engineering shuffling power around 
to add it to the port shields::
Lady Cyanah: ::introduces a small craft into the wake of a 
warp-travelling ship::
LtjgJvanDnalls: ::sitting on his new, rather massive and 
overly ornate desk in 
LtjgJvanDnalls: Security, looking over how well the 
security department is shaping 
LtjgJvanDnalls: up, makign notes on who is not doing 
their job, and preparing ideas 
LtjgJvanDnalls: to 'inspire' them to get it right::
EnsignNerinaK: +DVorak+ Yeah I'll be there, sooner or later.
HiDDuKeL CQ: ::Tosses down some tools and heads to sickbay::
EnsignDVorak: +NerinaK+ Hopefully sooner
Lady Cyanah: ::notes that the tiny ship can ride the warp wake, 
much like a wakeboarder behind a boat::
Cpt Morrigan: :::looks at the new ensign and her eyebrows raise a 
EnsnSaraCrusher: ::walks to a back room to set up the eye 
LtJoshuaAsper: ::taps a PADD and walks over to the Captain's 
chair and sits down::
Cpt Morrigan: :::gets TL directions to stop at crew quarters levels and 
then science:::
EnsignDVorak: +NerinaK+ let me know as soon as you 
can come down
EnsBurrows: Deck 2.
EnsignNerinaK: +DVorak+ Sure thing.
Lady Cyanah: ::notices that she just invented a new extreme sport::
EnsignDVorak: +Dnalls+ Mr Dnalls... could you please 
report to sick bay for your physical
EnsnSaraCrusher: ::mumbling about not being able to 
work more::
HiDDuKeL CQ: ::Runs into sickbay and jumps onto nearest table:: 
Ok im here!
Lady Cyanah: Warp Wakeboarding? 
EnsignNerinaK: ::rolls her eyes::
EnsignDVorak: ::looks over to sara... smiles... and then 
shakes his head::
EnsBurrows: Ma'am, I'll attend to your replicator after this.
Lady Cyanah: ::files that idea away for later::
Cpt Morrigan: :::rides the TL quietly, listening::::
HiDDuKeL CQ: ::Looks at Crusher impatiently and starts toying with 
his new long grown beard and dirty hair::
EnsnSaraCrusher: This way Hidd, I have to check your 
EnsBurrows: We get off at deck 2.
Cpt Morrigan: Excellent news, Burrows.  I'd hate to have to ask 
EnsnSaraCrusher: ::heads for the back room::
LtjgJvanDnalls: +D'Vorak+Negative.
HiDDuKeL CQ: Allrigth all right ::jumps in the chair for the exam::
LtJoshuaAsper: <<She wouldn't ask again, she would BBQ you 
and then have an Engineer do it.>>
EnsBurrows: ::Rolls eyes in direction of TL wall::
EnsignDVorak: +Dnalls+ And why not?
HiDDuKeL CQ: <<or room ;P >>
Cpt Morrigan: :::TL stops at science::: My stop
Cpt Morrigan: :::exits and walks into science unannounced:::
EnsignNerinaK: ::fakes smiles at the Caprtain:: FGreat to have met 
EnsnSaraCrusher: ::turns out the lights and runs a green 
light of Hidd's eyes:: Ya know you don't have to be so 
Lady Cyanah: ::bent over her experiment, doesn't notice Morrigan::
LtjgJvanDnalls: +D'Vorak+I am awaitign the arrival of a 
new crewman, I have to properly give her security 
HiDDuKeL CQ: Cmon doc i need to get back to work!
EnsignNerinaK: ::drops her stuff on the floor::
HiDDuKeL CQ: ::rolls his eyes while in the ey exam::
EnsignNerinaK: ::leans against the wall::
Cpt Morrigan: :::walks up behind Cy and leans over her shoulder to 
see what she is looking at:::
EnsignNerinaK: Are we there yet?
EnsBurrows: Deck 2. ::Turns to Nerina:: She is too much. I think 
I'll fix her replicator alright!
Lady Cyanah: ::watches the wake carry the small ship and wonders 
about the practical applications of this::
Lady Cyanah: ::then inhales Morrigan's delightful scent::
EnsnSaraCrusher: Stop that or this will take longer ::grads 
another pen looking thing this time with a red light::
Cpt Morrigan: <<ROFL!  I'll be getting Gagh, won't I?>>
Lady Cyanah: ::jumps up, startled:: Captain!
EnsBurrows: ::TL stops at deck 2:: C'mon
EnsignDVorak: +Dnalls+ I have an idea for you Mr Dnalls... 
this is your lucky day
EnsignNerinaK: ::picks up her stuff:: About time.
HiDDuKeL CQ: Allright allright ill calm down
Lady Cyanah: I'm sorry, ma'am, I didn't hear you come in! ::knocks 
a stack of padds over as she stands quickly:
LtjgJvanDnalls: +D'Vorak+ Oh, is it really? How so?
