<USS Banshee> "The Distance"

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?The Distance?
by Lieutenant Joshua

The Cardassian freighter loomed on the
forward viewscreen. Shogun fighters from the USS Banshee zoomed
about their pattern ? Delta Two ? and protected the Banshee. Oddly
enough they were there for no apparent reason. Commander Andros had
instructed the bridge crew that in no way, shape, or form was the
Banshee to engage the Cardassians.

Even though the threat of a
confrontation with the ever-volatile Cardassian was constantly in
front of him, Josh Asper had to force himself to find another way to
release his anger or just take his concentration away from wanting to
launch a torpedo up the plasma exhaust cylinder and blow the damn
freighter to high heaven. As much as he wanted to try and focus on
the away team ? who had been ordered over to the bucket of bolts
flying in front of him ? his mind continued to wander from his tasks
onto more important subjects. The subject, or lack thereof, was
Lieutenant Sara Crusher. His mind couldn?t pull itself from

?The sky has lost its color; the sun has
turned to gray;
at least that?s how it feels to me whenever
you?re away...?

His fingers would dance merrily
about his controls. He was starting his standard diagnostics as he
normally did, but he managed to not think about it. In other
circumstances it may have been considered exemplary work to be able
to control a station without having to think about it. In this
instance, however, it was the problem. He wasn?t thinking about his
work, he was thinking about Sara. He would gaze about the bridge and
watch as the normal people continued about their tasks and he was
sitting there thinking to himself; on the other hand, he had the
advantage of having a somewhat clear head while engulfing himself in
the menial tasks of trivial diagnostics.

?I crawl
up in the corner; to watch the minutes pass;
Each one brings me
closer to; the time you?re coming back...?

After his
shift, which had progressed considerably longer than usual, he would
mingle around Three Forward or just take a walk in the botanical
gardens. Either locale seemed just as uninviting as the bridge.
With the people in Three Forward, all of them, Josh would isolate one
quality about them right off the bat. As the conversation
progressed, and the topics got deeper and deeper, Josh would
recognize what the quality was and compare it to that of Sara?s.
Every person he talked to was like that; Sara was

?I can?t take the distance; I can?t
the miles;
I can?t take the time until I next see you smile.
can?t take the distance; but I?m not ashamed;
that with every
breath I take; I?m calling your name
I can?t take the distance...?

As he roamed silently between the metal-supported
growing pods of the botanical bay, Josh could compare the flower?s
physical appearance or attributes with that of Sara. He would
continuously scold himself internally for doing such things, but he
couldn?t help himself and he couldn?t alter his perception of the
things around him ? well, without drugs. And with another location
stuffed in his back pocket as reminding him of Sara, he would proceed
to go to yet another destination that would prove just as

?I still believe my feelings, but
sometimes I feel too much.
I make believe you?re close to me, but
it ain?t close enough.
Not nearly close enough...?

Josh reminded himself as he walked alone down the
corridor. He would place his share of good-looking officers, but
couldn?t pull himself to do anything but look and compare them to
Sara. He began to see Sara as his eternal love; after all, he had
been the first woman that he?d ever given his heart to. There was
his fair share of potential lovers around; hell, if he wanted a
one-night stand he wouldn?t have to go that far. Even though the
opportunity was at hands reach, he couldn?t bring himself to take a
step in that direction. Something told him, something inside, that
it wasn?t right and that he would be cheating on

?I can?t take the distance; I can?t the
I can?t take the time until I next see you smile
I can?t
take the distance; but I?m not ashamed
That with every breath I
take I?m calling your name...?

Even in the holodeck
adventure that he went on with Michael Burrows didn?t take his mind
from Sara. Of course, the butt-head Ferengi Kark sort of slurred his
thoughts. Josh obviously didn?t see Sara in him; then again, that
hardly means that he should throw himself into the biggest city on
Ferenginar. It just wasn?t right. As they went upstairs his mind
still couldn?t focus on the women in their hot attire that would lure
him in and do everything that he wanted it. He didn?t want them,
though; he wanted nothing more than to be with Sara.

?I?d brave fire and I?d brave rain
To be your
side, I?d do anything. I can?t take the distance...?

Josh realized for the first time since this
emotional rollercoaster ride started that it wasn?t her that had the
problem ? and it sure as hell wasn?t Cyanah. He had initially blamed
her, but it wasn?t her. He dove inside of himself, mentally, and
searched his soul and he tried to explore his exact feelings towards
Sara. All he found was a black void, one that could only be filled
by Sara?s love. There wasn?t anything that Josh wouldn?t do to help
Sara, nothing at all. If that were true, he was sure it was, but if
it was why was he pressuring Sara? Why didn?t he just step back and
let the thing with Cyanah play out? Josh cursed himself internally
about his lack of compassion and logic.

?I will go
the distance; I will go the miles; that?s how much you mean to me...?

It hit him like a quantum torpedo. After all he had
done to get Sara back, after all the things that he thought right had
been said, after she had slapped him three or four times, he realized
that all she wanted was for him to understand and help her deal with
it. He was truly wrapped up in himself and his emotional chains
restricted him from breaking free to think straight. Sara wanted him
to give her some time, so he would give it to her.

??Cause I can?t take the distance, I can?t take these miles,
can?t take the time until I next see you smile
I can?t take the
distance, and I?m not ashamed
With every breath I take I?m calling
your name...?

It was plain and simple. Let her feel
things out for herself. It she was truly in love with him, and
wanted anything further to do with him, Josh would wait and make sure
that he was open if she wanted him back. He silently prayed that she
would eventually come back to him; but, if she didn?t, he would be
forced to move on with his life and there wasn?t any other option
than that.

?I can?t take the distance.?

The distance between him and Sara was the thing that
would literally eat a whole inside of his body. He couldn?t take the
distance; but, at this time, there wasn?t anything thing that he
could do. For now, he would have to deal with the distance.

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