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"Secret Garden"
By Lt. Sara Crusher

"Excuse me, Doctor." 

Sara jumped at the sudden voice, dropping the padd she held, and bringing her 
hand to her chest automatically. There had been no warning, no sound of foot 
steps, no hissing from her office door, not a sound until the voice. Sara’s 
head jerked up as gasped. "Damn it, Sabrina," Sara said as she focused on the 
young woman standing in front of her desk. "I’ve asked you not to do that." A 
lighthearted grin crept onto the other woman’s face. "Do what?" She asked. 
just shook her head and grinned back. Lieutenant Sabrina Wicca, personal aide 
to Captain Morrigan, and part cat; or at least Sara would have sworn she was, 
the way she sneaks quietly around the ship seemingly popping out of thin air.

"I swear, Sabrina, I’m getting a bell and putting it around you neck so we 
can hear you coming." Sabrina’s grin widened as Sara shook her head and 
lightly. "So what can I do for you this evening?" Sara motioned for the young 
woman to take the seat in front of her desk.  Sabrina nodded and then sat on 
the very edge; looking as if she would bolt to attention in a split second if 
she had too. "She’s still not sleeping well." Sabrina said softly. Sara shook 
her head as she leaned back in her chair. She picked up her cup of coffee as 
her mind already started looking for a solution to the problem Sabrina had 
brought to her. "The sedatives I prescribe aren’t working?" 

It was a natural question and she was obligated to ask even though she knew 
the answer. Rhi hated taking any kinda of medication and pain relievers and 
sleeping aids were at the top of her, "Not a chance in hell am I taking this 
unless forced to and do you really have the balls to try that." list. "She 
take them." Sabrina confirmed. "I spoke with Ms. Morrigan already. I was hoping 
she’d know of a way to help the Captain sleep a little more peacefully and 
she recommended.." 

"Warm milk with a dash of cinnamon." Sara interrupted. Sabrina had an odd 
smile on her face that told Sara that she knew how Sara knew that. Which of 
course she probably did. There was no doubt that Sabrina knew all about her 
with Rhi, which would bring the total up to four people on the whole ship, five 
if Rhi told J‘van. "Then she said if that didn’t work to come to you." 
Sabrina finished. Now Sara looked surprised. Why on earth would Kathryn send 
to see her? Kathryn could fix just about everything she could with out the 
use of medical technology. Sabrina clued in to Sara’s look of confusion and 
clarified quickly. "Ms. Morrigan said she would have normally picked something 
from her garden to add to the milk but since she’s on this," Sabrina paused, 
d she phase it.... Cold, sterile ice box, she doesn’t have the right 
ingredients but that you’d have them in the garden you keep in the ship’s 

Sara choked on her coffee. How’d she know about that? No one except Cy knew 
about the garden she kept. "How’d you.. How’d she.." Sara laughed as she 
her head. "Never mind, this is Kathryn we’re talking about.. No need to 
wonder how she knows what she knows." Sabrina nodded in agreement before taking 
rare moment to tease Sara about her secret garden. "So what are you growing 
down there, Sara, that you feel the need to hide it." 
"Nothing illegal or anything."  Sara replied as she rolled her eyes 
playfully. "Roses mostly, a few plants and herbs I can use medically." Sabrina 
in as if they were talking about something underhanded. "So why keep it 
secret?" Again Sara rolled her eyes which made Sabrina laugh as she sat back. 
"Honestly, Sara, why the big secret about keeping a garden? Lots of crewmen 
small plots that they tend too in the gardens. Although, as I think about it, 
don‘t seem the gardening type" Sara blushed a little as she finished off her 
coffee. "That’s why I don’t tell people.. It’s kind of an old lady thing 
to do 
and I got teased at the academy for it... So I keep it on the quite side." 