Cpt Morrigan: Interesting study, Ensign... but what are the practical 
Lady Cyanah: Ahh, let me clean that up. ::frantically gathers the 
EnsnSaraCrusher: Ok i need you to look at the wall
LtJoshuaAsper: ::Taps the armchair console::
EnsignNerinaK: ::following Burrows:: So.....she always like that?
EnsBurrows: This is the officers quarters deck. Also Personnel 
Transporter; Cargo Bays; Sickbay; Officer Quarters; 
Biological/Organic Science Lab; Counseling Center; Botanical 
Garden; Life Support; Deuterium Storage Tanks; Holodeck 
One. Got it?
Cpt Morrigan: :::watches the Ensign with a trace of amusement:::
EnsnSaraCrusher: ::starts flashing things:: What do you 
HiDDuKeL CQ: I see... a shogun fighter
EnsignDVorak: +Dnalls+ You can hit two birds with one 
stone... you can do your security clearance in sick bay... 
The officer that you speak of has an appointment just 
after you
Lady Cyanah: I haven't had time to think about them, ma'am. I just 
discovered this phenomenon.
EnsnSaraCrusher: It's a butterfly
EnsignNerinaK: Yeah, great. If I don't remember, I'll just get lost.
HiDDuKeL CQ: oh...
Cpt Morrigan: Kaelyre.... stop.
Lady Cyanah: ::tries to put the padds down and they fall over::
EnsBurrows: Yes. A true hardass. I looked it up on my PADD 
and Morrigan was looking back at me.
HiDDuKeL CQ: well yea i guessi can somewhat agree with you 
there...no no it has to be a fighter!
EnsignDVorak: +Dnalls+ When she gets there bring her 
down with you
Lady Cyanah: ::watches the padds fall with a look of sheer 
disappointment in her eyes::
EnsnSaraCrusher: <<what's your rank Hidd?>>
EnsignNerinaK: ::laughs:: Great.
EnsBurrows: See under: Hardass SF Captain. Her face is 
actually next to the word!
Cpt Morrigan: Take a deep breath.
Lady Cyanah: ::Then just looks back at Morrigan::
LtjgJvanDnalls: +DVorak+That would work, but I need to 
have her retinal scan done ehre, on my system, for 
identification purposes.
Lady Cyanah: ::breathes::
EnsignDVorak: +Dnalls+ I'
HiDDuKeL CQ: <<Lt junior grade>>
EnsnSaraCrusher: <thank you>
Cpt Morrigan: See?  I am just a woman... just like any other female of 
the species.
EnsnSaraCrusher: I think you have been working to hard 
Cpt Morrigan: Biting is not in my job description.
LtjgJvanDnalls: +D'Vorak+ After I get that out of the way, I 
will escort her to you.
EnsignDVorak: +Dnalls+This is your lucky day AGAIN... we 
have a retinal scanner in sick bay
Cpt Morrigan: How is science these days?
EnsBurrows: Taps entry button. ::Gestures to entrance:: She's 
all yours.
Lady Cyanah: Yes, ma'am. Of course, ma'am. ::tries to keep her 
breathing slow despite the fact that she's more than just a woman, 
but the icon of beauty on Delos::
EnsnSaraCrusher: ::turns off the images and tests his far 
and near sight vision::
EnsnSaraCrusher: Which is closer.. The pic on the left or 
HiDDuKeL CQ: Working too hard?! ive been slacking! I still have to 
run a few conductor scans on the circuitry in all 12 shoguns manually of 
Lady Cyanah: The portable warp field generator I designed inspired 
this study.
EnsignNerinaK: ::wlaks in and drops her stuff:: Holy....it's huge~
EnsBurrows: I'll let you get settled. I'm next door if you have 
any questions. I have to get to the Captain's replicator. 
Cpt Morrigan: <<Better check for peep holes, Nerina!>>
EnsignNerinaK: Great.....thanks for walking me or whatever.
LtjgJvanDnalls: +NerinaK+Please report to Main Security.
HiDDuKeL CQ: Theyre going great though the shoguns, performing 
so well ::Eyes glitter::
EnsnSaraCrusher: In that case I can understand. Don't 
want to be the next on the hit list
EnsBurrows: My quarters are next door on the way to the TL. 
I'll see you later. I hate letting anyone else fly this baby.
Cpt Morrigan: Interesting... any updates on the warp signature mask?
Lady Cyanah: Science... is perfect. I've never had such a chance to 
do field work like this!
LtJoshuaAsper: Ensign Chaos> ::sitting at the helm, not knowing 
what he's doing besides flying::
EnsignNerinaK: +Dnalls+ Look my name is just Nerina okay? 
Drop the K
HiDDuKeL CQ: The pic on the left is closer, and by the way looks 
like a warp nacel
EnsignNerinaK: +Dnalls+ And I'm getting there.
