<USS Banshee> Time Heals *Most* Wounds (Part 1)

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Part one of two logs detailing the medical care of the Captain after her 
rescue.  It is a joint effort by Doctor Sara Crusher,  Lieutenant J'van 
D'nalls, and Captain Rhiannon Morrigan.

Sickbay seemed to be holding its breath.  Not just the people inside who 
waited for the incoming patients to arrive, but the room itself had grown 
deathly quiet.  They had been monitoring the communications between the ship 
and the away team throughout the ordeal, hoping beyond reason that the woman 
who normally stood proudly on the bridge of the Banshee would be able to do 
so once again. Doctor Sara Crusher stood alongside the next available biobed, 
her attention focused on the place where they would beam in, every muscle in 
her body tensed and ready to spring into action.

The gentle hum of the incoming beamin was like rushing water gushing through 
a dry creekbed and then suddenly... they were there.  Lieutenant D’nall was 
standing like some science fiction hero in an old B movie, bloodied and 
bruised while  the unconscious Captain  lay cradled in his arms like an 
unwilling heroine.  Her head hung over his arm as scarlet ribbons trailed 
from her various injuries, dripping onto the normally pristine floor and 
blooming like flowers as it splattered.  Sara opened her tricorder 
immediately and began scanning even before J’van could place the inert form 
on the surface of the biobed.  Her injuries were more extensive than Sara 
would have ever imagined, but she would not allow the shock to interfere with 
her duties.

“I need two medkits!  Jenny!  Get me 10cc’s of cortoilnm!”  She began a 
scan as the emergency teams stepped into place.  They were a well trained 
team, used to seeing the effects of violence on the human body, but when that 
body was the Captain…. It just made everyone want to do their job even 
better.  Dermal regenerators began to buzz and hum as they began closing 
wounds even if they would have  to be reopened later.  It was more important 
to stop the blood loss.  Morrigan’s already pale complexion was death like 
and waxy, her lips had already been smudged with hues of pale blue.

Crusher looked over at J’van, noting that he was injured as well.  The 
ex-Marine was covered with cuts, blood, bruises, and who knew what else and 
it was obvious that he was favoring his right leg.  “What happened!”  The 
exclamation came naturally, almost accusingly as Sara looked for someone or 
something to blame for the condition of her patient.

The was no mistaking the fury that still burned through D’nalls’ blood.  
heartwrenching fury that came from fearing that you were too late, that the 
damage had already been done…. If he had gotten there a few minutes earlier, 
if he had pushed a little harder, had killed a little faster…. If he had 
never let her go on this mission of death in the first place.  “I found 
her….. like this.”  The words were pale in comparison to the anger he felt. 
It was his anger that was keeping him standing…. It was his fury that was 
keeping her alive though he did not know it.  Like a moth to the flickering 
flame of the deadly candle, Morrigan's spirit kept being drawn back to the 
heat of his fury and passion instead of fluttering away to the great unknown.

Morrigan was silent and unresponsive to what was going on around her, which 
made Sara more nervous than she already was.  She wanted to shout, yell, beg 
the Captain to say something, anything.  Even if the fiercely proud Morrigan 
were to open her eyes and berate her for something as simple as the style of 
her hair, she would be grateful.  She read the scans and shook her head.  
“Dear God, what didn’t they do to her?”

J’van looked down at the woman who he would walk through the fires of hell to 
save, with whom he wanted to walk the days of his life and in whose arms he 
desired to sleep through endless nights.  He could feel her mind drifting 
through pictures and memories of her life like a small child wandering lost 
through a many roomed house.  Imzadi, he called through the haze of her mind. 
 Focus on my voice.  He felt her come back to him, brushing his mind with 
hers before drifting off again.  I am here, you are safe now.  Hold on.

“Get me a med support frame over here!” She shouted  as she looked at her 

“Jenny!  Replicate several pints of her blood and have my surgical team on 
stand by!”  

Sara applied several hypos to the Captain’s neck and watched the monitor 
above her head.  Her life signs were thready, but stable.  A good sign, at 
least she wasn’t deteriorating.  She took a moment to look at the figure that 
stood like a gruesome specter of death as it kept watch over her patient.  
“You’re hurt as well,” she observed.

