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Now, as Josh sauntered back to bed with his darling…

What was he to call her?

Girlfriend? They weren’t officially together.

Wife? Even further from what they really were.

Acquaintance? It seemed so belittling to think of each other on such an 
impersonal level considering all the things that they’d gone through and all 
obstacles that were overcome. Cameron was a sign of the love and dedication for 
one another; acquaintance just seemed too vague.
    T'NaluMor > ::yells at the top of her lungs:: Try "LOVER," you total 
nimrod! SHEESH! For crying out loud!

    Idrys > Oh, no, for the love of the Holy Rings and the Sacred Chalice of 
Riix! Lieutenant ... Lieutenant, you DIDN'T HEAR THAT! SHE DIDN'T SAY A WORD!! 
::cowers, wondering what Morrigan's gonna say about the whole thing::

    T'Nal > :::THWACK:::

    Idrys > ::m:: Yes, dear ... you're right ... I'm sorry ...

    Great log there!!

    Jansug Idrys
    Ship's shrink with the nutjob g/f

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