<USS Banshee> The Return of the King Part 1

  • From: Jvan Dnalls <jvandnalls@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 14:21:03 -0800 (PST)

            The tension in the air was constricting, almost a steel band around 
the two friends, as the shuttle docked at the Imperial space port.  The last 
time they had been in a situation like this, it had turned out grim.  J?van and 
the Legit and a mixed team of Cardassian and Federation agents stormed a 
Dominion stronghold outside of H?rala, a port city that was a very 
strategically significant conquest.  In the end, the two friends stood among 
piles of dead.  The Legit had a good portion of his right thigh burned away, 
and J?van looked like he had been in a wresting match with a family of razor 
Tarqs. But, none worse for wear, the two triumphantly signaled their support 
troops to enter the enclave and mop up.  The streets bled that day, as they had 
hemorrhaged so many times since then.  The once proud Cardassian Empire was so 
far less then it once had been.   And it would never recover with tyrants 
within its government, as the Legit knew all too well.

            The settling feeing of their impact with solid ground was welcomed. 
 The first and most probable assassination attempt would have been to hit the 
shuttle as it descended from space.  One hurdle cleared, many more to go? and 
they would be cleared as well, one way or another.  J?van was not about to 
leave his carcass here when he has just saved the one women that he knew made 
life worth living.  He would return to her, in triumph.  It was a done deal, a 
song to be composed; there was no failure to be even considered.  The door 
started to crack open as J?van stepped forward.  To his surprise, and dismay, 
his friend was out he door before it eve opened fully. How can he protect him 
if he does that, he thought to himself as he quickly bolted to catch up.


            ?Mind if I tag along?? He queried.


            ?Feel free? but I am not about to cower behind you, or anyone or 
anything else for that matter.? The Legit explained as they walked briskly 
toward the reception hall. As the approached, they noticed sets of armed 
Imperial guards on either side, standing at attention.  It was the royal 
treatment, just what he deserved and expected.  


            The guards watched the two men, as if they were ghosts.  They 
seemed amazed that they were there.  Was it that they though the Legit dead?  
Or perhaps the boldness in his step as he approached a trap?  Maybe jut the 
fact that he was strong enough to be here, and had not ran off like a 
frightened child.  Whatever it was, it seemed to be more inspiring then 
dreadful. 2 of the guards moved to take a hold of the door handles of the two 
massive double doors that lead into the reception hall.  As they slowly lurched 
open, the inside revealed quite a bit of fanfare, movement, and general 
disarray.   The density of personnel assembled was only outdone by the amount 
of commotion within.  It was almost as if they had walked into a party, or 
perhaps a battle.  Once the doors came to rest, all within turned to the Legit 
and froze in place, all but a few which quickly scurried along to get a better 
vantage point.  They too were impressed by his presence.  The crazed 
environment in a mater of seconds turned into a quiet, solemn respectful 
gathering.  It was as if the room held its collective breath, in awe of his 
presence.  Many were also in awe of his choice of company, a Federation officer 
who had been a criminal of the state not long ago.  Many were anxious to know 
what had happened.  Others knew what had happened, but were not sure why.  
Still others knew it all; as well they knew that their days were drawing short. 
 All of their answers had just arrived, and things were about to get severe.


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