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*Just wanted to let you know, that there are two logs that happens before 
this. So some of the dialog will make more sense after reading them when Josh 
is sends them out. I wanted to get this one out before tonight cause the sim 
for me picks up where the log leaves off.*

By: Ensigns Sara Crusher and Anthony D'Vorak

It had been a couple of days since he had talked to her, so Anthony walked 
the halls looking for her. "Computer locate Ensign Sara Crusher." He knew 
they needed to talk, he kept telling himself that he should wait till she was 
stronger, but in all reality he was trying to save his self from what he knew 
was coming down on his head. Sara’s temper. "Ensign Crusher is in the 
Gymnasium." Came the computers dry voice. Anthony walked quietly into the gym 
to find Sara trying to bench press twice her own weight. "What in the hell 
are you doing Tribbs?" He scolded her as he moved closer. 

"What does it look like I‘m doing!" Sara said breathlessly as she tried to 
move the weights. It was clearly to soon for this kind of exercise but she 
was tired of doing nothing.  "A little help here." 

 Anthony smiled down at her as he helped her lift the weights back up onto 
the stands.  "It‘s too soon for this." He scolded again. "But I take it your 
feeling better?" 

Sara sat up on the bench slowly so she wouldn’t hit her head on the cross 
bar, again. "I'm feeling fine, but I think my body still wants more time." 
Winded Sara stood and headed for the middle of the room to stretch.

"That's great to hear"  He said as he followed her to the middle of the room. 
"Did you have fun at the beach the other day? I can't believe I went in the 
water." He said with half-assed smirk on his face. 

Sara couldn't help but laugh. Anthony hates water with a passion which is 
something she found out during one of their early training classes when he 
tried to use her as a flotation device. "I can't believe you pulled that joke 
on me and I fell for it again." She huffed, both as a sign of frustration and 
because she had over done her workout. 

Anthony watched Sara as she stretched from one side to the other. "You are 
gullible ya know."  He would have joined in but he was still a bit sore from 
the beach.  "So have you talked to your mother lately?" Anthony asked with 
his most innocent smile and tone. 

Sara sat on the mat and looked up at Anthony as she pointed to her towel and 
water. "Talked to her again this morning. We‘re really piling up the 
sub-space minutes." She laughed. Anthony handed Sara her things and then took 
a seat next to her. "She sends her thanks." Sara added.  

Anthony looked puzzled for a second. "Her thanks... what did I do?"  "I know 
I didn't remember her birthday."  He looked at Sara like a confused puppy. 
"Gimme a hint?" 
"You helped to save her daughter's life, not to mention you stayed with me." 
She said as she smiled at him. She loved when he cocked his head like that, 
it made him look like the cartoon dog he was nick named after.  

"I'm glad I did" Anthony looked at Sara with the look he always gave her when 
he asked a dumb question.  "I didn't  just do it for her... I did it for the 
lives that you HAVE touched... and the lives that you WILL touch." His smiled 
reached from ear to ear.  Sara blushed as she often does when people talk 
about her like that. 

He couldn’t stall any longer so Anthony looked at his best friend with his 
guilt blazing in his eyes.  "I’d like very much to apologize." 

Sara could feel herself get mad but pushed it way. She knew this was way he 
came to her. "If you wanted to apologize why have you been avoiding me since 
we left the holodeck the other night?" She asked, trying to hide her emotions 
from him. 

"Because I can tell when you're beyond pissed at me" He smiled quite 
"You may be the parcel empath but I can tell when it hits the fan."   

Sara stood up and stared pacing the room no longer able to keep a complete 
hold on her anger and disappointment. "You'd better believe that I'm mad at 
you! What in the hell were you thinking?! Since when is your name Captain 
Stephanie Crusher?! That was something between me and my mother!" She blasted 
him all at once forgetting to breath.  

 He put his hands on his head and sunk down.  "I don't know what to say." 
Sara stopped and looked at her friend. She could sense what he was feeling, 
she knew he was sorry for doing it but she still wanted to know why. "You can 
tell me why you read it?" She said as she stepped closer. "There where things 
in there that were private."  

