<USS Banshee> Time Heals *Most* Wounds (Part 2)

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The conclusion....

Sara crossed around the bed with her ever present medical scanner.  She 
glanced at Morrigan as she passed the foot of the bed, noting that she seemed 
to be resting peacefully, wrapped in her blanket of pain killers.  She began 
scanning the troublesome leg as soon as she reached his side.  “Well, she can 
thank me by yelling at you for being fool headed.  Your leg is practically 

“Shattered?”  J’van realized that his rage had been strong enough the 
him through his injuries, but he had not known the full extent of them.

Grabbing a bone regenerator from the bedside, Sara stooped next to him and 
begin to slowly pass the instrument over the effected area.  “You’re lucky 
it’s fixable.”  They were silent for a few moments.  “Does anything else 
hurt or do I have to have you strapped down to a biobed to check you out?”

Giddy from the pharmacy of meds that was coursing through her system, 
Morrigan chuckled internally.  I’d love to help strap you down.

“A few minor cuts and what not….Nothing too bad.”  J’van gave her hand 
another soft squeeze as if to chastise Morrigan for her silly ways.

Watching the softly beeping monitors that evaluated the Captain’s status 
constantly, Sara continued.  “So, you’ll sit long enough for me to run a 
scan or two while we wait for the last of her treatments to finish?”  She 
finished her work and began to scan him without waiting for an answer.

“I’m not going anywhere, Sara,” he assured weakly.

Sara looked up at him, her thoughts finally free for a moment. “Thank you, 
J’van,” she whispered softly.

“Thank you, Sara… you’ve done us all a great service today.”  He 
Morrigan intently, noting that as she moved now, it was in the manner of 
someone who was just trying to get comfortable rather than to escape pain.

“She’s my Captain.  My duty and loyalty are to her.”  She worked at his 
wounds patiently, thankful for the lack of urgency in the task.

“But you also saved a Cardassian,” he spoke low and gestured towards the 
Legate with his head.

“That’s my job,” she nodded as she spoke.  Finally, she leaned against 
empty biobed next to D’nalls to catch her breath.  She was weary.  All she 
wanted now was to crawl out of sickbay and to her quarters… and to Cyanah.  
The activity hadn’t allowed her to stop and make sure that everything was 
really okay with the one that SHE called Imzadi.  “You kept your promise and 
for that I am more grateful than you’ll ever know.”

“Well, that’s MY job,” he smiled a bit at her through the pain.

Closing her eyes, she allowed her mind to drift towards Cyanah’s . Brushing 
it lightly with a lover’s touch, she smiled and sighed at the pleasure of 
being able to feel her once more. Sara opened her eyes and smiled at J’van as 
she took one last scan of him to make sure she hadn’t missed anything. The 
cleanup crews were already at work, putting away instruments and tools, 
replenishing med kits, and erasing all traces of the frenzied fight for life 
that had been taking place. “You’ll be fine, J’van.  Now, let’s see 

“She’ll be alright,” he asserted knowingly.  “She’s come too far not 
He brushed a strand of loose hairaway from her forehead.  “And did I mention 
she’s stubborn?”  He chuckled softly as the Legate mentioned something 
behind him about the pot calling the kettle black.

“She’ll be okay,” Sara said serenely.  “She’s been relieved of 
any….” She 
stopped and paused the scanner as it hovered over the Captain’s mid-section.  
Turning pale, Sara looked shocked for a moment and then began the test again, 
asking for more detailed information.

“What is it?”  J’van looked away from Morrigan to see what had caught the 
doctor’s attention.

Sara looked at J’van briefly before looking down at Morrigan and back to the 
scanner.  “Dear God.” It was a whisper filled with disbelief.

“What,” he asked more urgently, ready to spring to his feet  whether his 
newly repaired leg would allow it or not. Instead, he rose slowly as Sara 
touched his shoulder gently and motioned him away from the Captain’s bedside. 
 He sent soothing thoughts to Morrigan's resting form as her eyebrows knitted 
momentarily as she felt his anxiety.

The day had been to much for the doctor already.  The sudden return of her 
love, the emergency with the Legate, the horror of the Captain’s trauma 
wrecked body, and her own tiredness made her emotional.  Tears sprang to her 
eyes as she searched for the words to tell him, finally settling on the 
simple truth.  “She’s had a miscarriage, J’van,” she whispered.

“Oh,” he replied simply as he looked over the where Morrigan lay dreaming 
heather and her mother.  “Is she alright though?”

Surprised by his reaction, or lack of one, she answered, “She’ll recover in 
time physically, but emotionally….”  Her words trailed off as she looked to 
Morrigan’s bed.

“Did she know she was…..” He left the sentence unfinished, not wanting to 
give voice to the facts.

Sara turned her attention back toJ’van.  “I don’t think so.  It was very 
early on… not more than a week or two.”

