<USS Banshee> Snow Globe - Part Two

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"Snow Globe" - Part Two

by Lieutenant Sara Crusher

and Lieutenant JG Cyanah Kaelyre


Although it was no longer Christmas, Rockefeller Center still had a
magical air about it. The people skating, the smell of hot cocoa and
chestnuts, the sounds of soft music, children laughing and couples
talking; it was just as Sara had hoped it would be. She stood by the
railing holding two pairs of skates and watched Cyanah as she looked

"So this is ice skating," Cyanah said, her eyes wide as she took in the
scene. "I'd heard about it but had no idea what it actually was! This
place is amazing, though..." Her voice held an air of touristy

"Yep. This is it," Sara said as she handed Cyanah the skates. "Here, put
these on." Sara sat on a bench and quickly put on her skates before
making sure Cyanah had hers on tight. They both wobbled on the blades as
they walked towards the ice but Sara soon found her balance and was on
the ice and holding her hands out for Cyanah to take them. "Come on,
sweetie, it's not that hard."

The physics of balancing a thin blade on an icy surface, factoring in
her own lack of coordination, were running through Cyanah's mind. "I
dunno, love... ice is slippery... and these blades are thin... and I'm
rather clumsy." She longingly looked at Sara's outstretched hands,
wanting to take them, but her gaze fell to the ice and her wobbly stance
on the skates. The indecision was apparent on her face.

Sara glided back to the opening of the rink, wrapped her arms around
Cyanah, and smiled at her. "Stop thinking so scientifically." She could
sense Cyanah's unease as well as feel her arms tighten around her.
"Relax, Sweetie. Just step onto the ice. I promise I won't let go of
you. You won't fall." 

"Alright, I trust you. But only if you promise that you'll wait on me
hand and foot if I fall and bruise my rear!" Cyanah grinned

For a brief moment Sara thought about letting Cyanah fall just to see
what this waiting on her hand and foot would entail, but instead she
kept her promise and held tightly to her as she gingerly stepped onto
the ice. They both wobbled a bit as Cyanah worked on getting her

Sara slipped back a little to put a little distance between them, but
she kept a firm hold on Cyanah and slowly started to move them across
the ice. Cyanah wobbled a bit but when it seemed as if she would topple
over, Sara closed the distance. 

"You OK?" she asked after a few more shaky minutes. "If not we can go

Cyanah was concentrating intently on keeping her balance and only made
some sort of noise as an affirmative response. The two women continued
slowly along the rim of the ice rink so that Cyanah could get used to
the sensation of being on the ice. "You're doing wonderfully, Cy," Sara
said cheerfully as she expanded the distance between them. Cyanah was
doing well with keeping her balance so Sara picked up the speed they
were moving in just a little. "You'll be doing this on your own in no

"Yeah," Cyanah replied hesitantly. "I think I'm getting the rhythm of
it!" she said as she promptly fell, landing squarely on her rear.
Looking back up at Sara, she almost looked insulted by the timing of the

"Cy!" Sara shouted with a faint giggle in her voice. "Are you OK?" She
reached down to help Cyanah off the ice, taking both of Cyanah's hands
in her own. "I didn't even see that coming. I am so sorry." Sara tried
not to grin; she knew that Cyanah did not think falling when she did was
funny, but she really couldn't help herself. Sara pulled gently to help
Cyanah up but her skate slipped and knocked her own foot off-center. Not
only did Cyanah end up back in her rear, but now she had Sara on top
her. Sara was caught of guard by the fall but after she flipped her hair
back out of her face and looked at Cyanah her face flushed a light pink.

"Well, what a sight we are!" Cyanah said, laughing heartily. "Maybe my
clumsiness is contagious, doc! Quarantine us for the good of the ship!"
Talking was hard through the laughter, but she managed to slip the words

Sara tried in vain to get off the ice. It wasn't as easy as it looked
since she couldn't stop laughing. After a few minutes of floundering
around on the ice the two finally made it to their feet, both of them
clinging to side walls. "Quarantined alone with you," Sara smiled, "now
that could be interesting seeing as how I now have to wait on you hand
and foot." Sara laughed again and then took a few minutes to catch her
breath before pulling Cyanah closer to her. 

"Mmmmhmmm. That's the idea," she replied with a grin. "Anyway, shall we
give this a second try, and hope to remain upright?"

