<USS Banshee> "Temper? What Temper?"

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"Temper? What Temper?"
By: Lt. Sara "Yes I am a Redhead in a bad mood so step off" Crusher

The room was to quiet and to empty. Even with the cat on the foot of the bed 
purring, and the dog in the corner of the room in his basket growling in his 
sleep, and the old fashion wind up belled alarm clock on the bed side table 
ticking away the late night minutes, the room was to quite and to empty. There 
was no soft rhythmic breathing coming from the other side of the bed. There was 
no safe, strong arm wrapped around her waist as she laid on her stomach 
looking at the wall. No warm soft skin pressed against her own. No leg draped 
the back of blanket clad thigh. No warm breath on the back of her neck. 

Sara took a deep breath and her whole body shook with the tired waves of 
someone who’d spent hours sobbing. The fight she’d had with Cyanah still 
in her mind, and her emotions were still very raw, but she wasn’t physically 
able to cry any more. She wasn’t able to sleep either. She just felt so 
Cyanah was still blocking her out, sure she could still feel a whisper of her 
lover’s presence, but her thoughts, her emotions, her dreams (if she were 
asleep, Sara couldn‘t even tell if she was sleeping) where untouchable to 

In one swift movement Sara cast the blankets that were lazily draped over her 
to the other side of the bed, and rolled off her stomach, onto her side and 
then out of the bed. Her mind and body had been numb when she had decided to 
finally go to bed, and she hadn’t even bothered to change into one of the 
tank top and short sets that she normally wore to sleep in. Instead, she had 
just slipped off her jeans and sweater and then she collapsed, sobbing, onto 
bed. Sara shivered a bit from the cold air that rushed past her goose-pimping 
skin as she padded barefoot into the living room. 

She padded over to the replicator and stood there for a moment trying to make 
up her mind as to what she wanted. "Warm milk, chamomile tea, or I do have a 
bottle of  Connamarra whiskey that Nana Kathryn gave me, and a bottle of 
Russian bilberry vodka in the trunk under my bed." Sara gave her choices 
once over in her mind and then walked her mug of warm milk (with a splash of 
Bailey's Cream added for.. taste.. ) over to the couch. She took a long sip 
her mug before exchanging it for a padd that was sitting on the coffee table. 
It was the digital portfolio of a young lieutenant in Science who took amazing 
black and white photographs. Cyanah had stumbled across the young woman’s 
photography and had brought Sara the portfolio to look at so they could talk 
about asking the young woman to take the wedding photos. They never got around 
looking at the padd. 

They hadn’t gotten around to doing a lot of things that they had wanted to do 
because every time they’d make a plan, Sorcha would break it. Sara felt that 
all to familiar bubble in her chest as she thought about everything that had 
lead up to her fight with Cyanah. 

"She just doesn‘t get it." Sara told Gypsy as she moved the bailey’s spiked 
milk away from the little black cat. "Cy doesn’t know Grandmother very well 
yet. She doesn’t know that she’s the type of woman that causes planetary 
governments to bend to her will. I mean if this woman can get the head of the 
Betazoid government to cave on his own political platform, then what chance do 
have in getting her to agree to allowing us to plan our wedding!"

Sara blinked as she listened to herself. She hadn’t realized just how much she
’d let her grandmother walk over them until she put herself in the place of 
an outsider. She wasn’t a political foe to be worked over, she was the 
granddaughter for pete‘s sake. Sara downed the last of her milk and then 
stood and walked towards her bedroom. She shivered again as the cold air in her 
quarters washed over her bare skin. 

"Computer," Sara bellowed as she stomped into her bedroom. "open a channel to 
Betazed." She called out as she pulled one of her old academy sweat shirts 
over her head to cover her relative nakedness. 

Sara sat down at her desk and put in the information needed to reach her 
grandmother’s villa and then waited. She kept telling herself that she was 
to prove to Cyanah that she could stand up to her grandmother, and prove to her 
grandmother she couldn’t run her life, and prove to herself that she wasn’t 
the same child she use to be. Her breath caught in the back of her throat as 
the black screen went from the Banshee’s symbol to the Betazoid governmental 
seal, to an image of a half darkened bedroom.  Sara’s hear sank a little when 
wasn’t her grandmother who answered her call. 

"Sara?" Her mother’s sleepy voice asked as the elder woman blinked into the 

Damn there went the ‘start talking as soon as you see her face and don’t 
stop till she gets the point’ approach. "I need to speak with grandmother." 
said shortly. 

"Sara dear," Stephanie said with a bit of annoyance in her voice. "do you 
have any idea what time it is here?"

It was nearing three in the morning ship time so it must have been close to 
dawn on Betazed. "Yes, but I don’t really care at the moment. Please wake 
grandmother up, I want to speak with her right now." 