Sabrina nodded and looked as if she understood but Sara still felt silly. 
"Right." She said cutting into her own awkwardness. "Something to help the 
Captain sleep." Sara stood up and headed for the door and silently Sabrina 
"Well I do have a Bajoran herb that would work but it’s bitter and the 
Captain would notice." Sara paused as she and Sabrina walked to the other side 
deck two where the ship’s botanical gardens were. "No.. I think something 
be more use to would work best." 

There was another long pause before Sabrina spoke up again. "I saw your 
request." Sara’s snapped her head to the side and gave Sabrina the, yeah and, 
"The Captain hasn’t yet." Sara frown a little. She still had time since they 
weren’t do for a lay over or shore leave for a while, but it was getting 
harder and harder not to tell Cyanah what she had planned. 

The Banshee’s botanical gardens covered a large area on the starboard side of 
the ship and expanded for several sections and two decks. It was brightly 
lit, had all kinds of planet life from just about every major federation plant, 
small ponds, stone benches, and even butterflies. It was one of the more 
popular date places and as Sara had found out the perfect place to have a nice 
afternoon alone with someone special. Sara’s little plot of terracotta was in 
a back corner. She lead Sabrina over the white cobbled path, past a small 
pond and through several multi-colored rose bushes to her herb garden. "Don’t 
step to close to those." She said as she pointed to a couple of lonely looking 
plants in a corner. "Why?" Sabrina asked nervously. 

"Hli’Lol’Troak." Sara said as she made her way over to a patch of smaller 
looking herbs. "It’s a Klingon plant. It’s leaves can be used as a clotting 
agent but it’s stems are poisonous and it’s root bites." Sabrina looked 
down at 
the plant then quickly made her way closer to Sara. After picking up a small 
pair of shears and a hunter green mortar, Sara walked over to a row of plants 
and started looking at the leaves of a couple particular ones. "What are 
these?" Sabrina asked as she pointed to different plants. "What do they do?" 

Sara bit back the, they don’t do anything, they’re plants line, as she 
snipped a few leaves. "Camphor, it can be used to open air ways when burned... 
Foxglove, it can help with cardiac functions.. Goldenseal, when mixed with 
echinacea, calendula, tea tree oil and steeped into a tea treats acne. Yohime, 
used for impotence. And those are Vervain and Damiana, both are," Sara cheeks 
turned as bright scarlet as she looked down at the new plant she was clipping. 

Once Sara had what she wanted she walked back over to the small wooden table 
that rested against a wall. "How do you know about this stuff?" Sabrina asked 
as she watched Sara pick up the mortar’s matching pestle and crush the leaves 
together. "My Aunt mostly, her grandmother was a healer and taught her about 
holistic medicine and then she passed it on to me, since her son couldn’t 
less." There was that all to familiar gleam of dislike in Sara’s eyes as she 
thought of the twit. "But Kathryn’s the one who started showing me which 
to use to treat minor stuff." Sara added as she placed the passionflower 
leaves, chamomile, and hops into cheese cloth. "Steep that in her tea for a 
and half or her milk for two minutes, she‘ll be out with in the hour of 
finishing it." 

"Thanks, Sara." Sabrina said as she accepted the small pouches. Sara smiled 
warmly. "No problem, and you can pay me back by getting her to come in for her 
follow ups." There was a long paused and then both women laughed. "I’ll try," 
Sabrina said, "but I’m an assistant not a miracle worker." Again both women 
laughed. Sara was still chuckling as she turned to clean up, she turned to ask 
Sabrina something but she wasn’t there, so she finished her clean up. 

"Almost forgot," Again Sara jumped out of her skin at the sudden sound of 
Sabrina’s voice. Sara turned on her heel and gave Sabrina the, I’m getting 
damn bell look. "You coming tonight?" Sabrina asked. Sara nodded, "Of course. 
Like I would miss the chance to embarrass Lark. He hates getting beat at poker 
by a woman." Sabrina smiled and Sara knew she felt the same way. "Great see 
you at the game then." 

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