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?The Surprise Game?

by Lieutenant Sara Crusher

and Lieutenant JG Cyanah Kaelyre


            Cyanah smirked as she turned off the computer terminal in her
quarters, having just read her messages. The last one was from Ryssah, her
Life-Mother, and was all about how excited the Kaelyre family was to hear
that Cyanah would be coming home soon. Normally, this wouldn?t be out of the
ordinary, but Cyanah had made no plans to go home, so she knew something was
up. Only one person could be at the heart of the matter, too, and she was
due home any minute.

Sara walked down the corridors from the turbolift to Cyanah?s in silence.
Her head ached, her neck was stiff, and her shoulders were tense. Working on
this Ju Ju assignment was taking its toll on her and it made her feel bad.
But it wasn?t the physical aches and pains that troubled her; it was the
fact that she hadn?t been able to keep the promise she and Cyanah made in
New York about always making time for each other after their shifts. Well,
tonight, she thought to herself as she rang Cyanah?s door chime, that

?Come in!? Cyanah said as she sat down on the couch, a knowing look on her
face. ?Love! You look tired! Come here and let me rub your shoulders.? Sara
sat down sideways on the couch and closed her eyes as she felt Cyanah?s
fingers begin to ease the tension in her shoulder muscles. Cyanah made small
talk as she massaged Sara?s shoulders, softly asking about Sara?s day and
what had happened with the Ju Ju situation and the like. After several
minutes of chit-chat, an innocent tone in her voice, she casually said, ?I
got an interesting message today.?

For the first time all day Sara felt relaxed and at ease. She adored these
kinds of nights, quiet nights spent with Cyanah on the couch which would
later turn into not-so-quiet nights in the bedroom. Sara sighed happily as
Cyanah pushed her forward a bit to rub her lower back. She was grateful for
the conversation because otherwise she would have been asleep five minutes
after Cyanah had started to rub her shoulders. 

"What kinda message?" Sara asked as she shifted on the couch. She leaned
back and put her head in Cyanah?s lap, smiling as she looked up at her. "Did
Starfleet Science approve your research grant?"

?Oh, I would love to get that message, but nooooo?? she trailed off, leaving
a moment of silent anticipation in the air. ?Y?know, love?? Cyanah began as
she twirled a finger in Sara?s hair, ?believe it or not, it was my
Life-Mother, of all people!?

Sara was a little surprised. It was normally Cyanah?s sister who sent her
messages and letters. The only time Sara could remember Cyanah telling her
that her one of her mothers had called was right after she?d been returned
from Cardassia. "Is everything alright, Sweetie? What did she say?"

?Oh, this and that, you know how mothers are,? Cyanah said, still twirling
her finger in Sara?s hair. ?But, you?ll never guess what good news she had
to deliver!?

She knew all too well how mothers were, so she nodded, rubbing the back of
her head against the soft material of Cyanah?s dress. Then she looked up at
her again and the bright smile on Cyanah?s face made her smile. "Good news?"
she asked as she took hold of Cyanah?s free hand and started playing with
her fingers. "Good news is always the best kind to get. So what?s up at

?Well?? she began, drawing out the suspense as long as possible, ?believe it
or not, everyone?s excited back home, because, apparently, I?ll be coming
home soon! Isn?t that amazing?!? Cyanah grinned widely, waiting for Sara?s

Sara?s whole body froze as it dawned on her that in her message to Delos
she?d forgotten to mention the small little tidbit about Cyanah not knowing
about the trip. She?d wanted to surprise her with the news, but their work
loads hadn?t given her any time to take Cyanah to the holodeck and the
gazebo like she had planned. Cyanah tilted her head and Sara knew she was
wanting for her to say something. "It?s very amazing," Sara finally replied.
She knew it was time to fess up but she couldn?t help but want to play

?And to think,? Cyanah continued, ?that I hadn?t made any plans at all to go
home!? She knew from Sara?s hestitation that she?d caught her, but Sara
wasn?t giving up any information, so she had to keep up the façade. ?It?s
even more amazing that they?re all excited about meeting my girlfriend,
don?t you think?!?

"They are?!" Sara couldn?t stop herself from looking surprised. She hadn?t a
clue as to how Cyanah?s family would react, both to her letter and to her.
"So, they?re expecting us both?" she finally went on as she tried to keep up
their little game. "Did your mother seem, um, OK with the idea of both of us
coming?" Sara mentally groaned at herself. Cyanah had just said they were
excited about it.

Sara was slipping and asking the wrong questions, so Cyanah knew she had
won. Out of sheer stubbornness, though, she wanted Sara to give in and admit
she?d been planning something, so she kept the game going. ?Of course, love!
As I said, they?re just filled to the brim with anticipation! They all want
to meet this Sara character they?ve heard so much about!?

"So you?ve told them all about me, huh?" Sara said as she sat up. God she
hoped so, otherwise that letter would have been awfully odd. "Well, I hope
they like me or it?s going to be a really long two weeks." She laughed a
little as she went back to playing with Cyanah?s fingers.

Victory! Cyanah leaned in and kissed Sara, their lips lingering together for
a few long moments. ?Thank you, love. It?s a wonderful surprise.?

Sara blinked as Cyanah pulled away. Then it dawned on her; without thinking,
she?d let it slip. Sara smiled brightly as she laughed. "I really had
planned on telling you sooner but we got nailed with this damn Ju Ju thing
right after I asked Rhi for the time off and the passes to leave the ship?s

?I don?t mind, really! Believe me, two weeks at home is the best gift you
can give me right now.?

Sara simply beamed as she thought, just wait till we get there. Cyanah?d
find out that she was just full of surprises. Sara reached over and caressed
the side of Cyanah?s cheek. "I?m glad you?re so happy about this. Now all we
have to do is wait for the next shore leave, then you and me are so out of
here for two whole weeks!"

?I just can?t wait. You know how homesick I?ve been. Of course you do, which
is why you did this for me. It?s really a deeply touching gesture.? She drew
Sara into a tight hug.

"I?d do anything to make sure you?re happy, Cy," Sara told her as held her
close. "Besides, I love that look in your eyes when I get to surprise you."

?Mmm, and you do it so well. Now we just have to wait until shoreleave? but
right now I?m grateful just to have an evening together with you. It?s been
so long.?

"It?s been too long," Sara said as she brushed a lose strand of hair off
Cyanah?s face. "I guess we?ll have to try a little harder at that making
time thing, and I say we start right now." Sara smiled brightly as she
stood, bringing Cyanah with her. "No commbadges, no labs, no freaky little
ensigns. Just you and me for as long as we can get away with it."

?That sounds absolutely perfect,? Cyanah said, punctuating the final t with
a quick kiss on Sara?s lips. Sara smiled, knowing this would be the kind of
night she had been missing so much earlier, a quiet evening together
followed by a not-so-quiet night in the bedroom. The thought warmed their
minds as they began discussing dinner plans.


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