Stephanie raised a delicate blond eye brow at her daughter.  "Would you care 
to watch your tone of voice with me Sara dear.. Now tell me what’s the 

Sara huffed. "Nothing, I just need to talk to her. It’s important." Sara’s 
already raw nerves were becoming for more frazzled. She’d built her nerve up 
and she was afraid now that if she didn’t do what she’d called to do 
never get the nerve up to try again. 

"Well I’m sorry, dear, you can’t speak with her right now." 

"I have too!" Sara shouted before her mother could finish. "I have to stand 
up to her and make her see we’re not doing things her way before she 
screws up the rest of my goddamned life!" 

If Stephanie was surprised at her daughter’s out burst she didn’t show it. 
"Well little miss, I’m very sorry, but you can not talk to your grandmother 
because she’s not here." 

"Where is she?" Sara snapped. 

Again the elder Crusher woman showed no sign that her daughter’s behavior was 
surprising her. "She was called to the capital city for a meeting of the 
heads of the noble houses." 

There was a defeated and disappointed look on Sara’s face as she drew her 
legs up onto the chair with her. She pulled the sweat shirt she had on over her 
knees and then reached out to hug them with a sigh. "Dammit all to hell." She 

"Care to fill me in now on this most unpleasant mood of yours, Sara?" She 
heard her mother ask. 

"No." Sara roughly. 

There was a moment of silence between them while Sara sat and picked the 
fuzzes off her sweat shirt and Stephanie pushed lose strands of long blond hair 
out of her face. Finally she looked at her daughter’s pouting face and asked. 
"Where is Cyanah?" Sara didn’t reply and Stephanie nodded. "Ahh I understand 
now. You’ve had it out over the wedding." 

Sara looked up at her mother and blinked. How did she know that? 

"It was bound to happen,  dear heart. Getting married is a very stressful 
thing and yes your grandmother isn’t helping. You really do need to stand up 
her dear." 

Sara just blinked for a moment. "Why the hell does everyone keep saying 

Stephanie tried hard not to laugh. "Because it’s true." 

"Ok fine! If you all think I need to stand up to her so badly then tell her.. 
tell her.." Sara sat up and puffed out her chest. "Tell her that we’re doing 
this our way like it or not! And if she doesn’t like it then she‘s not 
welcome at my wedding!"

"You don’t mean that, Sara." 

Sara huffed and crossed her arms across her chest. "The bloody hell I don’t! 
This is my goddamn life and if anyone disagrees with how I live it then fuck 
them all!"

"Sara Anastasia Crusher!" 

There was another long moment of silence. Both women thinking about what to 
say next and neither wanting to go first. Finally Sara sighed and uncrossed her 
arms so she could hug her knees again. She softened her tone of voice but 
there was still a clear edge to it. 
"How did you mange to get married with out her mucking it all up?" Sara asked 
as she watched a smile dance across her mother’s face. 

Her mother laughed. "Quite simply.. Your father and I didn’t tell her we were 
getting married until we set her the shuttle ticket to come to Earth."

Sara huffed again. "Now you tell me." She said bitterly. 

Suddenly Stephanie's voice took on a more soothing yet firm tone as she 
leaned into the screen. "Look dear heart. Just stand up to your grandmother, 
and don
’t do it in such a foul mood. Be firm and confident and tell her how it is.. 
End of story.  And as far as what your feeling right now.. It’ll pass.. The 
two of you will make up in due time and all will be well." Stephanie almost 
laughed out loud at the hurt, angry, doubtful look on her daughter’s face. 

"Sara.. You might as well face the fact that all married couples fight. Your 
planning on spending the rest of your life with this woman.. You can not 
honestly think that you’ll never fight like you must have this time.. You 
Many many times. But in the end when you’ve both calmed down you’ll work it 
out." Stephanie did laugh out loud at her next thought. "Oh dear lord.. Two 
redheaded women in one marriage.. Oh my dear child you can bet you’ll go 
some whoppers.. I do hope your lady love knows how to duck." 


"Well you do have a tendency to throw things, dear. How many times had you 
aimed for Rhiannon’s head?" 

Sara sat in her chair and quietly fumed. 

"Alright. Alright.. I’ll let you be to brood little one. Your grandmother 
will be back in a couple of days.. I’d advise you to call her then.. Be well, 
dear heart, I love you." And with that the screen flicked back to black

Sara continued to sit in her chair fuming. "I do not brood." She hissed to 
the blank screen. "And I don’t throw things either!" She added as she swept a 
pile of padds off her desk. Sara blinked as she looked at them and then shook 
her head as she picked them up. When she looked up Gypsy was giving her an odd 

"Oh what the hell do you know." Sara hissed as she stormed back to bed. 

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