<USS Banshee> Sim Notes and Things of Importance

  • From: CptMorrigan@xxxxxxx
  • To: ussbanshee@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 21:17:13 EDT

Happy weekend to all!

Just a few matters of business that we need to deal with in regards to the 

I just realised that due to some real life issues (moving the rest of my 
things from Chicago to Pennsylvania and the like) I will be unavailable for the 
next two weeks.  Since I play the 8 NPC's that are currently onboard.... take 
two weeks off.   Hopefully, this should end the last of my offline commitments 
in regards to getting my life back together until the baby arrives and tears my 
life apart again.  (In a good way!)

Now, that being said.  I don't want anyone to think that I'm mad or disturbed 
or upset or any such thing.  I know I have a reputation of coming down like a 
ton of bricks on this crew when something isn't going right, but this isn't 
the case.  (You don't call me the BBQ Queen for nothing!)

In fact, I consider myself to be blessed with the number of creative people 
that we have on this ship.  You are ALL valued and respected members of the 
crew.  (By me, anyway.)  However, having these wonderfully talented people also 
presents itself with a whole new set of challenges of its own.  Your creative 
inclinations tend to send you on wild flights of fancy, though while enjoyable 
in their own right...... make me feel like I am trying to ride a tornado at 

It appears that I have opened a can of worms, so to speak, in the putting 
forth the part of the storyline that involves our Betazoid reception sans 
clothes.  When I thought of the event, I was thinking not so much in terms of 
sexual connotations behind the ball, but of the social issues and differences 
that it would present.  My motivations behind it were based solely on the 
situations that had presented themselves at various points of  TNG when dealing 
the indominatable Mrs Troi.  The embarrassment and the comical issues that 
were presented.  The struggle to balance the different cultural dictates of 
decency with the acceptance and respect to be shown to cultures with different 
levels of what constitutes dignity and decency.

Yes, we are an uncensored sim.  However, I would remind all of us (myself 
included) that this is first and foremost a Trek sim.  The character 
that you are doing is to be commended, however we are losing sight of what we 
are there to do.

What I am asking you to do... each and every one of you is to refocus your 
talents in such a manner that it supports and encourages the story and 
 In short, we need to turn down the hormones and turn up the Trek!  We are 
forgetting that we are officers on a Starfleet ship.... not customers at some 
sort of all night brothel buffet.

On that note, I would also like to thank you all for your dedication to 
quality log writing.  I will admit that I was apprehensive of uncensoring the 
because I was afraid that the logs would start churning out stories that could 
only be shown on very late night HBO or the pay-per view Porn channels.  (Not 
that I know what those are... I don't... really!)  Instead, you continued to 
show respect and consideration to your fellow crewmembers with the decency and 
good taste that you have shown in your logs with some very delicate subject 
matter.   Never did I think that I'd have to address these issues in the live 
sim section... but hey, it happens.  We're all learning and growing on this 
everchanging ship as we continue to plot her future and course of action.

Anyway.... let's try to remember that our characters are first and foremost 
StarFleet officers.  We have reputations to uphold.  If you are worried about 
an action that your character is about to undertake in public... think about 
the regulations and expectations that StarFleet would have in regards to your 
career and the careers of those around you and any NPC's that you may be 
at the time.

I'm not pointing fingers or laying blame at anyone's feet but my own.  In my 
own way, I have failed you by neglecting to provide you with the boundaries 
within which to operate.  However, we must ALL strive to maintain the level of 
professionalism and skill that is encouraged by the CPA.

Please.  If you have any questions about what I expect from you, please 
contact me.  If you have concerns about the sim, please contact me.  I know 
Morrigan is probably one of the most unapproachable people in the sim universe, 
but I assure you that *I* (Chip) am very approachable.  I have and will always 
have an open door policy for simming.  It is my personal quest to provide you 
with a comfortable and enjoyable sim environment.

On a personal note.  In case some of you hadn't heard, I was recently let go 
from my company because I refused to move back to Fremont, OH.  (Yeah... baby 
on the way and I'm going to move 486 miles away from home?  What are they?  
Crazy?)  The good news is.... I got another job this past Wednesday.  Here is 
the funny story.....

I will be working in a Drug and Alchohol Rehab center that is located on the 
grounds of the Wernersville State Hospital.  Years ago... the State Hospital 
was where the unbalanced of mind went to stay.  (The local loony bin, so to 
speak.)  Upon telling various members of my family that I was going to be 
for this company... and where it was located... the response was always the 
same.  "But, Chip!  We always knew you'd end up there some day!"

Have a great weekend and next two weeks, everyone!  Keep me in mind as I make 
this emotionally and physically demanding trip across three and a half states 
to get my personal belongings back where they belong.


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