He looked up from his hands.  He could tell that there was a lone tear 
streaming down his face.  He wiped it away quite hastily.  "I wanted to know 

It was Sara's turn to look confused. "What was it you needed to know so badly 
that you opened a letter to my mother." She asked as she made a mental note 
to stop using her Aunt’s birthday as her security code.
Anthony looked Sara in the eyes as he said, "I wanted to know who you were 
giving your Grandmother's ring to." 

"What?" Sara asked. "What does my Grandmother’s ring have to do with 

"I wanted to know who had won the key to your heart"  He looked down in shame 
with a few more tears streaming. 

Sara didn't know what to say so she started walking the room again. She 
looked back at Anthony and his tear streaked cheeks. "I don't know what to 
say to you." She said in a whisper.

He wiped his face clear as he sat back taking in a deep breath.  "I don't 
know what you should say to me.  I’m having a hard time coming up with 
something to say to you.  I L.... I...." Anthony stood up and started pacing 
as well... he walked right over to the punching bag and started tapping at 
it, more or less to try to take his mind off what he was feeling right now. 

Sara walked over and stood behind him. She couldn’t find a reason why he 
would want to know who she was giving the ring too. He knew the meaning 
behind it so why would he care about it. "You know I'm with Josh and even if 
I can’t make heads or tails of my emotions right now he‘s till the one the 
ring was meant for. But you also know that your my best friend and you know 
that I love you in ways I could never love any one else." 

"Why does everything always end up in a conversation about Josh?!"  Anthony 
walked away from her and over towards the bench.  He started pressing weights 
violently moving his arms up and down.  "I cant apologize without hearing his 
name. I've made peace with him.  Why do you have to rub it in?" 
Her temper started to flare again. Who was he to be jealous she thought to 
herself. "Your the one who brought up the damned ring! I was so happy to find 
out that you two had made peace, do you have any idea how much it hurt me to 
see the two men I love at each other all the damn time!" She screamed at him 
to her own surprise.   

Anthony was surprised that she raised her voice as loud as she did.  "You 
asked me why.... I told you!"  He turned his head away from her not wanting 
her to see how her words had hurt him.  "I always thought I would be the one 
to get that ring."  He set the bar down and sat up.  

Sara suddenly felt bad for losing her temper. She started walking the room 
again. He wanted the ring, but why? Had she let him forget how she felt about 
him and to him the ring was something more then it was. She turned on her 
heel and looked at him for a long time. Then something came back to her, 
something he had said before. Key to her heart. She walked over and took him 
by the hand.  

Anthony watched her pace the room and just looked on helplessly.  He looked 
at Sara just waiting for her to say something. He couldn't say a word. When 
she grabbed his hand and started leading him... he had no thoughts to resist. 

Sara took Anthony back to her quarters and made him wait in her living room. 
She stepped into her bed room and a few moments later came back out with a 
wooden box. She handed it to him. "Open it!" She demanded. 

Anthony stared at the box for a good 2 minutes trying to pry it open, playing 
with the lock, and even shaking it a bit.  He looked at Sara puzzled and then 
he asked her a bit dazed "How do you... uh... open it?" 

Sara smiled as she walked up to him. Placing her fingers down the neck of his 
uniform to bring out the medallion he wore around his neck. She lifted the 
chain up from around his neck as she spoke. "My grandmother’s ring was meant 
to go to a lover, a man who has stolen my heart in that way." She started as 
she placed the medallion in a small slot on the front of the box. "Like I 
said before my emotions about Josh are mixed up right now. I know you don't 
want to hear this but there is something there and I have to see what that 
is." As she spoke she could feel his emotions wash over her so she pressed 
the medallion into the slot and smiled as the lid of the box popped open. In 
side was a hand written note. 

 Anthony looked at the letter and he could see that it was in Sara's hand 
writing.  "That's a lot harder to hack then a PADD." Anthony picked up the 
letter and started reading. 

