<USS Banshee> "Reminiscing"

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Lt. Joshua Asper
Lt. Coren Terje

The hallways were empty in the evening hours of the USS Banshee, many
crewmembers stayed in their quarters after twenty hundred hours; it
was a common occurrence among most of the crew.  Josh Asper on the
other hand, wondered the corridors just for fun, mainly to get out
and avoid sitting around wasting time.  He walked casually down the
corridor, being his shift had ended nearly two hours before, and he
couldn?t decide where to go.

He entered the turbolift, ?Deck Three, Forward lounge.?  The doors
closed quickly and he rose the two decks to the lounge.  He stepped
off and looked down the hall, as usual they were baron, he continued
walking through the bowels of the ship until he reached the lounge. 
Upon entering he gazed around, even the bartenders on duty had left
for the night and the lounge stood empty.  ?Doesn?t anyone on this
damn ship have a life??  He said to himself.  

He walked back out of the lounge and down the corridors again to the
turbolift.  He pressed the button and awaited the arrival of the car.
?Computer, locate Dr. Coren Terje.?

?Dr. Terje is in sickbay.?  The computer?s dry voice responded as the
doors to the turbolift opened in front of him.  He stepped in, ?Deck
Two, Sickbay.?

Doctor Terje looked up as Joshua Asper entered Sickbay.  He gazed
over at his chronometer, ?Don?t you ever sleep??

?Do you??

?I am still working, seems to me that you are just walking around the
ship, not stalking people again are you??  Terje asked as he tapped
his PADD.

?Stalking? Me? No, I left those bad habits after I left the academy. 
The disappearance of three roommates in the same year, kind of drew
suspicion upon me, you know what I mean??  Asper said jokingly.  

?Good, I was afraid that I was next.?

?You were?? Asper raised and eyebrow and smiled devilishly.  ?So,
Doc, what are you up to at this hour in the evening slash morning??

?Medical Reports, and yourself??

?Meandering.  Care to join me??

?Medical Reports?Screw around with a friend?Medical Reports?screw
around with a friend.?  Terje moved his hands back and forth, as if
to simulate the weighing of both ideas.  ?I think I will join you.?

Asper smiled, ?Tough choice??

?Based on what happened last time, it was a tough decision.?  Terje
laid his PADD down on the desk and walked towards Asper.  The two
walked out the door and into the corridor.

?So, Coren, how has your life been since the academy days??  Asper

?A couple of months after we graduated, I went on to the USS Placid. 
The Akira-Class vessel was assigned to the Federation-Klingon border.
Nothing too spectacular.  I then got transferred to the USS Charger. 
The Norway-Class vessel was assigned to Deep Space Nine.  We saw our
share of action.  I then went into Medical Presentation, flying
around the systems delivering information on various diseases.  And
then, I was here, roaming the halls with you.?  

They arrived at a turbolift and rode it down a deck, walked into
Three-Forward and they had the place to themselves.  They walked over
and sat down across from each other, just to talk and watch the stars

?What happened to you?  We lost contact.? Terje asked.

?The same thing that happens to every cadet, got assigned and went on
my merry way.  I was assigned to the USS Iliad, a tiny piece-of-crap
Venture-Class vessel that patrolled the Alpha-Gamma Quadrant border. 
Not that exciting, to say the least.  After a year on board that
small piece-of-hell, I got Cabin Fever.  You know, the need for
outside socialization.  It got so bad, they had to transfer me out
and I had to seek medical attention.  Other than that, I was then
assigned here as Chief Tactical Officer and a bridge officer.  If I
am correct, I outrank you.?  Asper smiled.

?Yes, but I will make you sicker than a dog and you won?t be able to
outrank me.?

Asper gasped, ?Was that a sense of humor that I just saw from you? 
Mr. Study-and-never-have-fun??