EnsnSaraCrusher: ::puts drops in his eyes and then runs 
that little caspal thingie from the tri-corder over them::
EnsignDVorak: ::shakes his head:: Some people are so 
difficult ::goes back to his paperwork::
Lady Cyanah: My experiment shows that a small ship can hide in 
the wake of a larger one to mask its warp signature.
Cpt Morrigan: :::smiles slightly, pleased by the ensign's enthusiasm:::
HiDDuKeL CQ: Ow! it stings!
Cpt Morrigan: Very practical.  
LtjgJvanDnalls: +Nerina+ Irrelevant, report to main 
EnsnSaraCrusher: ::laughs:: That's ok my last year of med 
school I though everything looked like a hyperspray
HiDDuKeL CQ: geez my eyes are fine
Cpt Morrigan: :::looks around, checks for dust:::
EnsignNerinaK: Yeah yeah. ::checkig out her room::
EnsnSaraCrusher: if you want renewed, you'll let me do 
this the right way Lt
Lady Cyanah: ::stands there, breathing quickly::
Lady Cyanah: ::her eyes still on the Captain::
HiDDuKeL CQ: Sigh im loosing out on sooo much work i could have 
finished runnign the test on 2 shoguns already
Cpt Morrigan: Science is cleared and had met my standards well.  
Good job, Kaelyre.
EnsignNerinaK: ::sighs and reluctantly leaves her quartes to head 
for Security::
Lady Cyanah: Thank you, ma'am!
LtJoshuaAsper: ::Crosses his legs and gazes at another padd::
Cpt Morrigan: :::sighs::: Medical is next.
Lady Cyanah: Sickbay! I should see how Doctor Crusher is getting 
EnsnSaraCrusher: ::starts a light that looks like a strob 
light.. the one a couple of AMO's used for their last 
midnight party::
LtjgJvanDnalls: ::checks the time, not liking being kept 
EnsignDVorak: <<dont scare people away captain>>
EnsBurrows: ::Races to TL.Mutters. I'll fix that damn replicator 
alright Captain Hardass...::
Cpt Morrigan: :::heads for the exit::: Excellent... I would enjoy the 
Cpt Morrigan: <<ROFL!>>
Lady Cyanah: ::blinks:: Yes, ma'am. ::follows::
EnsignNerinaK: ::enters Security:: Okay let's do this. I got to get to 
Sick Bay too.
LtjgJvanDnalls: ::stands, walks over to the scanner::
EnsignNerinaK: What do I have to do?
HiDDuKeL CQ: Hmm whats with the light
EnsnSaraCrusher: Alright Lt your done. You eyes are fine
LtjgJvanDnalls: Please, rest your chin here and open your 
eyes completely.
LtJoshuaAsper: Lark> +Asper+ Lark to Lt. Asper.
LtJoshuaAsper: +Lark+ Go ahead, Tom.
EnsBurrows: ::Enters Ready room with programming PADD::
EnsnSaraCrusher: mood lighting ::smiles:: It's to test you 
focus ablilty
LtJoshuaAsper: Lark> +Asper+ I've shunted power to the 
shields, that should do the trick.
Cpt Morrigan: :::enters the TL and waits for Kaelyre to get in:::
EnsignNerinaK: ::smirks:: What's that for?
LtJoshuaAsper: ::nods to the Tactical Officer that took his 
EnsignDVorak: ::walks over to sara and Hidd and 
HiDDuKeL CQ: Mood lighting, hey hey no fnny business i have no 
time for stuff liek that!
LtJoshuaAsper: Tactical OFficer> ::nods in agreement::
Lady Cyanah: ::stands next to Morrigan nervously::
LtjgJvanDnalls: Retinal scan, for security purposes
LtJoshuaAsper: +Lark+ Good job, Mr. Lark, Asper out.
Cpt Morrigan: *Asper* Captain to the bridge
LtJoshuaAsper: +Captain+ Go ahead, Captain.
EnsignNerinaK: Oh, great. ::puts her chin on the spot and opens 
her eyes::
EnsnSaraCrusher: Don't worry Hidd, I have a boy friend 
with an happy trigger finger
EnsBurrows: ::Adjusts replicator settings to add 3 ounces of 
overproof tequila to each drink::
Cpt Morrigan: :::gives TL orders for medical::: *Asper* Ship's status?
LtjgJvanDnalls: ::hits a button, a few beeps later, it's 
EnsignNerinaK: ::silently laughing at the rediculous manner 
everyone on this ship has::
HiDDuKeL CQ: Really? Maybe he could be shogun qualified, were 
alwys looking for happy trigger....nevemrind ill be going!
EnsignDVorak: ::hears saras remark, lowers his head and 
goes back into main sick bay::
LtjgJvanDnalls: ow, place your right hand on this panel. 
::points it out on the machine::
LtJoshuaAsper: +Captain+ Shield strength has been increased 
on the port side.  Maintain escorting distance and all engines 
reported working normally.
