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?Touching Bases?
by Lieutenant Joshua Asper
& Lieutenant Sara Crusher

The bridge was taken care of; everything in precise and working order, so Josh figured that he would look into his other job. He'd neglected the Shoguns since he'd left for shore leave and the squadron hadn't gotten much practice since his vacation came to an end. Now the chaos needed to be taken care of, but a little bird told him that someone else was involved with piloting but lying low.

He rounded the corner on deck two and stepped into sickbay. Nurses gave him a look and he nodded, but his eyes searched for someone that stuck out. There she was, the red hair shining like a beacon in the night, so he casually strode towards her. "So I hear someone is hiding something on their repertoire."

A huge bundle of nerves is what Sara had turned into since Morrigan had gotten back. Everything at John Hopkins was set and the medical teams were on standby and just waiting for her to beam down with Morrigan, but even at warp six the ship wasn't moving fast enough for Morrigan who kept coming into sickbay.

The sudden voice behind her made Sara nearly jump out of her skin. She turned on her heel quickly and was more then surprised to see Josh standing there. What had he said? Hiding something on her repertoire? "Excuse me?" She finally asked.

Being a Betazoid is not something Josh was able to say of himself, but he thought he was a good judge of character and presence. Sara, from what he thought he could judge, seemed on edge. Her mind was wandering elsewhere and to other things, but she was at least not toning people out - yet. "An anonymous someone told me that you're a qualified shogun pilot. Class four, I believe?"

Sara stood there for a moment. She didn't know what to say, how did he found out? Her mind wondered to the conversation she had had with Joe in the shuttle bay the night before, but he had promised not to say a word. "I have no idea what your talking about, Josh. I'm a doctor not a pilot." She huffed before turning back to the research report she was working on.

"You sound like Doctor McCoy." Josh tried his best to imitate the famous doctor, "Damn it, Jim, I'm a doctor not a pilot." He smiled and then propped himself up against the bed, looking at her with an inquisitive glance. "Well, then, apparently the conversation you had with a certain Lieutenant Castillo never happened?"

Sara bit her lip to keep from smiling at Josh's imitation. Then she turned away from her work and faced Josh when she heard him say Joe's name. "He told me he wouldn't say anything!" She fussed as her hands planted themselves on her hips. "I can't believe he would go and say something after he told me he wouldn't!" It didn't dawn on Sara that she had just admitted to the information as being true.

"See? The confession wasn't that hard. And, for your information, Castillo didn't say a word. Lark was working on the shogun fighter down from you on a new plasma manifold - he heard everything." Josh moved around and sat on the bio-bed looking at her all fussy. "What are you doing for lunch?" He tilted his head hoping that whatever bad blood was there in the past had phased into nothingness.

"Oh." Was the only thing Sara could think of saying at the moment. Her cheeks burned with embarrassment and she felt like a real jerk for going off on poor Joe.

Sara was surprised when Josh asked her about lunch and for a moment was unsure as how to answer. The truth was she had planned on working through lunch so she could hide in her lab, but she had over slept that morning and was starving. She looked at Josh carefully for a long time. The last time they had been in the same room together they had tried to kill each other, but he seemed genuine enough. "I don't have any plans."

"Want to grab a bite to eat?" Josh hesitated about a location, "We could go to Three Forward; I hear that the NEW bartender is an undercover Tal Shiar Operative with a thirst for Klingon Honor. And, is hiding some Romulan ale in the cargo bay." He was trying to lighten the mood, which he could feel slowly unwinding and getting less and less tense. Always room for a good joke, Josh always thought.

"Three forward sounds all right, just let me grab a phaser rifle first." Sara smiled at Josh and turned her console off before tossing her lab coat into her office.

The two walked out of sick bay and went up to three forward in an awkward silence that seemed to ease the closer they got to the ship's lounge. Josh pointed to a table by the window and Sara nodded. He pulled out her chair and then sat across from her. "Cheeseburger and a chocolate malt." Sara said when the waiter walked up to the table. Then she looked at Josh. "OK, so what's it gonna take to get you to forget what Lark overheard."

