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Full Name: Sara Anastasia Crusher 
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Chief Medical Officer

Personal Data:
Species: Human/Betazed
Date of birth: May 1 2356 
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Ht: 5’2   
Wt: 116lbs
Place of birth: Phoenix, Arizona. North American continent of Earth 


Mother: Captain Stephanie Crusher 
Father:  Commander Jake Crusher 
Siblings: Lt. Sr. Gr. Matthew Nikolas Crusher (Brother) 
              Kate Crusher (Sister-in-law)
              Matthew Jack Crusher (Nephew)

Personal Profile:
Sara is the youngest child of Captain Stephanie Crusher, a professor of 
history and culture at Star Fleet Academy, and Commander Jake Crusher of the 
Diplomatic corp. She grew up in a Star Fleet atmosphere, she has several 
family members besides her parents in Star Fleet.  She has  very close 
relationships with her Mother, Grandmother and Aunt. When ever she had the 
chance Sara would be with her aunt studying both modern and holistic 
medicine. When she was not with her aunt or at home with her parents in 
Phoenix, Sara could be found on her mother’s home world of Betazed. Sara has 
inherited her mother’s empathic abilities as well as having a small amount of 
telepathic ability. 

Sara excelled at a young age and was placed several grades ahead in school. 
After spending her senior year of high school (At the age of 16) on Betazed, 
Sara decided to attend Star Fleet Academy. She completed the Command task 
program as well as pre-medical studies. She then attended Star Fleet Medical 
School were she graduated in the top five of her class. After completing her 
internship she was assigned as AMO to the U.S.S Banshee. 

Personal Profile Update: Stardate: 237812.31 USS Banshee
Sara has been on the Banshee for sometime now and fully considers her, her 
home. Professionally she has made great strides. Which is clearly evident in 
her resent promotions.  Although she has had her fair share of problems. She’
s been reprimanded twice by her Captain. Personally, she’s never been 
happier. She was reunited for a short time with a close friend from her youth 
and has formed friendships with Cyanah Kaelyre and Josh Asper. Sara also made 
time to date a little and is now in a relationship with someone. 

Psychological Profile: 
Sara is the youngest child of two high ranking Starfleet officers. She shows 
a high level of personal standers, which has lead to a habit of needing to 
prove herself not only to others but to herself. She has very close family 
ties which are seen in her relationships with her mother and aunt. She can be 
timed and at times very naive, most of which is due to her youth. 

Her time at the Academy provided her with a lot of hurdles to leap. She was 
younger then most of her class. She also placed near the top of her class 
most years which caused a rift between her and her peers, and she graduated a 
year early which made her younger then the other graduating ensigns. Her time 
at S.F.M and her internship saw the addition of being away from her mother 
for the first time, but she cleared this hurdle as well. 

Personally she is a well rounded young woman with all kinds of interests. One 
of which being music. She has a natural love for animals and has a wide 
verity of holodeck programs that she enjoys. She tends to be on the quiet and 
shy side for the most part, but do not be fooled; Sara does have a temper, 
something that has gotten her in trouble from time to time since childhood. 
But she has learned to control it and her mouth which starts up when her 
temper is high. Sara is over all a loving and nurturing person and an officer 
willing to learn and grow. She has a lot of trouble accepting praise for her 
work, and is more then willing to agree with criticism. The hardest thing she 
has ever had to deal with was the transition after her mother left commanding 
star ships for teaching at the academy.  She felt that her mother was taking 
a step down in her career, and is still dealing with that. 

Psychological Profile Update: Stardate 237812.31 USS Banshee
Sara has grown a lot since coming aboard the Banshee. She becomes more self 
confident in her work everyday and is adjusting normally to her new position. 
It will take time for her to fully adjust to the newness of being a 
department head, but it will happen. She is a very open and caring person, 
which you can clearly see in her personal relationships. Her only problems 
are a personal lack of self confidence, which has started to change as she’s 
found herself in a newly defining relationship with a loved one. The other 
problem she has is a sense of fear towards her Captain which has become more 
intense since her two trips to the Captain‘s ready room for disciplinary  
actions. Sara has slowly started to work on both problems. She is becoming 
more concerned for herself and not trying so hard to conform for the sake of 
the people around her. As for her fear of Captain Morrigan, that to will 
change as Sara begins to work more closely with her. 


Medical Profile and History:
Sara Crusher is an average human female. She has a fondness for fitness and 
training, as well as athletics which has lead to most of her personal time 
spent in sick bay.  She has had no major illnesses, with the exception of the 
Vulcan equivalent of chicken pox at age 7 after spending time on Vulcan with 
her father.  She has been treated for several injuries caused by either 
playing parrises squares, or a Mok’bara or Bat’leth match. She was also 
treated for a severe concussion after being thrown from a horse while on 
shore leave. 

While at the academy she was treated for minor bumps, bruises and 
lacerations. The worse case coming from a pool hall fight she was in while on 
holiday on Risa. Only once has she ever required surgery, when she was 
attacked by a romulan while on an away mission. She was stabbed in the leg 
which required surgery to repair the muscle and tissue that was torn by the 
gagged blade.   She also spent six weeks in physical therapy fallowing her 

Medical Update: Stardate: 237812.31 USS Banshee

Sara was infected and nearly died from a mysterious Cardassian virus. The 
virus caused among other things, severe  headaches, muscle spasms, and 
hallucinations. The virus which slowly attacks the body’s systems one by one 
at one point even caused Sara’s heart to stop. She was given the cure which 
was developed by fellow Banshee doctors, Coren Terje and Anthony D’Vorak, 
just before any more of her major systems could go into arrest. After 
spending 72 hours unconscious, Sara went into complete remission. After two 
weeks on inactive duty she was given a clean bill of health. 

Service Record:

Starfleet Academy  
Starfleet Medical School

237804.18 posted to the U.S.S Banshee as AMO
237808.22 promoted to full Lieutenant and Chief Medical Officer of the 

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