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By Ensn Heather Mclouson
and Lt. Sara Crusher

Over an hour alone on the holodeck was enough for Sara to realize that the 
answers she was looking for were no where to be found.. Mostly because she 
wasn't really sure what the questions where. Her mind was still a mass of run 
away    thoughts and emotions. She walked quickly down the corridor so no one 
would see her. She was headed to Cyanah's but as she passed Heather's door 
she stopped. "Maybe I should check in on her one more time." She said softly 
to herself as she walked up to the door. 

Heather had just been sitting since Sabrina had left her to take care of some 
business. The medication Sara had given to her had cleared her head of the 
nasty fog that followed her in her around. She sat mostly remembering what 
had gone on in her life that had been kept from her for so long. She knew why 
most of it was kept from her. There were times when she felt as though the 
medication was the only thing keeping her sane. The door alert jerked her 
back into reality. She licked her lips and tried to speak but the words 
wouldn't come at first, so she stood a little shaky and went to the door to 
open it manually.

"Heather? Are you ok?" Sara didn't like the way Heather looked and pushed her 
back inside. "What's wrong?" Suddenly everything she had been thinking about 
drifted to the back of her mind to wait until later. She didn't know what 
happened to Heather, but she knew that in comparison her problems where 

By now Heather was able to talk again. "Sara don't panic. That's the last 
thing you should do. I was just thinking that's all. Remembering."  She 
smiled a little and sat down where she had been before. "Honestly Sara, I'll 
be fine, I think, You can't come running to me every time my eyes get all 
glazed over and I don't seem to be functioning alright. You did a very nice 
thing for me." She motioned for Sara to take a seat "I'm already in your 
debt." She half-smiled again wishing she had the power to read minds so she 
could know if Sara was offended by what she said.

Sara smiled as she sat next to Heather on the couch. "I was passing by on my 
way home and wanted to check in on you that's all." Sara looked at Heather 
and she really did look a lot better then she had a few hours ago. "And don't 
worry about being in my debt.. Your my friend and I look out for my friends.. 
Even if it gets us thrown in the brig." She smiled a little and then became a 
little edgy. "I didn't get a chance before but I would like to apologize 
about all this." She paused a moment and looked down at her hands. "Not only 
did I get us thrown in the brig but when Morrigan gets back we're all toast. 
But I promise I will tell her it was me.. I won't let you and Cy get it 

Heather smirked, "Sara for some reason I don't think Morrigan is going to 
turn you into BBQ." She tried hard to suppress a laugh not even sure if her 
own suspicions were true but if they were, then Sara had no reason to be so 

Sara laughed. She wasn't sure why she did, but she laughed. "Come on, 
Heather.. You saw what happen in sick bay and that wasn't the first time." 

Heather couldn't help laughing now either, "To be honest Sara I don't even 
think that this ship was the first time she’s yelled at you." She hadn't 
meant for that to slip out but she was laughing a little to hard to care at 
the moment.

The look of confusion on Sara's face was crystal clear. Suddenly all of her 
questions came flooding back. "Your right.. It must be written in the stars 
or something.. I bet she was like an Irish nun in a past life and I was the 
school girl who always got hit with the ruler." Sara laughed again only this 
time it wasn't as funny. She rubbed the back of her
neck and sighed. There was a long pause before she spoke again. "Have you 
ever felt something with out understanding why?"

Heather bit her lip at replying to her comment about the nun and schoolgirl 
thing...she really shouldn't dig into things that weren't her business, "What 
kinds of things? I feel cold in a hot room sometimes but I don't think that's 
what you're talking about."

Sara shook her head. It wasn't easy to put into words. "No that's not exactly 
what I meant.. I don't know. It's just something I don't get.. I mean.. Why 
does it matter to me what Morrigan thinks of me? I don't get why I always 
feel the need to prove myself to her. I don't do that with anyone else." 

"Oh well uh, I can't really uh follow you there." Heather felt really 
uncomfortable keeping stuff from Sara but she didn't know if Morrigan would 
have her hide if she did otherwise. If she could rely on her feet staying on 
the ground she would've gotten up but as it was she was stuck on that couch 
feeling really awkward. 

"Are you alright?" Sara asked as she started to sense her friends unease. She 
mentally yelled at herself. She had come here to help Heather with her 
problems not dump on her with her own. "I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to do 
that." She smiled a little hoping to make her friend feel more comfortable. 

"Hey don't worry about it," she hesitated for a moment, "I just found out 
some odd things from Sabrina the kind that affect a lot of other things." She 
smiled, "And I don't know if you're supposed to know about them or what. I 
think you'd get a kick out of it if you knew though."

Sara won't allow her face to show not the surprise she felt. She was not only 
a little confused but she also felt a bit of panic as well. Odd things? The 
first thing that came to mind was that Sabrina knew about Morrigan and Cy and 
about Cy and herself.. She could feel a headache coming on. "I would huh?" 
She smiled as best she could. "Odd like.. Morrigan sleeps in pink PJs with 
feet odd? Or, more like a rumor odd?"

Heather thought for a second, she could tell the smile was fake, and from 
that she gathered that Sara's calm attitude was fake as well. "Well I don't 
know really. I guess you could call it a rumor. One with roots in a lot of 
truth, but still a rumor I guess."

Should she ask or let it drop? She sighed again. More questions. Finally she 
just shook her head. "Heather, your talking in riddles." 

Heather bit her lip again, she had a bad habit of doing that when her mind 
was busy, "Sorry, I don't mean to," she faltered again, "It has to do with 
your relationship to Morrigan. A past relationship I would guess." Heather 
though she might get in trouble for telling Sara but she couldn't keep 
secrets from the woman who had freed her. 

"I don't have a past relationship with her." Sara gave Heather a funny look.. 
"Don't tell me you really believed in the past life line."

"Well not a past life exactly more like a..." Heather was cut off by the look 
on  Sara's face. She had seen it before and Heather knew Cy must've called 
for her telepathically, "Okay go on. You've got to go." Heather was rather 
grateful that Cy called when she did. Without that she might've had to tell 
Sara everything.

Sara smiled and nodded. "She's a lot calmer now so I think it's safe to go 
home." She chuckled a little as she stood. "Are you going to be alright? I 
can leave you a few more hypos and then check on you again in the morning." 

"Yeah thanks, that medication really helps. You don't have to worry about 
me." She smiled and nudged Sara, "You better get a move on. I'm sure she's 
been angry enough for one day."

Sara laughed. "Good point." Sara moved towards the door and ducked her head 
out to make sure no one was out there. When she saw the coast was clear she 
stepped into the doorway. Then she turned and smiled at Heather again. "Night 
Heather.. And thanks." She winked at her and then headed down the hall. 

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