An evil smile crept its way over Josh's features. "I don't know; how important is that precious information to you? You know we could always use another good pilot. As it is all you have to be is a second level pilot to fly shoguns, I'm level six." The waiter turned to Josh, "Cheeseburger and a vanilla shake. We'd be glad to have you on board."

All the color in Sara's face drained leaving her a rather sickly pale. "Thanks for the offer, Josh, but I can't." She glances around the room nervously and then looked back at Josh. "It's just not my thing."

"Not your thing?" Josh gave the 'you've got to be joking' look at her across the table. "You took enough time to get the certification for a level four and it's not your thing? You'd probably kill most of the people we have in simulations. What good is it if you never use it?"

"It use to be, I think, anyway it doesn't matter. It was just something I did." Sara said as she looked out the window. "I needed to do it and I'm not even sure I ever planed on using it." She turned away from the window when their food arrived.

That had been the third time she had tried to explain, first with Joe, then last night with Cyanah, and now with Josh, and she still couldn't make sense out of it. She loved to fly as a kid and was always bugging Rhi to take her out in her racer, but she was never able to explain the sudden fear she had in the academy which lead to her need to overpower it by going tough all the extra work to get such a high level.

Gazing at his huge cheeseburger, Josh sipped at his vanilla shake. "So I guess that nursing certification I have isn't worth anything either?" Another grin danced its way over his facial _expression_ and then was engulfed as he took a bite of his lunch. "Sometimes it's not whether we intend on using it or not - it's just using them because we have them."

He found himself staring, but it wasn't his intention. She was alluring and he was at a loss for a reason why he'd given up on the two of them. So many good memories, and at the same time he remembered the bad times that they'd shared. From dealing with the rude Arcade manager, to the mind-blowing events of Sirrus Five, there was always something.

Nodding as she spoke, Josh fully agreed that the times were strenuous on everyone - especially Sara. "I know things have been hard lately, I've experienced my hardships and I'm glad it's over." Josh played with his food a bit, not finding the energy or the desire to eat. "I'd volunteer in sickbay as field medic if you renewed your certification."

The thought of getting into the cockpit of a shogun terrified Sara, which she didn't understand. The whole purpose of getting her certification was to get over that feeling. Why now was it coming back as strongly, if not stronger, then it had been before.

"I don't know Josh. I don't think I can but I'll think about it and let you know when I get back." Sara tried to smile as she pushed her plate away.

"Sara, you know if there is anything you need to talk about I'm here for you. Yes, we have had some bad blood between the two of us, but I think that that has well passed. I came to you when I was having bad dreams, which I think you'd like to know that it was my mother - she passed away about a month ago. I'll be here for you just like you were here for me."

Sara looked up at Josh and was once again at loss for words briefly. "Thanks, Josh, but I'm OK, really. There's just stuff I have to deal with, you know." She smiled warmly at him. "I'm sorry about you mom. How are you doing? And Jerrad and Olivia?" Sara had heard about Josh's mom but wasn't sure weather going to offer her condolences was a good idea or not.

Nodding with sorrow, Josh looked across the table at her. "I'm doing OK, Jerrad and Olivia too. Things are getting better. Jerrad is in the academy right now and Olivia and Hayden are on Alpha Centauri. We'll end up better than we were, closer and such, but things are looking up. How's your mother?"

"She's doing well. She's waiting on her request for transfer to go through. She wants back on a ship bad, but until then she and my Dad have gone to Betazed for awhile." Sara smiled a little, this time happily. "She's making plans to meet Cyanah to keep herself busy."

"Busy? What about you?"

Sara nodded. "With everything that happened at DS9 she missed out on meeting Cy so now she's plotting ways to met her." Sara sat back in her chair and crossed her legs before placing her folded hands on her knees. Her guess was that her mother would pop up again and have some kind of dinner party planned. She couldn't help but grin. "Me? What about me? I'm always busy."

Sara stood and nodded. "Yeah it was." She agreed. "And look no blood shed this time."

"I'm sure I can say something asinine and completely rude, give me a second to think." He laughed as they both strode out into the hallway and back to their respected jobs, but this time with knowledge that both were more capable than they were letting anyone know.

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