My dearest Anthony. If your reading this then you have figured out how to 
open the box. This means one of two things. I'm either dead or it's just time 
for you to learn something. I have told you many things of my culture and 
what they mean, but I have never told you what the medallion is that you 
wear. Each house has it's own symbol. The figure on the front is the symbol 
for my mother's house. If you had paid attention in her class you would have 
known that. But what's not in the text PADD's is that in my family the 
medallion is given to a person you love. It's not like my Grandmother's ring 
which will go to my husband or lover. This small part of who I am goes to my 
soul mate. And no matter who we are with in any other way, that's what you 
are to me. My soul mate.  

 Anthony just stared at the letter for a few minutes... hardly believing the 
text.  He stood up and started pacing the room rereading the letter over and 
over again.  "I want to be your life... or at least a part of it." He said. 

"And you are and always will be." She answered him. "Can’t you see what that 
means. You said you wanted to know who owned the key to my heart." She 
pointed to the box and the medallion who’s chain now hung from it. "There was 
a reason I gave you that that night in the court yard of my parents house." 

It all hit Anthony like a blot of lighting as he walked over to Sara. He 
wanted to kiss her but stopped hesitantly not knowing the reaction he'd get 
to the act he'd wanted to perform since the first day he met her at the 
academy... Her red hair shining so beautifully, her eyes focused deep into 
his as his were to hers.  Her lips glistening.  It was killing him to be just 
standing there.  He had backed down so many times before and stepped aside 
for her other boyfriends and it looked as if he would have to do it once 
again.  He didn't know what to do. "Do I kiss her or don't I" he thought to 
himself over and over again.  

 Sara looked into Anthony's eyes only for a moment before she had to turn 
away. What was she doing. What was he doing. She didn't know what to do. She 
stood there and asked every deity she could think of for help. She finally 
turned back to Anthony and was about to say something when her comm badge 
chirped from it's place on her desk 
"Captain Morrigan to Ensign Crusher." Sara walked over and picked up the 
small piece of metal, never talking her eyes from his. "Crusher here Captain, 
go ahead."   
"Miss Crusher would you please report to my ready room." The Captain's voice 
although cross seemed like a welcoming breeze to the heated moment. Sara was 
more then grateful to which ever deity had helped her out, but couldn't help 
but think who ever it was had a sick sense of humor. "On my way Ma'am." Sara 
finally replied. "Crusher out."  

Anthony stared at his feet for a few seconds then looked up at Sara.  "Saved 
by the comm badge... I think the Captain has your place bugged!" 

Sara let a grin tug at her lips as she spoke. "I just think she has her 
timing down pat." She laughed a bit and then catching a glimpse of herself 
shouted. "Oh man. I'm all sweaty and nasty and not a uniform in sight. I have 
to get ready, she didn't sound as if she were in the best of moods."  
Anthony fidgeted with his shirt as he watched Sara dash into her bedroom. It 
only took her a few minutes to clean up and change into a uniform. She was 
surprised to see him still standing there, putting the medallion back around 
his neck. "I am so sorry I didn’t mean to." He lifted a hand to tell her to 
stop."It’s ok I understand. I guess that means that I should be leaving." He 
walked backwards stumbling over a footstool.  After steadying himself he 
turned his back and was about to head for the door but something inside him 
made him stop. "You know what?? I think I forgot something."  He waddled in 
Sara's direction looking as if he had forgotten something and was looking for 
it.  He stopped right in front of her and looked down at her.  "Oh yeah!"  He 
leaned in placing a small... but passionate goodbye kiss on her lips. 

Shocked, Sara just stood there. Her mind raced as she tried to figure out 
what in the hell just happened.   Anthony stepped back from Sara and just 
smiled at her.  He walked backwards... taking extra special care to avoid the 
footstool.  He walked to the door and stopped again.  He just looked back at 
Sara, knowing the shock she must be in.  Anthony waited for the door to whisk 
open and he stepped through it.  He waited until it whisked shut between 
their line of sight before heading to sick bay with a smile that could be 
seen all the way to Earth. 
Sara didn't move as she watched the door hiss closed, not even to blink. She 
stayed like that for a while, until the sound of her comm badge caused her to 
jump. "Morrigan to Crusher. Ensign have you lost your way?" Finally Sara 
blinked as she moved to touch her comm badge. "No Ma'am I was.." She paused 
and looked at her door. "You were what Ensign?" Asked the Captain. "Just 
walking out my door Ma'am."  

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