“Then there will be no emotional recovery,” he replied with conviction as 
reached a decision.  “Because you’re not going to tell her about it.”

“What?”  The word pierced the hushed quiet with a vocal jab. “I can’t 
that, J’van,” she exclaimed in a hoarse whisper.

“Why not?”  He continued urgently.  “Do you tell every patient every bit 
information about their condition?”

“Yes,” she asserted.  “My patients have the right to know the truth.”

“It is not a matter of truth or a lie,” he pushed his point forward.  “It 
a matter of saving her even more pain than that bastard has already inflicted 
upon her.”

“The miscarriage is recorded in her scans, J’van.  It’s a part of her 
I will not falsify records.”  Her indignation was growing by leaps and bounds.

“I’m not asking you to do that,” He murmured.

“Then what ARE you asking me to do?”  Sara’s hand reached up and tried to 
rub the knot out of her neck.  Her mind raced at the quandary that the 
Lieutenant was placing her in.

“I’m asking you not to bring itup.”  He spoke quickly.  “If she finds 
on her own, fine.  But it is unlikely.  It’s not like she comes in here and 
reads her medical records in her off time.”

“She deserves to know about her own child, J’van,”  Sara couldn’t 
what she was hearing.

“There was no child, Sara.”  He knew that what he said sounded harsh, but 
was trying to find some way, any way to spare Morrigan the pain of what she 
did not know.  “There was a small bit of flesh… tissue… blood that will 
bring her incredible pain…. On top of all the pain she has already been 
dealt.”  He pointed towards the bed and the resting woman. “Look at her.  
You saw what he did to her! Can you in good faith tell me that you would 
bring even more suffering upon her in an effort to protect the truth?  Hasn’t 
she suffered enough?  If you want to protect something, protect HER."

Confused and torn,  Sara slumped against the nearby wall and shook her head.  
Tears streamed down her face.  She heard what he said and understood it.  He 
was protecting her.  Wouldn’t she do the same for Cyanah?  Protect her at all 
costs?   Her sense of duty and her sense of compassion fought a bitter war 
within her. “First to do no harm.”  It was the basis of the Hypocratic 
wasn’t it? But which would harm more, the truth or the withholding of it?

Cursing mentally, J’van appreciated the torment that Crusher was going 
through.  It wasn’t an easy decision.  Their choices were limited and 
whichever Sara chose, she would suffer some regret for it no matter what.  He 
took a step forward.  “Stop,” he said brusquely as he reached a decision of 
his own.  “I will tell her.”  As much as he knew Rhiannon trusted in 
Crusher’s talents in the medical field, he felt that somehow it would be 
better coming from him.

Sara looked startled as a warning beep came from the monitor.  It was 
announcing that Morrigan’s systems were awakening, that she was beginning to 
revive.  “She’s coming to, J’van.”

“Just give us some time,please?”  He made his request solemnly.

She hesitated for a moment and then nodded.  “I’m sorry, J’van,” she 
whispered.  “I’m sorry I can’t do what you ask.  I’m sorry for feeling 
way I do.  I’m sorry you lost a child, but she has a right to know.”  She 
considered him for a moment longer.  “I will give you the time you ask for.”

“She will know, but please, not now.”  He understood things that Sara 
couldn't comprehend about life on a starship, especially a starship whose 
mission was to protect at all costs.  It wasn't that he thought her stupid, 
just inexperienced in life in general and the dangers of duty in particular.  
Children became a liability, a chink in the armor.  They became pawns in the 
game and in the game of chess…. Pawns were the first to be sacrificed.  
Rhiannon would understand that.  Wouldn't she?

“Not now,” Sara conceded.  “But when she is stronger.”  She waited 
J’van nodded.  “I really am sorry,” she offered once more.

As Morrigan passed through the barrier between dreamstate and reality, the 
terror of her last moments gripped her suddenly and she came to with a 
startled gasp.  She didn’t know where she was. The last thing that she 
remembered was the laughter of the Cardassians and then blood… so much 
blood… and Murphy.

Sara rushed to Morrigan’s side when she heard the gasp.  “Relax,Captain.  
You’re home now.”  She hurriedly wiped away the tears before the patient 
could open her eyes.

Startled by the voice, confused by her surroundings, and fearful off all that 
was around her, Morrigan reacted instinctually, grabbing Sara by the front of 
her uniform and yanking her forcefully towards herself.  It took her a moment 
to realize that is was indeed… Sara. “Lieutenant,” she spoke hoarsely as 
looked at her with puzzlement, trying to fit all the pieces of the puzzle 

Trying to hide her surprise at the strength of Morrigan’s grip, she looked 
into the Captain’s pale grey eyes.  “Welcome back, Ma’am.”  She smiled 

She released Sara as quickly as she had grabbed her as relief  flooded 
through her system.  “It wasn’t a dream,” she murmured.  “Where’s 

“He’s here,” she replied with a smile as the object of the Captain’s 
request approached the bed quietly.

