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Table Tenis
by LT Telsia Ehling & Lt JR Oridian Starfire

Tel smiled as she watched Bruce take Cameron to play a video game in which he 
had to get a ball in a hole, it was called something like ?virtual golf?.  It 
didn?t really matter too much to Telsia what it was, just that Cameron was 
having fun and not being taught something that could harm him.  This day had 
been long needed and it felt good to be out of the office and with friends.  
?Good call for our activities today Oridian,? she said to her good friend.

Oridian nodded as he sipped from his drink. It was nice to have a little mini 
shore leave before they to present themselves and give tours and such. "Hey, 
the Starbase does a good job advertising these places. I figure it'd be a fun 
place to go." Oridian smiled as he looked beyond Tel for a moment at Jenny, who 
had gone off to collect her prizes from the DDR tournament.

Noticing the movement of Oridian?s eyes, Telsia looked over at where Jenny was 
and smiled.  ?You two look good together and you both seem to be happy,? she 
said, truly happy her friends were enjoying each other?s company.

"Yeah, she's hard to read sometimes, but a lot of fun to be with none the less. 
But hey, all present company is thoroughly enjoyable." Oridian laughed as he 
took another sip of his drink. "So where's Mr. Asper? I wouldn?t have expected 
him to miss this little adventure. I don't want to end up teaching his kid how 
to fly on those new simulators." 

Telsia shrugged, ?not really sure where Josh is today.  He got up sometime 
before me; I figure he had a lot of work to do.  He?s been kind of busy lately, 
what with all that is going on.  But I think Josh has already started to teach 
Cam something about flying on the simulators, I?m not sure though.?  Tel looked 
over at her son and had to chuckle at the image him and Bruce made, they were 
so different in their sizes that Bruce seemed oafy next to her small child.  

He nodded as he looked behind him at Cam. "He's a good kid, full of energy too. 
He'll make a fine Starfleet officer someday, probably Captain somewhere, 
looking at where his parents are at." Oridian turned at looked back at Tel. 
"You alright there Telsia? You seem a bit, stretched."

?Stretched?? Tel kind of snorted out before thinking about it a little bit.  ?I 
guess that?s a good way to put it.  There?s just a lot that?s been going on and 
I guess the whole working full time and trying to raise a child and be a good 
wife like person to Josh has started to wear on me some but I?m fine.?  Telsia 
flashed Oridian a smile before taking a sip of her lemonade.

Oridian returned the smile as he looked down at his drink for a moment. "Yeah, 
sometimes I think I'm busy, but all I have to do is keep the ship running. 
You've got a kid and a soon to be husband as well as being a doctor, crazy if 
ya ask me, and I thought I drank lots of coffee." He laughed to himself.

Telsia laughed back.  ?Yeah, it?s not so bad because once Cameron goes to bed 
and he goes to bed pretty early, he is out for good, so then I get to sleep and 
Josh takes care of him in the morning.  But yeah, caffeine is a large part of 
my life.  How about you?  You?ve got to run the ship and now your dating 
someone, that?s important.?

Oridian nodded. "Yeah its tough to find time to be with Jenny though, being as 
I'm 'the Chief' and she's Head Nurse, we are often very busy in our own 
departments. Things work out though in the end." Oridian scanned the game room 
and found an open ping-pong table. "Hey, you know how to play ping pong?"

Tel looked over at the table and got a very competitive grin on her face.  ?Oh, 
you bet I know how to play, one of my favorite things to do at the academy was 
play ping pong.  I?ll take you on.?  She said, moving over towards the tables.

With a smile Oridian, swinging his arm around to get it loose. It was good to 
spend some time with great friends "Well then, we'll just see how rusty I am, 
haven?t played in awhile, but used to be champion back on the Falcon."

?Ohh, the champion huh?  I?m scared now,? Telsia said, a huge smile on her face 
as she joked with Oridian, glad for the free day that they all had been given.

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