J’van stopped grinding his teeth long enough to look back at the doctor.  If 
only he had had time to torture those that had done this to her, he would 
have had some satisfaction that she had been properly avenged.  Instead, they 
died quickly, his desire to scoop her up and carry her to safety and help 
stronger than his desire to take them all apart slowly…piece by piece.  
I’m not,” he denied the obvious with simple conviction.

Sara wished that D’nalls was anywhere but here at this moment.  He had 
rescued the Captain, now it was time for her to do her job without him just 
standing there.  However, Sara knew that there were bigger battles to be 
fought at this minute.  It would take a team of security officers and a 
tranquilizer strong enough to take down a Borelian dust boar to remove him 
from the Captain’s side.  “Yes, you are.  You look like hell.”  Her 
moved over the controls of the support frame.  “There’s internal bleeding . 
Once I get that that stopped, I’m patching you up, J’van.”

Somewhere in the darkness that was protecting her from being truly aware of 
anything around her, Rhiannon drifted.  The smell of heather soothed her and 
thousands of shining stars shone watchfully over her.  She stood on the cliff 
and looked out at the ocean, aware that her mother stood nearby. There was a 
third person that kept fading in and out, she couldn’t see him in the 

“Worry about her, I’m fine,” he asserted stubbornly.

Sara’s heart was already racing as she worked as quickly as possible. 
Internal injuries due to blunt trauma were no laughing matter and sometimes 
difficult to treat quickly. Time was ticking as quickly as Morrigan’s blood 
was draining from her body.  “I AM worried about her, but I am not getting 
yelled at for ignoring you *when* she wakes up.”

The form solidified and took form again.  It was him. J’van. He was standing 
in this field of heather as naturally as shamrocks in March.  Her mother did 
not appear startled, but stood serenely as she looked up at the stars and 
wept.  You’re not real.  The words formed in her mind.

J’van turned his attention away from the doctor and reached out to finger a 
lock of Morrigan’s hair.  Her normally neat braid was disheveled and loose. 
Her hair, once lustrous as a raven’s feathers, was flat and dull.   I am 
completely real.  Remember our time on DS9?

DS9. Where they had spent a few glorious days locked in a luxurious suite 
normally reserved for visiting dignitaries and royalty.  DS9. Where he had 
introduced her to the physical aspects of his love for her.  DS9.  Where she 
had become his willing student and had surprised herself with the discovery 
of a white-hot passion that burned through her soul for him.  He had not been 
surprised….Not even a little…. At least not that she could tell.  You tell 
me.  I remember everything….. but do you? Her experiences in captivity had 
made her distrustful.  She had not accounted for the changeling yet.  Perhaps 
this was only a trick.

Every second of it… right down to the Andorian j’lor berry syrup you had on 
your Belgian waffle on the second day.  He fed her details to convince her 
that his presence was very much real…. That she was safe.

It was yellow.  I found it odd.  Trying to reach through the veil of 
unconsciousness to reach him, she took a deep, ragged breath, causing pain to 
shoot through her side and envelop her.  Her broken rib had piercedher lung, 
deflating it as she tried to draw air.  Her mind retreated back to the 
peaceful scene on the grassy hill.

Yes, it took a bit of getting used  to, but you acquired a taste for it.  He 
frowned as the medical team burst into a new frenzy of activity.  Her pain 
was evident, though she moved not at all.

“Damn it!  15cc’s Morhenolg!  Forget the bay, get me a surgical kit now!” 
Crusher ordered sharply.  “Her lung is collapsing.”  She snatched a fresh 
med kit harshly from the ever present Jenny.  With accuracy and skill, Sara 
began to repair the damage to the rib and the lung as the frame continued to 
work on the internals.

Closing his eyes to focus more intently on her mind, J’van began to draw the 
pain from her, shielding it from her as he experienced it for himself.  
Unsteadily, he put a hand on the biobed rail to keep himself upright.

“J’van?”  Sara questioned as she noticed him fading.

“Y…yes?”  He took a ragged breath as he worked to gain control of the 
painand anguish that was rushing through him.