Morrigan’s eyebrows came together in a frown as she noted the slightly 
reddened eyes and the tearstained cheeks of one of her favorite choices on 
the BBQ menu.  “Tears because you couldn’t get rid of me, Crusher?”  She 
smiled and chuckled at her own form of a joke, wincing as she noticed the 
pain that the simple movement caused.

Sara studied the monitors a moment before answered, satisfied that all her 
vitals were normal and stable.  She smiled brightly.  “No, Ma’am. From 
almost losing you.”  “Did I just say that,” she questioned herself 
 From the corner of her eye, she could see J’van waver where he stood as a 
wave of dizziness hit him.

“I find that highly improbable,” Morrigan snorted.  Wanting to see J’van 
herself, to assure herself that he was indeed safe, Rhiannon struggled to sit 
up only to be stopped by Sara’s firm grip on her good shoulder.

“No, you don’t, Ma’am,” Sara said in her best no nonsense voice.  “No 
getting up yet.”

“Where is he,” she questioned as she allowed herself to be pushed back down 
to the pillow.

“J’van is right here, Captain,”she said as she turned to find him. 
“J’van?”  Seeing the paleness of his complexion and the swaying motion 
accompanying his stance, she indicated to Jenny to assist him before had the 
chance to kiss the floor.

Morrigan’s eyes narrowed as she tried to reach out mentally while fully 
conscious.  She realized quickly that it was harder than it looked.  Imzadi?

Yes?  He reached back calmly though the room was spinning around him.  He 
could feel both Jenny’s and Sara’s hands as they helped him to the chair 
near the head of Morrigan’s bed.   He could hear the doctor chastising him, 
repeating “I told you, stubborn, Betazoid fool.”

Relieved that the link was stil lfunctioning, Morrigan smiled.  You need to 
rest… listen to Sara for once, would you?   She turned her head to watch Sara 
frown at D’nalls.  The man was obviously exhausted.  “Forgive him, Crusher. 
Being a hero is hard work,” she chuckled.

D’nalls was struggling to regain his composure as the nurse and the doctor 
fussed at him.  “I’m alright,” he protested.

“And I’m Lady Godiva,” the Captain muttered under her breath.  “Lay 
and rest, I’m not going anywhere.”  The half order, half request was spoken 

“You BOTH need to rest.  Now either you do it on your own, or I start 
activating restraining fields.  She nodded and smiled at Jenny as she 
indicated the biobed next to the Captain that was all set up for D’nalls.

“Now, now, Doctor,” Morrigan chuckled.  “No need to be hasty.”  She 
as J’van ceased resisting.  He was too worn out to try to fight them any 
further.  She didn’t see Sara slip the transmitter from her pocket and into 
D’nall’s hand..

“I told you I wouldn’t need this,” Crusher whispered to D’nalls as he 
deactivated it and put it in his pocket.  “Now, Captain, how often do I get 
the opportunity to boss the two of you around?”

Morrigan smiled and nodded approvingly as J’van let the two women make the 
necessary preparations to ensure he slept.  Rest…. I’ll be here when you 
wake.  She smiled sleepily as she felt D’nalls slip away into sleep. 
she struggled to get the words out as wave of relieved weariness washed over 
her.  “tell Andros…. To lockout all ship’s systems… by my order… 
it’s of 
the utmost…”  She yawned as she fought to keep her eyesopen.  There was so 
much yet to be done. “Importance.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”  Sara adjusting the lighting levels in the area so that the 
two would sleep better. She noticed the Legate sitting upright in his bed, 
watching the activity and smiling.  For being a Cardassian, he certainly was 

“Good work, Crusher,” Morrigan murmured as her eyelids struggled to stay 
open.  There was so much to do, so much to think about.

Smiling as she watched Morrigan losing the battle to sleep, Sara made some 
last notations on the PADD that she had picked up.  “Thank you, Ma’am.”  
touched Morrigan’s shoulder in a gesture of comfort.  “Everything is going 
to be alright… now go to sleep.”

Feeling herself slipping into the warm, comforting sea of natural sleep, 
Rhiannon make one last effort to remain awake. “Your Aunt Bev would be 
very…..” Her eyes closed and her words drifted off.  “Proud.”  

Sara looked at Captain Rhiannon Morrigan with a doctor’s eye.  Her systems 
were strong and stable.  She would recover in due time. As she watched her 
drift further into the sleep that was so desperately needed to continue the 
healing process, a tremor shook the Doctor’s body.  The Captain and the 
Second Officer were not the only ones who needed some rest.  Sara had pushed 
herself beyond the limit and now she, too, was in need of sleep.  She 
collapsed into a nearby chair as tears slid once more down her cheeks.  She 
was so tired.  

Lifting a weary hand to her commbadge, she opened a channel to the bridge. 
“Sir,” she stated as the voice of the Executive Officer answered her.  “I 
have a message for you....”

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