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The Call
By: Ensign Sara Crusher

Sara was alone in the room that the AMO’s called an office. She was still 
limited in the work she could do, so she decided to get caught up on some 
medical reading. She was just about to start reading an update on bone 
re-growth when the computer startled her. "In coming sub space communique 
from Star Base 12." It announced. She smiled after regaining herself from the 
surprise announcement.  "Put is though here." She ordered as she moved the 
computer monitor closer to her. A message from Star Base 12 could only be one 
person and she couldn’t wait to see his face. 

"Hey Little Red, how ya feelin‘?" Asked the young man on the screen. 

Sara’s face lit up in a way that would have out shown every star in the sky 
at the sight of her older brother. "Much better." She replied to the question 
that had become the opening to nearly every conversation she had now a days. 

"Good to hear. You scared the hell out of us ya know." Matthew looked even 
more like their mother then Sara did. He had her blond hair and brown eyes as 
well as her smile, which Sara shared with them. "Mom was a wreak, Dad wanted 
nothing more then to rush home but he’s stuck at some conference near the 
border and it took everything in her for Aunt Red not to come to the Banshee 
and show those doctors of yours how it’s done." 

Sara laughed as she though about it. Knowing her Aunt Bev she would have been 
on a shuttle in a heart beat if her Captain hadn’t kept reassuring her that 
Terje and Anthony could handle it. "I’m sorry about the scare. But I was in 
good hands." 

"We all know that and that’s why your co-works will be receiving a nice 
bottle of Bajoran whisky in the next supply shipment, compliments of a 
grateful brother." 

Sara smiled as Matthew held up a half empty bottle as an example. "You know 
Anthony can’t drink. He can’t hold his liquor to save his life." 

It was Matthew’s turn to laugh as he remember a family BBQ that Sara had 
brought Anthony to. Half a glass of their father’s favorite stout and somehow 
Anthony had ended up in the potato salad. "I wouldn’t worry about it, with 
you there to mother the poor man he’ll not have the chance to get wasted."

Sara pretended to be hurt by the comment but knew it was all to true. She did 
have the habit of wanting to take care of Anthony. "How is the poor dear boy? 
As Ma would call him." Matthew asked.

Ma being the grandmother who Sara had inherited her red hair and green eyes 
from, and who had taken to Anthony as fast as her granddaughter had. 

"He’s fine for now," Sara started as her faced showed the concern she felt. 
"But his well being and my own all depends on rather or not he gets called 

"Called down?" Matthew asked as he settled into his desk chair. 

Sara’s face blushed, "Called down to the Captain’s ready room for a 
meeting." She said as she did air quotes around the word meeting.

"Ah." Matthew said with a smile, "The old dogs up to his old tricks again 
huh. Getting in trouble and all that." 

Sara had to laugh at herself. "No it’s more like I’m up to mine." 

"You ran off at the mouth during your meeting." Matthew’s eyes sparkled as he 
hinted that he knew about her recent trip to the Captain’s ready room.

"How did..." But before she could ask, her brother went on. "Mom got a letter 
from an old friend. Something about a brash young doctor who had the nerve to 
raise her voice at her." 

Sara was dumb founded. She didn’t know what to say.  Once the shock wore off 
she sat back in her seat and started at the screen. "Well at least she didn’t 
call Aunt Bev." 

"What?" Asked Matthew. 

Sara laughed again. "After it was all said and done, Captain Morrigan let me 
off with a warning in her own unique way."

Matthew lost it. "She threatened to call Aunt Red and you turned to jello." 

"No I turned to jello in the turbo lift on my way to see her." She added 
which only added to her brother’s amusement.  "I’m glad you think this is 
funny." She pouted. "I acted like a baby and then was stupid enough to not 
only raise my voice but to give her a half-assed answer while doing it."

Matthew had finally caught his breath. "What did you do by the way?" 

Sara looked over at her sleeping puppy who was still housed in a quarantined 
area. "I found a puppy aboard the ship we were on when were infected and 
forgot to send her the reports I had on his health." Sara grinned a bit, "I 
kinda forgot to tell her about him at all." 

"And you raised your voice at your commanding officer for what reason." The 
question sounded as if he were in one of his court rooms and not talking to 
his baby sister.

Sara shifted in her seat as she remember being stupid. "She wanted to put 
Tramp down even though he had been checked out." Then Sara’s face showed her 
confusion as she remember something else. "And this after she said something 
about a conspiracy. Which is where my nerves kicked in and with out thinking 
said that Anthony and my friend Cyanah knew about the dog." 

Once again Sara watched as her brother was taken over by fits of laughter. 

"You ensign babies are so easy." He teased still laughing. "No wonder captain’
s have so much fun with you." 

"Huh?" Sara asked as she watched Matthew try to catch his breath. "What are 
you talking about?"

It took another few seconds before Matthew could speck but he explained as he 
wiped away a tear. "She was egging you on Little Red. Compared to Morrigan 
you hate dogs." 

"Why would she do that?" Sara asked as she reached for the glass of juice she 
had started awhile ago and had forgotten about. 

Matthew though for a moment, he didn‘t want to revile to many of the secrets 
he had learned in his some what longer career, but he wanted his sister to 
realize she had been taught a lesson. "What did you do after you left her 
ready room?" 

"I did as she told me. I brought Tramp her to be quarantined and to be given 
a complete exam." She answered. 

"Ok. So you can fallow orders. I’ll have to tell Mom your learning." He 
teased trying to lighten the mood the conversation had taken. "What did you 
do the next time you saw your Captain?" 

Sara thought about running into the Captain in 3 forward the next morning. 
They were the only ones there beside the few civilians who were working the 
morning shift. "I apologized for my outburst and explained that I was up set 
over the idea of having to put the dog down since I had made sure he was ok. 
I told her that I would have never allowed him to harm the crew and if he 
would have had the slightest amount of anything I would have put him down 

"And?" Matthew nudged. 

"And I told her the reason I didn’t tell her that after my outburst was 
because honestly she scared the hell out of me." Sara went on. 

Matthew smiled, "Now to see if she got it." He said to himself. "What did she 
say?" He asked his sister.
"Well," She paused as she thought about it. "I think she kinda smiled for a 
minute and then told me not to let fear and nervousness over power my 
reactions. Then she said I could take my puppy home at the end of the week." 

The look on his sister’s face told Matthew that she had indeed gotten it. He 
smiled at her and then decided it was time to go. 

"Hey Little Red." He said to her as she focused back on the screen. "I have 
to go, got a big case I’m working on and I have to meet with my CO." 

Sara nodded and smiled at him. "Ok. I should get back to my reading." She 
rolled her eyes at the last statement. 

"You’ll be back in the full swing of things soon." He told her. "Take care of 
your self Sis. I love you."

Sara blushed, "You to Mattie."

Sara smiled as she turned off the monitor and picked her padd back up. She 
put her feet up on the desk and started to read the paper on bone re-growth. 

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