Lady Cyanah: ::trying to breathe really deeply::
Cpt Morrigan: :::TL begins to move:::
HiDDuKeL CQ: Hey hey
HiDDuKeL CQ: was that him ?
EnsnSaraCrusher: I think Josh is happy on the bridge. He 
gets to tease the Captain that way
EnsnSaraCrusher: was who him?
EnsignNerinaK: ::yawns and puts her index finger down on the 
Cpt Morrigan: *Asper* And weapons systems?
HiDDuKeL CQ: That Dvorak man i dont see him much he just left 
LtJoshuaAsper: +Captain+ Powered down, but ready to go at a 
moment's notice.
HiDDuKeL CQ: He here for an eye exam too ?
LtjgJvanDnalls: ::Presses a button and a scan of her 
prints is done, along with a quicj jab and a blood test, to 
make sure she is not a changling::
EnsnSaraCrusher: ::turns to the door and mumbles:: Oh 
EnsnSaraCrusher: <<shoot>>
EnsnSaraCrusher: <<sorry>>
EnsignDVorak: ::starts picking up stray tools to put 
Lady Cyanah: ::blinks;: What th-?
HiDDuKeL CQ: <<shit works>>
EnsignNerinaK: Hey that think bit me.
LtjgJvanDnalls: ::hands hera PADD::
HiDDuKeL CQ: << oop =P>>
Cpt Morrigan: <<ROFL>>
EnsBurrows: ::Returns to Helm/Ops and relieves the poor 
excuse for a helmsman that took his place::
LtJoshuaAsper: Operations person> Lieutenant, Turbolift 3 
Alpha 10 has just stopped.
LtJoshuaAsper: Cause? ::turns to Ops person::
EnsignNerinaK: ::takes the padd::
HiDDuKeL CQ: Well i guess from that remark that was him sorry if i 
got ya into any trouble
HiDDuKeL CQ: its why i never leave the shoguns ! =P
Cpt Morrigan: :::looks at Cyanah::: No need to panic.
EnsignNerinaK: Can I leave now?
HiDDuKeL CQ: << err take out the =P>>
Lady Cyanah: ::looks around like someone backed into a corner 
and thinks, "Oh no":
LtjgJvanDnalls: When you are prepared, enter your 
clearence code on this secured PADD and it will be put 
into the computer core.
Lady Cyanah: ::smiles at the Captain:: Yes, ma'am. ::breathing 
EnsnSaraCrusher: That was my best friend, I was talking 
about Lt Asper when I meant my boyfriend. 
LtJoshuaAsper: Ops Person> ::shakes head:: Looks like the 
gravemetric readings.  Descent stabilizers failed, so the default 
locked the TL in place, good too, they could have plunged at 
least six decks.
Cpt Morrigan: That's right... keep breathing.
LtJoshuaAsper: ::blinks:: Who's on the lift?
EnsignNerinaK: Oh okay. ::punches in her code::
Cpt Morrigan: *Asper* ASPER!
EnsBurrows: ::Mutters:: Captain hardass is goping to become 
Captain tipsy::
EnsnSaraCrusher: Ah Lt, your free to go, I need to take care 
of something
Lady Cyanah: ::looks directly at her:: Yes, ma'am.
HiDDuKeL CQ: Oooo I see i guess its hush hush huh
LtjgJvanDnalls: ::takes anothe rinstrument and waves it 
over her COmm badge, syncing it with the security 
LtJoshuaAsper: Ops> Captain Morrigan and Ensign Kaelyre.
EnsignNerinaK: ::hands the padd back to him::
LtjgJvanDnalls: ::looks over the PADD:: Your all set, 
HiDDuKeL CQ: Allright sorry about the fuss and thanks alot! back to 
work for me!
LtjgJvanDnalls:  beleive Sickbay is awaiting you.
LtJoshuaAsper: +Captain+ Don't worry Captain, Gravametric 
Stabilizers are offline.  Working on it now.
HiDDuKeL CQ: ::Rushes out the door and through the corridors::
EnsignNerinaK: ::stands up and walks out::
Cpt Morrigan: :::puts an arm around Kaelyre and squeezes firmly and 
gently::: Just a few moments.
LtJoshuaAsper: +Nerina+ Lt. Asper to Ensign Nerina.
Cpt Morrigan: I hate these things, too.
EnsignDVorak: ::puts all the stray hypos into one tray and 
sets them on a shelf in the corner::
Cpt Morrigan: <<See... I'm not such a hardass!>>
EnsignNerinaK: +Asper+ What?
HiDDuKeL CQ: ::Bumps into Dvorak::
Lady Cyanah: ::is surprised but comforted by Morrigan's gesture 
and wonders if she misread her::
HiDDuKeL CQ: Oh! heyo! im sorry about that!
