<USS Banshee> The Rush

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The Rush
By Ensign Sara Crusher

It had been a whole 25 minutes since Terje had given Sara the all clear and 
returned her to complete active duty. Which was more then all right with Sara 
since she was starting to get office fever. She was dying to get back into 
full medical action, she was after all a doctor and wanted nothing more then 
to get back to doing what she knew. Then as if the gods had sensed her desire 
Terje’s comm badge had chirped. It was Captain Morrigan calling with a 
medical emergency. No sooner had Terje placed his thumb print on the padd 
reactivating her clearance codes Sara was out the door with a med kit slug 
across her shoulder. She rushed down the hall towards the decontamination 
area. When she had gotten there she found the door mechanism jammed and no 
way in. It was right then as she tried to open the doors that she could feel 
it start to bubble in side her. 

There is a feeling, a kind of rush that doctors get when they are in the heat 
of a moment. A mix of emotions that feed into the adrenaline that courses 
though them as they use every bit of skill and training they have to save a 
life. Sara could feel the beginning of that rush as her small frame fought 
against the massive bay doors. "Help me get these doors open." She called out 
as she saw Terje coming down the hall. With his and the other medics’ help 
they managed to get the doors open just enough for a small red head to fit 

Sara could remember muttering something that sounded like asking her 
commanding officer for permission to enter, but she doesn’t remember waiting 
for an answer. She had slipped though the door and into the decontamination 
area with out thinking about it. She could remember the way her heart raced 
as she walked threw the bay looking for Lt. Dnalls. She heard a noise and 
hurried over to it; it was the lieutenant. She knelt down beside him and 
started treating him the best she could with her med kit. He had been shot in 
the shoulder badly and was losing a lot of blood. She would have to stop the 
bleeding before she could transport him so she grabbed a hyperspray from her 
kit and gave it to him. But for some reason the 10cc of cortolin didn’t clot 
his blood like it should have. There was something wrong and she needed to 
get him to sick bay quickly so she tore the sleeve from her uniform and 
wrapped it around his shoulder. 

25 minutes ago Sara had been sitting on the very bio bed that D’nalls had 
just been beamed onto and now she was barking orders to the nurses that 
happened to be in her vicinity. "Nurse Messina.... 25cc of cortolin and 
prepare the bio regenerative field..." Sara shouted out as she reached for 
her tri-corder. She scanned Dnalls’ shoulder and then his entire body. He had 
been affected by the same virus that had nearly cost her, her own life. "Damn 
it!" She shouted as she read the scan results. Sara quickly pressed the 
hyperspray that Nurse Messina had handed her to Dnalls neck. "I’ll have to 
stabilize him before I can even start to think about giving him the virus 
cure."  She scanned his shoulder again, the bleeding was slowing but not 
stopping and she couldn’t risk another injection of cortolin so soon so she 
called out for a medical support frame to be lowed over his body. She 
activated the deep scan and narrowed the search to his shoulder in hopes of 
finding where the bleeding was accruing. 

"There’s a severed artery under his shoulder blade." She called out to 
herself as she ordered the proper tools to fix it. Sara reached her fingers 
into the wound and clasped the artery until her nurse could get her the 
regenerators she would need. "Replicate six pints of O+ blood and begin a 
slow drip." She ordered as she finally received the kit. She nodded to 
Messina to raise the frame support so she could get the tools under it. "But 
make sure to narrow the view on the screen so I can see what I’m doing." She 
said. Nurse Messina nodded as she did just want Sara needed her too. Sara 
used an arterial regenerator to repair the rupture, and then a muscular 
regenerator to repair the muscle around it. She didn’t have time to waste 
using a normal hand held dermal regenerator so after she increased the blood 
flow from O+ replacement she activated a bio regenerative field over Dnalls’ 

For the first time since being beamed back into sick bay, Sara step back from 
her patent and looked around the room and at herself. She hadn’t noticed 
anything beside Dnalls, so when she looked around and saw the Captain 
standing with in five feet of her she was more then a bit surprised. But 
because of the rush that had built with in her, the fact that Morrigan stood 
there looking at her in her torn and bloody uniform, her hair falling out of 
it’s clip, sweat beading her face and looking like a total mess didn’t make 
her react the way she would have an hour ago. The fear she would have 
normally felt, the pressure and eagerness to please all mixed into that 
emotional caldron that bubbled stronger then ever before. Sara moved farther 
back and leaned against the counter as she watched the bio field knit and sew 
Dnalls’ should back together, she would wait five more minutes and then give 
him something for the pain that he would be in when he awoke. She stretched 
the muscles in her back by leaning hard into the hard surface behind her and 
closed her eyes for on a second as she took a deep breath. The rush.. this 
high was unlike any of the others and she knew that when she came down, she 
would be crashing hard from this one. 

But Sara didn’t have time to let the rush easy away. A warned bell went off 
on the support frame and her adrenaline spiked again as she moved back to the 
bed. "He’s going into shock." She announced. "Deactivate the field.... 2cc 
delactouin...." She ordered as she placed cortical stimulators on Dnalls’ 
forehead. She pressed the hyperspray to his neck and pressed a few buttons on 
the support frame. "3cc more." She called out. Again she gave the medication 
to him. Sara could feel each beat of her heart as she pulled every trick in 
the book to stabilize him. Finally it downed on her.. "He’s Betazoid... Add 
2cc of Inopdine to the delactouin and activate the alpha-wave inducers." 
Nurse Messina gave him the hyperspray as Sara adjusted the machine that now 
crowned Dnalls’ head. The high was now almost to much for Sara to bare as she 
realized that she was now working against the clock. She also had the virus 
to treat. "This would be a great way to get out of the rest of my punishment 
if it weren’t so bad. She thought to her self. "Damn it! Why do Betazeds have 
to be so damn dramatic." 

Dnalls’ breathing and heart rate started to slowly return to normal as the 
drugs and lack of active alpha-waves coursed though his body and mind. Sara 
ordered Messina and another nurse to monitor him closely and to get ready to 
give him another combo of inopdine and delactouin if he were to crash again 
as she eased off the alpha-wave inducers. Sara stood next to the bio bed 
finishing Dnalls’ wound with a hand held dermal regenerator, waiting and 
hoping that he had finally stabilized. Looking up from time to time to make 
eye contact with the rave haired, gray eyed woman who stood at the foot of 
the bed; Sara wasn’t quite sure who was trying to reassure who, but she did 
know that she was now drawing off some of the strength that the seemed to 
radiate from Captain Morrigan. "He’s been stable for 20mins Doctor." Sara 
heard Jo Dee tell her. Sara nodded and smiled at her nurse as she picked up 
her tri-corer. She scanned him and looked across the room at Anthony. "He’s 
ready." She called out. Anthony smiled as he walked closer to Sara, he knew 
that look in her eye and he knew the fall she was about to take. "She’s going 
to crash hard this time.. To much to soon.." He thought to himself. "This 
will call for a major ice cream fix later."  He smiled at her again as he 
opened the small case he had the cure in and took out a small vile. He held 
it to the light and shook it a bit before handing it and an empty hyperspray 
to Sara. Sara loaded the hyperspray and for hopefully the last time for a 
long time to come, pressed it to Dnalls’ neck. 

Sara waited a moment and watched as the serum swam though his veins on the 
monitor, and then walked over and for the first time ever, stood next to 
Captain Morrigan. Morrigan looked down and Sara and Sara up at her. "Now we 
wait." She said her voice calm, strong, and tired. The Captain simply nodded. 

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