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"The Flip Side"
By. Lt. Sara Crusher

The faculty dinning room was all a buzz with the latest news coming down from 
Star Fleet command. It’s dark oak walls seemed to bounce the whispers from 
table to table. 

"Their sending her in." 
"It has those shogun fighters doesn't it?" 
"Such a young crew."
"She’s a fine Captain, she’ll do well." 

Cpt. Stephanie Crusher professor of history and culture at Star Fleet academy 
walked into the dinning room and noticed the mood of the room right away. She 
walked slowly through the line and watched as her colleagues whispered to 
each other. "I wonder what all the hub bub is about?" She thought to herself 
as she waited for her coffee. After getting a bagel and a small bowl of fruit 
she walked towards her normal table. "Morning Dorothy." She said as she 
slipped into her chair. "Morning Steph. How’s your morning going?" Stephanie 
sipped at her coffee and then smiled. "Better now." Dorothy smiled back at 
her friend. "Guess what?.. I finally got a comm call from Mary Beth." 

"Really!" Stephanie said with surprise. "And how is your youngest?" Dorothy 
grinned a bit. "In love.. Again.. I swear she thinks she’s on a love cruise 
or something." "She’s young.. You remember what it’s like to be in your 
twenties and living among the stars don't you?" Stephanie said with a laugh. 
"I mean we’re not that damn old are we." Both woman laughed and Stephanie 
noticed Dr. T’Oyl looking at her strangely. But she bushed it off because the 
old Vulcan was cross eyed and looked at every one like that. 

"What about you Steph any word from the rug rats?" Dorothy asked as she 
spread butter on her pan cakes. Stephanie smiled. "Just got a letter from 
Matthew. My Grandson is now sleeping though night." She said proudly. "And as 
for my youngest no letter no call in weeks." "Why do they do that to us?" 
Dorothy asked. "Do they think just because there out there playing grown up 
they don’t have to call home." 

"I know.. I know.. But she’ll call when that boy she’s dating breaks her 
heart." She said half joking. Dorothy got a smug smile on her face. "She 
probably knows you'd be able to tell what she’s been doing with him out there 
among the stars and that’s why she hasn’t called." Stephanie looked 
"That’s sick Dorothy.. Really sick."  "Get your head out of the sand Steph." 
Dorothy started but before she could go on Stephanie interrupted her. 

"Is it just the betazed in me or does the mood in here seem wrong some how?" 
Dorothy shook her head. "It’s not just you.. I’ve felt it too. Everyone’s 

"What are we missing?" 

Dorothy shrugged her shoulders as she looked around the room. "There’s Mark." 
She said as she waved down a tall dark haired man. "Ah if it isn’t the two 
prettiest women in the history department." Mark cooed. Dorothy and Stephanie 
both rolled their eyes. "Shove it Mark.. What’s up? What’s the whispering 
about?" Mark looked puzzled as he sat next to Dorothy and looked over at 
Stephanie. "You mean you two don’t know?" 

"If we knew something would we be asking?" Dorothy teased. 

Mark’s normally happy face turned serious. "Star Fleet Command has sent a 
ship to Cardassia." He told them. "You Joking." Dorothy said shapely. "I wish 
I were.. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but this is way past rumor." He told 
her. Stephanie shook her head. "I talked to my sister-in-law just the other 
day.. She didn’t say a word about the Enterprise going to Cardassia." Mark 
shook his head.  "They didn’t send the Enterprise."

"The Halcyon?" Dorothy asked. Again Mark shook his head. 
"The Atlantis?" Asked Stephanie. Same reaction from Mark. 

"Ok smart guy." Dorothy huffed. "Who’d they send." 

Mark looked around as if he were looking for spies or something. "That new 
one.. The nemesis class one.. Oh damn what’s it name.. You know the one with 
the shogun fighters.."

Stephanie went pale as she said.. "The Banshee..." 