EnsignNerinaK: ::walking to Sick Bay::
LtjgJvanDnalls: +D'Vorak+ One Ensign, headed your 
way... good luck... I will be down i na few moments
EnsignDVorak: ::smiles:: No worries
Lady Cyanah: Of course, ma'am. ::turns her head to look at 
Morrigan, aroused by the proximity::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::blinks:: +Nerina+ Ensign, I need you to report 
to Engineering and reactivate the Gravametric Stabilizers so we 
can engage the Descent Stabilizers.
EnsignDVorak: +Dnalls+Understood... I'll just contact you 
when we're through here
HiDDuKeL CQ: Oh hey your Dvorak correct?
EnsnSaraCrusher: ::walks out into sick bay but not to were 
she can been seen:: What a time for the counselor to be 
LtjgJvanDnalls: +DVorak+ Acknowleged
EnsignNerinaK: +Asper+ Does that take the place of my physical?
Cpt Morrigan: :::smiles a tad bit overly brightly, perhaps because she 
is just a tad bit claustrophobic herself:::
EnsignDVorak: In the flesh... You must be that talented 
Shogun pilot Ive heard so much about
LtJoshuaAsper: ::smiles:: +Nerina+ No, consider it just a 
prolonging effect.
Cpt Morrigan: Just another adventure in the line of duty...
Lady Cyanah: Yes, ma'am. I enjoy adventure.
Cpt Morrigan: :::is perhaps trying to overcompensate:::
EnsignNerinaK: +Asper+ Sure thing.
HiDDuKeL CQ: Yes yes i bet youcan tell by my great gangly grey 
beard im growing and my great dirty hair! ive nto much time fo rmyself 
::extends hand in greeting:: I am Devon Hiddukel
LtJoshuaAsper: +Nerina+ And if all possible, do it quickly, the 
Captain's on board that turbolift.
EnsignNerinaK: +DVorak+ Look I got work to do. They need me 
now so my physical's got to ait.
Cpt Morrigan: Adventures are good...especially when shared.
EnsignNerinaK: ::smirks::
EnsignDVorak: ::takes hand and shakes it:: Anthony 
DVorak... pleased to meet you
LtJoshuaAsper: +Morrigan+ Asper to the Captain.
EnsnSaraCrusher: Computer were is Ensign Kaelyre
Lady Cyanah: ::nods::: Yes... shared adventures are the best kind... 
::wonders if she's reading these signals correctly::
EnsnSaraCrusher: Computer> She is in a TL
EnsignDVorak: +Nerina+ No problem... I'll just call Mr 
EnsnSaraCrusher: ::looks confused:: Is she alone
Cpt Morrigan: :::trying to steady her own nervousness, she bites her 
lower lip as she nervously wets her lips:::
HiDDuKeL CQ: Hmm
LtjgJvanDnalls: ::steps into Sickbay unaanounced::
HiDDuKeL CQ: why do others get outta physicals and i dot? ;/
HiDDuKeL CQ: dont
EnsignDVorak: +Dnalls+It looks as if Nerina wont be here 
EnsnSaraCrusher: Computer> Negtive she is with Captain 
LtJoshuaAsper: +Morrigan+ Asper to Captain Morrigan.
EnsignNerinaK: ::arrrives in Engineering and looks at the different 
consoles finding the one she neeeds::
LtjgJvanDnalls: ::standing behind D'Vorak:: No, she will 
Cpt Morrigan: *Asper* I assume you have this under control, Asper?
LtJoshuaAsper: +Morrigan+ Captain, Ensign Nerina is on her 
way to Engineering to fix our little problem, standby.
EnsignDVorak: I have no idea... If I could have it my way... 
Physicals would come before everything
EnsnSaraCrusher: Ok I'll wait, don;t think she's happy with 
me still
Cpt Morrigan: :::somewhat breathlessly:::
Lady Cyanah: ::wets her own as she looks at Morrigan's now 
shining lips, breathing deeply and nervously now, all of her senses 
operating fully:
Cpt Morrigan: *Asper* No rush... we're fine.
Lady Cyanah: ::hears Morrigan's breathless tone::
EnsnSaraCrusher: Computer> Please restate
Lady Cyanah: ::compares it to her own::
EnsnSaraCrusher: I wasn't talking to you
HiDDuKeL CQ: ::Shakes Dvoraks hand leaving grease stains::
Cpt Morrigan: :::keeps telling herself, we're fine, we're fine:::
HiDDuKeL CQ: Oh im sorry abou that ! well i must be going
LtJoshuaAsper: +Morrigan+ Captain?  What's going on?
EnsignDVorak: ::jumps:: Mr Dnalls... what a surprise... If 
you could go sit on that bio bed I'll be with you in a 
Lady Cyanah: ::figures that now's her chance, when will she be 
stuck in a TL with this goddess again, waits for Asper to shut up::
LtjgJvanDnalls: ::takes a seat::
LtjgJvanDnalls: Gladly, Doctor.
