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By Ensign Sara Crusher and Ensign Anthony D'Vorak

Sara sat in three forward alone, her knees drawled up close to her chest and 
her hands wrapped around a mug of something warm. She stared out the windows, 
watching as the stars zipped pass, each streak of light bringing them closer 
to DS9. Sick bay had been short staffed and busy the last day or so and she 
was simply glad to find a moment to be alone with her thoughts. And only her 
thoughts, she had managed to get her mental shields strong enough to block 
out the others. A task that was proving very tiresome for her. She sipped at 
the warm contents of the mug as a thin line of a grin appeared on her face. 

Anthony walked into three forward with his usual confident look.  He stroked 
his chin as he walked over to the bar, all the while pondering what he was 
going to order.  "I'll have a glass of Altair Water, please, Kevin"  He 
tapped his finger on the bar and awaited his beverage.  He had just gotten a 
chance to take a break from everything.  Anthony grasped his drink firmly, he 
spun around slowly and raised his glass up to his mouth.  The water splashed 
coolly on the back of his throat.  It was refreshing after the long, tense 
morning.  As the water drained from the glass Anthony could make out a 
familiar figure.  It was Sara.  He could feel her smile from all the way 
across the room.  At a casual pace he made his way over to the table.  "May I 
sit down?"  He motioned towards the chair and grinned at Sara awaiting her 

Sara didn't have to turn around to know who was talking to her. "Sure Scoob." 
She answered. She did however need to turn away from the window if she were 
going to talk to him face to face. She stood and turned her chair back 
towards the table and then sat back down in the same position she had been 
in. She took another sip from her mug and then smiled. "How'd you escape?" 
She asked as Anthony took the seat across from her. 

"We got our numbers to a manageable level... we worked pretty hard the past 
couple of hours."  He exhaled deeply and smiled.  "Its good to be out of 
there."  Anthony noticed the pale color of Sara's coffee... then realized 
that it wasn't coffee at all.  "Where's your coffee... replicaters not 
working?"  He laughed as he sipped at his water.  He set his water down and 
stretched his arms up.

Sara laughed as she looked down into her mug of warm milk. "I'm trying to cut 
down. I've been way to jumpy lately." She explained. Sara sat the mug on the 
table and then unfolded her legs.  "Oh man do my feet hurt.. Terje picked a 
hell of a time to go on vacation. First the virus from the caravan, then the 
after affects from the party the other night, and now a Aldoran flu 

Anthony looked at Sara contemplating whether to share his "unconfirmed" 
knowledge with her.  He took a sip of his water before going ahead.  "I had 
heard from an unconfirmed source... that he wasn't coming back"  Anthony 
chugged down the rest of his water nervously.  "There are rumors all over the 
ship that he's on a permanent vacation...  I don't know what to believe."  He 
looked at Sara.  "I'm surprised you haven't heard anything."

"I'm always the last to knew around here." She said with a bit of surprise in 
her voice. She had thought it funny when Terje left with out warning but she 
never thought any more about the reasons way. But then again she has had much 
on her mind. "Who told you he wasn't coming back?" She asked as she waved 
Kevin down for another drink. 

He knew he could trust her so he just openly told her. "Well... this is 
second hand information.... The Captain's yeoman was in sick bay with Aldoran 
Flu.  He was on the bridge and he told me that he overheard the Captain 
talking to someone from Starfleet about a replacement.  He deduced that she 
was talking about the CMO."  When Kevin came by to give Sara another drink, 
Anthony ordered another water and went back to his explanation.  "He was 
telling me how there was a lot of Starfleet medical paperwork coming 
through."  Kevin placed his water down and he turned his head and thanked 
him.  He turned back to Sara.  "Its unconfirmed right now... but it looks 
like something is up with our CMO."

Sara's face went from surprise to concern. "I hope everything is ok." She 
said as she sipped at her milk. Once again her mind began to race with 
questions, but this time they weren't about personal things. "I wonder who 
the new CMO will be?" She asked out loud. "I hope it's not some old fuddy 
duddy." She teased. 

He laughed at her use of "fuddy duddy", "Maybe they'll ask your aunt Bev" he 
said jokingly.  "I'm sure whoever he or she is... they'll be... professional, 
to say the least."  He took another sip of his water and looked up and smiled 
at her.  "If its not somebody new, I would give you a good recommendation."  
He tapped on the table.  "Everyone seems to like you... and you know your 
stuff."  Anthony meant sincerely what he said.  Sara was an
excellent doctor and would make a more than adequate CMO. 

Surprise, concern, now terror, Sara's face always betrayed her emotions. But 
what was more terrifying, the idea of her Aunt coming on board or the 
slimmest chance of her being promoted. "First off." She laughed as she 
thought about her first choice. "There's no chance of my Aunt leaving her 
ship. She likes bald captains and the last time I looked Morrigan's hair was 
longer then mine." She smiled as Anthony laughed. She sipped at her drink 
again as she thought about the second choice. "And as for me getting it. Yeah 
right. The CMO has to work closely with the Captain. She likes you. I bet if 
it's given to some already here it would be you."

Anthony smiled that Sara thought the Captain even remotely liked him that 
much.  "It would be a great challenge I'm sure...  I'd definitely love to 
try... if the opportunity should arise.  It would be great if we could both 
do it." He laughed as he thought, then spoke, "I'd work with the Captain, 
both of us together would be a medical force to be reckoned with." He smiled 
as he sipped again.  "I doubt that would ever happen."  He looked at her 
again. "I don't think the captain hates you.  Just because she dishes out the 
discipline doesn't mean she hates you.  She's just doing her job."  He put 
his glass down and pointed at her. "Do you think if she hated you she would 
have chanted your name at karaoke?  You're a competent doctor.  The Captain 
is good at what she does.  I'm sure she'll weigh all the possibilities before 
making her decision."  He put his hand on her’s and gave her a comforting 
look.  "I'm sure her personal feelings will play a little part in her 
choosing the new CMO." 

"I never said she hated me." Sara replied as she smiled at Anthony. "Don't 
get me wrong Scoob. I would love the chance and the challenge of it. But 
we're both so young and barely a year out of our internships."  Sara sat 
quietly for a while thinking about everything. "Well I guess we'll find out 
sooner or later." She said as she stood up. "We'd better get back. Care to 
walk with me?" 

He stood up and smiled.  "Of course!"  As they walked away from the table he 
thought he'd ask her something.  "When we get to DS9, would you like to check 
out the Holosuites at Quark's?  I hear they have some interesting programs" 
He wasn't sure what she would say.  Hopefully yes.  The conversation he had 
with Josh the other night was echoing in the back of his mind.  He needed 
some time to talk with her.  Just some Scoob and Tribbs time.

"Sure Scooby. I promised we'd spend more time together." She said as they 
entered the turbo lift. "I hear they have a great mid evil program." She teas
ed as the doors closed. "Sickbay." She called out as Anthony rolled his eyes. 

He sighed and smiled.  "I'll tell you what.  We'll have a drink or two and 
look through the list of programs.  I'm sure we can find something."  He 
laughed as the turbolift whizzed through the ship.  The doors hissed open and 
Anthony held his hand against the door and motioned Sara through first.  
"After you"

The two walked down the hall and into sick bay as they joked about  program 
types. They had a few days to decide but until then Sara had time work on 
him. She'd end up getting her way and Anthony would be in a kilt playing out 
the  ancient Irish-Viking Battle of Clontarf. She laughed out loud as she 
reached for her lab coat. "What's so funny?" Anthony asked. "Nothing." She 
replied. Anthony just shook his head. He knew he was in trouble. 

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