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  • Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 00:31:55 GMT

by. Ensign Telsia Ehling

Telsia sat at her console in Main Engineering, running diagnostics on the warp 
engines.  Her thoughts returned to the previous night and Josh and Cameron.  It 
had been great, she felt like they were really going to be a real family, that 
it would work.  A smile crept over her face as she thought of the two most 
important people in her life.  

Lost in her own thoughts, Telsia didn?t see Ensign Mills until he was upon her, 
holding out a PADD.  Apologizing for her lack of attention, she took it and 
looked down.  Her request for a transfer had been accepted.  The smile on her 
face grew as she reread the message, making sure it said what she thought it 
said.  Her request to transfer had been fulfilled and she would be moving on in 
life and going to a different department-Medical.

While in the academy, Tel had studied both to be a doctor and engineer, trying 
to please both her parents.  What few knew though, was that she had graduated 
with both and was able to choose which she wanted to do.  Originally, Tel had 
thought she wanted to work in engineering, work more on the ship but as time 
had gone on, she realized that engineering wasn?t the place for her and so she 
had requested it of Starfleet to be allowed a transfer in departments.  Now, 
she started in two days, in Medical.  

Smiling the entire time, Tel finished up her shift and headed to her and Josh?s 
quarters, dying to tell him.  She just hoped he would be half as happy about it 
as she was.

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