EnsignDVorak: ::looks over at devon:: Alright Mr 
Hiddukel... I'll see you around
EnsnSaraCrusher: <<you may have a wait on your hands>>
HiDDuKeL CQ: Good bye! ::Runs off to Shogun Bays::
Cpt Morrigan: *Asper* Nothing, Asper.... 
LtJoshuaAsper: +Morrigan+ Understood, Asper out.
Cpt Morrigan: *Asper* Morrigan out.
LtjgJvanDnalls: ::breathes a sigh of relief:: It is good to 
see another department that is directly resonsible for the 
Captain's wellfair, or lack there of.
Cpt Morrigan: :::sighs deeply::: 
EnsignNerinaK: ::sees a serious problem with a power fluctuation 
and starts to fix that as it is priority::
Lady Cyanah: ::takes the chance, gambles::
Cpt Morrigan: :::counting in her head, hoping the TL moves soon:::
EnsignDVorak: ::walks over to the biobed where Mr. 
Dnalls is sitting:: If you listen to my instructions and 
follow them promptly... the physical should take no 
longer than 10 minutes
LtjgJvanDnalls: Good
Lady Cyanah: ::places her hand on Morrigan's cheek, turns her 
face, then leans up and kisses her deeply as she wraps her arms 
around the Captain's back::
EnsignNerinaK: ::smiles as she sees the amount of power she has at 
her fingertips::
EnsignDVorak: Alright... Ready to begin?
LtjgJvanDnalls: Affirmative
EnsignDVorak: <<LOL>>
EnsBurrows: <<I have to bail. Really sorry.>>
Cpt Morrigan: :::stunned:::
HiDDuKeL CQ: <<uhm did i miss something? ??
EnsignNerinaK: <<see ya Burrows>>
EnsignDVorak: <<Cy and the captain sitting in the TL 
LtJoshuaAsper: <<Later Burrows>>
EnsignNerinaK: <thanks fo rthe walk>>
EnsnSaraCrusher: <<I think sick bay just lost the title for 
where the action is>>
EnsignDVorak: ::Looks at DNalls:: lie down
LtJoshuaAsper: <<LOL>>
LtjgJvanDnalls: ::does so::
EnsignDVorak: as still as possible
EnsignDVorak: ::activates biobed scanning device::
LtJoshuaAsper: +Crusher+ Asper to Ensign Crusher.
Cpt Morrigan: :::blinks a few times as her lips follow the natural 
progession of things and she stiffens and breaks the kiss:::
Lady Cyanah: ::feels Morrigan stiffen, realizes she made a mistake::
Lady Cyanah: ::Gasps in horror at what just happened:: Ma'am! I'm 
sorry! I thought you - oh no, oh no, oh no... ::just slides down the 
wall babbling incoherently::
LtJoshuaAsper: <<So much for Censored simulation.  Geesh, my 
young eyes.  ;-)>>
EnsnSaraCrusher: ::smiles and hides so Tony can't see 
her:: +Asper+ Crusher here Lt.
Lady Cyanah: ::apologizing continually::
EnsignDVorak: ::taps a few buttons on the console::
LtjgJvanDnalls: << I feel so....violated.... :-) >>
EnsignNerinaK: ::exploring the extent of her new found power 
checking stats and data::
LtJoshuaAsper: +Crusher+ Please report to the bridge.
Cpt Morrigan: :::puts a hand to her head as she struggles to deal with 
a myriad of things that float through her brain and her bodyLLL
Cpt Morrigan: :::
EnsignDVorak: ::looks at the monitor::
LtJoshuaAsper: +Nerina+ Asper to Nerina, report.
EnsignDVorak: ::moves scanning device from head to 
Lady Cyanah: ::Still stammering out apologies::
EnsnSaraCrusher: +Asper+ On my way Lt. ::looks 
EnsignNerinaK: ::is yanked out of her power high:+Asper+ I'm 
working on it.
Cpt Morrigan: Ensign..... Kaelyre.... :::sees the woman in distress and 
immediately stoops next to her::: Cyanah... stop.
LtjgJvanDnalls: ::unconsiously glad to have installed 
holoimaging devices all over the ship without 
Command's consent::
EnsnSaraCrusher: Scooby I have to go to the bridge
LtJoshuaAsper: +Nerina+ Understood.
Lady Cyanah: ::shuts up, mainly out of fear, but hears her first 
Lady Cyanah: ::looks at the Captain with wet eyes::
EnsignDVorak: ::Looks over to sara and just waves his 
hand in uncaring consent::
Cpt Morrigan: No... no crying.  Ensigns don't cry... not on my ship.
EnsnSaraCrusher: <<now she tell us>>
Lady Cyanah: ::forces back the tears:: 
EnsignDVorak: ::deactivates biobed scanner::
LtjgJvanDnalls: <<Unless of course you happen to be 
yelling at them at the time that is>>
EnsnSaraCrusher: ::is hurt by the way Tony waved her 
EnsignDVorak: ::takes out tricorder with protable nodule::
EnsnSaraCrusher: ::heads for the bridge::
Lady Cyanah: I'm sorry, Captain. I misread your body language.