Sara grabbed a tricorder and beganto scan him.  It would do her no good if he 
passed out at a crucial moment.  It was bad enough she had to deal with the 
shattered body of the Captain, but she couldn’t have him passing out and 
distracting her.  “What did you do?  Jump in front of a damn train!?”  
Though her words were sharp, her concern was evident.

“I’m fine!”  He snapped at her.  “I’m sorry,” he admitted through 
jaws.  “Do not worry about me.”  He mentally controlled his breathing, 
notallowing the pain to control him.  “Itis a technique that I used with 
Cyanah…. I’m taking her pain away.”

From the bed across the bay, the Legate was sitting up and watching the scene 
intently.  It was evident to him who the woman in the bed was.  Without even 
seeing her face, he could tell by the intensity of the activity that it was 
her.  “Someone has to worry about you, you stubborn mule of a human,” he 
spoke so that his words would carry, though none would pay him any attention. 
 “I’ve never met you, Captain Morrigan… but you’ve got that man by the 
and you better not leave him now,” he muttered to himself.

“For her arm?  Jenny give the Lieutanant 10ccs of asinolyahin and start 
running a dermal regenerator over his wounds.”  She nodded approvingly as he 
made no move to stop her.  “Thank you, J’van, but this is more than a 
wound to the arm. Some really sick SOB had a lot of fun with her.”

“I know,” he acknowledged.  “I’m feeling every bit of it.”

Morrigan’s mind hovered at the edge of consciousness as she began to breathe 
more easily.  She could hear things around her, the beeping of consoles, the 
hushed and murmured conversations.  Is he dead?

Your captor? Very much so.  He didn’t show her what he did.  He would let her 
see it in his report.  The words on a PADD would lessen the harsh fury of his 

Crusher returned her attention to the Captain. “Her lung is stable. I'll have 
it back to normal in no time.”  She looked at her patient.   “Come on, 
Ma'am, hang in there you have a lot more yelling to do.”  She checked the 
readouts from the support frame.  “Most of the interal bleeding has slowed.”

“Good.”  He looked at Rhiannon's face and saw that her lips were regaining 
their rosy pinkness.

Thoughts and memories from recent happenings began to trickle into her mind. 
Cyanah?  Where is Cyanah? She was with you… I left her with you.  Panic 
tinged her thoughts.

“Jenny, get that blood ready and once all the holes are patched… start a 
slow drip.”  Sara made sure that Jenny nodded before going about her ordered 

She is fine.  Back in her quarters resting, I believe.  He made the 
assumption based on the fact that Cyanah was nowhere in the area on any of 
the nearby biobeds.

Suspended over a void of eternal darkness, Morrigan held tightly to 
thoughts as if they were a rope that was keeping her from falling.  I never 
got to tell you… I didn’t know how to tell you….   Her thoughts were 
and she stirred restlessly on the bed.

About what?  He kept his mind level and smooth, despite the pain that shot 
through his body from his wounds and hers.

The tension of the procedures began to drench Sara’s skin in sweat. “Is it 
me or is it hot in here?” She moved to the frame controls briefly before 
beginning the final steps in repairing the lung.  “Oh, no you don’t.”  
quickly pressed a hypo to Morrigan’s neck, sedating her further to keep her 
from moving.  “No moving around… not unless you WANT zigzag marks along 

That I loved you.   Rhiannon sighed as the medicines relaxed her body further.

I love you as well, Imzadi.  Calm down… be still… soon this will be all 
  Disturbed at her use of the past tense, his hand traveled to her cheek and 
traced the path of a single tear that had slipped from her eye.  A wave of 
profound sadness washed over J’van as she wept silently in her mind.

They killed Murphy, J’van.  I tried to save him.  I should have been able to 
save him.

Crusher felt her own body tense further with every movement.  “I think 
got her all plugged up.”  She initiated another full body scan.

Having no idea who Murphy was, J’van focused on trying to calm her.  Do not 
think of Murphy now.  He winced briefly as she squeezed his hand hard and 
then returned the pressure gently.

“Almost every bone in her body is crushed,” Sara stated.  She was 
exaggerating, but only slightly.  There didn’t seem to be an extremity that 
was not somehow damaged and every quadrant of her body was wounded in some 
way. “Wow, her shoulder is really messed up.”  She looked at her tricorder. 
“She is going to be sore for a really long time.”

