<USS Banshee> The dog ate his homework?

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"The Dog ate his home work?"
By Lt Sara Crusher
     Cpt Stephanie Crusher  {aka: Kiara}

The living room of Sara's quarters were dimly lit as she sat in her favorite 
chair with her legs pulled in under her, and a blanket over her shoulders. 
She sat quietly scribbling on her PADD again. At first it had been random 
lines, a few words that brushed her mind from no where, but now they were 
coming together. Into what however she was still not sure off. All she knew 
was that since her evening on the holodeck with Cyanah the words began to 
play in her mind again and she wanted to write them down. 

Sara nearly jumped out of her chair when her computer beeped to alert her to 
an incoming call. She placed the padd down and sat her kitten on the chair 
after she stood up. Walking to the desk she peaked into the bedroom. Cy was 
still asleep. 
"Sara, honey, are you there?" The face of Sara's mother flashed on the 
screen. She looked a little harried, her honey-colored hair limp, but her 
smile determined. 

"Mom?" Sara was surprised to see her mother's face but also very pleased. It 
had been awhile since they had really talked. The last time she had called, 
Sara found herself rushing though the conversation to get back to something 

"Oh, good! It's been so long!" The wide smile that crested her mother's face 
lit her up like a lighthouse. "How are you?" 

The smile that tugged at Sara' lips was a mirrored image of her mother's. 
"I'm doing fine, Mom. It's been a bit of a mess out here, but things are 
starting to settle down." She sighed a bit as she thought about just how big 
a mess everything was. "How are you? Where's Dad is he on another assignment? 
What's going on at the academy?"     

"Oh, Autumn's always the same, and midterms aren't fun for teachers any more 
than for students. Do you know the dog actually ate one of the students' 
papers? Actually ate it! I didn't know what to say so I told him he had an A, 
and that I wanted to show his brilliant paper to some coworkers. He gave me a 
strange look. I went back and looked at his grades and saw that he's a 
straight C student." Giggling and sighing at the same time, she fluttered her 
lashes. "Ah, well. It'll be a high point for him." 

Sara laughed. "Your kidding.. How did the dog eat his homework?"    

"Oh, the normal way. You know that little basset hound... I think he thought 
it was a hamburger or something... one of my friends brought some in 
wrapping, you know, old fashioned. He tore up a couple of others too, but 
didn't digest them." 

"Oh my." Sara laughed again only this time a little louder then she had meant 
to. She quickly lowered her voice and gave a quick look to the other room. 
"And Dad?"   

"Oh, you know your father..." The look in Stephanie's eyes was distant for a 
moment, and Sara could see her threading an afghan through her fingers. 
Suddenly, she grinned widely. "So what have you been up to?" 

Sara settled into her desk chair and began to explain all about the 
Cardassian transport ship, about the Captain's double shooting the Legate, 
about feeling so helpless when it came to helping the away team, and about 
what they did to Morrigan. "It was awful, Mom. I was in there trying to patch 
her up for hours."     

"Oh, honey. That must have been so traumatic." 

Sara nodded then before she knew what she was saying blurted out, "That 
wasn't the worst of it." She glanced at the bedroom again and then wrapped 
her blanket around herself.    

"Sara, you can't hide anything from me." Stephanie inclined her eyebrows, and 
leaned forward, staring Sara straight in the eyes across a galactic distance. 
"What is it, hon?" 

With everything that had happened, Sara hadn't been able to write home and 
she had forgotten that her mother was clueless about her and Cyanah. "You 
never did like Josh did you?"   

"Well..." Stephanie rubbed her neck uncomfortably. "I hate to say anything 
bad about anyone, you know, but..." 

 Sara smiled at her mother for a moment. "It's ok Mom. We're not together 

"Oh? Oh, good, if it makes you happy honey." Stephanie picked up a mug of hot 
liquid - probably green tea, knowing her mom - and sipped. "Did he hurt you? 
Was it hard?" 

Sara shook her head. "It wasn't his choice. I was the one who hurt him."   

"What happened?" 

"Cy happened." She told her mother as she smiled happily.    

"Do tell!" 

Sara blushed a bit as her mind raced trying to find the best way to explain 
her and Cy. "I'm not sure when or how our relationship went from being best 
friends to being.." She paused before she let herself say lovers, this was 
her mother after all. "To being more." The blush that had tinted her cheeks 
turned a darker hue.     

"You found your Imzadi, didn't you?" A sweet, satisfied smile as warm as her 
tea spread over Stephanie's lips. "Oh, I remember when your father and I - 
but you don't want to hear that. That's old news." She set down the mug, and 
chuckled softly. "No grand passion between you and Josh. The sort of passion 
you get with an Imzadi. Oh, there's no feeling like it." 

She rolled her eyes playfully when her mother started talking about her and 
her father. But she knew what they had. She had always known that that is 
what she wanted. It's what she had now with Cy. "I know. It's unlike anything 
I've ever known. And I almost lost her Mom. She was on the away team." Her 
eyes had lost their sparkle and were now on the edge of tears.    

"But she's all right, right honey?" Stephanie's hands floated on the air, 
gingerly, and Sara could tell she wanted to reach out and hug her daughter 
despite the distance. 

Nodding slowly Sara wished her mother could have been their in person. "She 
was shot in the arm, but she's Delosian and was able to heal fast enough 
before anything major happened." She paused before going on. "But there was 
noting I could do. We just started this relationship and it almost ended 
before it really got a chance to go any where."   

"But it's all right." A sly thought occurred to Stephanie, and she glanced 
shyly downward. "When do I get to meet her?" 

Sara couldn't help but laugh. "I have no idea when the Banshee will make it 
back to Earth. But if you could make it out here on your next break. I think 
you'd love her Mom. She's wonderful. She'll like you too."    

"Oh, I can, if you're anywhere near, and not doing anything too dangerous." 

Sara just looked at her mother and smiled. Stephanie smiled back and winked 
at Sara before asking for more details on the woman who had captured her 
daughter’s heart. Sara told her mother all about Cyanah Kaelyre, even sending 
her a picture of the two that they had been taken on the promenade of DS9.  

"She’s lovely, Hun. And you two are so cute together." 

She blushed again as she looked at her mother on the screen. 

"I can’t wait to meet her. I’ll try my best to plan for a trip out that 

The two women talked for over an hour about everything and anything they 
could think of. Sara was fully enjoying the conversation. Then there was a 
noise from the bedroom that caused both Sara and her mother to blush. 


"Is that her?" 

Sara nodded at her mother. 

"Well I won’t take up anymore of your time. I’ll let you know when I’m 
coming." Stephanie blew Sara a kiss. "Good Night, Hun." 

Sara smiled sweetly at her mother. "Night Mom." 

The computer screen flickered back to black just as a pair of warm arms 
wrapped themselves around Sara. She smiled as Cyanah nuzzled her neck and she 
responded by bring her closer so she could kiss her. 

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