EnsBurrows has left the room.
LtjgJvanDnalls: <m>Scooby?
EnsignNerinaK: ::finds the malfunction and realizes t coud take a 
few minutes re-aligning the maladjusted components::
Cpt Morrigan: :::realizes her hand is trembling::: Good.... now stand 
up.:::helps her up::: It was a misunderstanding.... I should have 
realized.... it was the panic.
LtjgJvanDnalls: ::raises a brow::
Lady Cyanah: ::stands with Morrigan's help::
EnsignDVorak: ::runs the nodule around Dnalls' head to 
test brain patterns and grey matter density::
EnsnSaraCrusher: << I did not cry. I jumped and talking to 
EnsnSaraCrusher: >>
EnsignDVorak: ::taps a few buttons while looking at the 
Cpt Morrigan: :::straightens her tunic::: See... no harm done.
Lady Cyanah: You are not Delosian, yet I was applying my race's 
standards of courtship to you...
EnsignDVorak: ::moves biobed scanner out of the way::
EnsignDVorak: You can sit up now Mr Dnalls
Cpt Morrigan: :::can't deny the fact her lips are tingling:::
Lady Cyanah: ::despite herself, the Captain's touch as she 
straightens Cyanah's tunic sends shivers down her spine::
LtjgJvanDnalls: <<::considiering becomeing Delosian::>
LtJoshuaAsper: <<ROFL!>>
Lady Cyanah: <<read my bio on the website. ;-) >>
EnsnSaraCrusher: ::enters the bridge::
LtjgJvanDnalls: ::sits up::
EnsignDVorak: This may sting a bit ::takes a sample of 
blood from DNalls::
HiDDuKeL CQ: <<I concur>>
Lady Cyanah: ::blushing about as red as possible::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::Turns:: Ah, Ensign, please join me in the 
Conference room.
LtjgJvanDnalls: More of a pinch, actually
EnsignNerinaK: ::pushes the last button in the sequence and 
watches as everything starts to work again::
LtJoshuaAsper: Ensign Chaos, you have the bridge.
EnsignDVorak: ::puts the sample in his tricorder and taps 
a few buttons::
Cpt Morrigan: We will need to have a chat about this later.... but now 
is not the right time.
EnsnSaraCrusher: ::fallows Asper::
EnsignNerinaK: +asper+ Problem taken care of.
Lady Cyanah: ::nods:: Yes ma'am.
LtJoshuaAsper: +Nerina+ Thank you Ensign.
Lady Cyanah: ::thanks whatever small gods might be listening for 
the TL movement::
EnsignNerinaK: ::tapping out a few moere comands to the system 
to check for further damage::
EnsignDVorak: You seem to be in perfect health Mr. Dnalls
LtJoshuaAsper: ::enters the CR::
Cpt Morrigan: :::doors open:::
EnsignDVorak: How are the headaches??
LtjgJvanDnalls: Thank you
Lady Cyanah: ::composes herself and exits with Morrigan::
EnsignDVorak: any recently?
LtjgJvanDnalls: They come and go, but i have learned to 
control them, and function threw them
LtjgJvanDnalls: Not yet
EnsnSaraCrusher: What's up Josh
EnsignNerinaK: +DVorak+ Do I gotta come down there now? 
Since I'm done here I mean.
LtJoshuaAsper: Sara I didn't officially want to leave the bridge, 
but my shoulder is killing me.  Hoverball is just increasing the 
pain, anything you can do about it here?
Cpt Morrigan: :::wondering if the world can hear her nerves singing:::
Lady Cyanah: ::still relishing the kiss in her mind::
Cpt Morrigan: :::steps into medical, looking composed as usual:::
EnsnSaraCrusher: I didn't bring any thing with me
EnsignDVorak: There are some new medicines for dealing 
with headaches due to telepathy... once we learn to 
synthisize them.. it may be a benifit to you
LtjgJvanDnalls: ::looks toward the door as it slides open::
Lady Cyanah: <<I have to run, everyone! Later!>
EnsignDVorak: +Nerina+ Whenever you're ready
LtJoshuaAsper: ::points:: There's a medkit behind that panel.
LtjgJvanDnalls: I'll try it.
EnsnSaraCrusher: ::grabs the kit::
Lady Cyanah has left the room.
EnsignNerinaK: ::sighs and leaves the comforting humm of the 
double warp cores to head for Sick Bay::
EnsignDVorak: alright
EnsignDVorak: You're done here Mr. Dnalls
EnsnSaraCrusher: ::scans Josh's shoulder:: Your 
shoulder is fine Josh
LtjgJvanDnalls: Good
LtjgJvanDnalls: ::stands::
LtjgJvanDnalls: Thank you, Doctor
LtJoshuaAsper: ::looks deep into her eyes:: I know it is.