?I had some fun, if you consider almost getting kicked out the
academy twice because of you!?  Terje raised his voice in a playful

?Twice?!  The first time you sneezed when the Campus Patrol officer
walked by, blame it on your allergies!  The second time, I didn?t
mean to push you out of the shuttle craft, honest I didn?t!?  Asper
laughed.  He got up and crossed to the replicator and replicated
himself a Black Hole Liquor, very potent stuff, and he gazed at
Terje.  ?Something to drink, my friend??

?Scotch in soda, hold the scotch.?

?Yes, that wonderful bland sense of humor and hideously tacky puns,
that is the Terje I know!?  Asper replicated the drink and brought
both back to the table, and after carefully handing his friend his
carbonated water, sat down and sipped his own drink.  ?Do you
remember Jayna Islander??

?Yeah, what the hell ever happened to her?  I thought the two of you
were going to get married someday??

?Well, finding her in bed with her Xenobiology Teacher wasn?t the
most tantalizing experience, that witch.  Do you want to know what
makes it worse??  Asper took another sip.

?What?? Terje sipped his own drink.

?The fact that it was in my room, in my own bed.  Her excuse, ?I
didn?t want to ruin my sheet or my room?.  Stupid skank.  I kicked
her out and she eventually graduates, she now teaches at the academy
as well.?  Asper sipped again, ?Probably in something like Sexual
Orientations of Alien Species.  Anything that she can get to make her

?And another one bites the dust.  So, after fourteen consecutive
dumps?? The doctor held up an imaginary piece up paper and made a
sweeping motion, as if to cross a name off a list, ??I believe you
hold the Universe?s record.  You always were a sweet-talker.  The
best pick up line, asking them out for a drink, low and behold a week
later you are dating the chick.  Then, after a month, you are single
again and back to your old tricks.  I tell you, my friend, you may be
able to get the women, but you can?t keep them.?

?And you could do any better??  Asper interrupted.

?That is the difference between you and I, I don?t try for imminent
failure; I let them come to me.  And now, I see, you are going after
my little, cute assistant.  What is up with that??  

Asper smiled nervously and turned his head, ?You have to admit that
the red hair is a turn on.  She has a fiery spirit, and her hair
proves it.  Besides, I really like her, I think that there might be
something there for a long term relationship.?

Terje smiled and nodded, ?As long as you don?t go and screw it up.?

?That you, Coren, for that lovely display of encouragement.  See if I
invite you to the wedding.?  Asper finished his drink and recycled
his glass in the replicator.

?Listen, she is a nice girl, always bright and cheery.  I have a
feeling that if you mess this up, she will end up being devastated. 
And then, it becomes my personal problem because she will whine about
it in sickbay and want to cry on my shoulder.?

?Maybe you could have it removed and you could give it to her.? 
Asper joked and an idea came into his head.  ?Remember William

?Yes, the man that followed in your footsteps??

?Yeah, that is the guy.  He went on and dated three girls.  The first
one was a Bolian that had an obsession for blue cheese, how ironic. 
The second was some Half-Klingon girl that had a voracious appetite
for things, not food mind you.  And the third was some girl that was
normal, he got so whipped that now they are married and have six
children.?  Asper gazed into his chronometer.  ?Ah, hell, I have an
early shift tomorrow morning, I should be turning in.?

Coren smiled and stood, ?It was good catching up, we should do it
again sometime.?

?Of course, tomorrow at the same time??  Asper asked.

?If I am not stuck with work.?

?You won?t be, I will make sure of that.  Being the Department Head
you can do something that I love to do, delegate.?  Asper said as he
walked out of the lounge and back towards his room, time for the
sleep that he deserved.

Coren laughed to himself as he picked up his glass and recycled it. 
He walked out the doors and to the turbolift and returned to his PADD
research that had partially kept him up this long, and now he had
less time than before.  The glimpse into the past with Asper was fun,
and he looked forward to reestablishing their friendship, to
hopefully the level it was at during their time at the academy.  Only
time would tell?

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