"As you wish, M'lady," Sara said with smile. This time she got on
Cyanah's side and wrapped one arm behind her back while holding her hand
with the other. They worked on getting their balance again and then were
soon making their way around the rink again. There were a couple of near
misses, but Sara somehow managed to straighten them out again.   

Other skaters passed them by quickly and a few were even making second
and third trips around them, but Sara still went slowly, only picking up
a little speed when she was sure Cyanah was OK with it. She smiled
happily every time Cyanah would look over to her for a bit of
encouragement. "I definitely think this will have to become a
holo-program for us when we get back to the real world." 

"Yes, I think so... even the falling part can be fun!" This time, it was
Cyanah who picked up the speed a little bit, starting to move her legs,
hips, torso, and arms in the correct rhythm. "And now, I really do think
I'm getting the idea!" She winced, waiting for the fall that never came.

Sara let go of Cyanah and watched as she skated along side her all on
her own. "See, I told you it wasn't as hard as it looked." Sara was very
impressed, pleased, and proud as she watched Cyanah making her way
around the ring. She herself had spent most of her first few times on
the ice on her back. "Look at that! We made it all the way around I
wasn't even holding on to you," Sara said as they came up to the same
spot where they had fallen.

"Oh, you're right!" Cyanah replied with a self-satisfied smile. Cyanah
sped up even further; now that she'd figured out the rhythm, the rest
seemed to come naturally to her. "This is so much fuuuuuuuuuuuuun!"

Sara laughed again as she watched Cyanah take off before chasing after
her. "Hey, no fair! I wasn't expecting you to do that." She shouted as
she came up behind Cyanah. She grabbed her from behind and spun her
around. She could hear Cy gasp and feel her tense up a bit.   

She giggled a little as she made sure Cyanah had gotten her balance back
and then skated ahead of her a bit. Turning to face Cyanah, she skated
backwards as she made faces at Cy, but it didn't last long. Sara wasn't
paying attention and before she knew it her foot had slipped. This time
she had been the one to fall. "Oww!" she shouted though a giggle. 

Cyanah skated back around to help Sara to her feet. "Now we'll have to
wait on each other hand and foot!" she said, offering her hands to Sara.

Taking Cyanah's hands, Sara carefully got to her feet. "Well, the side
effects of falling just keep getting better and better. Maybe I should
fall a few more times before we head back." As Sara stood she felt a
dull ache in her ankle; she must have twisted it, but she smiled in an
attempt to hide the slight wince. "How about some hot chocolate?" she
asked as she shivered a bit. "It's not an official trip to Rockefeller
Center without hot chocolate." 

"I would love some hot chocolate, especially after being out here for so
long - I don't think I could ever get used to this cold." She looked
around and took a deep breath, seeming to inhale the essence of the
place. "It's worth it, though. There's something about this place that I
can't put a finger on."

"I know the feeling," Sara started as they headed for the opening that
would take them back to the benches and their boots, "There's just
something about this city. It's got a mystical appeal to it. And just
think; you haven't even seen the tip of it."   

Changing into her boots and being able to walk right helped to work out
the dull ache in her ankle and sitting snuggled next to Cyanah on a
bench with a cup of hot chocolate helped with the cold. "I'm really glad
I'm getting a chance to share this with you. Things have been so crazy

Cyanah thought back on the events of the past few days and shuddered,
only partially because of the cold. She took a sip of the hot chocolate
anyway. "I know, love, I know," came the soft reply, barely audible over
the background noise of the area. Wrapping her arms around Sara, she
made eye contact and said, "I'm really grateful for this time together,
Sara. We've had so little lately. Can we resolve to always find time for
each other after our shifts?"

Snuggling into Cyanah's arms Sara nodded. "I think that's a wonderful

"I'm glad that you do. Thank you for that, Sara. Now, let's forget about
shifts and work and the like and enjoy our shore leave together in this
wonderful city!"

Sara nodded and then smiled. "You're just full of great ideas this
afternoon." She finished her drink and the stood up. "And let's start by
going back to the hotel and warming up." She winked at Cyanah as she
pulled her to feet and then closer to herself. "Which could take the
rest of the day; I'm simply frozen though and though." 

"That, my love, is a simply marvelous idea." Hand-in-hand, the two women
started walking back to their hotel for their evening together, Cyanah's
other arm hugging her new stuffed bear.

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