The image of her shooting the Legate floated through her mind and her panic 
levels rose again.  It wasn’t me, Imzadi… you must believe me.

Of course, I do…. And everyone else believes you as well.  He patiently let 
his mind walk with hers as it gathered bits and pieces and began putting them 

Crusher sighed as she examined the shoulder further.  It was obvious that it 
had been dislocated at some point and then popped back in.  By the contusions 
surrounding it, Sara could come to only one conclusion.  “Ok, Ma’am.  No 
more home doctoring.  That’s what you pay me for.  Your shoulder is a 
 She continued to talk to the Captain from time to time in a one sided 
conversation. It made her feel better to think that Morrigan could at least 
hear her.  She swiveled a chair closer to Morrigan’s head and sat to work on 
repairing the shoulder.

The Legate?  Is he dead?  Her mind kept flipping like a rolodex as she 
addressed whatever thoughts landed on top at any particular moment.

No, he is here.  Safe with us.  Thanks to Sara. He glanced over to where the 
Legate sat up in his bed watching the proceedings intently.  Their eyes 
locked as a momentof understanding passed between them. “I can’t believe 
that she is more concerned about this Murphy and the Legate than she is about 
herself…” he muttered.

Sara flexed her hand, trying to relieve the cramp that had formed from 
gripping a tool too hard.  “This is going to hurt.  Jenny, give her more 
painkillers.”  Popping the shoulder out to realign the tendons and ligaments 
before popping it back in again was the only way to do it properly.  She 
glanced at J’van with concern to see how he was holding up.  He was looking 
much too haggard for her tastes.  She grimaced as the joint released and set 
about realigning the tendons and repairing the nerve endings.  “Don’t get 
mad… I have to do it,” she mentally chastised the prone woman.

TRAITOR!  Rhainnon's mind screamed an alarm as a random memory of what the 
Vorta had said to her pierced through her.  Someone on board!  Her good arm 
twitched and jerked, the elbow knocking some equipment to the floor.

“Jenny, 2cc’s of deactouin.  She’s getting upset,” Sara snapped at 
around her.  “J’van, calm her down!”

Calm down, Imzadi…..  you must focus on my voice…. Calm.

“I can’t realign everything if she’s moving around, J’van,” she said 
irritably.  “I have to get to the skull fractures, but I can’t if her 
adrenaline levels don’t go down.”  She watched as Rhiannon finally settled 
again and her vitals leveled out.  “That’s better.”

You’re in pain, J’van.  To distract herself from the more troubling 
thoughts, Morrigan began to play with the mental link between them, testing 
it, probing it, trying to determine what it was that she could and could not 
do.  She tasted his thoughts through her link to him.  It’s my pain, J’van.

No, I am not.  Focus. Don’t think about it.  Think about us.  He frowned 
slightly.  This was not the way this should be happening.  They should be 
somewhere alone with each other.  A deserted beach.  A solitary mountain.  
Someplace relaxing and peaceful and calm where they could just concentrate on 
each other and he could teach her the finer points of what this link meant 
and how to use and control it.  Hell, even locked in his quarters with their 
commbadges turned off would be better than this. Don’t worry about my 
Focus on my voice… be calm, please.

Sara moved to the skull fracture and was pleased to see that the swelling was 
mainly superficial.  There was no danger of the brain swelling and causing 
damage to the brain stem. “Come on now, Captain,” she encouraged as she 
worked.  “You have to pull through this.  I left my post again and Andros 
doesn’t yell like you do.”  She took a long, deep breath as she realized 
that the life threatening issues were under control.

A faint smile whispered across Morrigan’s lips.  Did you just say…*please*?

Moving to the lower half of Morrigan’s body, she stopped and stared at the 
place where the Captain’s knees should have been.  In their place was charred 
and blood caked flesh. Gaping holes and shattered bits of bone.  The trauma 
team had done a good job of sealing up the area and preparing it for 
reconstruction.  “My God, J’van…. I hope the man who did this was 
punished.”  She sat and began the long, slow process of rebuilding what was 
there and replacing what wasn’t.  “She’ll need a cane for awhile… I 
if that’s really a good idea,” she mused aloud.