EnsignDVorak: ::Looks over towards the door:: Captain... 
PLease state the nature of the medical emergency 
EnsnSaraCrusher: Then why did you call me down here 
Joshua ::smiles::
LtjgJvanDnalls: <<::hears the Love Boat theme on the 
COMM system::>>
LtJoshuaAsper: ::smiles:: I needed to see you, I haven't in the 
last couple of days.
EnsignNerinaK: ::enters Sick Bay:: Who do I need to talk to in 
LtjgJvanDnalls: ::starts heading out, makes eye contact 
with the Captain::
EnsignDVorak: ::looks over to Nerina:: that would be me
EnsnSaraCrusher: You've been busy with the commander 
being with Zoya at the meeting on DS9 and all
LtjgJvanDnalls: ::smiles broadly, in an almost 'knowing' 
sort of way::
Cpt Morrigan: :::sees D'Nalls and stops him with a touch of her hand:::
EnsignNerinaK: ::sees Captain and sighs:: Great. ::walks to 
Cpt Morrigan: :::his smile unsettles her:::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::shakes head::  And neglecting you.
LtjgJvanDnalls: Captain, are you alright?
Cpt Morrigan: I'm....f...f...f...fine, Lieutenant.  I just need a moment of 
your time.
EnsignDVorak: ::extends hand to Nerina:: Im Doctor 
Anthony DVorak
LtjgJvanDnalls: By all means.
LtJoshuaAsper: ::wraps his arms around Sara::
EnsignNerinaK: What do you need for this physical?
EnsignDVorak: ::Smiles:: Acting CMO
EnsnSaraCrusher: Josh.. We're on duty
EnsnSaraCrusher: ::smiles::
EnsignNerinaK: ::looks at his hand:: I don't shake hands.
Cpt Morrigan: Dvorak!  Is everything alright in here?
Cpt Morrigan: *Asper*Captain to Asper
LtjgJvanDnalls: ::jumps at her abrupt change of tone::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::smiles devilishly:: Captain's away, I've got the 
bridge, who's goin' to know...
LtJoshuaAsper: ::puts a hand to Sara's lips:: +Morrigan+ Go 
ahead, Captain.
EnsignDVorak: ::smiles at Nerina:: I apologize ::takes his 
hand away:: All we need is for you to lie down on 
Biobed 1... It should take maybe 10 minutes
Cpt Morrigan: *Asper* I need a full diagnosis of all ships systems 
sent to the security office PRONTO.
EnsnSaraCrusher: ::hearts starts ponding. thinks to 
herself.. She's going to kill us if she founds out.::
LtJoshuaAsper: ::nods:: +Morrigan+ Aye, Captain.
LtJoshuaAsper: +Morrigan+ Asper out.
EnsignDVorak: :::looks at the captain:: Everything is fine 
Captain... how are you?
LtJoshuaAsper: ::turns back to Sara:: Where were we?
EnsignNerinaK: ::sighs:: (m) I hate cheery doctors. ::lies on the bed.
EnsignNerinaK: ::
Cpt Morrigan: :::looks about::: Where's Crusher?
EnsnSaraCrusher: You tell me ::smiles::
LtjgJvanDnalls: ::checks PADD::
LtjgJvanDnalls: In your ready room...
Cpt Morrigan: In my what?!
EnsignDVorak: ::smiles at the captain:: She said she had 
to go to the bridge
LtJoshuaAsper: <<Actually in the Conference room>>
LtjgJvanDnalls: ::shows her the PADD::
LtjgJvanDnalls: (Ops, sorry)
LtJoshuaAsper: ::kisses Sara::  Now, you've got to go, I've got 
work to do.
EnsnSaraCrusher: <<we're not asking for death sentace>>
Cpt Morrigan: :::looks and sighs::: Conference room.... :::sighs:::
Cpt Morrigan: Locate Asper.
EnsignDVorak: ::Looks at Nerina:: now lie perfectly still
LtjgJvanDnalls: ::does so::
LtJoshuaAsper: Can I come over tonight, after my shift?
EnsnSaraCrusher: ::dosn't let go. Kisses Josh back::
LtjgJvanDnalls: Gues what?
LtJoshuaAsper: ::Walks onto the bridge::
EnsignNerinaK: ::smirks:: You got it. 
LtjgJvanDnalls: Conference room, entering the Bridge.
EnsnSaraCrusher: <<hey you left to soon>>
LtJoshuaAsper: <<Scratch all my actions after the kiss>>
Cpt Morrigan: :::mutters::: Good lord... we've all gone mad.
LtjgJvanDnalls: Mad?
LtjgJvanDnalls: I wouldn't say that
Cpt Morrigan: END SIM
EnsignDVorak: ::activates biobed scanner::
Cpt Morrigan: END SIM
LtJoshuaAsper: ::indulges himself and kisses Sara longer::
Cpt Morrigan: END SIM

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