<USS Banshee> Snow Globe - Part One

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"Snow Globe" - Part One

by Lieutenant Sara Crusher

and Lieutenant JG Cyanah Kaelyre


The weather outside was just a little chilly and a light snow was
falling. Winter in New York City was always magical, or at least it was
for Sara, and she couldn't wait to share it with Cyanah. Sara stood by
the large window of the hotel suite she and Cyanah were staying in
during their shore leave and watched as the sun seemed to give the city
a warm welcoming glow. A fire burned in the small fireplace in the
parlor room of the suite and Sara listened to the popping in the
background. She smiled when she spotted Rockefeller center in the
distance; it was easy to see almost all of New York from their
twenty-first floor suite, and she had made plans to show Cyanah the city
which included the ice rink.   

Sara turned away from the window and walked over to the sofa to put her
boots on. She looked up at the bedroom door and grinned as she tied
them. "Sweetie, are you almost ready?" 

Cyanah emerged from the bedroom wearing a dark green sweater and blue
jeans tucked into fur-lined black leather boots; her red hair contrasted
sharply with the sweater as it spilled over her shoulders onto her chest
and back. She carried a black down parka and headwarmer over the crook
of her right arm, ready to don them at a moment's notice. "I think so.
Is this enough to keep me warm? I'm not used to these temperatures."

Sara looked up from pulling the cuffs of her black jeans over her boots
and blinked a few times before a bright smile lit up her face. "I think
that should do it." She stood and walked over to Cyanah and brushed some
of her hair off her shoulder. "You'll have plenty of chances to warm up
out there. There are some great stores around the center. But if it gets
to cold for you we can come back here. I'm sure we could find ways to
warm you up." Sara winked at her before reaching over to grab her
leather jacket.  

She put it on and tied the belt around her waist before adjusting the
white turtle neck she was wearing and the fur collar of the coat so she
didn't feel as if she were being strangled. "You ready to try something
new?" she asked as she removed the matching leather gloves from her coat
pocket. "I think you'll enjoy this." Or at least she hoped that Cy

"I'm always up for new experiences. I can't believe I never came here
during breaks at the Academy. I didn't know what I was missing!" Cyanah
put on her parka and headwarmer, then fished her gloves out of the
parka's pockets and slipped those on. "There," she said as she zipped
the jacket, "I'm ready!"

There was hardly any sort of breeze blowing as the two women stepped out
of the hotel's large glided front doors and Sara was grateful. As she
recalled it had always been the breezes that made it colder. She pointed
in the direction they were going to go and made sure to walk close to

"Where did you spend your breaks?" She asked as they made their way down
the bustling sidewalk. She couldn't help but chuckle lightly as she
watched Cyanah taking in her surroundings. She could remember her first
winter trip to New York; she had felt like someone had dropped her into
one of those snow globes with the glittery snow.

"Usually in the tropics, since it's quite similar to home... but this is
spectacular, despite the cold." Her eyes were wide as they walked, the
city still seeming unreal since she had seen it many times in the movies
she'd watched on Earth. She marveled at the architecture, so tall and
imposing compared to the estates of Delos.

Sara took hold of Cyanah's arm and wrapped both her arms around the
puffy sleeve of Cyanah's parka. "I loved getting the chance to come
here. I'd spend whole breaks hopping from theater and to theater and
spending hours in Central Park." Sara laughed a little as they turned
the corner. In the distance was the rink but between them and their
destination was one of Sara's weaknesses.  

"Not to mention all the time and money I've spent in there." She laughed
as she pointed to a large store front with toys in the window and three
very large letters over the door. "FAO Schwartz caused me a lot of time
working off my mother's credit chip bills." 

"That does look like fun... want to go in?"

"We can for a bit." Sara agreed. The two walked into the massive toy
store and Sara's eyes lit up just like they used to. They walked though
the store and looked at the toys, but mostly they watched as the
children around them played. Sara laughed as she watched a little girl
with blond curls hopped around on a giant keyboard and she was more then
happy to point the finer points of doll collecting.   

She also managed to slip away while Cyanah played around with the
science toys in the learning section. There was one section of the store
she was never able to avoid and she felt a little silly about it. Her
cheeks flushed a bright pink with the mere thought of Cyanah looking in
drawer of her night stand back on the Banshee and finding her stuffed

"Sara, this is neat!" Cyanah gestured with a toy starship that emitted a
holographic warpfield at the push of a button. "Sara?" she looked around
when no one answered, then put the starship down and started to walk,
looking for her. A few minutes later, she wandered into the stuffed
animals section, spying a toy dragon that was really neat, and saw Sara.
"There you are!"

Sara jumped and spun on her heel to see Cyanah walking right towards
her. She had a goofy grin on her face and was busy trying to stuff
something back in her pocket. "Anything new in the area of educational
toys?" She asked as she walked over to meet Cyanah half way. She blushed
a little when she noticed Cyanah was looking at the pocket she had her
left hand stuffed into. "I hear from my brother that they're making
science kits for three year olds now."

"And they have been for a hundred years or more, sweetie... what's in
your pocket?" Cyanah was getting good enough at picking up Sara's
emotions over their bond that she could sense Sara's attempt to distract

"My hand," Sara said with a grin as she pulled her empty hand out to
show Cyanah that there was nothing there. The credit chip and the
receipt for her quick purchase remained safe in her pocket as Sara
wrapped her arm around Cyanah and tried to edge her towards to the door.
"Don't we have a skating rink to get to?" she said happily

"Don't try to fool me, Sara Crusher. I can tell that you're hiding
something! Waitaminute... skating?" Cyanah had heard of skating a few
times while on Earth at the Academy, but had never looked into to what
it actually entailed.

Sara laughed as she watched the expression on Cyanah's face. "Yes, ice
skating. I thought we'd head over to Rockefeller Center and try out the
rink." She smiled as she started to tug on Cyanah's arm. "Come on...
It'll be fun, I promise." Sara's smile brightened as Cyanah finally
started to move. They had just made it to the edge of the stuffed animal
section when the sales girl who had taken her order came rushing over.

"Excuse me, Miss Crusher. I am so sorry, but I wanted to make sure I
marked each item with the right tag. The stuffed lion goes to your
nephew, the teddy bear in the blue Starfleet uniform to your girlfriend
and the stuffed rabbit was for you, Right?" Sara looked at the
saleswoman and then at Cyanah before turned a very bright shade of
crimson. "Yes. That's all right," she mumbled.

Cyanah laughed softly and smiled. "How sweet of you! Can I see it?" she
asked, winking at the saleswoman.

The saleswoman smiled and blushed a little when she realized who Cyanah
must have been. She nodded her head and then disappeared behind a
counter. Sara stood next to Cyanah, her face still a bright red, and
watched as the woman brought Cyanah a teddy bear. Its fur was a reddish
brown, its eyes green, and it wore a blue Starfleet uniform. The
saleswoman handed Cyanah the bear. 

"I wasn't sure if you'd think it was silly so I was going to have it
sent to the room with the other stuff," Sara said softly. 

"It's adorable, Sara! Red fur, green eyes, and a blue uniform! How
perfect. Utterly perfect." She hugged the bear, then hugged Sara. "Thank

"You're welcome." Sara hugged Cyanah back and smiled brightly once
again. After telling the saleswoman to go ahead and send the other
things to their room, Sara and Cy walked out of the store and headed
towards the rink, Cyanah still holding tight to the bear. 

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