Mark smiled. "Yeah that’s it.. Knew it was an Irish sounding something or 

Stephanie’s heart stopped as she stood abruptly from her chair. "Are you 
sure?" She asked Mark. He nodded his head and before he could say another 
word she was heading for the door. "What’s with her?" Mark asked Dorothy who 
was nearly as pale as her friend had been. "Sara’s on the Banshee." She told 

Stephanie rushed across campus to her  office and right away spun her 
computer around. "Computer sub space call to the Uss Banshee. Authorization 
Crusher Stephanie Alpha Charlie 3. Direct call to Lt. Sara Crusher; Priory 
one." The computer beeped and chirped as Stephanie spun the consol back 
around and sat in her chair to wait for Sara to answer the call. 

Sara could hear her comm badge chirping at her from somewhere in the dark 
room. The question was where had it landed last night. She leaned over the 
edge of the bed half asleep and threw blurry  eyes spotted the blouse she had 
had on last night. She reached out for it and tapped the badge as she brought 
closer to her. "this had better be important" She whispered to the badge as 
if it were a person. "Priority one message from Star Fleet coming though on 
sub space." The computer’s dry voice told her. Sara quickly cupped her hands 
together over the badge and shhh’ed it. She then turned her head to make sure 
Cyanah was still asleep. She stirred a bit but Sara was sure she was still 
out, she had a long day of training was wiped out. Sara reached down for the 
robe on the foot of the bed and carefully got up.

Sara walked into the living room, still half asleep. "I swear I spend more 
time sneaking out of bed in the middle of the night then I do in bed." She 
moaned as she placed her comm badge on the computer consol on the desk. 
"Computer route message to this consul and proceed."  A few short seconds 
later the screen flickered from black to the image of Stephanie. "Mom! What’s 
wrong?!" Sara asked as she rubbed her eyes. "Nothing’s wrong Little Girl.. I 
just wanted to see you." Stephanie said. Sara looked at the clock on the desk 
and then back at her mother. "It’s 5 AM and your calling me on a priority one 
channel and nothings wrong.." The irritation was clear in her voice. 
Stephanie smiled a bit. "Oh baby did I wake you.. I forgot there was a time 
delay out there.." Sara stretched and yawned. "It’s ok Mom.. I had to get up 
in an hour anyway. Are you sure your ok?" 

"I’m fine.. Is it illegal to call your daughter when you have a moment of 
free time." She said. ‘it should be at this time of the morning’ Sara 
thought but before she could say a word Stephanie went on. "Did you 
redecorate your quarters?" She asked. A blush and sheepish grin crossed Sara’
s face as she looked around the room. "I’m not in my quarters." She said as 
she turned back to the screen. "Oh." Stephanie said. "Then your in.." the 
words stuck in her throat. "in Josh’s.. There a little feminine for a man 
don't you think." Sara nearly lost it and if not for the sleeping red head in 
the next room she would have. "No.. Mom.. I’m not in Josh’s quarters 
either." Sara could see the confusion on her mother’s face. "Look Mom I have 
a lot to tell you. Starting with Josh and my relationship has changed.. Heck I
’m even sure we’re friends at the moment." Stephanie was about to say 
something but Sara went on. "Now wait.. Before you start with that I knew he’
d hurt you line.. I broke it off with him cause I’ve meet someone else.. And 
I will tell you all about her and all about everything as soon as we’re done 
with our current assignment. But for right now, you have a class in 15 
minutes and I have to be in the gym for a training session."

Stephanie grinned. "Are you trying to get raid of me Little Girl." She 
teased.  Sara smiled. "I love you but yes." Stephanie nodded. "Ok.. I just 
wanted to check in on you and you seem fine.. In fact you seem happier then I’
ve seen you in a while." Again Sara smiled. "Well I’ll let you go them... I 
love you Little Girl." Stephanie said. "I love you to Mom.. I promise I’ll 
call as soon as we get back. Crusher out." And with that Sara cut the comm. 
She sat there in Cy’s desk chair for a moment. "She knows about Cardassia" 
She whispered to herself as she took her comm badge off the consol. Then with 
a heavy sigh she got back up and went back to bed. She slipped under the 
blankets and figured they had to be up in an hour any way.. So she placed a 
soft kiss on Cyanah’s lips.  

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