J’van turned his head slightly to look at her.  “The man that did this was 
punished for his crimes.”  His voice was chillingly cold though his thoughts 
that he allowed Morrgan access to were warm and supportive.  Yes, I am 
begging you to relax until we can get you safely out of danger.

Marines don’t beg, J’van… is it that bad?  A coldness griped her as she 
tried to remember the extent of her own injuries.

It’s not… but I did not think you would take a direct order from a 
subordinate.  A small smile twitched at his lips as he heard her laughter in 
his head.

Looking up from her work, Sara understood what he meant.  “Good, and I hope 
that he rots in whatever form of hell that they believe in.”  She frowned in 
concern. “She should be feeling less pain by now J’van.  She’spretty 
up.  I think you need to ease up a bit… you’re not looking so well.”

Listen to her, Imzadi. I don’t want you to suffer.  The pain levels had 
indeed decreased due mostly to the fact that she had enough drugs pumping 
through her system to drop an elephant to its knees.

I will be fine.  It was taking more effort for him to concentrate, though he 
exhibited no outward signs of it.

I want you fine, NOW.   Her thoughts had the familiar ring of someone who was 
used to being in charge and giving orders.

After wiping her face on its sleeve, Sara discarded the bloodstained lab coat 
before returning to the gruesome task ahead.  “She’ll need to have another 
surgery to completely repair the damage, but once she’s stable we can deal 
with that.  Other than that…she’s looking at being my guest for awhile. 
Startled by the sudden beeping of the monitors, Crusher saw the stresslevels 
of the Captain skyrocket.  “Damnit!  She’s doing it again!”  She turned 
look at J’van.  “Are you arguing with her?!”  She and Jenny scrambled to 
stabilize her.

“She’s not listening to me,” J’van sighed and grumbled.  He knew that 
Morrigan had heard the comment about being a guest and was irritated with it, 
but said nothing.  He watched as the monitors began to report her leveling 
out again.  “She’s concerned with my pain. I want you to inject her with 5 
cc’s of Darzalene.”  He ignored the *Well, yeah, DUH* look that the young 
doctor shot his way.  “It will make her unable to feel the pain feedback 
without diminishing our connection.

Sara looked at him as if to say,“Excuse me?”  “She’s on enough pain 
J’van.  I’m not risking an overdose.”

“Then inject me with it…. It will bottle up the pain in me.”  In way of 
explanation, he continued, “It’s not so much a pain med as much as it is a 
neurological suppressant.”


“Fine.  Since you refuse to let go of what ever link you’re channeling the 
pain through.”  She stopped to prepare the meds in the hypospray. “Will you 
at least sit down? This stuff may make you a bit lightheaded.”  She stood 
expectantly with the hypo balanced between her fingers.  “I’m not doing it 
until you sit down.”  Sara gestured to Jenny to bring him a stool. As the 
warrior sat begrudgingly, she pressed the hypo to his neck before squeezing 
the release mechanism. “Stupid Betazoid male. Humph!”  Sara turned from him 
and resumed repairing the last of the Captain’s major injuries as well as a 
few minor ones.  Along the way, she stopped to check the work of some of 
those who had helped.

I have to say that I agree with her.  Morrigan teased through the link.

Not caring to respond to the ribbing, not to mention too weak as well, J’van 
sat silent and weary trying to gather his strength.

Imzadi…. Don’t leave me.  She reacted to the closing off of the feedback as 
the med began to do its job.

Never.  He gave her hand a gentle squeeze and traced her face with his 
fingertips,   stopping to examine a bruise here or an abrasion there.

Tell Sara that she should be getting hazard pay for this.  She mentally 

Sara walked to the other side of the bed and adjusted a light sheet over 
Morrigan’s form.  She had depleted the last of her energy reserves long ago 
and was now running on the back up generator of adrenaline.  “We’ve gotten 
most of it, J’van…. It’s up to her now.”  As she went to run yet 
scan of the resting Captain, she noticed the Chief of Security wince as he 
tried to find a comfortable position on the stool.  “What’s wrong?”

A searing pain shot through his nerves as he shifted his weight again. “She 
is… thankful,” he said to pass on the sentiments that Rhiannon had shared 
with him as he tried to mask his own discomfort.

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