<USS Banshee> Shooting for Snake Eyes

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  • Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 14:00:18 EDT

J'Van D'nalls sat at his dest in main security, as usual, running threw a 
plethora of reports.  It seemed like that was all he did all day.  Well, not 
quite. Ever since he met her, Captain Rhiannon Morrigan has been running 
threw his mind as well.  There was something about her, like an untapped 
spring, there seemed something in her that should be… no, needed to be 
brought out.  What exactly it was, he was not quite sure, but he had his 
suspicions.  He had seen it before, career women who don't make time for a 
family, hell, some not for any relationships at all.  Master Sergeant Jeanine 
Phillips was just like her.

Before his entry into Starfleet, J'van was a member of an elite Marine 
company, and during his training, Ms. Philips was his drill instructor.  She 
was tough, and everyone knew it, but, on a relationship level, she was an 
innocent schoolgirl.  She knew next to nothing about the intersect of the 
sexes, other then how one might perform a castration move on a male 
assailant.  A lot of men found her to be gorgeous, besides being strong, and 
cunning as a fox.  But when it came to relationships, she seemed to miss the 
point completely.  He remembers one day being in the mess hall when another 
sergeant tried to make an advance on her.  She took it as a threat and broke 
his hand.  Obviously, that stopped anyone else from making a similar mistake. 
 Was his captain another Sergeant Philips?  No, probably not, at least not to 
that extreme, but to be perfectly honest, all that he could think of was why 
she did not have a man, or woman now.  A woman of her obvious quality should 
have had some sort of long term relationship by now.   

It was odd, he had seen the indiscretion in the turbo lift, but he knew that 
was not a normal occurrence.  He could sense the tension from her, even if it 
was coupled with titillation.  She was obviously a bit troubled by it, but it 
seemed more likely that she was troubled because she liked it and did not 
know how to handle the emotions behind it.  To think, just a year ago J'van 
was one of an elite squad of military bad asses; today he sits in a big 
office, pondering the feelings of a woman.  How the mighty have fallen… no, 
changed, he thought to himself.  He had changed, not fallen.  He was alive, 
well, and for the first time in his life he could really focus on something 
other then his own instinctual survival.  It was nice to not have to plan out 
every waking second of the day without fear of being killed by the enemy.  It 
is said among his people that the greatest lovers are the greatest heroes.  
Although he did not consider himself a hero in any way, he did decide right 
there and then that he wanted to see about the greatest lover part.  Could he 
do so?  Would a man so firmly on the edge be able to handle something so all 
together different?  In Marine style, he was boldly going to do it, or fail 
miserably in trying.  At this moment, every iota of his body and soul were 
focus on one person.  He just hoped to hell that she was as lost as he felt 
she was, otherwise, this was to be a short, altogether unfulfilling and 
probably career terminal choice.  Yet, it was one that he absolutely had to 
make.  She was not going to let him rest, even though she had nothing to do 
with it so much as his mind romanced that she should.

Come to think of it, it is far easier to be on the front line.  At least 
there you know what you have to deal with.  This woman may be all that he 
could ever want, then again ,s he could be far more of a hard ass in her 
personal life.  That didn't seem likely, but just the very idea of walking 
into possible hostile territory unarmed was rather intimidating.  He laughed 
a bit to himself, knowing full well that if she knew that he felt she was 
intimidating, she would probably use it against him, repeatedly.  Best not to 
show her that face, let her see the calm cool and confidence he presented to 
everyone, all the time, perhaps with a hint of his inner passion, and see 
what affect that has.  If he walks into her office and kisses her boldly on 
the mouth and loudly confesses his love to her, she will probably have him in 
the brig before he could finish his sentence. Conversely, if he starts acting 
like some sort of eunuch around her, full of happiness and gayety, it would 
surely make her decide that he was not the right man for the job.  He had to 
be as cunning as he was hunting down the Orion Syndicate's Guild of the Five. 
 He had to be as headstrong as he was charging the lines at Jania 12.  He had 
to be the lover of fable and the hero of myth.  All this for a woman he 
hardly knew.  Now, that is devotion, to do all this, to make this 
transformation, with the possibility of utter failure.  But still, he must 
try.  The regret of letting this possibility die would be immeasurable.  Not 
to mention the denial of the truth to his curiosity would very difficult to 
take as well.  It was time to place his bet and throw the dice, and to crap 
out here would be devastating, but it would be better then never giving the 
dice their due.

    "Computer, open Duty Log, current stardate."

    "All of the new training regiments are proceeding as planned.  The 
redesign of main security and my office has also been finished ahead of 
schedule.  Approximately seventy percent of the holoimaging cameras that I 
have order have been installed and are working perfectly.  I have looked over 
the tapes and I se that there are a few of my own people that may need a bit 
more 'inspiration'.  It seems that my on-duty staff has a hang up with 
gambling; in places they think they are unseen.  I suppose that they think 
that I am oblivious to this. They will find out otherwise soon.  I will offer 
them one warning, if they do not comply, they will wish they were back in the 
safety of the Academy.  I have no problem with imposing discipline.  If 
something was to happen and one of these men was needed at their post, there 
could be major problems.  I will cure them of their on duty gambling problem. 
 Otherwise, the imagers have picked up a few other noteworthy situations, but 
nothing that need be reported at this time.  Word on the ship is that the 
Captain is making unofficial inspections.  I saw her in Sickbay, and she did 
not look all that ill, so I have to assume this is true.  She is due here 
within a few hours, but I am sure she will find no fault here.  My men are on 
the road to perfection, and that is all that she will see.  I look forward to 
seeing her and presenting my improvements to her.  I am confident that she 
will be please.  Computer, close log and record." He finished.

A quick gaze at one of his favorite paintings was necessary.  As he looked up 
on it, his mind drifted a bit, imaging the possibilities, hoping for the 
positive, and dreading the negative.  It was time to warm up the dice.

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